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Kamagra for old man

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A local Thai vendor shows me her collection of Kamagra cialis and blank ant. All sort of things to make sure you dont run out of power in Pattaya If you like my videos please take a look at the following information below. If you would like to help my channel grow and you would like to make a small donation please go to one of the links below. https://www.patreon.com/TheEyesofOwen Paypal https://www.paypal.me/TheEyesofOwen64 My website https://theeyesofowen.com/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+TheeyesofOwen Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theeyesofowen/ Twitter https://twitter.com/Owen6990 Thank you for watching my videos and if you have not already PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Thank you
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Text Comments (23)
남김용안 (1 month ago)
성생활에 아주 최고입니다
joe mama (4 months ago)
which site is legit to buy karmegra??
Liz Camsters (10 days ago)
I use for more than 5 years this trusted source at https://www.pharmacy-xl.com and they have both kamagra, cialis, viagra starting at 1 usd per tablet and all with free shipping.
Kevin Mitshel (2 months ago)
I've tried it here https://thepillsmarket.com/en/search.html?key=kamagra
Jone Noils (6 months ago)
but why did not you say where you bought from, I just always order from here https://thepillsmarket.com/en/order-kamagra.html you know where you can order cheaper
chris martyn (6 months ago)
Buy genuine kamagra from http://www.rxroute.com
tw25rw (7 months ago)
They reckon the kamagra is the only reliably genuine one and the other products are all fake. Kamagra is from India and cheap so they don't need to copy it.
The Eyes of Owen (7 months ago)
I think you could be right thanks for watching
The Eyes of Owen (1 year ago)
haha I got confused it was hot lol Thanks for watching
md mahfuj (8 months ago)
The Eyes of Owen sir how to use...i see like a sampooo so how can i used
md mahfuj (8 months ago)
The Eyes of Owen how is use this......
pattayaaaaaa (1 year ago)
I don't get it, you want to speak "Thai" with her. But after: "How much for this box" 555555
Brummie Brink (1 year ago)
Its better to buy in Europe, in Thailand very dangerous.
John Doe (1 year ago)
"I not want buy but how long last"...shes thinking "If you not want buy then get the fuck out of here you old fuck!"
The Eyes of Owen (1 year ago)
haha possibly
simon wilcock (1 year ago)
You dont have to buy Kamagra, I bet you bring your own 55555
francis kocher (1 year ago)
Why bring your own? 1 box Kamagra(50 pieces) for 1000 bath is very cheap and works very well...
The Eyes of Owen (1 year ago)
How you know that hahaha
francis kocher (1 year ago)
Bonjour Owen..Real or not real?Who cares?It works very well and it's not dangerous(for me)..Have a nice day.
The Eyes of Owen (1 year ago)
True my friend
WILL G (1 year ago)
Say what you may my friend. While in Bangkok I brought  a packet Kamagra to try and was very pleased with the results. I brought back a box  for my 66 year old self and am here to testify, It takes the worry out of being close.
wieland8 (1 year ago)
but the question is ,are they real or not? i seen a reportage in bkk and reporter buy some viagra and send to begium to lab voor investigation of was the real viagra but it was not the real viagra was fake and verry Dangerous. so people if want that stuf becarefull with what you buy it good be real bur it good be fake ?
The Eyes of Owen (1 year ago)
I don't know if its real or not

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