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Why Adults Hate To Give Ang Pows

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During Chinese New Year, married couples must give red packets to unmarried relatives! Some of us hate doing it, and these are our reasons! Talents Ryan - http://instagram.com/nightowlcinematics Sylvia - http://instagram.com/sylsylnoc Berlin - http://instagram.com/huixuanxuan Nina - http://instagram.com/ninatsf Franster - http://instagram.com/fransterwong Aylna - http://instagram.com/aylna Eden - http://instagram.com/eden_ang Jian Hao - http://instagram.com/thejianhaotan Naomi - http://instagram.com/naomineo_ Follow NOC on FACEBOOK! http://www.facebook.com/nightowlcinematics INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/NightOwlCinematics http://www.instagram.com/SylSylnoc TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/RyanSylviaNOC EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at ryan@noc.com.sg NOC PARTNERS MyRepublic - https://secure.myrepublic.com.sg/ Cathay Photo - http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg/ CCM Costumes - http://number1costumecostume.com.sg/ Shunji Matsuo - https://www.facebook.com/shunjimatsuohairstudio http://instagram.com/shunjimatsuo http://twitter.com/ShunjiMatsuoSG Flesh Imp - http://shop.fleshimp.com IMBA - https://www.facebook.com/IMBAinteractive?fref=ts OUTRO SONG Darren Ashley - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJZq4bADmW0
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Text Comments (895)
Victoriano Ramirez (3 days ago)
Lol Jian Hao tho you should collab more with him
ahmad sukeri (12 days ago)
First time jianhao in
Poran Pakhi (12 days ago)
abc W (18 days ago)
are u frm malaysia
Rainys Show (18 days ago)
Isabelle Ho (24 days ago)
Oh my god oh my god oh my god!
Underwatch (25 days ago)
JianHao xD
Yuran McKinley (27 days ago)
eden angs character is all revealed in noc videos
Darius Trolls (1 month ago)
It's Hong pao
RandomPerson (1 month ago)
How is that fair I get Malaysian Ringgit all the time
Expert X.Y (1 month ago)
I received 50 cents before...
THE ROBLOX GAMER (1 month ago)
Wah sylvia and his husband give ryan satu ringgit
Aaron Goh (1 month ago)
大大粒 uhh, 大吉大利 lol😂😂😂
divya kaur (1 month ago)
Eh don't talk shit about Malaysian money what you think your Singapore dollar so great ahh
SARAH MEME (1 month ago)
RM1 😂
Pyae Thiha Aung (2 months ago)
Thats naomi
Pyae Thiha Aung (2 months ago)
Eden looks granpa to younger but when his cousins come act like a teen
Gwen Berlin (2 months ago)
Are people always greedy on the holidays in Singapore? I live in America,so I don't know.
Zicakle (2 months ago)
You Don't Want The Ringgit Ah Give To Me Ah!
Godly Giorgio (2 months ago)
Lol... oneMalaysian ringgit no value in Singapore...
spark YT (2 months ago)
Afrina Scylr (4 months ago)
When they gave you RM1 and not dollars...
OPTICAL GAMER XD (4 months ago)
Idk whats happening
Jan Yang Khor (4 months ago)
That one is 100 dollars, not a thousand dollars leh
Funtime SlimeArt (4 months ago)
Yes!! Malaysian money, I'm in Malaysia. I knew it
Jeralyn Goh (4 months ago)
Wow when eden ang said call me korkor he wasnt kidding
peachy (25 days ago)
Alison Sweetland (4 months ago)
Jeralyn Goh What I was thinking
K.M Sal (4 months ago)
Ang bao not ang pow
Lee Yang Lin (4 months ago)
Sheryl_ Cherry (4 months ago)
I live in Malaysia!! Hahahahahahahhah XDDDD
A. D. (5 months ago)
I know why. Click read more. *Because their cruel.*
Outrageous Donut (5 months ago)
The Bribed Greeting was hilarious 🤣 Paiseh one also.....dis is why being a child is better, no need give AngPao! Receive only XD money face
Night Owl Sophia (5 months ago)
Wow your collaborating we Wah banana
Lol got Eden Ang
I meant JiaoHao
Lol got jiao Tan
I am Anonymous (5 months ago)
Your not supposed to open it on spot
Luke Skywalker (5 months ago)
Hey look! JianHao is there!
Dawn Tan (5 months ago)
Aman Wong (5 months ago)
At least give e the one ringgit, I need it.
Trisha Lim Poh Way (5 months ago)
The last want is so funny jianhao was like mummy the aunty gave kor kor 1 Ringgitmalaysia
Trisha Lim Poh Way (5 months ago)
So sad the jianhao
Clara belle Chong (6 months ago)
At 1.27 their reaction is so funny
nepali multimaker (6 months ago)
naoemi sucks
Soh Jun Hao Sarun (6 months ago)
100 dollars lah what 1000 note
Zeng BZang (7 months ago)
Did you guys notice that the “1000” dollars is actually 100 dollars
ml addict (7 months ago)
Fk that girl keep taking Ang Bao
Nick Cool (7 months ago)
Undertale Cipher (8 months ago)
You when adults always say when its not respectful to open the ang bow when the person who gave u the ang bow is there. Its mainly because they want you to complain how less money there is inside
Mazlina Zakaria (8 months ago)
Just RM 1 haha 😂
Tnh Too (9 months ago)
Wow great collaboration man!!!!
