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WaPo: EPA chief enlisted aide to get his wife a job

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In an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey talks about the report that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt had a top aide reach out to GOP donors for assistance in finding his wife a job.
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Bob leroy (9 days ago)
Sounds like Pruitt is blackmailing trump to protect him. Fire him now. Do the right thing
Darling Nikki (10 days ago)
Scott Pruitt has a very smackable face. I just want to slap the grin off him!!
gary stigall (10 days ago)
OK ,show this guy did something wrong and like Comey he will be fired. Please remember if all the applications for a job come from the swamp you might hire a few swampers at first
Kitt Foxx (10 days ago)
I will never watch a news agency that it's star Anchorman is a perverted faggot.. Who knows about Anderson Cooper he's probably a pedophile and a sick discussed 💩 individual who takes his penis and insert into another man's poopy smelly feces anus and then sucks it all and calls it pride?!.💩💩 Anderson Cooper your a low life and there's a special place for you at the bottom of the ocean under the whale shit💩💩🌈🔫
Teresa Young (10 days ago)
I'll take one of those jobs, it would be nice to be in a job where I can be lazy, rude, dishonest and selfish, without getting fired.
Richard Bucker (10 days ago)
The WH is clearly a swamp now.
Richard Bucker (10 days ago)
Is Pruitt trying to get himself fired?
Adam Becerra (10 days ago)
Govt workers are just as bad as welfare queens. High pay but no work!
Chris Chris (10 days ago)
The GOP are prostituting there Privileges’s!! Corruption at its highest!!
stephanie cust (10 days ago)
I can't believe he's still walking around a free man if this was a privet citizen they would have locked him up and threw away the key...this whole administration should be jailed...it really blows my mind what these republicans are getting away with... Obama would have been drawn and quartered a long time ago smdh 🤯🤮🤡
Desperado5501 (10 days ago)
Desperado5501 (10 days ago)
Desperado5501 (10 days ago)
Now What (10 days ago)
These mofos aren't sure how long the gravy train is going to last, so they're going to steal as much as they can as fast as they can !!!
J Thompson (10 days ago)
Juan Rivera (10 days ago)
David Sherrill (10 days ago)
So fing what! You haven't helped your families before?? Of course not, Libtards
Zero (10 days ago)
Wonder who got that fatboy HIS job?
B Davis (10 days ago)
What does this self centered crook have to do in order to get his ass fired. Big corporations love him while he lines his pockets and destroys the environment.
kim ofallmedia (10 days ago)
Fake news
Li Raven (10 days ago)
Pruitt just wants to take a dump on everyone..its some weird infant poopy diaper stage issue he never matured out of... ..that and pure greed..win win win!
jaguar0969 (10 days ago)
Well Trump has his daugther and son in law. Making 80 million dollars per year and nobody saids shit.
Ars 1 (10 days ago)
Lol life of politics, but I’d do the same thing can u blame him
zukkus zukkus (10 days ago)
obama illegaly wiretspped trump.
ಥ_ಥ Sad (10 days ago)
zukkus zukkus yes, how Trump voters can't spell.
Ritzy Ritz (10 days ago)
He's like the guy who comes into your house and tries to fill his pockets and steal everything he can on the way out.
mozac s (10 days ago)
Corruption on all levels
topfuel29 (11 days ago)
*Blue Tsunami on the Horizon.* *VOTE!!*
J M (11 days ago)
Trump really likes this guy. Crooks of a feather Crook together!!!
No: Six (11 days ago)
Resist the media! Peace
David Shafnacker (11 days ago)
How long until we find out he selling rhino horns to China
Micheal Brook (11 days ago)
fairfax couty employees are stealing bank accounts and email accounts when you use their services at their libraries ... their also giving out pics of people and school students ... i have caught their ip addresses on my signal when i wasnt near a library ... watching accounts by remote access...
Dra O (11 days ago)
Hmmm. Serious jack at the EPA - full benefits - and he wants more. He CAN live in Washington on his salary... if he’d live below his means. Pure greed. Sad.
The Russian Bot, Inc. (11 days ago)
It's call networking. But go ahead, and make a big deal of it. That way we can start bitching about all of the democrats doing the EXACT SAME THING. Now I know some of you liberals think everyone should have to blow people to get work simply because you had to. What is that liberal saying? You have to give head to get ahead. Or did you give a little more for that pay raise? I'm glad you're working...hopefully off the desk. CNN=HORNY FAKE NEWS.
ಥ_ಥ Sad (10 days ago)
The Russian Bot, Inc.
