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Potatoes Nutrition Facts: Carbs, Lose Weight, Health Benefits

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Potatoes: Why Are They So Awesome? Reason 1: Vitamins & Minerals Potatoes might seem a dull and lifeless root, that doesn’t contain much of anything but my friend you would be mistaken. Potatoes are packed full of many beneficial vitamins and minerals that are necessary for human life. Potatoes are full of many B vitamins, vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Sulphur, Potassium, and Sulphur. Making it a powerhouse for human health, and has even been shown to outrank onions, carrots in terms of antioxidant activity. Potatoes have even been shown in studies to be able to reduce inflammation, and help with cardiovascular health, most likely because of the high amounts antioxidants they contain. There is one catch however when it comes to obtaining the great nutrients that these tubers contain, and that is that most of the beneficial vitamins and minerals are found in the skin. Yes I know we have all had that baked potato that we tried to eat with the skin and got nothing but a mouthful of what tasted like pure delicious dirt. The best thing that you can do for that is number one clean your potato before you cook it, next you should try different kinds of potatoes (I have found that russet potatoes are the ones that taste like dirt most often), and finally try cooking them differently occasionally you will see that the skin can be the best part! Reason 2: Starch Starch isn’t just something that you use to get the wrinkles out of your jeans when you iron them. Starch is a carbohydrate that is found in many plants, and is broken down into the main fuel source that our bodies use called glucose. Potatoes are high in a specific kind of starch called resistant starch. The reason it is called resistant starch is because it isn’t broken down in the gut, but makes its way to the microbiota and is a good form of prebiotic to feed the bacteria of your microbiome. Resistant starch has been shown to help with helping improve insulin sensitivity, digestion issues, risk of colon cancer, help with absorption of minerals, and increases butyrate in the microbiome. Potatoes regularly have a good amount of resistant starch in them, but an easy way to allow them to gain even more is by cooking them and letting them cool down. No you don’t have to eat cold potatoes, because even when you heat them back up the resistant starch remains and you can still get the beneficial effects. Reason 3: Satiety Potatoes above other carbohydrates are extremely satisfying when it comes to overall satiety. What I mean by this is that you stay full for longer and have less hunger after consuming potatoes rather than other carbohydrate sources. I have found this to be true on a personal level. I have tried to use the classic chicken and rice bodybuilding diet, and found myself starving after about an hour after eating even though my calories were in point. Once I got away from that and started to eat potatoes with my main meal however this all changed. Once I get finished with my main meal of the day that contains a hefty portion of potatoes I don’t even think about food for hours on end because I am completely satisfied, but don’t just take my word for it, let’s look at what the research says. In one study that looked at the satiety index of 38 different foods boiled potatoes actually scored the highest. It’s also been shown that consuming potatoes with a meal resulted in less overall energy (caloric) intake than a meal with either rice or pasta. So if you are trying to stay satisfied on a low calorie diet, or are trying to maintain your weight but still find yourself being hungry I highly recommend putting some good organic potatoes into your diet. What They Do Not Have Makes Them Awesome Too! In a lot of foods, such as nuts and many leafy greens, there are things called antinutrients. Antinutrients are things in certain foods that have an adverse effect on the absorption of key micronutrients in the body, or bioenergetic system of the body. Some examples of antinutrients are things like phytic acid which has been shown to absorb minerals from the body leading to micronutrient deficiencies, phytoestrogens which have been shown to lead to excess estrogen in the human body, and goitrogens which have very detrimental effects on the health of the thyroid gland. Potatoes on the other hand contain little to no phytic acid whatsoever, making all of the nutrients in them completely available for the body to be able to use, with no adverse effects on the hormonal balance, or micronutrient content of the body. They do not naturally contain any phytoestrogens, although if they have been left in the heat in plastic or are ladened in pesticides this could easily change. They also do not contain any goitrogens, allowing them to contribute to optimal thyroid health and skyrocketing your metabolism, as long as you don’t fry them up in PUFAs, which ruins almost all benefits they have to offer.
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Alan Heath (20 hours ago)
I have just eaten two kilos of them. That will do me until feeding time tomorrow.
