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Donald Trump Retweets

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The Russell Howard Hour - Donald Trump Retweets The Russell Howard Hour - Series 1, Episode 12
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Text Comments (890)
Georgee (6 days ago)
If I saw this Britain first cunt I don't care it's a woman I would fucking clobber that dirty whore.
TheIrishBread (6 days ago)
The gasmask has asbestos filters
Bullet Proof1197 (6 days ago)
I didnt vote for that dude
black light (6 days ago)
All Religions are shit :-)
igzotic07 (7 days ago)
Russel Howard for prime minister!
jérôme lebourg (7 days ago)
He talks about the queen pranking Trump, apparently she's legally allowed, as a queen... To stab him.
jérôme lebourg (7 days ago)
''Shut the fuck up and have a cup o' tea.''
Asaad Khan (8 days ago)
Rads (8 days ago)
As much as I agree with most of this video the only part I object to is Russell use of the word racist. Basically if you hate Muslims you're racist. Well then if you hate Christians you're also racist oh no wait you can't be racist if you hate Christians because they're white. Never mind the fact that there are white Muslims.
Vcf C (9 days ago)
Paki bastards
ben snell (9 days ago)
isnt ipersanating a soldier or creating ur own group of racist terror tactic soldiers illegal
Tate Winter (9 days ago)
Well, jihad is a part of Islam, it's just not a bad thing. It's the struggle to please God, nothing wrong with that. It's just that some extremist Muslims use it as an excuse to to kill people
gabereddy8 (9 days ago)
Islam isn't a race
Pam Balham (10 days ago)
Fuck off russell the left will eat itself
Jeremiah Johnson (10 days ago)
Please more vieeos
emmacoupar x (11 days ago)
That boy looks like a fucking squirrel when he screams
Jack A (11 days ago)
He got it wrong, we wouldn't shave his head, we would simply take off his wig.
A.J the Asian (11 days ago)
"We all are" At least he's honest 😂
Deathnote2539 (11 days ago)
Lets all be honest there is more people out of america that are terrorist or anarchist sooo we should be banning ammericas from are countires! They are prone to violence, they all have a god complex where they think they are the best i mean fuck them they cause more problems around the world then any other country
Lily Ashley (12 days ago)
I like both Tea and Coffee... So... You gonna kill me, Russel?...
Hiji Kanoshi (12 days ago)
THIS IN: British are battling over whether to put the milk in tea before or after you pour the tea
JollyRancher Girl (12 days ago)
Russel- The leader of the free world....is a racist prick. Me- **sips tea** Tell me something I don't know Russel- More Americans get killed by bathrooms than terrorism! Me- **spits tea** SHIT, I DON'T HAVE TO SHOWER OR BATHE YES
FnaFBMinecraft (12 days ago)
“Let’s hope Trump never watch Jurassic Park!” 😂👌🏼 “Shut the fuck up and have a cup of tea” 😂👏🏼
Bertie Johnstone (13 days ago)
Funny so funny
# Izzytopia (13 days ago)
Russel howard for president
Yours Truly (14 days ago)
If any christian thinks that Islam is a violent religion should read the bible
What's great is that woman from Britain first was like Muslims are obliged to kill us...but Christians are also supposed to be defenders of their god so technically they should be stopping Muslims too 😑
imfxkup. (16 days ago)
Things Irish and English people have in common: *Tea*
A Gamer For Money (16 days ago)
when they say 'traditional christian values' I think they meant either old testament Christianity or are idiots and meant Roman Catholicism back in the dark ages
Nay C (16 days ago)
That's the most British response ever "Shut the fuck up and have a cup of tea" lol
Lone Star (17 days ago)
I don't like Trump. But at the same time i really don't like this guy.
Darcy hastings (17 days ago)
Tea will bring us together
deborah allen (18 days ago)
Russel reviews nationa problems in such a funny yet serios way
Jacob Hussain (19 days ago)
Shut the **** up and have a cup of tea that’s my religion too. 😀
Muyen Mendoza (19 days ago)
Every time his shirt goes up I can't keep my eyes from blatantly staring at his 'V'
Melody Secrets (21 days ago)
I need to see Trump reacting to all of these
Keira benfield (21 days ago)
Russel remaking the prime minister speech from love actually
Conflip 2/3 (21 days ago)
5:46 "Oh fuck off"
Absolute Nutter (22 days ago)
Every Muslims is trying to kill you raj from the corner shop is a Muslim and he came at me with a snickers bar it made me terrified. I’m joking.
