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Thanks for watching! Lets try to get this video to 200+ likes!!!! Twitter & Instagram: @juliaaraleigh Vine: Julia Raleigh Check out my musical.ly ( juliaaraleigh )
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Phil & Jakee West (25 days ago)
Saud should do a vid like this one
Would you cheat on a1saud for cheese? If so you are a bad person.
Ivy Softball17 (1 month ago)
I play softball!!! I love it!! Not judging you because everybody has their own feelings about things! But... Me playing softball ....I'm going to state for all stars 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Chloe Reyes (1 month ago)
Who is your boyfriend
Piper Alexander (1 month ago)
Who are you dating what is his name????????
Molly Sheppard (1 month ago)
jules you look so different!
Samera Clerveau (1 month ago)
I agree with the friend thing because I only need 1 friend.
Suraj Kharbanda (1 month ago)
I love your boobs
Ella Godsall (1 month ago)
Yea I know that I'm watching this in 2018 but Saud is not a boy
Elizabeth Doran (1 month ago)
so are you dating saud? or nah
Tia Baliyan (1 month ago)
I lv u shoooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh jules n also saud
Ivon Cruz (1 month ago)
(im a girl) WHAT UR BF'S NAME??!?
Riza Robosa (1 month ago)
Saud is a girl?!
Unicorn Lover (1 month ago)
Fact number eight is definitely me I say dream in school and everything and by the easy I am 10 years old and can u plz give me a shout out I’m called Jack
tavaiya love (2 months ago)
O my god
Grace 123 (2 months ago)
You might have adhd
Im poppy (2 months ago)
Slime Yasss (2 months ago)
I have a question is saud a boy or a girl?
wer es sade
Joe Crockett (2 months ago)
Ha ha!!! I LOVE cheese myself Jules!!!!
finn_da_savage ayeee (2 months ago)
wait I'm confused so Jules is lesbian??? people are saying saud is a girl I'm not sure if I'm gonna belevive anyone until I know that actual truth
Neive Bacon (3 months ago)
Is saud a boy or girl because I really need to know
Aubrey Jackson (3 months ago)
I love all those 10 thing they are the most supporting thing to you. Got my notifications on...
rickandrebeccah dubra (3 months ago)
you is so pretty
Yash Shiboo (3 months ago)
Hey guys I just love u U are such a cute couple And just want to say keep surporting each other till the end❤
eLLoAna (3 months ago)
i thought you loved saud more than cheese but no
H&k Vanderhoef (4 months ago)
Ur awesome and I think ur pretty and saud is awesome and saud is my fav cause he's awesome
Hannahturnerxoxox Xx (4 months ago)
Is saud a girl
Walker Tyra (4 months ago)
Hannahturnerxoxox Xx No one knows😂😂
Naidelin Cadtanon (6 months ago)
is saud a girl or boy
Flori Mari (2 months ago)
Naidelin Cadtanon he is a boy
Sarah Burney (4 months ago)
Salina Rai (6 months ago)
U r so cute 😱😍
Tazin D (6 months ago)
Is saud a girl or a boy??
Shadricka Curtis (28 days ago)
He's a girl
Jazzlyn wish (29 days ago)
He's is a boy it's 2018
Samera Clerveau (1 month ago)
Tazin D,why would you ask that.
Lizzie Guzzo (1 month ago)
4:08 she said, “yes I do have a boyfriend”.
Deanna Barker (1 month ago)
Tazin D sauds a boy
Mendez Alan (6 months ago)
I love you guy,s
Kimberly House (7 months ago)
u have a girlfriend not bf..
Quinn C (6 months ago)
Kimberly House transdude so bf
Danielle Rossman (7 months ago)
I want too date her 😍😭she gorgeous asf 💗
Its_ tamydou12 (7 months ago)
is jules a lesbian cos i cant tell ghe gender of saud
fire hall (7 days ago)
Its_ tamydou12 he is a boy
srijana panta (25 days ago)
she is lesbo
Hope Singing Life (1 month ago)
sauds name is saudia and in one of the videos they talk to the mom on the phone says saudia and one video Julia says she saud is either trans or they are les
Caticorn Monkey (1 month ago)
Its_ tamydou12 I'm pretty sure SAUD is a girl cause I watched a video and jukes said her
Fadumo Abdi (1 month ago)
Its_ tamydou12 nah she ain’t no lesbian bitch she straight bitch
Jayden Lugo (7 months ago)
Me to I️ love cheese 🧀
Kristy Cruz (7 months ago)
U are really nice and very pretty I love your videos
jay and nae manson (8 months ago)
I thought one would be lesiban but this is before you and saud met!!!!
Alliana Alliana (8 months ago)
One time I got hit in the head with a baseball
lakai youtube channel (9 months ago)
I love you
Paige's Pumpkin (1 year ago)
cadence & julyanna (1 year ago)
I love SpongeBob to
Chris Z (1 year ago)
SO HOT 😍😍♥️♥️
kynny daniel (2 years ago)
she's literally just like me;) I'm not social and I have only like 2-3 main friends and I'm chill, I don't like going to parties
xx Chloe Harmony xx (1 month ago)
kynny daniel I’m the opposite
Sabrina Figueiredo (2 years ago)
She has a girlfriend now
H Dasilva (1 year ago)
Wtf she is a girl
Adriii Cruz (2 years ago)
Who is youre boyfriend
Kellymay Hart (2 years ago)
But now she has a girlfriend ❤️😊
Ya girls M and S (1 year ago)
Kellymay Hart I thought she was with saud I thought he was a boy
jackfavvv (2 years ago)
I honestly thought that 1 of the 10 things would be, "Lesbian".
fire hall (7 days ago)
Miss Savage rhxs in robolx right
Miss Savage (8 days ago)
fire hall I never play on it tho... do u gots anything else???
