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Cancer Breaking the Cycle of Fear and Ignorance

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Text Comments (169)
Judy Dascent!! (1 day ago)
Pleased don't forget Vaccines is the No 1 causes of Cancers n all others sickness.
Jule B (18 days ago)
Can you help us with my husband cancer stage 4 Esophagus and now in the liver???? Please let us know
Sandra Vilosky (5 days ago)
Jule B I don’t know if Dr. Bergman answers these questions, but the best thing you can do initially is; rid his body of ALL Toxins, including meds. Definitely cut out Sugar altogether, from every source. Put back into the body, Organic rich nutrients, buy a slow juicer, and juice organic veg, especially dark green leafy greens. Eat Fermented food. Listen to more of Dr. Bergman’s videos for more information. Best wishes
Tom Guth (25 days ago)
Chci umřít.
Tom Guth (25 days ago)
Tom Guth (25 days ago)
Já taky.
Karen Fiori (1 month ago)
Great video as usual. But had to laugh when a third of the way in there is an ad for a new cancer treating drug. Lol
Armen Makart (2 months ago)
Ironically during this video a commercial kicks in with a kid and a lady running through the field near the ocean advertising Obdiva drug for lung cancer lol.....see if Obdiva is right for you....Sure, but whats in it?
Susan Miller (2 months ago)
People talk about cannabis.. well there is an essential oil called copaiba & it is even more powerful than cannabis...I have attached a 10-minute video on copaiba & how it is way more effective. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axmJurEhptY
Squares (2 months ago)
Ketogenic diet + raw liver and pancreas + apricot kernels + nutritious diet that isn't stressful to your digestive system (lectin avoidance) can cure cancer. This doctor talks a lot about how to decrease your risks of cancer and this is all well and good, but the Ketogenic is really the best diet to cure cancer because fasting won't provide you with the nutrients needed for the optimal function of your immune system.
Ghost Queen (2 months ago)
HeLa cells; radiological exposure; Benzene and other toxins...cancer is not genetic.
Lynn Adore (2 months ago)
I appreciate your teaching!!!
B B (2 months ago)
I'm Curious as there is 85 million people across the US diagnosed with a Seizure disorder and 70% are idiopathic (unknown) yet very few if any naturopaths or chiro's have touched on this subject matter much less provide info on potentially healing it...has anyone come across this info on this page or someone elses that reflects how to solve that issue or provide information on how to solve it? Thank you in advance for your help:)
Vegas Cycling Freak (2 months ago)
Round Up kills everything. Get it too close to the plant you're trying to protect and it dies, too. And then we ingest this... sounds like a bad idea to me.
Michael Noneofyabusiness (2 months ago)
Cancer is environmental. nnEMF is a major cause these days.
Lilly Moya (2 months ago)
Does anyone know of Dr Bergman have a video on fixing a deviated septum or chronic sinusitis that causes post nasal drip ?
Sandra Vilosky (5 days ago)
Lilly Moya I had that! I got rid of it myself, from Dr. Bergman’s video lectures. First detox all toxins from your body. First thing in the morning I drank Lemon juice in boiled water. I drank a table spoonful of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day. Juice veg, eat fermented food, and eat only Organic produce, cut all Sugar from your diet. Don’t eat bad carbs and grains. Drink Organic green tea.
james Douglas (2 months ago)
If you have information on how to cure all diseases then you should share it. This could save the lives of millions but it seems you are like big pharma in that all you care about is profit. 1000.00 dollars to have a appointment with you??????? Most sick people don't have that kind of money
james Douglas (2 months ago)
Dr. John Bergman Im 42yrs old I was on anti depressants for over 20 yrs and benzos off and on for over 20 yrs and now I'm worried I might have some memory issues and it's scaring the shit out of me. I live in Tucson az. You said all cognitive issues we're reversible is that correct?
Dr. John Bergman (2 months ago)
at our office we charge $159 for an exam, consultation , 3 separate neurologic scans, x-rays, a report of findings and if I can help we include an adjustment,
Donny Nightmare (2 months ago)
james Douglas agreed. BTW Dr bergman posted a video saying that going into ketosis and robbing cancer cells of their fuel source "glucose" basically starves cancer cells until they're dead.
Erica Awake (3 months ago)
Cannabis oil is the way!!
Can you do a video on MTHFR?
