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Why Do People Not Prescribe Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine)?

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blackiesun (20 days ago)
Most of these people on amphetamines don't have any disorder. It's just too easy to go to a shrink there and tick the right answers to get a prescription for Adderall or whatever other stimulant. I'm sure some do have ADHD and medication helps them etc. Most just want the meds to get high or study and fake/exaggerate symptoms and they piss me off because the people who don't misuse their medication will end up suffering for it. Here in Europe you can't get a prescription as a newly diagnosed adult. You have to have been diagnosed as a child to get a prescription as an adult. I have taken modafinil for shift work disorder and I think that could be an alternative to amphetamines since it doesn't get anyone high so has little potential for abuse...
Dexter (25 days ago)
This tactic by the drug companies is known as “evergreening” another point: most doctors don’t fully understand the mechanism and differences between these drugs, psychiatrists do but other MDs typically won’t
t e r I N E E D L E R (1 month ago)
I was right all along! I started treatment for grown up add on Ritalin and it was way way way too cokey! I’ve been the most stable in instant release Dexedrine! I’ve also been forced to take adderal and vyvanse and those were too speedy though they were sustained release. The vyvanse was worse than adddreal by quite a bit worse!
If you want to switch ask your pharmacist if there is a generic for your adderall that your insurance will cover. Asking the doctor is asking the wrong person.
nick g (2 months ago)
very informative video, thank you for the information
Norrlänska pajken (3 months ago)
weed the ultimate adhd medicen
Dalton (4 months ago)
Lisdexamfetamine 50mg is that Dexedrine ?
Dexedrine was actually invented by a Nazi Dr. After World War 2 Russia, Us And France all took many German medications and none now have an actual patent for it. You can Google search this for more info
Chris H. Kraemer (4 months ago)
40-60mg pure d-amp a day and then some xanies/beer/CBD to take the edge oft... ;)
C-had Scrad (4 months ago)
I wheeze on Dexedrine. and your sou d is too low
Dreighen (4 months ago)
I am on dexedrine, being that I've been on all the others, Dexedrine is by far the best IMO. So glad I am on it vs the other adhd meds.
Skawrod (5 months ago)
Pretty sure that the reason Vyvanse has a lysine molecule added to it is because it lengthens the half-life. Vyvanse, for me, lasts about seven hours while Dexedrine instant release only lasts about three hours
Bruno (5 months ago)
I get your point but the absorption rate, the isomer ratio and manufacture process turns those drugs into very different options
Bruno (5 months ago)
Anyway it's not about advertisement. It's about abuse potential. Adderall has much less abuse potential due to its side effects. Thats why Dexedrine is usually the last option
Jack Meyer (5 months ago)
This is what I was assuming. Once I found both drugs are manufactured by Shire Pharm., my thoughts were confirmed.
lucas hoffman (5 months ago)
Personally I dont like L-amphetamine thats why i switched to vyvanse then couldnt afford it so i figured dexedrine is the same dame thing. I just have to dose twice a day versus once. IMO and what I've felt and seen with others is any drug with levo- amp is gonna have a higher potential for abuse and and preferd by most addict though Evkeo hasnt hit the street yet and that a 50/50 mix unlike Adderalls 75/25 mix. Basically Benzadrine rebranded.
Mr Schmeltz (8 months ago)
Zenzedi amazing impossible to find anywhere the generic is horrible tried it never again and only goes up to 10mg so 15 up they have to get you the brand So I'm shooting to get 15mg.... 9 out 10 Pharmacies never heard of Zendedi and worse even can't get it or won't. I refuse adderall it sucks or worse Ritalin sucks even more.... The Brand Zenzedi is hilariously expensive without a proper prescription plan 60 of 15 mg is like 700 dollars. The whole thing is just fucked up. And I refuse anything else psychiatrists give you. So I'm basically screwed with this stuff. Pain meds if you get a monthly script you can find much easier. And yet there's this on going epidemic. But Zenzedi impossible. Anti depressants I'm against there's about a 100 different kinds out there and they put a new one out every month. And they suck anyway.
