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Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Official Music Video)

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🎧: https://ad.gt/yt-perfect 💰: https://atlanti.cr/yt-album Subscribe to Ed's channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToEdSheeran Follow Ed on... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EdSheeranMusic Twitter: http://twitter.com/edsheeran Instagram: http://instagram.com/teddysphotos Official Website: http://edsheeran.com Director | dp Jason Koenig Producer: Honna Kimmerer Starring: Ed Sheeran & Zoey Deutch Director of Photography: Johnny Valencia Production Company: Anonymous Content Exec Producer: Nina Soriano Production Manager: Doug Hoff Commissioner: Dan Curwin Production Designer: John Lavin Lead Casting: Amy Hubbard Written by: Jason Koenig, Ed Sheeran, Jenny Koenig, Andrew Kolvet, Murray Cummings Edited by: Jason Koenig & Johnny Valencia VFX: Ian Hubert Graphic design by Chris Ballasciotes Cast: Bo Valencia, Dennis Ranalta, Arthur Pauli Ski Cinematography: Corey Koniniec Specialty Camera op: Ryan Haug 1st AC: Ryan Brown 1st Assistant Director: Ole Zapatka Art Director: Klaus Hartl Snow fx: Lucien Stephenson Gaffer: Thomas Berz Stylist: Claudia Lajda Hair & Makeup: Christel Thoresen Austrian Casting: Ursula Kiplinger Additional VFX: Zoic Special Thanks to: The Hintertux Glacier, Austria; Hohenhaus Tenne, and Hotel Neuhintertux
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Text Comments (272853)
Emanuel Motoc (3 minutes ago)
Ou yes
Raidah Islam (6 minutes ago)
His lyrics just touches 💓 (heart).................
Giulia Gamer (9 minutes ago)
Mi dai il tuo numeroo
fifi urbex (11 minutes ago)
kto z polski
Rei de la Panza Ki 3 (14 minutes ago)
I almost forgive my ex because of this song but then I remembered he is a piece of shit.
MARGARET JUSTINE (18 minutes ago)
tellement beau....
Telma Santos (19 minutes ago)
ele e te mais
TingTong Tommy (25 minutes ago)
https://youtu.be/_vP1V6x7HKc I love this song so much! This is our cover version
CARLOS ## (27 minutes ago)
Cadê os Br ? ✌🏾🎶
Ines Yeo (33 minutes ago)
Je n'ai jamais entendu une ci belle music
Ines Yeo (33 minutes ago)
Je n'ai jamais entendu une ci belle music
KnockOut7sin (35 minutes ago)
and another song i can't relate to! :(
Lucas Paqueta OFICIAL (35 minutes ago)
*CADE* *OS* *BR* ?? ✌🏾
Franklin Stalin (38 minutes ago)
Na than (42 minutes ago)
I'm cryed...coz heart toching...
zueira Top (54 minutes ago)
Mohsin Khan (55 minutes ago)
20 /8/ 2018 anyone ?
Nafisa Norin (56 minutes ago)
Seriously this song is perfect🌼❤
chris sssy (57 minutes ago)
08/21/18??? My day is not full without listening to this🎶😍💕
histórias gacha studio (58 minutes ago)
Alguém brasileiro💕😜✌️
Maritza Muro Martinez (1 hour ago)
A Jina (1 hour ago)
This song is so sweet and beautiful. I love his voice.
Mou Mou (1 hour ago)
You are so cute and good
Raj Kewat (1 hour ago)
One of my favorite song....
Geeta Budhrani (1 hour ago)
This is perfect
Tiziana Follino (1 hour ago)
Krish Vasa (1 hour ago)
This is just so sweet
Alan P (1 hour ago)
Elo kto polak
Mikey _ Luss (1 hour ago)
lifetime hit song
Vincenzo Romano (1 hour ago)
Eduardamuniz Vieira (2 hours ago)
i love you ed sheeran.
Laris Gomes (2 hours ago)
Melhor musica ❤🎵
Noemi Yanayaco Mija (2 hours ago)
oww I love beautiful song
Pankaj Chaturvedi (2 hours ago)
Perfect ❤️
Q bonita cancion
Açúcar Trevoso (2 hours ago)
PERFECT ^-^ •∆•
Andrew Alinsunurin (2 hours ago)
This song is *PERFECT💝💜*
cadê os brasileiros?
chris k. (2 hours ago)
In all women i dedicate this song.
