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I didn't deserve this... (My Lamborghini is RUINED)

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Yup.. that really happened. My car was parked outside last night, and it got vandalized. You won't believe who did it.. I DON'T THINK I DESERVED THAT. • OFFICIAL RUG MERCH ► https://rugwear.com/ • SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW ► http://bit.ly/SubToRug GO SUB TO MY MOM & DAD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbP35Xg465Vok5XAbd__DHg Follow me on my Social Media to stay connected! Twitter ► https://twitter.com/FaZeRug Instagram ► https://instagram.com/rugfaze Snapchat ► "thefazerug" (Add me to see how I live my daily life) :D If you read this far down the description I love you
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Text Comments (17280)
FaZe Rug (18 days ago)
Big balls Little Dick (12 days ago)
Jerry Rodriguez (12 days ago)
Diggydadog 9999 (17 days ago)
FaZe Rug use a car wash
Diggydadog 9999 (17 days ago)
Use a car wash
Jake Faulkner (17 days ago)
FaZe Rug LOL
Isabella Blanco (3 minutes ago)
You deserved it so much but I still like your videos
kabaddiify (1 hour ago)
shit people do for money
Crispy K (1 hour ago)
should be illegal to post shit like this.
csr801996 (1 hour ago)
Did all the youtubers take the same class on clickbaiting and having the caption of the video with a person holding their head? Even if this was done for real I wouldn't feel bad for for you that your car was spraypainted. Shit happens every day that doesnt need to be made into a video with 10 ads in it.
Adam Jackson (2 hours ago)
Mike Gonzales (2 hours ago)
there dumb for doing that
ironeagle2526 (2 hours ago)
Daniel Couch (2 hours ago)
EYKevinMc -minecraft (2 hours ago)
Shawn from techlp (2 hours ago)
That was mess't up whatever the mom and dad did you did not deserve it I feel so bad for you faZe rug
crusher2856 (2 hours ago)
stfu mongoloid
Chris Harris (3 hours ago)
I didddddn't deserveeee thissss. I haaaaate thiss...thiss suuuuckkks...whyyyy usssss????
John Doe (3 hours ago)
Hahaha your parents were terrified.
Lyle Silbernagle (3 hours ago)
that was good, but the fact your mom tried multiple times to put bitch on there was so fucking funny!!!! LMAO
Weston Weldon (3 hours ago)
He deserves it
Brandon Posey (3 hours ago)
Good Prank.
sheikh salman (3 hours ago)
father acting was so good
Great happy
Brad Trahair (4 hours ago)
Your parents didn’t your parents did it
Brad Trahair (4 hours ago)
So funny
Brad Trahair (4 hours ago)
He he is watching you playing paint his car he saw the video
Angel Scinta (4 hours ago)
lol that was funny and so mean. I love the edit.
Brad Trahair (4 hours ago)
How are you gonna watch it off
Ivania Blanco (4 hours ago)
You wanna write bitch 😂😂😂😂
Ivania Blanco (4 hours ago)
Can i do something she is so funny
Family gems!
Jaime Gonzalez (6 hours ago)
Speak English parents
Jaime Gonzalez (6 hours ago)
Rico Jiron (7 hours ago)
Papa Rug put F.U Mama Rug,Wanna put bitch or no got me dead
Jack Sparrow (7 hours ago)
This is garbage
Gator Mckluskey (7 hours ago)
Janessa Whitaker (7 hours ago)
"You wanna write 'bitch' or no?" lol
Janessa Whitaker (7 hours ago)
I think dad use to do graffiti! lmao pretty good job
Sam A (7 hours ago)
When she was thinking back though LOL! She is so awesome, here mannerism and everything about her is so cool ❤️
Gaming&Trolling (8 hours ago)
"Guys, you don't know how much it hurts. Can you imagine waking up to your Lamborghini spray painted?" Bruh... I can't even imagine waking up to a Lamborghini :,( 😂
Mr.Shoob ._. (8 hours ago)
Im not a huge fan but I’m a HUGE fan of Lamborghini and I almost cried
liew yuzhe (8 hours ago)
you bought it with ur parents money tho
OGP- -OwlGoosePuppy (8 hours ago)
Mr. Technique (8 hours ago)
Arabs these days
Walid Ben ider (9 hours ago)
just .... quit.... xD
adynova1998 (10 hours ago)
Huge like to you funny stuf.
Tammy Dondorfer (10 hours ago)
Lamborghinis suck
Kimberlee Ellison (10 hours ago)
to little kids, learn from your son,he is doing well,you must be proud,,,,
yobi Satya (10 hours ago)
why don't u take ur car for a whille, and see the people reaction.
TehHijack (11 hours ago)
retarded ass video
Sasha Trifunovic (11 hours ago)
So its his mother's idea.then she says "cant believe i agreed to doing this!"there son set all this up on him self.real kidy crap!!