Miss Savage (8 days ago)
fire hall yes but i dont really like people following me so thats y i gots NOTHING!!! but u algds... its called Miss_Savage0908
fire hall (8 days ago)
Miss Savage np do u have robolx if so want to be friends o. There
Miss Savage (8 days ago)
Jayden Thomas (2 years ago)
why the fuck you lying
Catzlover (2 years ago)
Ten facts about me I'm very anxious and I hate being with a lot of peopleWhen I'm nervous I start blushing and sweating When I'm in school I have difficulties focus i go look out of window stare at the clock or do something elseim double jointed I'm very friendly I am Muslim I get super hyper when I drink energy drinks I love love love pizzaI'm very energetic I love being on a plane
Allison Finley (2 years ago)
I played travel softball when u was 9 and stopped this year in May. I played it for 5 times a week with 3-4 games on Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 am. and I have gotten hit in the face like 1,000,000,000 times and yeah it sucks but I quit after I had an appendectomy in February. I just didn't love it anymore. but I played on a team called pressure and we needed up breaking up because we didn't have enough girls to play an I had to switch teams to the cobras and I didn't like it as much. I was with a girl named Emma who I love but when I got sick, she was bonding with the team while I wasn't. so it was just better for me and my feelings because I just wasn't into it. even though I was really good. but now I'm on a competitive drama team and I hope to be an actress one day! ❤️✌️
Abigail Flowers (2 years ago)
Is it with cheese ?
That idiot Dave (2 years ago)
Omg. Wow. Just. Wow. How do you not hate cars. They are scary.
DevinH2O (2 years ago)
Giant hard balls flying at my face
Pierce Cage (2 years ago)
+Devin H2O xD
Michael Lopez (2 years ago)
You're a dime
Tom Johnson (2 years ago)
Have you ever thought of going by train instead of driving? I went to Milwaukee from Boston on Amtrak, better and easier than driving. And sorry you had to quit softball as I coach high school ball.
Haley Govan (2 years ago)
Did u go to at philips
jackie santos (2 years ago)
Hey Julia:) i just want to let you know that you are super gorgeous and super nice and have a really big heart:) I follow you on all of my social media and it would be a nice surprise for my birthday (which is November 2nd) if you can send me a happy birthday text:) it would really make my day☺️ I love you so much❤️
Bolu (2 years ago)
Great video, hope to see more of u on YouTube if u want could u check if my channel and subscribe if u want i would be thankful.
Nathan Scott (2 years ago)
<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 You're the most amazing person ever!
Todd LaRiviere (2 years ago)
You like cheese less than Liz lemon I'm sure # watch 30 rock
Clutch3Pointer (2 years ago)
I hate parties and being in large crowds i hate driving xD
Clutch3Pointer (2 years ago)
Plz repy to my comment it would make my day! You are awesome and u rock!
Tyler Ross (2 years ago)
she is so pretty😍
Aubrey Jackson (3 months ago)
Tyler Ross...yes she is very pretty
lowkeychristina (2 years ago)
can you do a boyfriend tag?
james christiansen (2 years ago)
It's gonna end. Plz don't cry when it happens
justin thepat (2 years ago)
Great video! Lol your snapchat ramble of coin was hilarious!😂
alejandro hernandez (2 years ago)
I woah you ❤️😊
Trent Marcum (2 years ago)
Omg the crowd cheese alone and can't pay attention
Skye G (2 years ago)
Samone Ortiz (2 years ago)
Can you do a video on how to make a thumbnail photo please
TinaN09 (2 years ago)
Personal Masoon (2 years ago)
I love airplanes
Neftali Torres (2 years ago)
ur very beautiful and funny
Conall Persechino (2 years ago)
Dream girl. Period.
Breyana Wheeler (2 years ago)
Beauty By Morgan (2 years ago)
Coin981 (2 years ago)
I know her from school.
crupeople (2 years ago)
+theblazer3 ah.
crupeople (2 years ago)
+theblazer3 or do you?
Coin981 (2 years ago)
+crupeopleE27, Dude I commented with my other account that is my actual name, so she knows who I am, also I didn't take that into consideration, or even think bout anythin like that.
crupeople (2 years ago)
+Coin98 plus, dude, keep that to yourself, what if theblazer3 turns out to be a 42 year old man living in his basement wanking off?
crupeople (2 years ago)
+Julia Raleigh haha that must suck not knowing who it is, i've been there before as well lol
Ryan Cunliffe (2 years ago)
nice video, check out my 'about me' video?
G Sumer (2 years ago)
Love yiu
Brooke Dreesman (2 years ago)
Ilysm julia💖💖💖💖 all these facts are literally me 😂
Jo, Brianna Estes (2 years ago)
Cam Marqz (2 years ago)
Heart Eyes everywhere!
SanctionNA (2 years ago)

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