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5 Nightmare Creatures Caught Inside of People's Homes!

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Text Comments (269)
3_eyed_wolf (14 hours ago)
I didn't see anything but clips of other shit the narrator is not even talking about... click bait
pierre dupuis (15 hours ago)
how about you play the said video and narrate after we have had a chance to make up our own minds instead of you telling us what you think it might be.
Chucks Stuff (19 hours ago)
Terrible Video
Tiffany Wiley (19 hours ago)
Full of shit your voice is erky the post tell nothing it is just stories pictures no real video you are a fraud the videos are horrible recordings you want something to do and lie about get better because your shit it getting old
popin vtec (1 day ago)
Why are you not showing actual footage of what you are speaking of
This clip is completely useless and provides 0(ZERO) content. Talking about all these:''following videos" and then NOT showing said clips is pointless and somewhat disrespectful towards your watchers, subscribed or not. Did you ran out of time when editing this and decided to cut the ACTUAL clips or you just forgot all of the 5 videos?
Julian Yale (1 day ago)
You never show us what the hell you're talking about
Donmagicwand24 D.C. (1 day ago)
There's. A woman that makes werewolf babies hand made
Michelle (1 day ago)
Um......We need to see the actual footage.
Arm Collector (2 days ago)
I TRULY FEEL like this is just a bunch of videos all scrambled up, and some don't match so for me hard to watch, like if u agree, but he does have a great voice for scary videos, but not like these u know the kind with video footage going on lmao
Arm Collector (2 days ago)
I did find something FUNNY though ( THE ONLY DAMN THING I FOUND AT ALL LOL, ALSO ) anyways how can someone say " WELL WE DON'T HAVE THE CLIP, WHILE HE SHOWS VIDEO OF MOVIES AND SUCH" and continues to ask so we can't see a video bc they were not able to film the werewolf but still what do u think, do u think this was real, really oh my god u can't be serious LMAO
Damien Lusk (2 days ago)
top five finest bullshit!!!
Karen Castillo Farfan (2 days ago)
You have too many clips of other videos. We don't even know which applies to the actual story. Less you talking and more footage from the featured story.
F Cast (2 days ago)
Fuckin click bait! Fuck you!
Kahlim Hopkins (2 days ago)
Why don’t you actually play the video
Blank Blank (3 days ago)
Sorry i dont know what clips are the one you want to focus bad bad video bruh
RonaldoTheGiant (3 days ago)
This video is all over the place. They keep mentioning a video, but show like 10 for each topic. I don't know what video you're talking about in the whole video itself.
Renee Delacruz (3 days ago)
Tigers have cubs, not puppies
RalphNader2020 (3 days ago)
Hey asshole! Why don't you just show me the video and or picture instead of making my life miserable!?
Deana Rupe (3 days ago)
Why can't you just show the video your talking about instead of jumping around to diffe videos. We can't even understand what you're talking about or even judge the videos.
Carl David Gardner (3 days ago)
The thumbnail looks like uncle fester from the addams family
RaeRae S (3 days ago)
This is a true bait and switch! They DO NOT show the footage of what is being discussed. VERY disappointing.
klprds (3 days ago)
video sucked
rosey cat (3 days ago)
Ethereal Vision (3 days ago)
Hey we're going to show you this video, except we won't, but it's very interesting.
Ethereal Vision (3 days ago)
I've seen the video's they talk about in this and they're interesting. I'm really not sure why they use a bunch of other footage not related to the videos they're talking about.
RDC (4 days ago)
Jenny TwentyThree (4 days ago)
confused as well.
Glynn Edwards (4 days ago)
This channels videos are fucking terrible. What exactly are we suppose to be looking at? It's all just random clips spliced together and he talks way too damn much.
sascha rawson (4 days ago)
Your videos are starting to get bad, I hate all the random clips you put with your videos that’s aren’t relevant to the clips, I’m better off searching for the original clip and watching it on someone else’s channel
ping pong (4 days ago)
Wow, nonstop talking without a pause to "enjoy" an actual footage/video
TaT420X (4 days ago)
show the video your channel sucks so bad. you suck and your life sucks. unsubscribe
Nightly Rumpus (4 days ago)
Would honestly love the video more if you showed at least some of the footage that you talk about
Beau Woolsey (5 days ago)
they didnt even show the video
Adeili Maya (5 days ago)
On the 2nd story about the witch of delray...there is actually a video with her looking out the window. And it involved a cop.
zain sayed (5 days ago)
here comes the nightmare and pure hell
Dragon Dela Cruz (5 days ago)
Bugg Lane III (6 days ago)
This video sucked all u did was show random images of videos an not 1 time did u show the actual video.
W Leon (6 days ago)
I have suffered for years with sleep paralysis [ which means that my body is paralyzed to the bed and unable to move at all. With this condition the only things you can move are our eyes. You cannot scream, you cannot do anything at all other than lay there. It is at these moments that I have had, within my bedroom spirit entities, giggling, whispering my name, pulling at my arms or face, and even sitting on my chest. I can actually feel the body weight of something sitting on top of me as I am in the bed paralyzed. This has been going on for months and I do know that my bedroom is haunted. So, I really do believe that there can be things within peoples homes [ especially if the home is old, or something bad has happened there] that are resident within.
Becky Sands (6 days ago)
This would have been better if you'd show the clips as they happen...
michael williams (6 days ago)
Show the clip your talking about & I'll sub.
D.J Harvey (6 days ago)
Show the videos longer and add the sound!
Weston Kenyon (6 days ago)
WTH am I watching this at night?
Mackenzie Dau (6 days ago)
Unsubscribing 😠
Mackenzie Dau (6 days ago)
Mackenzie Dau (6 days ago)
Gonzo (6 days ago)
The video clips don't line up with the narration, to much going on; so much confusion..... Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
georgi kanev (7 days ago)
Earl Militante (7 days ago)
am i the only one but when i was watching this in my room alone the power went out suddenly .-.