Dylan Taylor (12 hours ago)
this was kinda funny. you deserved it too
Angela Rodriguez (12 hours ago)
That doesnt spell suck she wrote suk
Canadian KRISPY Bacon (12 hours ago)
Jesus, ...”they shouldn’t even be on our property 😂”... “we need cameras on our property, property’”..What friggin bubble do you live in!?? “Imagine waking up to your Lamborghini spray painted!??” No. I don’t imagine the vast majority of your viewers can’t imagine, however again, not third world problems here dude, it’s called insurance! ..and it’s a car, anyone that has the money for a Lamborghini, certainly is not worried about a little spray paint, especially if they’re wrapping it🤑 Our privileged future right here folks, When you’ve spent more than 5min on this earth you’ll understand one day🤡 Anyway good on you kid, taking money and making money as opposed from a typical rich kid spoiled brat who just soaks all of mommy and Daddy’s money’.
Frankly Samson (12 hours ago)
I love your parents... the did a good job , mommy and daddy really cool,,,
luminor007 (12 hours ago)
Cant believe he didn't paint any cock and balls!
Tiffini Swifft (12 hours ago)
cnon (13 hours ago)
channel sux, 9 mil subs omg i have no hope for humanity
Aliyah Owens (13 hours ago)
At least he doesn't have a bad temper 😀
Jack Ellingson (13 hours ago)
Jack Ellingson (13 hours ago)
Michael Ingoe (13 hours ago)
That was a wicked prank your face was a beaut.
kniepex 81 (14 hours ago)
adblocker turn it on
HILLARY_JR Roblox (14 hours ago)
This is made Zthed day after my b day :)
Gabby rave (14 hours ago)
They got you good bro
Bootney Lee (16 hours ago)
I've seen worse wraps on lambos.....they're all over YT.
nhân văn huynh (16 hours ago)
I love America
Sophia (16 hours ago)
Quit Q.u.i.t
Pyrex TV (17 hours ago)
Rug is a mummys boy kids like him and deji will never grow up and move out of there parents house and ita funny they will be virgins until there 40
Junon Tann (17 hours ago)
wait... so they spray painted over an already wrapped car...besides the fact that im sure this is scripted, even if it was regular spray paint, its just on the wrap... not even that devastating...
Adventurous Life (18 hours ago)
Totally rubbish!! Unsubscribed 🖕
Rich cunts.
You did deserve this and I’m not going to be tricked by you to like the video cause you deserved it you’re tricking people I’m disliking cause you deserved it bitch.
Assyrian Melody (19 hours ago)
Ru Assyrian
Liquid Lights87 (20 hours ago)
RIP lambo
Fazeboys X (20 hours ago)
Henry Sanchez (20 hours ago)
Did you car wash it?
Daniel Beardsley (21 hours ago)
Did this dad buy his son a Lambo? Thats not fair!
lullemans72 (21 hours ago)
am i just behind on the times or are there just more and more youtubers popping up that make lots of money? just bumped into this channel now and i see a teenager owning a lambo in a posh neighborhood...last night i found a channel called producermichael(?), a middle aged man with a flomboyant sense of dress who lives in hollywood...
Macky Jak (21 hours ago)
Am I the only one that I like that paint
earleno80 (21 hours ago)
Lol fun parents
Belem Gonzalez (22 hours ago)
"U wanna write bitch or no?" I cant 😭😂😂💀💀💀💀
Belem Gonzalez (22 hours ago)
"Maybe another F U here" ❤❤❤😭😂😂😂😂💀
Belem Gonzalez (22 hours ago)
"Somebodys walking their dog" OMG i love how they are scared to do this 💘😂😂😂😂
Aaron Volcic (23 hours ago)
im sad its ruined
Mew Two (23 hours ago)
Lol, when he said he was watching them, I thought it was at the same moment his parents were painting it and he just staring by the window XD
Benjamin Hopson (1 day ago)
Put a spoiler on dat Lamborghini after u wash the paint off
Arab Papi (1 day ago)
I had to pause and comment. 🤣😭😂 she said, “you wanna write bitch, or no”? I’m weak...
Jegi (1 day ago)
“brian love his lambo”
ATR R3acts (1 day ago)
Papa rug leaning on the lambo
pit man (1 day ago)
In the end the paint didn't come off
Otros ricos haciendose famosos en youtube hahahaha
You diud
Victoria Mendoza (1 day ago)
You deserve it
You deserve this fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuck you faze.rug yu fucktared
Huh, bro I sudden expecting that your videos is trying to attract me or someone else so, you born from rich country and then I am from anonymous country that no one can recognize me. By the way, please pay attention everyone, this video actually is a real prank on this channel. recommendations please don't be a savage as caveman! Eventually, I didn't not bothering or harass anybody below this comment as usually that I view previously. Please Understood my current situation.
imagine waking up to ur lambo ye right not everyone can afford one lmao
illegal immigrants............
ARtroncatbama (10 hours ago)
The King Of Vaseline your racist is showing. Fuck off you pig
Trumpet Friday (1 day ago)
Oh,it's just a Huracan.
Trumpet Friday (1 day ago)
Dad rug's a pro doing the VANDALIZING type of spray paint,many years experience on the 'streets of Baghdad',I guess.
Bryan Velez (1 day ago)
Just write bitch over here 😂
Thalia Becerra (1 day ago)
They’re so savage😂
David Dowling (1 day ago)
Ya really want to fuck it up let Tavarishhhhhh work on it.
Reaper Redni9e (1 day ago)
Just camo spray paint it. And, honestly, the only reason anyone would need a car like that is to show off your wealth.

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