Zubair Ahmed (1 day ago)
This guy keeps making videos with Bullshit controversial topics to get more views and confuse the Fuck out of general public. Unsubscribed
Christopher Walker (20 hours ago)
I just report on the evidence I find, I try to provide people with the information they need to make an informed decision about their health
Eugene Wakefield (2 days ago)
Hey Chris, what about the lectin content in potatoes? I love potatoes and was told to limit them because of it's lectin content. What is your take on that? Do we have to consider that because they are saying that humans can't digest lectin and too much destroys your gut wall damaging your body's ability to absorb nutrients? Is it true? What is the science on that? I trust and value your opinion and am encouraged by this video because I too like yourself absolutely love potatoes. Thank you.
Eugene Wakefield (2 days ago)
You really ought to do some livestreams in addition to these recorded videos. I'm starting to see more and more Youtubers with decent followings implement the live stream as their large live audiences contribute money to them in real time via the super chats. This in tandem with your recorded videos that get likes and shares and gets ranked for ppl like me to discover you and subscribe will grow your channel even more, and then the live interaction in real time with the live streams will add a new dynamic to that where you will be able to interact with your audience in real time and receive support financially via the super chats. The 2 formats compliments each other. I just see other Youtubers doing it and it would work tremendously for you as well. You have very good content and like myself, I can see many others flocking to your channel for both your recorded content that will get likes & shares and get you ranked more and more to get you even more subscribers. While the live streams will get thousands of us to tune in in real time. And many of us will contribute money via the super chat feature. Just my 2 cents in support of your channel. I love what you do and want to support it any way that I can.
Akua Life (7 days ago)
Hey Chris, awesome video and great channel! I just found it and binged, Thanks a lot. Kept me up all night!!! hahah I would like to get your opinion on our Nootropic Stack, Neuro-Stack. Email me at Hello@akualife.com and I'll send you a bottle to try. Keep up the great channel!
April (7 days ago)
Regular seed potatoes are sprayed with a fungicide so yet another reason to eat organic. Also potatoes are high in oxalates so if this is a problem for you, be cautious about overdoing. The red skinned potatoes are lowest in oxalate and may be an option for those on a oxalate restricted diet. Also be aware that anytime you heat a starch such at potatoes to the point of browning or crisping, it causes the formation of acrylamide which is carcinogenic. To be on the safe side, enjoy your potatoes boiled or mashed. I love making mashed potatoes with fresh snipped herbs from my garden. Very tasty!
April (7 days ago)
My pleasure. Your mash potatoes sound scrumptious.
Christopher Walker (7 days ago)
Love the tips man, I put gelatin and butter with salt and pepper to make mashed potatoes and it is absolutely amazing!.
Duane Perez (10 days ago)
CW, Congrats on your new marketing. Now, when I see a new YouTube post, I have to go consciously tighten my abdominal muscles. Inspiring, thanks.
George Japaridze (11 days ago)
My favorite food and people use to consider potatoes as almost food with no benefits. Good job Chris.
Christopher Walker (11 days ago)
they are blind, I shed some light on it so they can see!
jaw baw (12 days ago)
Been eating 'taters for 70 years. Usually eat the peels too.
Daniel Theman (12 days ago)
Stuff potatoes, eat red meat.
david redshaw (11 days ago)
Daniel Theman with potatoes 😂
Learnzz (12 days ago)
Good fuel source? I rather use my fat as a fuel source when cutting
Learnzz (11 days ago)
Because if I use my fat it leaves the body when cutting at least.
Christopher Walker (11 days ago)
Why is that?
Zohaib Khan (12 days ago)
900mg of potassium in 100g potatoes which is crutial for muscle building
Louisville Slugger (12 days ago)
Authenticity is what you have you over every other channel . Keep up the Great work 👍
S B (13 days ago)
This is hilarious, Dr Berg just released a video saying how bad potatoes are and we shouldn’t eat them because of how high they are on The glycemic index. Conflicting info everywhere!
Freddie GS (13 days ago)
I am seeing good results by eating more potatoes and adding more fruit ....... i see a drastic difference when i eat blackberries .
charles z (13 days ago)
For some reason I can't complete the quiz.
Christopher Walker (12 days ago)
Try it here thethermodiet.com
David James (13 days ago)
I have not been around for a while. You look very different - have you been searching for exotic mushrooms in a cave somewhere on a island void of civilization?