Tim Obert (8 months ago)
get it here without prescription believe me its super easy http://www.azmedicinalshop.com/product/dexedrine-spansule-dextroamphetamine-15mg-capsule-2/
Tom Popolo (8 months ago)
Really great video, nice to see someone lay this all out in a nice video. Also a big thing I noticed, people don't like different generic Adderall manufacturers. If someone had a shitty Adderall generic, people would be quick to want to try something else. Teva owns the rights to the original IR formula and modified to be like their Barr generic, popular opinion says that it's garbage.
akanmote (8 months ago)
Very mind opening. Thanks homie
Warren Lightning (9 months ago)
Yet worse drugs are prescribed easily with dozens of horrid side effects.
William Russell (9 months ago)
people are always jealous of people who are happier richer smarter or higher than they are
jdmkitten (1 year ago)
This is very informative, thank you!
Brandon Payne (1 year ago)
One thing tho I believe the adderall salts do contain Levoratory isomer of dextro so it would have an uneccessary norepinephrine release peripheral effect
Ashley Nave (1 year ago)
I take Ritalin Generic and it's okay.
marco (1 year ago)
I have been put on it and it didn't didn't have as bad of side effects as Vyvanse
Bendamin Veganson (1 year ago)
Well said
Ty Leslie (1 year ago)
Ayla Goulet (1 year ago)
i get dexroamphetamine wierd
M At (7 months ago)
Ayla Goulet how
Joel D (1 year ago)
Adderall is 1/2 Dexedrine & 1/2 Amphetamine (25% levo-amphetamine). Dexedrine was recently re-released under the name "Zenzedi". Don't forget about Desoxyn, which is extremely expensive yet very effective with little side effects.
GucciBalboa (20 days ago)
+Bruno yes, but meth is not the shit you would see in the streets. When it's been refined and is actually produced in a lab it's an entirely different risk factor.
Bruno (5 months ago)
Desoxyn is methamphetamine, a totally different animal
Mike Novak (1 year ago)
Adderall is 75% dextro i beleieve. And I am on the zenzedi but it may be too low a dose. I dont even know how one would become to get prescribed desoxyn
star child (1 year ago)
its better than adderall adderall is dirty and causes aggression
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
Is it DextroAmp-Amphetamine? Is it the same as Amphetamine Salts?
Mike Novak (1 year ago)
Yea and dextroamphetamine-amphetamine is mixed amphetamine salts..
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
Mike Novak On the bottle it says DextroAmp-Amphetamin, Generic for Adderall
Mike Novak (1 year ago)
Are you sure the bottle doesn't say Mixed amp. salts?
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
Mike Novak well Amphetamine Salts and DextroAmp-amphetamine Salts both say Generic for Adderall. That s why I was asking.
Mike Novak (1 year ago)
No. Dextroamphetamine is a stereoisomer of Amphetamine. Amphetamine is usually in a power form and the the street drug speed. I don't think there is any form of amphetamine FDA approved besides Evekeo and Adzenys ODT. It lists at the top left "amphetamine sulfate" but then goes on describe how it is composed of a racemic mixture of amphetamine salts.
Jonathan McLendon (1 year ago)
Curious about Bill Nye the stimulant guy's take on Zenzedi & the fact that in Texas, most health care providers are inclined to switch their patients to dextroamphetamine if they know the reason for your request to switch and change your treatment plan; i.e. Every other stimulant makes me feel jittery, etc. PS - it costs about $9.00 to fill 120 of the 10mg Dexedrine IR depending on your coverage, which takes into consideration a number of variables.
Randy Bo Bandy (1 year ago)
Levoamphetamine is a polar opposite to Dextroamphetamine
treehorn70 (1 year ago)
10mg spanuels are hard to find at pharmacies. 5mg tablets are easier to find. The spanuels used to be called black beauties. Amphetamine psychosis is why they are not prescribed. Kanye West was showing symptoms before hospitalized.
Joel D (1 year ago)
treehorn70 black beauties were BiPhetamine, not Dexedrine. They are black.
sonic hedgehog (1 year ago)
treehorn70 the psychosis only happens with abuse and failure to have anxiety medication on hand. Remember, dopamine gets motabolized into adrenaline AND that causes excess stress. I never heard of anyone having amphetamine psychosis without having an insane level of anxiety. There is a reason why heavy street users of stimulate medication have Xanax on deck. It's also the same reason why Xanax is given to amphetamine psychosis patients. They triggered their fight or flight and they need something to calm it down.
John S (1 year ago)
This video saved (and will save) me a shit ton of money. Thanks man!
