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Fix Your Bad English

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http://www.engvid.com/ Read this: After watching this video you will make less mistakes, learn farther and be the best between all your friends in English. The lesson will have a great affect on you. If you think these statements are correct, PRESS PLAY NOW and learn to fix six common mistakes in English. http://www.engvid.com/6-ways-to-fix-your-bad-english/ TRANSCRIPT Hi. James, from EngVid. Today's video is on, well, "The Book of Bad English". There are mistakes that native speakers make that ESL people pick up -- and "ESL" is "English as a Second Language". People learning English, they pick up because native speakers don't even know they're making this mistake. So I want to teach you six common ones that come regularly or happen regularly in conversation. And I want you to learn them and make your English perfect. Let's go to the board. Now, let's start with No. 1, one of my favorite ones: "amount" and "number". "Amount" is, sort of, like, "how much". A "number" is, you know, "thing". When we look at "amount", you can think of you can't count it, all right? A lot of times, when we say "amount" -- like, "I have a large amount of water in my house" -- you can't count water. But you can count a number, so: "The number of people who come to the city is in the thousands", so you can count them. Here's an example. Tell me if this is right or wrong. "The amount of students who are late is growing every day" or "the number of students who are late is growing every day." You should say "number" because you can count students. You can't count amount. That rhymes. Maybe that'll help, right? You can't count amount. You can't count amount. So when we want to talk about a number of something or a body of something, "amount" is for things you cannot count, and "number" is for things you can count. English people make this mistake a lot. Next: "among" and "between". When I used to teach "among" and "between", I would say, "'Among' is 'with'. So there're five chairs, and you're 'with' another. And 'between' is you're in the middle." That's it. Because I was so smart. And then I found out it's just this: two. More than two. That's it. Nothing special. When you talk about "between", except -- and this is a major exception -- when you're talking about differences. Differences you have to use "between". But generally speaking, "among" is more than two. "I was sitting among my friends at the bar." You can know there're probably four or five, not two. But "let's keep this between you and me"? A lot of times, Canadians say, "Let's keep this among us." And it's like, "Among who?" "The rest of those guys, you know. The Americans. They don't need to know this." Okay. So "between us" -- usually two, right? It could be two groups. "There was a fight between this country and that country." Right? Because it's two groups. But "among" is for more than two, cool? All right. So "among" -- more than two; "between" -- two. What about "bring" and "take"? This is something that a lot of students make a mistake on. So you say, "Bring this to me" or "take this to him." It's very easy. "Bring" is "to the speaker", okay? And "take" is "away from the speaker". Now, if you're born in England, that's easy because they always talk about "I want takeaway." Takeaway. Because they take the food away from the restaurant, right? So one of my favorite sayings that we say in England -- not England -- that we say here is, like -- watch every space movie: "Take me to your leader." You'll never see a space movie, unless it's made by me -- and it would say, "Bring me to your leader." We don't do that. You say, "Take them to the leader" because you're taking them away from this spot where the speaker is to a new location or spot. So "take" and "bring" are easy because it's "bring -- come towards". Here's a mistake -- not Canadians -- English speakers make that you should be aware of. They'll say something like, "Don't forget to bring your bag with you" instead of, "Don't forget to take your bag." Do you know what the difference is? Well, you're leaving, right? So you need to take it away. Remember I said "away from"? Take the bag away from you. When you say, "Bring the bag with you", the speaker's speaking, you're still moving away from the speaker, right? So you've got to use this. But Canadians and Americans and Brits say it a lot. They'll say, "Bring it with you." No. "Take" it with you. You know the difference now because you're smart. And you're studying from The Book of Bad English. Good for you. There's a worm in that book. Watch it. Okay. "Fewer" or "less". I'm going to make a statement, and think which one is correct. "'Fewer' than a million people have watched the videos on EngVid. 'Less' than a million people have watched the videos on EngVid." Which one would be correct? Yeah. If you said "less than", no. "Less" is similar to "amount". You say "fewer" for things you can count.
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Joana Santos (8 hours ago)
that help me a lot! thank you!
gz malamo (9 hours ago)
Great video however the title Fix your bad English is bad English. You fix something that’s broke. “Correcting” your bad English is the correct way 😉
Romel Dela Cuesta (12 hours ago)
His good
evaloshka (17 hours ago)
God bless , im grateful. Thank you
evaloshka (17 hours ago)
My god, thank you so much.
helo void (2 days ago)
daaaamn !
Nagesh Rao (3 days ago)
U r just an amazing teacher I ever met.....
warin yanachot (4 days ago)
thank you
Zoran Sekulovski (4 days ago)
Effect is a noun. Affect is a verb.
Ma Li (4 days ago)
Among/ between it's clear but what about "amid"?
lami biya (6 days ago)
The best teacher
R. H. (6 days ago)
Teacher? Please teach the americans the difference between there,their and they....your,you're,yours 😎😠
Adam Koniuszewski (6 days ago)
Hey, I've found this " In addition, "less" is recommended in front of counting nouns that denote distance, amount, or time. For example, "we go on holiday in fewer than four weeks" and "he can run the 100 m in fewer than ten seconds" are not advised." If this is correct "million people", as an amount should be preceded with "less" nor "fewer". I'm not a prescriptivist but I try to use English as I feel it and fewer seems to work better with small differences (since few means small amount) and less where the difference is not specified and difficult to establish. Please correct me.