Fuji Garage (13 days ago)
How many serves should I eat to reap the nutritional benefits ?
Dale Stiles (13 days ago)
I started eating potatoes back in January and lost about a pound a week every week for 18 weeks. I leveled out after that, but I truly believe that a balanced diet, free of overly processed foods is key.
Christopher Walker (13 days ago)
That is awesome to hear!
ez26 (13 days ago)
How much of the vitamin C and other nutrients are lost during cooking?
Ken Carey (13 days ago)
I live and train on nothing but potatoes fruits vegetables and beans
Christopher Walker (13 days ago)
Cut out them veggies and beans and youll be thermo!
Phillip Krause (13 days ago)
Great video!!!
windstorm1000 (13 days ago)
Confused! Dr. Berg said potatoes Hav high hypoglycemic index!
Christopher Walker (13 days ago)
If you are following the protocol laid out in thethermodiet.com you are going to be plenty insulin sensitive to handle potatoes. Also it has been shown that a 24 hour fast can almost if not completely reset insulin sensitivity so you may want to look into that as well.
aquame (14 days ago)
Love potatoes,, hows rent up there might have a job in Denver ,,
Christopher Walker (13 days ago)
Expensive, but with a roommate it is definitely easy to do and worth every penny colorado is beautiful and there is so much to do
Gab ri (14 days ago)
Hello from Greece!I appreciate very much what you are doing! What do you think about food combinations? Could carbohydrates mixed with protein or fat be not optimal or bad for our health?
Christopher Walker (13 days ago)
I recommend getting in a balanced portion of macronutrients in the diet. As far as eating them at the same time I make a thermo bowl everyday that contains all the macros and absolutely love it and haven't seen any negative effects
jiskefetisj (14 days ago)
"carbs don't make you fat" amen to that, the keto hype has made a lot of people lose the plot.
Christopher Walker (13 days ago)
Yep as long as calories are the same they are both going to allow you to lose the same amount of weight in the long run, one of them is just a lot more better for the body in the long run then the other.
SupaDave H (14 days ago)
If carbs dont make you fat then why every time I limit them(including potatoes) I loose weight. But if you are a pre 40's active male carbs wont don't do as much damage, but any carb is going to slow fat burning to a point.
SupaDave H (13 days ago)
No way trust me on this. When I started IF fasting 4 years ago and lost a ton of weight in one month just not eating carbs in the morning but eating the same amount of calories or if not more in the afternoon and I lost a ton of weight. Since then I do a OMAD integrated Keto through the years and trust me most of my calories come from fat but the more I cut the carbs raise the fat(fat being more calorie dense) the wore weight comes off. The thing is that carbs slow the fat burning process so that's why the calorie in and out can me a mute point. Being 46 years old I can see what works because I can eat potatoes at 25 and not have the same result at 46 because I don't have extra testosterone hanging around to get rid of my mistakes.
Christopher Walker (13 days ago)
It is most likely because when you limit them you are putting yourself in a calorie deficit which is the only way to lose weight
Chasar (14 days ago)
Potatoe skin is better then the pulp Edgar Cayce says so and he is right you are wrong
Nicholas Martin (14 days ago)
Are sweet pototoes better?
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
All potatoes are great as long as they are organic
Tom Nelson (14 days ago)
Up to now everyone "in the know" has said for bodybuilding to AVOID Potatoes.  But your showing that they are okay.  I do like them but guess to stay away from "fried" taters and okay if don't overdo it to eat potatoes otherwise.  Thank you!
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Eat them and don't be afraid my man, just stay away from PUFAs
Julee Rowley (14 days ago)
I love spuds
Patrick C (14 days ago)
Christopher this guy's ad pops up while waiting for your video. We get so much mixed and bad info. He claims you should eat MINT. You say we shouldn't. How do we know who to listen to??? Not just about mint about all of it?? https://www.organifishop.com
Patrick C (14 days ago)
Thanks Christopher!