CyberLion (1 year ago)
im on adderal and Dexedrine Generic Pill . not the capsule. hehe suckas
Chuck Norris (20 days ago)
GucciBalboa I’m on Dexedrine now and I literally don’t feel anything not even on 20 mg. Vyvanse is better imo but then again I was on 60 mg. I’ve yet the try Adderall though it’s not prescribed where I’m at.
GucciBalboa (20 days ago)
Lol I used to do those, dexedrine is way chiller
Chuck Norris (25 days ago)
CyberLion Which one do you find better for studying?
RainVine (1 year ago)
Just got it today (dexedrine) small small dose- adderall made me see shadow people yesterday (though the day before it made me feel amazingly normal for the first time in regards to focus, etc- I am the ADD labeled creative person who needs it) so far the dexedrine is making me really happy (too happy) so I'm hoping it will calm down and I will feel normal xD Hate having to take medication.
sonic hedgehog (1 year ago)
RainVine how did you get dexedrine perscribed?
Andrew C (2 years ago)
How many mg were you on, during this video shoot?
Brandon Payne (1 year ago)
Say for argument sake it was 500 mg or say 70 mg or even 10 or 1,000. As long as this kid functions and feels more capable from it what difference does it make to u,,, but I'm likely to bet he's just in this industry and knows about this kinda shit
nasaman23 (1 year ago)
Drew Phillip Being educated on a subject is not the same as being on a study drug...
star child (1 year ago)
Andrew C enough to be correct
Daniel Green (1 year ago)
Lol was thinking the same thing kids jaw was having a party of its own
Ali Ghafari (2 years ago)
I was given a short 2 week trail period of Dextroamphetamine. The first few days nothing happened however after a few days I started realizing that my focus was getting a lot better and I was also able to multi-task which was something I never new was possible. the dextroamphetamine really worked however after the trial. I got generic dextro and nothing happened so I switch back to the regular stuff which was expensive and still nothing happened. I wish I can figure it out and go back to feeling like I was becoming smart, focused and more normal.
abc123 (2 years ago)
Would you compare this to Ibuprofen vs Advil and Acetaminophen vs Aspirin? Just repackaged... Thanks.
Joe Kelly (1 year ago)
Perhaps all mentions of IBUPROFEN are mistaking this commonly know analgesic with BUPROPN which is the generic name for Welbutrin.
Mad Hatter (2 years ago)
30mg vyvanse = 8.9 mg Freebase Dextroamphetamine 30mg zenzedi (newer dexedrine, same thing, just a rebrand) = 22 mg Freebase Dextroamphetamine 30mg adderall = 14.2mg Freebase Dextroamphetamine, 4.5mg Freebase Levoamphetamine .... Yea they are sorta rebrands, but the amount of Base Amphetamine differs from medication to medication...
abc123 (2 years ago)
+Chev Chelios It happens. I was curious on thoughts about name brands vs generics. Supposedly, they are made up of the same compounds, but rebranded. Just wanted to hear others' insights on it.
Chev Chelios (2 years ago)
Oh my bad bro, I'm just saying dexedrine is. I misread your comment and thought you wanted a Ibufrofen vs Dexedrine comparison. Anyways, all good man...
abc123 (2 years ago)
Chev, Acetaminophen is not a psycho stimulant. Neither are any of what I have listed. You should probably take 3 seconds to google than 30 seconds to ask irrelevant questions.
David Hanifin (2 years ago)
Im trying to come off methamphetamine and I have add and my psychiatrist refuses to prescribe dex. I would like it prescribed to me for the same reasons a smoker would start using nicotine patches or lozenges.
Chev Chelios (2 years ago)
+David Hanifin Seems doctors don't prescribe it when theres a history of drug abuse, the risk of abusing the prescription meds instead is apparently too high... Had some issues with cocaine myself in the past (Pre ADHD diagnosis) and dex has actually fixed that completely, no more cravings for the bad stuff :-)
David Cox (2 years ago)
Dexedrine is difficult to obtain as the manufacturing schedule is reduced. I've been on dexedrine for 20 years and I love it. However, the majority prescribers are NOT paid to prescribe certain meds, In fact recent legislation makes it an ethical violation for drug reps to engage in practices that were once parts of the sales game. While I appreciate you efforts to call attention to the diminished prescribing of dexedrine but the prescribing physicians are not the problem.