PRIYANKA RAWAT (7 days ago)
Great teacher....ur
Om Esra'a Hashem (7 days ago)
James you are gorgeous. Teaching seems to be certainly running in your veins that you amaze whoever watches your lessons. Thanks a zillion
Lucas Vasconcelos (7 days ago)
without further ado
chin chin (8 days ago)
You are just amazing 😊😊
evilbyron (8 days ago)
In my case, being an ISL, effect and affect are easy but bring and take are a nightmare
Vinícius Ribeiro (9 days ago)
I liked these advice, they're useful. thx bro
Daniel Filpo (9 days ago)
I've been watching your videos lately. Very useful. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us. Regards from DR
Imam Prabowo (10 days ago)
I like the way you are teaching english Mr James, it is so fun and make me understand more easily
CIMA CLUB (10 days ago)
What is this title 🤔
sushant bhogulkar (10 days ago)
I love this videos .its makes easy to understand...
jinqui zhang (10 days ago)
People also say, I didn't do nothing a lot.
Cambo- Comedies (10 days ago)
Great lesson Teacher
Moving Genre (11 days ago)
Enquire and inquire?
Yômgui Gouyoume (12 days ago)
You know what I appreciate a lot in your course is you move all the time, if not I sleep. Thank you for the energy you have.
Bokyung Baik (13 days ago)
⭐️Whenever I watch your video I feel happy I start again studying English
Mike theBike (13 days ago)
Could you go over the super difficult three letter word ASK ? There's an entire race in America that doesn't seem to learn it. 🏍
ewfef fewfew (14 days ago)
I dont know in why i am bad at speaking english a lot of people said me that i am pretty bad at speaking or typing english :c
VideoJustified (15 days ago)
I learnt English in China, the funny thing is that I know all of these except the number 6
Luiz Alberto Carvalho (16 days ago)
Man you are REALLY good!
Mura Navheva (17 days ago)
Is he British or American?
Amine Lagab (20 days ago)
guess what ? i subbed
Hishmat Mido (22 days ago)
Really you have a unique style in teaching the language that is why i am in love with all your videos Love you my teacher💝💞💖
Lucas Vitor (23 days ago)
"Such a common" is another expression using "such" that is no so clear for me.
Miftahul Fikri (25 days ago)
Superb explanation. You just talked like as a friend, not like a teacher
IHardi Da Da 9I (25 days ago)
good and so funny teacher :D hello from russia
Khương Võ Nhật (25 days ago)
He died and he had already died which one true?
Ryan Carin (26 days ago)
how about LESS THAN 5...i mean in fraction...just asking
Shu-Chi Yeh (26 days ago)
Can I ask , I will bring you some food or I will take you some food. Which one is correct?
Anahi Bucio (26 days ago)
He is so awesome I really did learn something,thank you
wahida Nazari (26 days ago)
Hi teacher i learn English I understand when people but I can speak will what should I do to can speak well???
ponsawan koonpar (27 days ago)
It's good 😊😊
Ali Saidene (27 days ago)
I don't understand the lesson please do agina
Linda 82 (27 days ago)
🤷 why didnt I learn things like that 😑 blaming my english teacher.
Linda 82 (27 days ago)
Don't affect me with your time 🤣
Linda 82 (27 days ago)
Take this stupid fat man away from me cause he smells so bad 🤣
Linda 82 (27 days ago)
I'm sitting among stupid people in the classroom 😂
choco can (27 days ago)
For some reason I have my fundamentals right and Am always open to learn/better my language.. that's y I watch your videos .. really nice presentation James 😃
Mukesh Kumar (28 days ago)
Awesome blossom
Tshepo Tshotetsi (28 days ago)
number 4 shocked me. thats crazy
Djarms67 (28 days ago)
Yay, If you can just bring my bag away from the door, That would be "Really Great". Thanks.
Djarms67 (28 days ago)
I am verbing the noun. Can't you see?
Zainullah behzad (28 days ago)
I love your videos, thanks from Finland
Antonia Godinho (28 days ago)
This is great James. I teach English and your videos are amazing because they're simple and precise. Thanks and keep up the good work!
a person (1 month ago)
I know the whole point of this video is to learn English, but at the same time it's not that big of a deal. Yes, it's great to speak correct English, however to a certain degree, when it's literally just one word people get wrong I don't think it matters too much. It's good to get it right, and I'm sure this is still very helpful for people who know English as their second language. I'm just saying that some things you call bad English aren't really that big of a deal. If you can understand what the person is trying to say, I think you'll be fine.
SaSu Nguyen (1 month ago)
I Love it
Pieter van der bom (1 month ago)
You can count water in liters brother man
Sb Zim (1 month ago)
ur english is superb and i feel jubilant to have watched ur videos..:)
tenzing VLOG (1 month ago)
Can u talk more about effect and affect
Abi Lukasievicz (1 month ago)
I didn't get it, how can I use "further" and "farther"?