Future TV (21 days ago)
Huh But can you imagine the scenario You: Hey Raj can I get a Milky Way Raj: GO TO HELL INFIDEL (Viciously Throws Snickers) You: AAAAAAAH WHY
Jocelyn Rose (23 days ago)
HOW DARE YOU I don't know how you could say something so outrageously wrong. That's /clearly/ not how you pronounce scone. Despicable
ThatOneGuyOFFICIAL (23 days ago)
666K 😱😱😱
bob bobington (23 days ago)
4:27 holy shit I saw her when I was getting in my bus wondering what shit she was talking about
Nightmare Parade (23 days ago)
When your American and want to live in the uk cause you don’t want to get shot up the next time you go to school
jamie fasone (24 days ago)
I’m Donald Trump is a racist Retard and a bigot
SirQuacks Alot (24 days ago)
3:37 Well said mate Well said
Beatnik (24 days ago)
Holy sh@t, Russell's treasure trail @5:07 ! LET ME LICK YOU, HOWARD!
Holly Just Stop (24 days ago)
There are soo many Muslims absolutely millions if they were all terrorist you would stand a bloody chance mate
Bas vanDieperbeek (24 days ago)
The dutch boy one is made in the netherlands i can see it becaus of the green logo in the top right corner and it us a dutch problem not even englands
Kingdom Soul (25 days ago)
Even if Tea became a religon we would be devided in britan by people who put milk in first , nothing is true in this life
Samuel Trajano (25 days ago)
she got jailed for her anti islamic shout out. u can get jailed for things u said.weird times we live in.
Comarang Gaming (25 days ago)
thankyou for pointing out that she doesnt speak for christianity, that so rarely gets said by those who are not christian
Raabi Ali (25 days ago)
thank you that is true
Joel Madden (26 days ago)
The only thing wrong with Briton is the money they cut from Schools I can’t even do some computer work because it’s so terrible it takes 10 mins to log on on all of the computers.
Georgia Clark (26 days ago)
“Britain, after you.” “Britain, sorry...” “Britain, is this seat taken?” “Britain, myeee.”
JH Predator (26 days ago)
Jihad is the inner struggle against temptation and hate and jealousy .
Agata K (27 days ago)
That kinda villainous smirk he does when he says "bring him to us" and then just goes back to innocent! But in general this video is one of my faves from him! 😂
Jack Redmond (27 days ago)
I wouldn’t call Britain first far right
Emz_Boyy 21389 (27 days ago)
8:26 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤙🤙🤙👌👌👌 dying of laughter
Matthew Rowell (27 days ago)
You pronounced scone wrong
Aneek Makwana (27 days ago)
Hes not even racist u fucktard
Kyal Risse (27 days ago)
I am a catholic and I can confirm that I like tea
Amy Jones (27 days ago)
The queen is an avid animal lover no way would she ever put one of her precious dog through that traumatic experiance
Truce Truce (27 days ago)
We apologize
A Dragon cat (28 days ago)
I'm more right leaning than left. What annoys the fuck out if me about that woman is that she preaches hatred for the entire Muslim religion. I work with a Muslim in the NHS. Me and her have had discussions, and we can agree that terrorists, are using the peaceful Muslims Quran to stir hatred. It is impossible to say that no Muslims are racist and hateful, as it is to say that no white person is racist and hateful. There will always be people who have an opposing opinion. The problem is that, that woman did not retweet real videos, but it does happen. It is sometimes scary to think that someone else does indeed want you dead for the way you are. I just wish a proper discussion was introduced about these topics. Trump, regardless do your opinion on his opinions, has done good things for America. He had increased jobs and he has made buisness increase. That doesn't mean he can be a complete idiot 80% of the time.
Louis Newton (28 days ago)
7:15 has me in stitches and tears 😂🤣😂🤣
Brandon Thompson (29 days ago)
And are english priminister is a fucking cunt also "like if you agree"
Sam Dobie (29 days ago)
There are around 25,000 Islamic extremists currently in the UK (that's true, you can look it up). This is a serious threat, and it's stupid cunts like this who are blind to the reality of the situation. Also, I highly doubt Donald Trump has a clue who Britain First are, so why's he making a big deal about it?
agentgingerman (29 days ago)
Muslim hate group...dresses like terrorists during photoshoots...
Prestiged Pig (30 days ago)
I love how this is the longest video I’ve seen
James Morris (1 month ago)
Kara Zor-El (1 month ago)
Theresa May even using the word retweet is cringeworthy...
ASiAN TRUMPUTiN (1 month ago)
We still don’t really like gays. No offense
Protestant Till I Die (1 month ago)
Russel Howard Is Biggest Cunt on this fucking earth!
Patty and Buster Show (1 month ago)
Donald Trump - biggest threat to America
Ismaeel Rehman (1 month ago)
Theresa May dreams of being that popular Underrated comment 😂
Rachel White (1 month ago)
lucy vlogging (1 month ago)
I’m friends with so many Muslims and I don’t think they want to kill me - seriously, I can’t deal with her!