Kristina Baker Smith (3 months ago)
I’m tired of the simulated pot smoking reference as if that makes people stupid. Cannabis and marijuana have great health benefits as well as stimulating the creative process. Time to update that knowledge as well doc😊
Erica Awake (2 months ago)
doru you are so immature! I Don't use anything your imbecile!! Cannabis oil can save people's life your moron.
doru l (2 months ago)
Erica Awake you seem to be obsessed with poop, clear sign you're drug addict, no wonder you are scrambling to find excuses or reasons for drug usage. Go away, your brain is fried.
Erica Awake (3 months ago)
doru l I guess people should then stop drinking, smoking cigarettes because it gives them lung cancer... Huh, also they should stop txt while driving. If they poop in the streets is not because of marijuana my dear. That's because our dear Americans are no educated! Where do you think they pee when they are drunk? As a matter of fact, they don't even need to be drunk to pee in the streets.!canabis oil is a miracle. I guarantee you the ones who are using for medical reasons are the ones pooping in the streets like you said. Have you thought why people are pooping in the streets? Maybe is all the GMO food we have been eating, or in the west they are getting high radiation from Fukushima, or maybe is fluoride in the water? Oh yes, fluoride will make you stupid , not mariajuna. Time to update your knowledge!!!
Erica Awake (3 months ago)
Kristina Baker Smith yep, I am with you...
pleiades and (3 months ago)
Your own perfect medicine. Its free.
Danny Lopez (3 months ago)
This message is to inform the mass collective that Geo-engineering is being taken up a notch, meaning, chem-trails are now being modified to be more "Transparent," less visible to the naked eye. Look outside to see it for yourself and examine the skies (watch the dispersal process). They are even making the streaks thinner so to be less obvious as well. Take fermented chlorella, himalayan shilajit, magnesium malate, and MSM (methysulfonylmethane) supplements to help remove these foreign toxins from the yourself, friends and loved ones. Share this message. Love and Light.
Dunya johnson (3 months ago)
Heeeeeeeeres johnny ! Weeee!
Dr. Bergman do you ever get sick?
sandramA heynemana (3 months ago)
Don’t think I could quit using my microwave until I know for sure it causes health problems.
Sandra Vilosky (5 days ago)
sandramA heynemana you can definitely be sure! Are you going to wait until you get Can er?
Raymond Stein (3 months ago)
Some people say bacteria, some protozoa, some parasites, some virus', some environmental toxins and so the list goes on. I think it is an accumulation of different things that has your immune system to miss what it takes care of millions of times per day. Once that point has been reached then it creates a perfect environment for the afore mentioned in an area where the immunity is not working properly due to things like fermentation, biofilms, acidity etc.. Hence the tumor will accumulate bacteria, protozoa, parasites, virus' etc. in the tumor mass and why maybe doctors are reversing cancers by addressing each of them. Like a tangle of say wool, string and cotton(if I can use that as an analogy)and when one of they lines of the tangle within the tumor mass is destroyed then there is a weakness so the immune system can get in to start destroying it. A bit more complicated but the easiest way to say it. Just my take on it in a paragraph.
Herbert Broughton (3 months ago)
The more I learn from Dr. Bergman, the more uninhabitable modern society and what we're doing to ourselves becomes.
Never-die Young (3 months ago)
John's attitude to dope smokers is so Alcoholic....J
Lourdes Gayas (3 months ago)
Thank you doctor,I love all your very clear and intillegent explaination,it's the way you relate to your audienc.God bless you.
Adam Garza (3 months ago)
Well done
bmka (3 months ago)
Thank you Dr. Bergman for this amazing lesson! Please teach me more! I
Cindy Lou (3 months ago)
Antibiotics are always standard of care at the doctors office, emergency room, or hospital. The last time I was int the hospital they gave me an antibiotic. I asked the doctor, what that was for? and He said "Just in case." "We like to cover all our bases." That was before he even got the test results back. I thought I read somewhere that antibiotics cause cancer.
Erica Awake (3 months ago)
Excellent lecture!
Bobby Craig (3 months ago)
I am really starting to get tired of this duplication. I am really starting to get tired of this duplication.I am really starting to get tired of this duplication. I am really starting to get tired of this duplication.
Andrea (3 months ago)
Thank you Dr. Bergman! Very well put together!!
sllidste (3 months ago)
Love ♡ Peace
selfsameday (3 months ago)
It does not matter what simple people think about what cancer could be , but what the "Cancer researchers " have found out perpetually , over a100 years period ,the cancer facts are and the cures are ! They are not supposed to keep their jobs if no results after all these years weaving the emperor's new clothing!