Earl Militante (7 days ago)
i love the new voice it sounds brave buff and tuff
Pennypearls (7 days ago)
The Delray witch isn't shown at all here! Neither is really are any of the other creatures! And there are way to many clips of other unrelated stuff! Not a good video
Mike D (7 days ago)
Does this even show any of the videos he’s talking about? I mean just show the damn video and shut the hell up
Carly Sagan (7 days ago)
I don’t know if I want to call it lazy that you show clips of other things when you’re talking about different stories or if I want to call it working harder and not smarter. For God sake just go back to talking about the stuff on the screen.
Robyn Smith (7 days ago)
You never showed any footage of what you were talking about! I usually LOVE this channel but this was agonizing!!! There were WAY too many clips of other videos which made it VERY CONFUSING....
Mysticofshadowyhearts (7 days ago)
Where are the nightmare creatures at? This is not ok. I clicked to see the nightmare creatures but i get nothing. I get random videos. Ridiculous
Noeltss (7 days ago)
Videls frm VHS
owen jones (7 days ago)
#5 did anyone see the man and not the “baby werewolf” or just me? The man at the end
Nancy Erie (7 days ago)
Did they get another narrator or did that idiot learn how to talk without annunciating EVERY FUCKING WORD!
Lindsay Faust (8 days ago)
I have one
Lindsay Faust (8 days ago)
That's not a wearwolf it's a doll
Lindsay Faust (8 days ago)
That's not a wearwolf it's a doll
Tammy FAV (8 days ago)
Great job. Nonstop talking but ehen it vame time to produce the noise ya just kept rambling on and on like a drone. Also you "talk"about another noise yet dud not prodice it Ww cavall say. BS ON THIS
Queen Baby Dee (8 days ago)
Why the heck am I watching this at night I’m in my dark room by myself
David Chan (9 days ago)
Agree with the other guys, a collage of videos killed this one, just show the one that you're talking about, you're confusing your viewers by putting too much not needed clips in the video
Erica Garza (9 days ago)
All bullshit!!!
patman0250 (10 days ago)
dude if you are going to make a fucking top 5 video of scary things YOU NEED TO HOT THE DAMN CLIPS !! you're just talking about them and showing all these other clips that have absolutely nothing to do with the videos you're talking about !!! what a fucking fail !!!
super kids fun tube (10 days ago)
I'm gonna have nightmares bro
Greasy Donuts (10 days ago)
You're talking about the clips but you're not showing them what's up with that... great videos by the way just show the clips that you're talking about
Chloe Dunnam (10 days ago)
You claim to have videos of certain things, but you do not show them ... You just show different random videos and tell us about them???
Johnnyb (10 days ago)
Top 5s Finest = FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeremy 918 (10 days ago)
Crap channel.
d mann (10 days ago)
Surely unsubscribing,,showing fucking movie clips just for views..shame on u guys
d mann (10 days ago)
Stoies actually..cudnt show even one of em.evn if for secs ..u cud still shot it
d mann (10 days ago)
All fake
Joydevil (10 days ago)
This editing is crap
REIDDEBSTER (10 days ago)
I'm unsubscribing. Clickbait and no real footage :-/
EviLSouL9g9 (10 days ago)
this video is lame as fuck nothing you talk about is in the fuckin video... hardcore click bait
Phantom Ninja gamingTM (10 days ago)
Fake !
MistrJT (11 days ago)
You're mixing up stories and seem to be making stuff up along the way! For example, the story of the two lovebirds at home is one of a burglar on the top of the stairs watching them until they fall asleep so he can sneak out. It's not a "woman who was moving in a very strange way." Also, the videos and images you've shown have absolutely nothing to do with what you're talking about. This video is a total fail.
Colleen Lovelace (11 days ago)
I'm unsuscribing... Your videos are so annoying ..well actually you don't show videos you show pieces of other people's videos.. And talk about one that you don't even show... It's a joke
Simon Murphy (11 days ago)
what is that thumbnail called?
brandon Lee (11 days ago)
Worst video ever. Booooooo!!
At least put links to the videos if you don't plan to show them.
Brandon Mejias (11 days ago)
did they fine the bage
S-T RICHIE (11 days ago)
Unsubscribing, I got tired of these types of videos, that don't show the actual videos he is talking about like, wtf ?!?!
Kitten Cat (11 days ago)
Glitch Hounds101 (11 days ago)
These aren’t people’s homes, some are abandoned?
boomboyselite (11 days ago)
Thegamer 45 (12 days ago)
So confusing
Kickboxing Mama (12 days ago)
Why all the the extra clips? This is a mess, I'm unsubscribing!
capt Obvious (12 days ago)
Horrible, ABSOLUTELY horrible. Where in the video are the clips your speaking about, makes no sense, just here say stories...
Why cant they show just actual footage and avoid commentary??
Melissa Melissa (12 days ago)
Horrible video - was not the regular narrator 🙄
Mr_RageAttack (12 days ago)
Come on, really? This is more story telling!! What a waste of my time!!
Bradley Taylor (12 days ago)
Now I just feel scared 😬😬 and the worst thing I'm watching this at night
Baby Bear (12 days ago)
The editing in this video is terrible. Can you try to be more professional? You need to show the video that you are refering to!
Gerald mcneal (12 days ago)
So stupid just talk and rumors
Wagner Pinheiro (12 days ago)
The video is a total mess, who ever edited I'm very sorry but adding random clips of other videos instead of keeping the interest on the real recording is actually very frustrating because you won't know what it was the real video. Please take this as a good criticism.
Mike Lauffer (12 days ago)

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