Domthebomb (2 years ago)
Kryptiic I'm young 10-14 I take atomoxetine it helps but it's only for one month or two I also take methylphenidate
ED CROUSE (2 years ago)
So refreshing to hear the truth for once.im the type of geek who reads the P.D.R for fun.i also worked in the pharmaceutical industry for years,and can attest to your facts stated.i would love to be a part of a watchdog group to help educate people on the truths of meds vs. The lies of the big, powerful rx company bs.maybe we should talk more.nevertheless,your mentor taught you well!!
Kryptiiq (2 years ago)
I don't know what this is. But I take Dexamphetamine. Believe it or not but I take 2x 25mg and it's not helping at all.. my body is collapsing because of this shit. Nothing helps for my ADHD
GucciBalboa (20 days ago)
Nothing changes at that point your heart is so weak going on another stimulant would be risky.
GucciBalboa (20 days ago)
Same happened to me brother
Calvin25X (1 year ago)
Kryptiiq You could be treatment resistant and need more than one medicine.
star child (1 year ago)
Kryptiiq try focalin
Kryptiiq try eating healthy, if you stay healthy it will likely work better and you will be physically healthier. I'm on 30 mg, and ever since my 20 mg prescription I've been motivated to stay fit on top of staying academically engaged. You can also ask your doc to look for another prescription, if this doesn't work.
joe oudhoff (2 years ago)
My docter gives me dexedrine to take everyday and it's pure dexedrine
John T (2 years ago)
awesome video!
Sacred Thyme (2 years ago)
i had to pay for d-amphetimine as insurance only would pay for vyvanese .... and that hurt my stomach
Stevie Vermunt (1 year ago)
Dexedrine hurts my stomach if I combine with caffeine. Try without. If you havent had caffeine while taking it, youre ingesting too high a dose for what youre used to.
jeff jones (2 years ago)
Here is the really fucked up thing...At the risk of sounding cliche'...You only live once. When you have no energy and no motivation, AND none of the antidepressants have done anything to help you in that department, you don't get much out of life to say the least! Doctors do NOT need to be as paranoid as they are. Doctors need to start getting sued for UNDER-TREATING their patients! They clearly don't give a shit about the QUALITY of life their patients have! They have the easy answer at their finger tips, and they won't give it! That is CRUEL!!! They obviously have the attitude that their patients can go to hell.
JaiWinter (7 months ago)
Dylan Jake agreed.
star child (1 year ago)
sonic hedgehog so what you do is Google the doctor if people say he's a douche then you don't see him look up next worked great for me
star child (1 year ago)
jeff jones amen brother
sonic hedgehog (1 year ago)
jeff jones You are right. Whenever I look at it, if the doctor isn't giving you what you need or if you are in a situation where you need 100mg Adderall per day and you end up sleeping on it but your doctor only perscribed 50mg you end up thinking damn, I can't straight up ask my doctor for 5-10mg per day of the so called "holy grail medication" because desoxyn is you know what even though 5-10mg of street works for you you can't tell your doctor that either so you end up with Adderall that isn't helping but that's the only thing your Dr would give you... besides Vyvanse but that's like 250. Sick part is that 5-10mg of the street desoxyn lasts me the whole day and kills my ADHD and my depression. Vyvanse doesn't kill my depression or anxiety but slightly helps with my ADHD. interestingly, 5-10mg street desoxyn taken once per day in the morning kills my depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Why does it work better than Vyvanse and kills my depression and anxiety? Most people don't know that desoxyn works on dopamine AND serotonin and then norepinephrine. Vyvanse and dexedrine only works on dopamine and norepinephrine. Now I'm stuck with an Adderall script that I don't really even take because I hate the side effects and can't tell my doctor that street desoxyn is smoother than coffee. I'd pay the crazy price for desoxyn because I just want to be normal. I don't want to pop 100mg Adderall only to get strange side effects and increased anxiety which turns into depression because I can't do shit. When my friend say me taking 100mg and lay down and go to sleep they couldn't believe it. perhaps being left handed has something to do with it... after all, they say ADHD is more common in those types... Being functional​ with desoxyn beats not being able to do shit on 100mg of Adderall. I can talk to my long lost friends, drive without fucking up, go outside and go to the park with my family. I can say I'm going to DO SOMETHING and ACTUALLY DO IT! For example, unmedicated , I think about doing something and never do it. on Adderall I think about something and sometimes do it ( 20% of the time I do it). on street desoxyn, damn near 100% of the time I think about something and do it within a second