The Russian Bot, Inc. (11 days ago)
And if you doubt anything I'm saying, just look at the #MeToo movement, which is mostly Liberal Democratic women.....
rexdink (11 days ago)
Crimeny, I thought this was just a rehash of old stuff, but yet again this swamp flower yields fruit.
Jk F1 (11 days ago)
Oh, fuck!! Thanks for the "news", CNN!! What should we do with this information!?!?!?
rick payne (11 days ago)
ಥ_ಥ Sad (10 days ago)
rick payne so it's not true the epa head is a cheap ass?
007Decky (11 days ago)
Sure she will find a job very soon - a blowjob to you or a job in a prison, moron!
Rooster Blues (11 days ago)
Thanks Obama for peace in North Korea, O wait, that was Trump also, never mind. CNN little coverage of how awesome our President is. CNN Libtards heads exploding every day. Trump 2020!!!
ಥ_ಥ Sad (10 days ago)
Rooster Blues what fukkin peace was established In NK?? I saw two dictators smile for pictures and scribble on some BS document. Kim will never de- nuke! What the fuck happend to Otto?can we get an explanation?!?
wattsup1004 (11 days ago)
If Josh Dawsey was a CNN interior designer he'd paint every room black. Challenge. Who afforded the same level of scrutiny on the previous Obama chosen director? Pruitt is a choir boy among those he supplanted but CNN has the mandate to vilify him at all cost. It's called a Political Character Assassination except this time the MSMs will fail their spin. Trump knows there is a price to Pay for cleaning the EPA but the long term gain will be fantastic for the people even if we have to put up with some eccentricities for right now, Pruitt is exactly what the EPA needed.
Andrea Kae (11 days ago)
Love those wholesome family values.
Mavis Sears (11 days ago)
Fire him!
Billy Shears (11 days ago)
What a sexist, racist, misogynist Nazi!
Jason Piverotto (11 days ago)
Did he get them to give her 70,000$ donation?????McCabe crooked first!!!!this guy thought normal practice after all he saw go down in obamanation.....was obamidable for Dems too... double standards and Dems hand in hand again Wait...was she paid by secretary of state and CLINTON FOUNDATION AT THE SAME TIME TOO?!?!(HUMAABEDIN) is the name of that isn't it??lol
Dennis Natale (11 days ago)
Trump is moving the ball god bless America and CNN is fake no very fake news no not news gossip
ಥ_ಥ Sad (10 days ago)
Dennis Natale it weak comeback says a lot...
Dennis Natale (10 days ago)
ಥ_ಥ Sad you should not drink so early
ಥ_ಥ Sad (10 days ago)
Dennis Natale fake news is what trump brainwashed u to believe. I'm sorry u are under his delusional influence. Why do watch CNN clips on YouTube? If the news they report is so unbearable and FAKE, Why watch? Why assume ppl who hate the Fake president wanted HC to win? I don't support her.When I voted, I wrote down the name Bob's burgers. Why is it OK for white nationalists to be in congress? I wish when everything about this sorry administration proven flawed and corrupt,the stone hard supporters feel truly betrayed and we can just blame Obama right?
Mr. Bipolar (11 days ago)
Is this really news?
Burntburgers (11 days ago)
Everybody at CNN should be treated like a dirty red coat traitor scum
Phyllis Arrington (11 days ago)
And tRump has multiple family members on the government payroll. Nepotism is alive and well in this administration. 🤔
Tramaine Terrance (11 days ago)
Hello, Humans. TERRANCE OUT
paul bieleski (11 days ago)
anyone seen as loyal to Trump can get away with anything
John Smith (11 days ago)
Every day it's something new with this swampy prick!
extra solar (11 days ago)
the 'scandals' have been pitiful hyped hitjobs garbage guilt projection games and rejected revenge routines from our routinely ridiculous globally humiliated corrupt clinton catastrophe crew media, agreed. almost sad how they parade their pathetic resentments confusions and inabilities to pollute democracy as some type of 'news' and as that fiasco failed their 'journalism' became their 'resistance'. granted, environmental regulation and resource management are one of many arenas leftist legacy deluded demands are still struggling with being enthusiastically ejected from. perhaps if cnn paid hogg to harass pruitt, their anti nra tantrums might become more 'persuasive'. what do they have to lose. lol.
Humble one (11 days ago)
I don't think our country will ever be back to the way it was...now corruption is almost expected with this administration.
Brian Mccorry (11 days ago)
Fake news! Lmfao the Clintons are the only ones who can do that!