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
I cannot speak for him, but I make sure to look at the body as a whole and look at each part working in conjunction with every other part of the body to maintain optimal health. I believe that the basis of optimal health is optimal metabolic and hormonal functioning which can be maximized by proper diet and lifestyle. Ensuring that you have the best possible micronutrient status and are decreasing stress hormones as much as possible to allow protective hormones to rise and heal the body.
renovatio1011 (14 days ago)
what about solanin??? yes yes as always dont tell the bad things... and vitamic C in potatoes is dead coz you cook them, boil or whatever....
renovatio1011 (14 days ago)
and bad and fast Glycemic Index too..... fiber in them is funny too.....chris chris you talkin bullshits ..... you know that? hmm maybe you know but you need views...
heafy (14 days ago)
I heard cooking potatoes certain ways, such as frying, creates cancerous compounds? I was looking to makeing some homemade potato chips with coconut oil post workout
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Yes, as long as you stay away from the PUFAs you are good, that is what creates the cancerous compounds. and leads to chronic inflammation in the body.
Oskar Bravo (15 days ago)
So if you boil them the day before, then cook them the following day... That's gonna create enough resistant starch to stop blood sugar spiking?
Oskar Bravo (14 days ago)
That's awesome, thanks for your reply.
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
It should yes
Keith Barbaro (15 days ago)
Very hard to get fat on potatoes. When potatoes were introduced to European diet there's no evidence of them making any civilization fat. Potatoes are great.
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
I agree y man
Cadan Palfreeman (15 days ago)
Mashed potatoes with cream and butter mmmm
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Taters+Pink Salt+Butter+Gelatin is fantastic
Nordin 1975 (15 days ago)
Hey Chris, those Greek potatoes you refer to are called Patátes Lemonátes (πατάτες λεμονάτες). Usually they are paired with chicken but are just as good without. Easy to prepare comfort food (recipes online), people should eat more of them!
J Smith (14 days ago)
Food Wishes channel has a recipe for it
T Hirano (15 days ago)
Doesn't potatoes have lectins?
Ballsack potatoes.
Bernard Popp (15 days ago)
One-time chief editor of Prevention Magazine said that the modern farm potato is but a mere nutritional shell of what it used to be...get organic or none is my tuber rule...and nix the fries 🍟🔫
Bernard Popp (15 days ago)
+Bernard Popp beware of raw juiced potatoes...it closed up my air passage in an instant once ...almost killed me, till wife had me stick my head in our freezer to get me breathing...she learned that in first aid, thank God & her too!
Bernard Popp (15 days ago)
thnx 4 ur interesting opinion on taters! subed
derrik tie (15 days ago)
looks good
Andrés Herrera (15 days ago)
Dr berg ?? The best is Chris
Andrés Herrera (15 days ago)
Remember do not put the potato inside the oven with the peel. It is carcinogenic. Cause the Nitrosamine production. Rather than that boil it.
laz foot (15 days ago)
if I see one more smiling steroidal hunk holding a bunch of colorful artfully arranged vegetables with a scenic background while touting some crack pot nutritional dogma, I'm going to shot my computer screen!
Will Smith (15 days ago)
Is dere a way i can personally talk to you..like email
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Contacting my customer service team with questions is the best way to get them to send a question straight to me
Fat Sugar Salt (15 days ago)
no. he hates that
Slick Rick (15 days ago)
In this video, you talk about a Greek potato recipe with olive oil. In a previous video,​ you referred to olive oil as a PUFA. Which is it?
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Olive oil is not PUFA, it's mostly MUFA. I don't recall ever referring to it as a PUFA
Rafael Birkner (15 days ago)
as almost any oil there is some percentage of PUFAs, MUFAs and even some SFAs in Olive oil
Genosuke Sama (15 days ago)
Also picked up that contradiction. Maybe he'll come up with a supplement to help us consume PUFA's safely from Truth Nutra...
Moshe Finkelstein (15 days ago)
Boiled Potatos is my favourit food and a beer. I eat allmost every day, also sweet potato.
ABHIINAV SINGH (15 days ago)
Nice t-shirt😗😙😎
Rusty Wallace (15 days ago)
Poisonous potatoes. Not willing to trust this video.
薛礼 (15 days ago)
What about all the harmful lectins in potatoes?