Rio Thom (1 month ago)
This is so uneducated and just unfunny XD
Otaku GirlGamer5628 (1 month ago)
mia robinson (1 month ago)
What the hell is wrong with Britain first??? Christian values? I’m a Christian, mixed raced, and we are taught to love everyone. These people give us bad names and just create more hate than anything else.
Daniel lynch (1 month ago)
I would like to see references on these facts 0:46
Ok... how did posting a video about an actual crime and saying that that stuff is dangerous turn into beeing a racist ? In what part did he say that all Islam is bad? He didn't. He sad that he won't tolerate radicals and those teens WERE radicals. Its not Trumps fault that these kids were shit. He simply raised awareness to it. In what way is he presenting the wrong picture? He is simply showing something that ACTUALLY happend. He simply sad that it doas happen and that not all people that follow the korran are good. He never sad all Islam is like that. Actually YOU are the onenpresenting the wrong picture. You are the one compleatly oblivious to the fact that there moslem kids and they did something horiffic in the name of there religion. You are intirely ignoring that and instead talk about Trump. Calling him a raceist for telling the truth. And she is overdone. But that doesn't mean shes intirely wrong. Shes of course wrong wen she says all moslem people are out to get you and so on. But theres thousands of Muslem people that are radicals. Not all of them act on it. Sertenly almost none in the western world are, but the moslems in countries that base there states law on the korran are almost all radicals. They dont do what IS doas, but they support stoning for example. Not all radicals are as extream and active as IS but that doesn't mean there not radicals. Here in the western world its normal to see Musliem women with hijab and high heels. People that belive in the Korean and reform it. But that dosnt mean that islam itself exapted the westrn values. The examples you showed are all western orientated people who reform there religion to fit into there western values. But that only happens in the western world. Not everywhere. Islam itself is a violent religion just like cheistanity was and needs a reformation just as well. You cant just say all Muslims are bad. But saying that all Islam is peaceful is just naive and also very ignorant towards its teachings. You also made fun of the fact that being the victim of a terrorist attack is less liky then dying in a bath tube. And wile thats funny and all, have you thought about the fact that maybe the fear people have for terririst attacks is still valid? Have you thought that maybe the chances grow with each illegal immigrant? That is not a raceist question. Honastly theres nothing wrong about suggesting that people that flee from a place in were the violent side of Islam is ordinary and arent checked and properly handled by authoritys could maybe bring the problems with them? That when you know someone comes from a bad place and breakes the law by entering iligal, that person could have a bad influence? Asking these questions isnt raceist. Posting an original video of a crime is not raceist. Stating facts about a religion or political movement is not raceist. Hell, stating facts about a culture is not raceist. The only thing that racism is, is to juge a person by the color of there skin. And shouting raceist at people should not be a way to make there messiges invalid. But its happening. You are doing it.
nabihah shabbir (1 month ago)
I'm a British Muslim. Fuck u bastards. That bitch is so... Uh
Sophia Dubois (1 month ago)
It's so embarrassing that America is being represented by such an ignorant angry man.
Charlie Bailey (1 month ago)
The guy saying "we're all racist"
Joed Cairney (1 month ago)
"Shut the fuck up and drink a cup of tea! That's my religion" Where do I sign up?
Jake's World (1 month ago)
I didn't get the scone joke at first cuz on pronunciation it's a sc-on-e not a sc-own-e
Lil Miss Flower (1 month ago)
Russel reminds me of Jim Carrey😂
Brash Crandicoot (1 month ago)
Would an ISIS baker really scone us? Nah, he'd pelt us with rock cakes.
Jane R (1 month ago)
Totally Clownpiece 👏 I actually did laugh out loud at that comment. Well done Sir 👏👏👏
Lillie Milner (1 month ago)
That v line tho 😂💗♥️
Dragon Kin (1 month ago)
I am British but who is ant and deck
Collins LFC (19 days ago)
Are you being serious?
Renee D (1 month ago)
The best stand up comedy ever😅 He is so funny to describe all character.
L F (1 month ago)
I hate Trump so much. We gave him a chance and he shat on us all.
5:35 I would have approach her and ask if her mental hospital knew if she was out
Zachary Metz (1 month ago)
Milk after you brew the Tea
Adam Moon (1 month ago)
England’s Deep South.. they give us pasty’s. And ice cream! Damn radicals!!
Kim Reddick (1 month ago)
06:15 my man
BizaareTube (1 month ago)
Russell’s classic comedy always gets me
Little K-Pop (1 month ago)
my best frinds a muslm. yeah, she's gonna kill me any second now,....
daisy (1 month ago)
The dislikes are from my family members

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