MA 292 (11 days ago)
Waste of time reporting as usual just like all the other EPA stories. You’ll have to work another angle like Scott Pruitt is thinking of keeping an Obama policy in place!! 😂😂
Randy Simmons (11 days ago)
Why didnt cnn report on the steel plant that reopened?
Ro G (11 days ago)
Build the swamp! Build the swamp! Drain the taxpayers money! Drain the taxpayers money!
Brooks Palmer (11 days ago)
When geoengineering hasn't ceased & desisted permanently as previously ordered why are there any global governmental organizations still even operating? Use of WMD is subject to the death penalty & all are felons so citizens arrest is legal in all locations globally. Alleged LEO's failing to act or interfering are guilty of aiding & abetting in WMD
Beauty for Ashes (11 days ago)
KB Peters (11 days ago)
I only hire the best - Trump How anyone can defend Trump's choices....wow....mindboggling.
Solo Traveler (11 days ago)
WaPo again! I didn't renew my Prime membership due to Bezo's antiAmerican news media 😏
NismoFury (11 days ago)
Such a scandal getting his wife a job ... Why dont you look at all the dumb people Obama put in positions they were unqualified for.
justin polk (11 days ago)
why doesn't CNN care this much about what Barrack and Clinton,s do with their power and bribery as someone getting a fucking job. How much money have they taken form countries and leaders that treat women as low class citizens and gays as criminals? That is the ultimate hypocrites by a liberal and by the way, i am gay.
Jeffrey Meade (11 days ago)
Pruitt is enemy number one of militant environmentalists.  Therefore the left is attempting everything they can to get rid of him.  Stories like this one are typical.  Now, could one of you morons go pick up my dry cleaning?
TheTomozzo (11 days ago)
Crazy Life (11 days ago)
THIS GUY NEED TO BE LOCK UP, just like he boss.
Old Uncle Bob (11 days ago)
Jail Pruitt.
JR Mangenie (11 days ago)
i seriously think scott pruitt might be the 2nd most terrible person in D.C. and that's saying something..
ElSmusso (11 days ago)
They’re even screwing with the meaning of conservatism
justamusta (11 days ago)
Scott Pruitt gets "moisturizer" facials from trump while sitting on a used Trump Hotel mattress.
Crantze Crantzer (11 days ago)
America: the "Billionaires's Democracy"
Jonas Ash (11 days ago)
"Make TRUMP Great Again" rather than "Make Great AMERICA Again"... "AMERICA First" is like " TRUMP First"
Kenneth Haig (11 days ago)
Donald Trump should take this corrupted guy out from his administration
Jacob Martin (11 days ago)
good time to report to all they nay sayers and nothing burger eaters that president trump has hired more women in his administrations positions than any president in american history,but, but, but he hates women!
Li Raven (10 days ago)
Jacob Martin ..you mean like ivanka? Does that one count?
The Human Condition (11 days ago)
Oh please.....everyone in Washington helps friends and family with jobs...WTF FAKE NEWS ???
David Guelette (11 days ago)
It's expensive work destroying the environment. Pruitt needs to make a few bucks!
TomTheTruckdriver (11 days ago)
Trump supporters won't care. The great, fat leader's sphincter must be frenched. That's all they care about.
No: Six (11 days ago)
Pruitt is trouble.
Laurie Kilner (11 days ago)
It makes me wonder how this guy sleeps at night. When the nonsense is cleared by Robert Mueller, I hope draining the swamp includes the current EPA Chief - fired or indicted. Pass the popcorn please.
Sabine 40231 (11 days ago)
Still, every scandal seems to be inconsequential for Mr. Pruitt. I wonder why?
Paul Kudla (11 days ago)
Boycott twitter = boycott the fake president
mike davidson (11 days ago)
you guys are the biggest enemy's and liars  to the human race........I watch you to get a laugh ...............we all do
Mr_Rockito (11 days ago)
Trump: “I'll choose the best people for my administration”: Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, Tom Price, Anthony Scaramucci, Mike Dubke, Sebastian Gorka, Corey Lewandowski, George Papadapoulos, K.T. McFarland, Mark Corallo, Rob Porter, David Sorensen, Rick Gates, Josh Raffel, Hope Hicks, Gary Cohn, Omarosa, John McEntee, Rex Tillerson, H. R McMaster, David Shulkin, John Dowd, Tom Bossert, Ty Cobb + Where are they now? HAHAHAHAHA! Pruitt, Mnuchin, Zinke are next...
JC X (11 days ago)
If Congress would do their jobs, Pruitt would be out on his ass.