William David Hilton (15 days ago)
Potatoes are a nightshade veggie that have considerably more nicotine than tobacco leaves. Nicotine is hydrogen cyanide. Let's have a vid about the wonderful health benefits of cigarettes. Tobacco has the highest quality plant protein. Lots of other nutrients, too. Have a tobacco leaf salad to go along with your potato. Or hey, you can eat the salad and smoke the potato skins...outdoors, of course.
Rafael Birkner (15 days ago)
I can imagine fresh green tobacco leafs are perfectly healthy food, just smoking them is not healthy (as anything else too)
charles z (15 days ago)
Berg is a chiropractor. Do I need say more.
Samanth Kuncha (15 days ago)
but most of the potatoes are GMO one's. by the way chris, thanks a lot for the reply. means a lot to me. on a similar note, can you clear the confusion on sugar intake and leaky gut. there are innumerable number of doctors, even you tubers asking us to avoid white sugar and other simple sugars, coz they are known to support candida bacteria and other unhealthy microbes in the gut. whereas, the PIONEER RAY PEAT has a completely different opinion. but his videos are like recorded files and somewhat complex to understand. can you simplify the matter and provide your own opinion about the effect of sugar on gut health... please... its always a pleasure listening to you...
Gary Nann (15 days ago)
How to put on weight and increase your appetite
Michael Hodson (15 days ago)
Finally some good news you bastard lol
just remember the potato goes in the front
MARK K. (14 days ago)
Revised Post: Carbs are the primary cause of insulin resistance which is the primary cause of all chronic diseases. However, there are some interesting exceptions. 😬
MARK K. (14 days ago)
C-Sagan N-Tyson - I would buy that
C-Sagan N-Tyson (14 days ago)
If you consume your potatoes in a meal setting (with fiber, protein and some fat) there wont be that GI skyrocket that people fear. Besides, mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon is literally one of the steadiest insulin climbs you can consume. Yeah simple carb snacking on its own isnt a great choice but outside of post workout people pair these carbs with other things that create a much slower and healthier insulin/glucose spike
Oskar Bravo (15 days ago)
Google "Resistant Starch". You're welcome.
Christopher Walker (15 days ago)
MARK K. Lol wrong
tallyhofr (15 days ago)
The nonsense is your fanatism and your spam to demonize carbs...
OGAesthetics (15 days ago)
dr berg just made a video that says otherwise. could you comment on that with your opinion? great vid btw
Fat Sugar Salt (15 days ago)
dr berg is a nooob he is not into fitness or diet. He is a good chiropracter...THAT IT
MARK K. (15 days ago)
“Carbs don’t make you fat people” - ridiculous comment
Tamisina Soto (13 days ago)
We have to take the time and really know our bodies ....
Tamisina Soto (13 days ago)
Their are good carbs... maybe potatoes is one of them.... it's all about balance and staying away from processed foods... some people can't lose weight because of thyroid or hormonal issues...
Fat Sugar Salt (15 days ago)
ok Elton
Tim Ferguson (15 days ago)
KINGBABA (15 days ago)
Finally he talks about something that good 😭 I thought everything kills us.
Katie • (15 days ago)
Mash with butter put in fridge overnight for the resistant starch then fry with leeks in more butter as “pancakes”🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
sounds great
lamont814 (15 days ago)
The video shows a person slicing a peeled potato. However most of the minerals and vitamins are in the skin and the starch in the potato itself. Good to know potatoes are beneficial. I don't feel so guilty about eating them now.
Arman Nadim (15 days ago)
greatest food on earth. Dope vid like always chris you the man
Ott Kaselaan (15 days ago)
I like potatoes. Organic ones are best. Together with a grass-fed/organic beef they make a nice combo.
Christopher Walker (15 days ago)
Moonlight Owl (15 days ago)
Potatoes are great baked or boiled.. not fried like most people eat them.
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Yea, stay away from those PUFAs, fry them up in some butter or avocado oil however and they are amazing!
Taylor Van Buskirk (15 days ago)
Potatoes are one of my favorite foods. I LOVE THEM! However, when I eat them, my vision blurs and I break in itchy rashes. I have NO idea why? How could be allergic to organic potatoes?
Taylor Van Buskirk (14 days ago)
Sensolin!!! That's what I was trying to remember. I'm going to your website right now and order that. I don't know how I could be insulin resistant. I'm almost 6 feet tall and only weight 153 pounds. I eat very well and healthy. I don't snack on chips and crap and I don't eat junk food. I eat a lot like you eat. How does that happen?