MURAT AYDIN (1 month ago)
The king !
Pepper Crossing (1 month ago)
Hi James! I just want to clarify something about "Amount". You said that "you can't count amount" but I was just wondering, if in terms of money, is it an exception? cause I see "amount" being used in bills, receipts, and banks. ex. amount due, amounting to.. and money is countable.
Great teacher! ☺ I love when you say you also make the mistakes you are teaching yous students not too. Humility above all.
Captain Smek (1 month ago)
This video improved my English bigly.
Zehra Abid (1 month ago)
You're an angel ♥️
English is important nowadays
Dawid Rigga (1 month ago)
Amount and number is exactly the same mistake present in Polish language
Subash Laitonjam (1 month ago)
Cool sir. U r my best sir
Suppuletchumy Perumal (1 month ago)
Best english teacher .. 👍👍
Rocio Lopex (1 month ago)
he is an amazing teacher
ashikk chavakkad (1 month ago)
What about amount of money
I like your worm.It’s so cute.💕💕
Abdurrahman Yaman (1 month ago)
I little bit confused. There is a song from Depeche Mode - Everything Counts in Large Amounts
ernesto kettle (1 month ago)
Hi sir, thanks for doing these videos . I have learnt a lot, but you could help me, please, I watched a video where you use CAN TO it was weird to me I did not undertsand the use of can to. thanks
Belle Ibuan (1 month ago)
Birender Bisht (1 month ago)
What should we use for 'money'? Amount or Number??
Giuliano Goffi (1 month ago)
You are my favorite teacher!!!
Punisher Alfa (1 month ago)
I need classes online and how much it? Before hand thanks a lot
Abhishek Mittal (1 month ago)
Can you please clarify how should a student say when he is entering the class from - may I come in or can I come in. Basically I am confused between may and can
Jaime Taylor (1 month ago)
I am a learning student and I need help knowing the difference between disable and unable. Can you please make a video on it?
Force User (1 month ago)
After watching this video you will make fewer mistakes, learn farther and be the best among all your friends in English. The lesson will have a great effect on you. If you think these statements are correct, PRESS PLAY NOW and learn to fix six common mistakes in English.
voltronsupreme (1 month ago)
2 is less than 5. Two is countable and Five is countable. According to this dull guy the field of math has failed us the .
voltronsupreme (1 month ago)
Total Amount due is countable, so amount is countable. If it is not then this Excellent English teacher is telling us the field of accounting has failed us. Accountants do not say total number due.
VarangianBard (21 days ago)
Yes eight dollars is countable. Amounts are countable when you express them in units. So total amount due becomes countable when expressed in dollars, just as water becomes countable when expressed in bottles. And even that only applies if it's a whole number of dollars. $8 is countable in dollars, but $8.50 is not, you would need quarters. So if I asked how *much* money is that, you could answer 8 dollars and 50 cents, which would be expressing an amount as a number of units.
voltronsupreme (21 days ago)
VarangianBard You need to get off the weed. You answered you own question yet say it is wrong. $10 - $2= $8 total amount due.... $8 is countable.
VarangianBard (22 days ago)
You're counting the dollars. Not the number. Dollars is a unit. Dollars are countable. Numbers aren't. You count *to* eight. You don't count eight. Eight what?
voltronsupreme (22 days ago)
VarangianBard Incorrect. Total amount due is what is left after the calculation, and the number can be counted. item cost $10, you give me $2 dollars that are in your pocket. Total amount due is $8 (8 is a countable number). If you can not count to 8 then you must be studying some intergalatic math on weed.
VarangianBard (22 days ago)
Total amount due is not countable, it's calculable. Just as you can calculate the weight of water in kg, you can calculate the cost of a bill in dollars. You can count Kg, you can count dollars. You can't count how many amount is due, or how many cost it has. It's like trying to count water.
Amount you mean we can't count ...so I can't count my brother's girlfriend 😂😂😂😂😂
MrSanjz (1 month ago)
It was funny
Theycallme Leah (1 month ago)
I want to have a teacher like youuuuuuuu haahhahah
key7a (1 month ago)
Hey so if let say i were to give a signal route to the driver it will be something like "..its farther down the road?.. " intead of using further, im from singapore by the way :)
Mohmmed Ko (1 month ago)
I completely understood the lesson..thank you very much
Martin Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Stop being so handsome! I can't focus 😥😥😥
Jesus Condom (1 month ago)
U dont sound nigerian at all so go fuck ur self
PichPanhaRith Dara (1 month ago)
Karsen Kosse (1 month ago)
At first I thought this was how to fix you BALD EAGLE
Evodio Tovar (1 month ago)
I've been speaking English for 25 years, why am I now learning this??
Alexandre Cardoso (1 month ago)
There is going and coming, too
Amos - (1 month ago)
So for money we should use " Number " I have a large number of money ?
appiah emmanuel (1 month ago)
I love your lessons.
Nada Luqman (1 month ago)
Sorry would you explain the difference between "how did this affect you?" And "how did this effect you?" ?
skualo gutierrez (1 month ago)
Thank you, teacher. Your videos in really helps me

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