Jimmy Altos (11 days ago)
*CNN is one of America's worst enemies since CNN is the worst of FAKE NEWS* CNN is traitorous, globalist, Communist, Marxist anti-christ, satanic scum. Pull the plug on CNN. Shut CNN down.
Kinda like bill.
World's Netizen (11 days ago)
No one wants to work for Trump/Trump administration. So they bring their wives, sons, and daughters. Seems like the biggest problem Trump has is the unemployment in his administration.
Jf H (11 days ago)
The shame of a shameless administration
leon singleton (11 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with Republicans being family orientated. Democrats are gay agenda orientated.
golfito (11 days ago)
leon singleton Oh look who is here The Trump cocksucker
Andrew Goering (11 days ago)
Wait..... can someone please kindly explain to me how doing that is anything bad or wrong at all? I just don’t understand........ All the liberals on here are acting like he molested a little kid and told them that if they tell, they’d get in trouble too........ That’s how you’re all acting about this...... He helped his wife get a job...... Ok......? I just am not understanding what he actually did that was wrong..........
DARKSAINT (11 days ago)
Supreme Love Master (11 days ago)
JUST CURIOUS (11 days ago)
What I don't get is why doesn't Pruitt just fire the admin for the Office of Chief Financial Officer and hire his wife for a couple hundred thousand dollars. Wouldn't that make it easier for both of them to buy what they want and travel the world learning about how other bureaucrats spend the money of their taxpayers?
The ruby doge toys (11 days ago)
So what. You guys make such a big deal of nothing. At least he doesn’t pocket millions of dollars and doesn’t get rich like the obamas, Clinton, Nancy. All of them get rich after they get in the office. Before get in the office they are all just broke asses donkeys ( democrat’s symbol )
timber_beast (11 days ago)
The Stinking Trump Swamp. And the Kremlin Barbie daughter/wife is making MILLIONS while working inside our white house. Our country is being CRAPPED ON by the GOP
NDFOOTBALL (11 days ago)
The Democrats have nothing to offer the American People. They have been pitching higher salaries with stagnate economic growth for years and drowning this country in debt. They have been promising equality for all for decades but the divide is still among us. The democrats have moved even further to the left and are pitching the ideas of socialism. Bernie and his war on the 1 percent and his protection of corrupt politicians is as dead as socialism. The youth of our country are being brain washed by liberal professors and at the same time trying to silence free speech on campuses. If you want to know what the democratic model looks like take a look at California. Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi is your future under the democratic party. I have lived in California for over 52 years and the democrats have destroyed this state. By the way its broke and all the democrats do behind closed doors is invent new taxes or raise existing taxes. California bakes in a dollar on gas prices to help pay for the ridiculous pensions for teachers. Gavin Newsom the pervert wants to double property Taxes to help pay for the billions that California is behind in their pensions. There are California teachers pulling over 100k a year and I personally know a retired police chief who is getting paid over 375k from his pension. Its hard enough saving enough to retire on but when the socialist party demands that you pay the pensions for others its a bit hard to save for your own retirement. Donald J Trump is doing what works and that is creating a fair market place in which all Americans can have the best chance to succeed. He has record low employment rates among blacks and Hispanics and for men and women. He has lowered Taxes and is trying to stop the theft that is China on the American people. He is creating FAIR trade so that more opportunities are available for Americans. Companies are now building and planning on expanding. Slowly income is increasing and things finally are starting to look great for America. WeE have already seen the glimpse into the democrats plan under Obama. Stagnate wage growth strangling the engine that drives this great country, entrepreneurs . I know most posters on CNN are young kids who watch MTV all day and have not made a dollar in their life or life long libards that just have not figure it out. But I can tell you once you get out working and you see that you make 60 cents on the dollar you start to realize Taxes are EVIL and are not the way to a prosperous country. If you want to make a difference or make a change take the Red Pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes. If you want to remain in your slump take the blue pill and remain a slave to the liberal plantation. The choice is yours and its time to make a decision. In my 52 years I have never seen a president do as much as Trump has done in under 500 days. Vote Trump 2020 and lets Make American Great Again ! Disclaimer Hard Working Americans approve of this message.
Papa Oso (11 days ago)
CNN is fake news
I gotta poop again (11 days ago)
I love all the mad libturds. Hahahahahaa!!! All bitching because someone got a job. Not that a libturd knows what a job is.
mufflejoy (11 days ago)
How can he still have a job?
irrational sage (11 days ago)
Merry Christmas (11 days ago)
Haha trump built and filled a swamp. Trump did it with his family. And hes still in the white house along with all his adult kids. Tyranny.

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