Natalya Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Madaleine (3 months ago)
i researched it 10 yrs ago and eat only organic and fresh food. changed diet. more fish or organic chicken eat quinoa and organic eggs. raw sugar for coffee . i gave up everything and take no medication ever. i knew the body fix itself. garlic and leeks are both antiviral use it for soup and all dishes. MIT research show weed killer release some that looks like lysine, causes disease and autism.
Madaleine (3 months ago)
doc in israel had a cure to kill bad cells only . heard it on TED.com 10 yrs ago or so
boom (3 months ago)
Can you give more details, i am not able to find video
Sage McKay (3 months ago)
Thank you Dr. Berg !!!!
Phyllis Turner (3 months ago)
Can you discuss Fibromyalgia
Zekerias Varg (3 months ago)
To much carbs in the food and lack of nutrients will give you cancer , study bruce ames triage theory. I eat as much red meat I can afford but I want it from wild animals if possible. Red meat, fish, birds , a lot of vegitabilies and a lot of fat. The carbs is loaded after the intensive work outs in the gym , from rice. Vitamin C as Dr Robert Cathcart describes, around 15 grams a day is standard. Magnesium-citrate, vitamin D3 5000 IE with K2. Omega-3 , 15 grams MSM. Doing this keeps my stomach full and body fat is very low. A man should look like a greek statyet otherwise add a lot of meat , eggs and coconot oil to your food as you will be very happy and eat less sugar. Alkohol is for idiots and if you like it just add b-vitamins and more C and the kick will go to hell. Cancer is often intimitly connected with candida albicans even if people are in dispute in which way, so put the fucking silver in there to get the mushroom out.
Lee Ann (3 months ago)
Dr. Bergman, be careful when you say " I'm never gonna have it (cancer)".
Willie Andrews (6 days ago)
So true never say never, the cells are in all our bodies my husband is getting ready for chemo-radation i do not believe in any of it cancer never leaves the body i believe, son died 27 yrs a go from brain cancer, at 6 yrs old died at almost 13yrs only thing i can say is MostHigh help us. I believe it the disease of the 21 century never be cure , I am not saying everyone will pass i am just saying we need answers peace love to everyone
doru l (3 months ago)
Lee Ann I noticed you're repeating some words, clear sign of undigested protein reaching your brain...I suggest you...neah, just forget it hehe. And come get your dog, even he ran away from your crazy mood swings.
Lee Ann (3 months ago)
doru l my dog you can't see him so don't, don't you feed him
doru l (3 months ago)
Lee Ann I would be honored to give you candy but I am afraid with your attitude the glucose will fill up your thighs then you're going to blame the world for you weighting as much as a whale so no candies for you until you change your attitude.
Erica Awake (3 months ago)
Lee Ann why should he be careful? You should be careful.... Law of attraction darling....
Siel8387 (3 months ago)
Good show, how do I get the show noted for this episode.
Pyro (3 months ago)
Debra Thompson-Ramey (3 months ago)
What about plastic that says BPA free? Is it also harmful?
Ashley Bell (3 months ago)
Debra Thompson- Ramsey. That means they are not charging you for the BPA.
Danny Lopez (3 months ago)
STOP giving your time and money to these self-intrest industries by just saying NO to them, turning off the television ads, donate your dollar to Holistic Doctors, and educating others about the corruption. Let's drive them out of business as a collective and build a new paradigm on promoting prevention and Holistic Health. If we all do our part, it will manifest.
Judy Dascent!! (1 day ago)
Danny Lopez, SPOTON BOOM!!!!
Danny Lopez (3 months ago)
CANCER RESEARCH & CANCER TREATMENTS IN THE UNITED STATES ARE FOR PROFIT. CANCER RESEARCH IS A FRAUD. The real cures and remedies are being suppressed, but in the end CANCER PREVENTION is much more important. Share this video with loved ones and friends. This lunacy needs to come to an end. Promote Holistic Healthcare and Holistic Doctors. Love and Light.
Becca Cooper (3 months ago)
I love popcorn! What about popped on the stove?
Jerry Plush (3 months ago)
I do save and replant my corn from a heritage strain, some in the family since more than 50 years ago. Can you point me to a readily available source that proves your point of all USA corn is GMO, including sweet corn we can purchase in a grocery store?
Erica Awake (3 months ago)
Jerry Plush google it? Do you know who owns and controls all information on Google? Do some research , all corn in then us is GMO! Probably in most countries as well are GMO, unless you plant your own and you know the seeds are not GMO....sorry to break the sad news.
Jerry Plush (3 months ago)
GOOGLE it. Not all sweet corn is GMO, .....As of 2017 about 4% of sweet corn was GMO, but that figure is increasing.