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
you might be a bit insulin resistant as well. I would recommend trying sensolin as well as doing a 24 hour fast to help reset your insulin sensitivity
Taylor Van Buskirk (15 days ago)
John Williams, that's really interesting. I have done food combining in the past but got away from it. Maybe I need to get back to it. Thanks.
John Williams (15 days ago)
That is true but an allergy or intolerance to an potato is not common, even people with an intolerance to nightshades they almost always can have potatoes. Something that helped my eczema alot is foodcombining, call it 'bro science' but if i have meat with my potatoes i get red itchy patches on my head, but if i seperate starch and protein i am fine. I expirimented with it and for me personally it works wonders
Ctoma7344 (15 days ago)
An allergy to nightshades is extremely common.
Ma Li (15 days ago)
What about solanine?
Errry Day (14 days ago)
I replaced oats with organic hashbrowns
Saradis N (15 days ago)
Great to hear all that about potatoes. I used to avoid them! Here in Greece ,we bake them in the oven as you said, don't forget the regano!
Christopher Walker (15 days ago)
Greek potato recipes are the best
August Kapogiannis (15 days ago)
και χοντρό αλάτι :P (οκ οκ λεμόνι)
matheus teixeira9999 (15 days ago)
Can potato cause hormesis?
JaceLightwood0623 (15 days ago)
Probably since its inflammatory
M A (15 days ago)
I eat 2 to 3 pounds of potatoes a day. I feel great and train full body circuits. Training is intense and body composition is awesome!
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Thats awesome
Alain Lopez (15 days ago)
Best source of carbohydrate to eat 👌
Juliat Shamoun (15 days ago)
Sorry Chris I never eat potatoes only sweet a small portion But I take my potassium supplements from organic potato starch source
Juliat Shamoun (14 days ago)
I don't think it is very good especially for my age Especially when it is cooked Yes I agree they are full with nutritionists when they are raw but when it is cooked !! Become high Glycemic index anything is over 70 GI is not good for me potatos are have high GI and GL
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
you should try eating more!
Dean Kanargelidis (15 days ago)
Lol dr. Berg just uploaded a video saying potatoes are bad. You two are so opposite ahah. Keep it up man
drackxman (4 days ago)
What about Dr. Bergman ? What does he say ? He is in Southern California I believe.
radu-marian balis (9 days ago)
+fatdepressedveg knight   Hi fatdepressedveg knight  , You are right ...my longeviv family rule was the same like you say ... When introduce it a new food was for 28 days .. Bc the body to react corectly and to u can see clearly if is that .. Need 4 circle of 7 day .. And the cellular level it is 28 day circle... And in many situation to start the change you have to calculate the body temperature too .. But my english writhing is not good 😉to explain you old ppl old good rules ... Even in laboratory is exist this law when testing new drugs... 1x28 day or 3x28 day And 1 of their rules is dry fasting friday .. The other colonic ...enemas... Shalom.