Cherry Draws Stuff (9 months ago)
What's wrong with RM hMmmmm?????? Lol jk but srsly tho.
Raven RockzYT (9 months ago)
And u guys are of advertisement coo,
Raven RockzYT (9 months ago)
Wow j dint know jian hao was part 9f this
t0607889z (9 months ago)
风和日丽is used to describe the weather...lol!
qq chong (10 months ago)
/MyFoundTemple\ (10 months ago)
Anyone else thought that scene with the glasses chick and the uncle is a little......weird lmao, but hey I mean if that's your thing and you're into that i won't judge
Chung Hua teo (10 months ago)
WILLS gaming (11 months ago)
My family loves guving angpao
Random Hamiltrash (11 months ago)
VisualCrafter (11 months ago)
It would be really sad if one day I find out that all my money is gone because it was in the ang pows which my parents gave to my cousins. Then again... it might be the answer to why I AM loosing my money........
Psycho Queen (1 year ago)
Heyyyyyyyyy I <3 u
i Lee (1 year ago)
omg cant believe this was 2 years ago
Jamie (1 year ago)
I keep on saying to myself "Last video last video" but 30 mins gone Liao and I'm still watching 😂😂😂
Yang Xu (1 year ago)
3:12 Ryan's slipper so cute
I Wayan Bagus (1 year ago)
what is potong stim meh?
Chow Yuet Ching (1 year ago)
lol the fuckable Ryan Tan Xi Guay korkor 1 ringet malaysia dollar Jian hao
I Wayan Bagus (1 year ago)
by far this is the best NOC's video i ever watch hahaha in terms of laugh level that i had lol
Haoran Guo (1 year ago)
I thought that money should be $100 then they says it is $1000
Jolyn Vlogs (1 year ago)
The $1000 should be purple than why is it orange orange is $100 not $1000 didn't anyone relaise that???.........look closely at the start of video
walao eh (1 year ago)
i understand why some of u are pissed but also pls try to understand that this is meant for entertaining purposes and im sure they didnt do this to make fun of or offend malaysia plus some of them are malaysians as well so calm yo shit guys
walao eh (1 year ago)
风和日丽, 七七八八, 一无所有, AHHAHAHA WTF
Sam Wong (1 year ago)
the Malaysia ringgit part haha
Cung Uk (1 year ago)
1:31 jianhao tan was there
Chok Lynn (1 year ago)
You girls have big boobs'
Miss Kacie (1 year ago)
everyone so lucky..my dad take all my and my sis ang pao then he spend it
szejunhong22 (1 year ago)
DeltaElite (1 year ago)
Fuck ryan
Jayden Low (1 year ago)
All of you are bad you know you make people cry 😭
Hermione Malfoy (1 year ago)
Who's watching this in 2017
maggie (1 year ago)
Taylor Potter me!
defouqh (1 year ago)
warghhh!! why i just noticed watermelon guy had a tatoo?? afahsjdjsha
reginathearmy (1 year ago)
jianhao is poor
Tyler Teo (1 year ago)
1:47 this man like a lot on the lady's boob and he give a lot of Ang bao for being too attractive
Iskandar Ismail (1 year ago)
naomi fucker lan ciao
Robert Kurniadi (1 year ago)
Really :D
A Shen (1 year ago)
Naomi and jianhao......
Eden Lee (1 year ago)
Harry Hon (1 year ago)
3:10, here comes the legendary Watermelon King Ryan.
Cheryl De Leon (1 year ago)
Harry Hon lol
kc wong (1 year ago)
Why does he remind me of PPAP guy
Jasper Ragavan (1 year ago)
Sylvia's hair omg😍
3:39LOL she's like yeah.........nope
Choco Pelt (1 year ago)
Naomi's part never gets old. "一无所有"
Belinda Ni (1 year ago)
it is 100 dollars
chai Andrew (1 year ago)
Mr Masterrey1 (1 year ago)
Auntie Sylvia worst
Andrew Whyte (1 year ago)
So in mandarin are there two words for red as in "Hong" and "ang"?
squishywolf777 (1 year ago)
Hong is red in Chinese, Ang is red in Hokkien (which is a dialect)
xuan (1 year ago)
'Hong' and 'Ang' are red. 'Hong' is mandarin but 'Ang' is Hokkien
blastmewar2 (1 year ago)
thomshart wtf are u talking about? "Hong" means red in Chinese while "ang" means red in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect
thomshart (1 year ago)
both mean red, Kanji for 'ang' and 'hong' for 'red' is the same. Some dialect will spell the kanji 'hung' some others 'ang', but in mandarin(pin yin) 'Hong' cmiiw
Unicorn Time (1 year ago)
Naomi looks so cute
Spoder Man (1 year ago)
Farah Diy of
sheng liu (1 year ago)
just to show u young STUPID and SHIT-HEAD
handsome boy (1 year ago)
Vietnamese look like monkey . Monkey want to be Chinese ??
Gerlyn Ng (1 year ago)
Raeann Nass (1 year ago)
the $1000 note is just $100
be patient

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