Erica Awake (3 months ago)
Becca Cooper huh all corn is GMO! So, watch out!
andrea vanda (3 months ago)
Dr. Bergman you are AWESOME!
Frank Franze (3 months ago)
Agree fjerid....follow Dr. Morse and Dr. Bergman and Dan McDonald and Adnold Ehret was and is a pinoeer in health and we got so off track with healthy living and nature!😀
julie mclellan (3 months ago)
Your spot on Doctor,I had a stressful time at the age of 24 and was diagnosed with cancer at 26, thank you.
contato email (3 months ago)
OMG. Thank you sharing information. Love You!!!
Jadwiga Malanek (3 months ago)
Hi Ron Martin, I am wondering if you used the so-called bicarbonate of sol, it is often used to reduce the acidity of the body and create an alkaline state. There will never be cancer in an alkaline body. In my opinion, cannabis is also helpful, you have to try https://cannabisolie.com/rick-simpson-olie-kopen/I use this link here in the Netherlands.Rick Simpson is an American hero.God bless you Ron
eileenfb1948 (3 months ago)
Sugar intake, grain intake, stops our body destroying it. Lack of ;nutritious food doesn’t help.
iamphil84 (3 months ago)
Great vid!
Blake NoLast (3 months ago)
You should never recommend animal products, they are all horrible for you, terrible for the environment, and unbelievably cruel to animals. There is no such thing as free range or ethically raised. These are nonsense buzz words used to fool you into buying them, but they are absolutely untrue.
MsMuffetsTuffet (3 months ago)
You are so wrong. Humans are omnivores, veganism is NOT a human diet.
Lim Gey Leng (3 months ago)
Dr Bergman, thank you very much too for giving such a well informed healthcare talk!
Jeenee (3 months ago)
YAY!! I can see and watch this one...the other recent ones did not play...just sped through to the end and that was it...
Ron Martin (3 months ago)
Dr. John; If you had bladder cancer what would you do?? I have asked this question to the other Dr. site and no one has answered me....It's like I don't even ask the question. Here's what I've done....I found out I had bladder cancer in Oct 2017....My primary Dr. sent me to an Urologist, he put a scope down my private (pretty barbaric way to do things) and found some tumors.....On November 18th 2017 The Urologist went in and laser-ed and scraped the tumor out.. A week later he got the report back saying, they didn't get it all. He said now he rated the cancer at stage 2 as it has eat into my bladder, but not all the way yet, he said... He then wanted me to go get Chemo/Radiation for 3 months.......Come back to him so he can take my bladder, prostate, and sexual organs....Then go back and get Chemo/Radiation again for three months.....He wanted to set it up right away. I told him after research I didn't want to kill myself to heal myself. He got really mad at me and told me I was going to start bleeding out my ass and my private parts and it was the worst death a person could have....I still told him no and he got even angrier..... Between, Oct (when I found out) and Nov when he took the tumor, I did a baking soda/honey/water regiment for about a month.....I started getting stomach ache....So I quit. I was also taking Selenium 600 mg a day, Magnesium 3000 mg a day, B17 3,500 mg a day....4 - Cell Stop pills. 1 - 5 mg of Finerstride a day. 6 canna pills that I make up from RSO recipe. I cut all sugar out of my diet except for Mayo , sweet pickles (for tuna and egg salad), a little Ketsup, and some peanut butter.....All other sugars are gone....I juice a lot and I don't eat anything unless it's organic or grass feed....I have detoxed every part of my body . To date; I've cut it all down to my changed diet, Juice once a day, 1 - 5 mg Finerstride, 800 mg of Selenium, 2,000 mg Magnesium, 6- Canna Pills, 3,500 mg of B17. I'm now fasting ...started a month ago....I did intermittent fasting @ 20/4 and then a one day fast, then four days later a two day fast.....and a week later a three day fast. Which is today.....I'm coming off the 3 day fast right now as I type this..... I'm not sure how the three day fast worked yet.....However, after all I did before, I could still feel it.....and I was still bleeding and passing little flakes of tissue....Some as big as a 1/4" across.....I haven't bleed yet this morning....I'm hoping that my body went into Autophagy and will kill it and get rid of the bad cells....Can you please let me know what you would do??
Judy Dascent!! (1 day ago)
Erica Awake Heheheeeeee good one its laughable Indeed!! Lol
Judy Dascent!! (1 day ago)
Ron Martin , WOOW!! Amazing Ron. I have kidney cancer for very long time n refused Dr treatment but I'm thinking of trying your remedy!! Where can I get those supplies at vitamin shoppe??