Raúl Bustos (3 hours ago)
Joaquin y sabrina
Donggeonlim (3 hours ago)
Are u fall in ♥ ÷ album??? (Feat.perfect) #me
sophal nisai (3 hours ago)
i like you, Ed Sheeran
Dexter Johnson (3 hours ago)
高心 (3 hours ago)
✔️推薦898娛樂城 註冊網址 mina.en898.com
Connie Hageman (3 hours ago)
💜 how sweet!!! 💕😌
Billy Ray (3 hours ago)
One word perfect
العربي لايك
Roni back fani (3 hours ago)
Kokos ST (3 hours ago)
Pisces Girls (3 hours ago)
love this song,so much...
abdou Chaabani (3 hours ago)
I like these song
abdou Chaabani (3 hours ago)
Noemi MSP (3 hours ago)
Gang Polaków
Black pink (3 hours ago)
nizan amir. (3 hours ago)
August 2018 Perfect
Hanna Klimczak (4 hours ago)
I fell in love Ed after listening this song... :)
Sanne Has (4 hours ago)
boe boe b
Ginga Ninja (4 hours ago)
More likes than the country I live in
My fiance and I had listened to this song together a few weeks after the engagement. He passed away on May 22nd due to a car-accident. I miss by best friend. My soulmate.
Hikigaya Hachiman (4 hours ago)
i found a girl 20/08/2018 Algeria
caro lajn (4 hours ago)
Polska ? 2018 ?
Osama Maulana (4 hours ago)
It's so good song
Diandra Marinescu (4 hours ago)
Can you ever get enough of this song? 😍
Nhoi Nhoi (5 hours ago)
*Hay quá đi*
Ayman Dnay (5 hours ago)
Lydia Dilya (5 hours ago)
ben ya ben ben (5 hours ago)
Perfect ❤
carla angrisani (5 hours ago)
2 0 1 8
Daira Nova (5 hours ago)
Sandra Simão (5 hours ago)
All Perfect I loved
Maria Andre (5 hours ago)
Topu Chandra Barman (5 hours ago)
i like this song
Cornelia Nöbauer (5 hours ago)
My beautiful home Austria! Yes, it does really look like this :)
georgi dimitrov (5 hours ago)
20 sec and im like dont make me cry again please
handa omboche (6 hours ago)
Beautiful Song
Marineide Cruz (6 hours ago)
Essa é minha música preferida liiinda maravilhosa te amo muito ed 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Robert Kirkwood (6 hours ago)
Perfect singing 👌
Unknown Caller (6 hours ago)
Somebody played this at milsim
Oliver Franta (6 hours ago)
Shaieny Araujo (7 hours ago)
I love you music❤😍
Judy Lynn (7 hours ago)
OMG stop right at 4:40 Ed Sheean is the anti Christ..he's got a demon in him you SEE THE DAM THING hidden under his skin. Totally creepy.
Bold Sukhbaatar (7 hours ago)
Where this video made? please tell me who knows
Memory Jone (7 hours ago)
Memory Jone (7 hours ago)
ej Gonzales (7 hours ago)
Hi people! Please watch "As If It's Your Last" by Blackpink. 1 view is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance😊
k-pop korean (7 hours ago)
2 0 1 8 ♥
Swb_ Moonlight (7 hours ago)
Fardoussa Chabaan (7 hours ago)
Londoner Empire LWIAY (7 hours ago)
*August* 2O18 ? ❤🌟
Karolina M (8 hours ago)
Jeremy Green (8 hours ago)
*Pretty sure I've had this song on repeat for a solid month. His voice is LITERALLY PERFECT and has everyone shedding a tear or two haha.* I covered this beautiful song and would really appreciate anyone who can give my channel a chance. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you see and hear.
Dat fluffy (8 hours ago)
i know right!! almost a year later and this song still is fire
shamsur rahman (8 hours ago)
who is his wife?
Nicola Puzey (8 hours ago)
I found my love it's the best with him love him so much and so proud that he is mine love you babe xx 💋😙😘😉
LM.MIXEVENTS-DJ.LEO (8 hours ago)
De la musique romantique et envoûtante. Quel talent ?
BertiesPlayList Sissy (8 hours ago)
Best song ever 😍😍
BUBOY JAKOLERO (9 hours ago)
Harry Potter (9 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/N32A56iLAi0 new song tayna-Fake

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