radu-marian balis (9 days ago)
+Taylor Van Buskirk Hi , I'm come frome a longeviv family , my dady 87 and happy and healthy, my mama died at 55 on accident, But my dady had 6 sisters 5 of them lived between 85and 92 ....and ther husbands too 80 - 87 And the nr 6. sister lived 79 and died bc work on the garden in big sunny day whit out water and hate....and had aneurysm... And my mama had 1 sister and 1 brothers .. Her sister died at 89 her husbands died at 85 ,and her brother my uncle have 89 y old and happy ..but have some Calcium problems ..can't assimilate calcium ... His wife died at 80 ....accident . Big loving family .... and my dady told to his dr last year on the annual check: When his dr told him drink 1,1/2- 2 liter water ...bc the body need it ... and trying to convince my dady to become VEGAN bc is good on his age and to explain to stop eat animal product , ... " YOUNG MAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, DON'T TELL ME STUPID STUFFS, OK? THIS IS IDIOTIC DOGMA ,ADVERTISING EXOTIC FRUITS , BROWN RICE , SUPLIMENTS ETC .... WHO YOU THINK HAVE BENEFITS ON THIS ? YOU THE STUPID CONSUMER ....?? NO DEAR DR ... THE BIG CORPORATIONS... YOU ARE YOUNG MAN DON'T KNOW HOW LIFE IS.... WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR EYES HOPE IS NOT TO LATE... " And the dr smiles on me like my dady is to old and ... But my dad see his reaction and told him : " WHAT ARE YOU BLINKING ON MY DAUGHTER? YOU THINK IM SENAIL LOST MY MENTAL FACULTY? IM 87 ON 88 YOU 32 ..I WORKED ON FINANCING....( and hi grabd some paperwork on the dr table and calculates all in 3 min ,whit out glasses and no pencils) And hi told the dr: YOU NEAD SOME BUTTER FOR YOU BRAIN ..BC YOUR TO SLOW TO THINKING.. COME ON TEST ME ,.. TELL ME 20-30 WDS ..LIKE BONES NAMES MEDICAL STUFFS, TO DONT SAY TO YOUR Dr AND IM EX FINANCING ... MY BLOOD PRESSURE FINE ALL MY BLOOD... CHECKS FINE AND YOU TELL ME STUPID STUFFS ? " And he forced/challenge his dr to test his mental health, and hi was shock how fast and eassy remember 35 wds... My dad told him : " The SECRET OF THE LONG HELTH LIFE IS THE BALANCED DIET LIKE IN THE BIBLE , REGULAR MEAL TIMES, SMALL PORTIONS... .AND NOT ONLY VEGAN OR ONLY CARNIVOR ..... AND FOR BRAIN TO READ EVERY DAY SOMETHINGS ...TO LEARN SOMTHING ,... AND TO LAUGHING EVERY DAY ...AND SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT 22 - 06 ..." ---I DONT MODELING MY SELF AFTER THE WORLD I MODELING THE WORLD FOR MY NEEDS ---- ( im not fantastic to translate 😃forgive me ) We always eat butter and pasture eggs 1-2 a day , 2 day a week raw mature bacon in salt .. ( not boild ) (The natural fat have enzims which help the absorption of the faty vitamins like vit A , E ...) Fish 2 times a week, potatoes almost evry day , vegetables and fruits evry day ... 2 time in month beef liver , 1 time generally Sunday beef steak... Rooster meat., lamb..1time in months So... eat well ,laughs lot ,..have a long happy life . 😉🤗 Shalom.
david redshaw (11 days ago)
William David Hilton w
Mohican Star (14 days ago)
Taylor Van Buskirk its depends on person who u are! Not everyone is same! Everything we eat or do effects different to every body!So i think they all can be rite but wrong at the same time!
R Z (15 days ago)
So no sea food but potatoes???
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Shellfish are good sources pf minerals, oysters are a good go to, but always feel free to eat taters
Fat Sugar Salt (15 days ago)
Nahjee Saint (15 days ago)
Great info love this channel
Dancing Doggo (15 days ago)
Would you recommend Potato, sweet potato or rice?
eric yam (14 days ago)
Sweet potatoes are higher in calcium and other minerals as well as carotene.
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
Sweet potatoes are good, really all potatoes that are organic are fine, as far as rice goes make sure to stick to white rice.
eric yam (15 days ago)
Eat all the carbs
MattBaker (15 days ago)
All of it
TheGreen Jarret (15 days ago)
I get fermented french fries cravings. Cooked in the air fryer with coco oil Amazing Good thing i have a batch ready coz that video triggered me.
Abel Valeriano (15 days ago)
WOW!!! And I’ve been holding back on potatoes....people been telling me they’re not good if you’re trying to loose weight...good info 👍👍👍👍
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
That is not how it works, that is way too much of an oversimplification my friend.
Christopher Walker (14 days ago)
If you want to know the exact guideline to follow to reach optimal health definitely check out thethermodiet.com
John Traylor (15 days ago)
Potatoes are starches....converts to sugar.....they are fattening!
Tyree Davis (15 days ago)
I think people lean away from potatoes because usually a lot of people add unhealthy amounts of toppings to it. Butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, etc.
TheRnBDave (15 days ago)
I LOVE Potatoes, especially then roasted or cooked in the Oven. I Eat them every Time after Workout. Sometimes Up to One Kilogramm. 😅 Greetings from Germany.

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