J P (2 months ago)
Ron Martin - imagine it from the other side... I'm thinking that the doctors can't diagnose or treat others unless you are a patient due to legal reasons. What if a doc online who doesn't know anything about your health history told you to do something that turned out to be detrimental (for instance, he tells you to eat nuts and maybe you have a nut allergy...) perhaps they are afraid of being sued. And they don't want something bad to happen to anyone.
Frank Lopez II (2 months ago)
Lala Lapras let's see...chemotherapy or cyanide? I'll go with the cyanide. Less side effects.😉 Corn is the base for nitroglycerin like apricot seeds are the base for cyanide.
first and last (2 months ago)
This video explain how to book a consultation ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBc3cBBtURw
I M A QYN (3 months ago)
Jolie did a mistake cutting her breasts off, she just needed to stop eating meat and dairy.
horse with no name (2 months ago)
horrible vegan asshole detected.
sllidste (3 months ago)
She's a man
Zekerias Varg (3 months ago)
or stopping put antiperspirants under the arms and start taking vitamin minerals
Idylchatter (3 months ago)
Cannabis kills cancer. Dr. Christina Sanchez has done the science, thousands of patients have proven it. Cancer Cured My Cancer Now I Want it Legalized: https://youtu.be/_Zpli7sWZW4
Silent but Descriptive (3 months ago)
I am really starting to get tired of this duplication. I am really starting to get tired of this duplication. You know, where you upload the video, then a week later you upload the same video and I am thinking Yay! a new Bergman video, because *your information is great*. Only to realise I am watching a duplicate video that I watched before. Expecting it is something new, only to realise I am watching a duplicate video that I watched before. You know what I mean?
sandramA heynemana (3 months ago)
Silent but Descriptive I know what you mean. It’s a let down when it’s the same video even though I learn more when I listen a second time.or the videos that say, “going live soon.” And then it ends and there nothing there!😩
doru l (3 months ago)
Hahahah u got skillz
Rachel Sweets (3 months ago)
Silent but Descriptive I agree
Fjerid (3 months ago)
Cancer is caused by physical, emotional and mental stress which leads to polution and acidity in the body, that the body can not get rid of due to lymphatic congestion and low immunity. And like John mentioned, toxins in low doses accumilate, so environment also plays a huge role. Elimination is key when curing cancer. I’ve read a lot of cancer cure books and all of them have two things in common: Stimulate the elimination of toxins through your skin(sweat), kidneys(urine), colon(bowels) and lungs(exercise) 2ndly, pump the body full of minerals, vitamins and living energy(biophotons) by juicing to aid the body rebuilding tissues. And most of these books use fasting as THE main method to eliminate. Waterfasting, dry fasting and some people like Breuss Rudolf used juice fasting combined with herbal teas. I’m off to read Arnold Ehret’s Rational fasting! Excellent presentation John the man!
Jenxao (7 days ago)
That is SO FAR from how cancer is caused. Sure, you could argue that stress lowers your immune system, which would leave you more susceptible to various forms of cancer, but even that hasn't been proven yet. In short, cancer is when the cells in your body don't die fast enough and thus build up, creating a tumour.
Frank Lopez II (2 months ago)
Fjerid wow, you said it best just as I have believed.
ryan janki (3 months ago)
Fjerid indeed. The forward written in his mucos free diet book was written by a suspicious colleague who was with him up until the time of his unforutnate slip on the curb. I was also surprised to see how old this book was. Amazon has them at a good price. Most of alfredo bowman (dr Sebi) is a rip off of his work.
Erica Awake (3 months ago)
ryan janki or I would say.. Maybe he was murdered!
NutraMorph (3 months ago)
John has great info but damn it why can't he look healthier.
Sandra Vilosky (5 days ago)
NutraMorph he had a very bad car accident, or was run over by a car.
Frank Lopez II (2 months ago)
Susie Dancer he looks like a powerlifter although his traps are not bulging out, his neck and forearms remind me of one.
Susie Dancer (3 months ago)
SandramA: Agreed! Regardless of Dr. Bergmans look of healthy or not, he is still a wealth of information and inspiration!
sandramA heynemana (3 months ago)
doru l Brad is gorgeous but his personal life is a train wreck. Lots of good looking and fit people aren’t necessarily “Healthy.”.
Susie Dancer (3 months ago)
Haha! I didn't say his information isn't valid. It's just confusing. I really enjoy listening to him and learn a lot.

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