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How To Get Microsoft Office Pro For Under $35!

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Sponsored by SCD Key Get Office Pro For Under $35 Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubTechofTomorrow Use Promo code - tomorrowsk10% - for 10% off your order! Get The Office 2016 Professional Plus CD Key https://goo.gl/LfStZv How to Activate and download https://goo.gl/BbHW8x Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days & Support Tech of Tomorrow! http://amzn.to/12JFYau Don't forget to check out the website! http://www.techoftomorrow.com Check us out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/TechofTomorrow Stay updated on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/techof_tomorrow Tech of Tomorrow Music! http://www.techoftomorrow.com/music The Benchmark Song: The Human Zoo - Free on Spotify! http://spoti.fi/10Vz31z - Amazon: http://amzn.to/12Rh6kI - iTunes: http://bit.ly/199301I
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Text Comments (186)
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Have a great week, this is a great deal and works without issue! Have a wonderful week...
2muchjpop (2 months ago)
Lenny Vylrex (2 months ago)
now I can finally upgrade my office 2000 to something better without starving my wallet
social3ngin33rin (3 months ago)
If my laptop dies or I have to wipe it back to manufacturer default, can I use the code to reinstall it on the same laptop?
Marc Wolfgang Zastrow (3 months ago)
How long is the discount code valid for ?
Dan Dube (3 months ago)
Yeah Elric, you're sponsoring fraudsters
MrDwigz (1 month ago)
Is this this available in the UK?
stan464 (2 months ago)
Just Torrent it lol!
BangTheBong (2 months ago)
i can get u for 10 bucks lol
MrKZdemos (2 months ago)
dont get Microsoft office, it has a shit load of telemetry. if you keep an eye on your internet traffic you'll see that it uploads and downloads every single day.
Alan Marquez (2 months ago)
It's legit. Thank you
Zahid Shabir (2 months ago)
I got it for free just get the disc image and activate it I cannot justify paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for software especially when I am just the average home user and not a business owner raking in millions and these code sites for software are worse than pirating anyway for the consumer and the seller as you are just paying for pirating or for codes that people got from scamming people etc... which is why they are so cheap. I mean why would anyone go out of their way to pay like $60-$80 on software with consumer MSRP of around $100 or more then mass sell them at like $35 I do NOT condone piracy as I do buy games and whatever etc... but if it costs $100 or more then I will not buy it regardless
Zahid Shabir (2 months ago)
If you wanna activate Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows there is a tool I use called Microsoft Toolkit which works on ALL standalone versions of Office from 2010 upwards and ALL versions of Windows from Vista (I think they did initially support XP too but disabled it in newer versions as that is too old and unsupported by Microsoft) and upwards the ONLY issues I have with this is the licences for Office are NOT permanent and therefor every few months it may ask for a new licence and the other issue being that Norton blocks it from running so I need to disable Norton to use it but I never head this issue at least a year ago or even before that as I have been using this tool since 2013/14 and it has been around since 2011 also 90% of all links on google for this software are ACTUAL VIRUSES and the only website I trust for a link is the original forums website the software was mentioned on by the creator (search "Microsoft Toolkit my digital life" my digital life is some forums website the creator used for this software and he has a torrent magnet for the latest version of the software over there)
jjjacer (2 months ago)
Just a warning, I used Kinguin and the CD key for office worked for a year and then Microsoft blacklisted it and removed it from my account. So buyer beware. Although my two Windows 10 keys are going strong so it can be worth it
ABG (2 months ago)
I'm happy with Libreoffice but that's a good deal.
Arka Mitra (2 months ago)
Is this code for only 1 year or lifetime ?
Youtube Surfer (2 months ago)
As i said it already on the tech yes channel. This reseller is no certified microsoft seller. The keys are pure gamble. In good case, they are oem keys from old pcs. In worst that are stolen keys or keys that has been sold to mutiple persons. So be careful with that!
Robert S (2 months ago)
Thank you kind sir! Your offer came in the nick of time, I just happen to need it!
Thanks for the vid!
Alex M (2 months ago)
Guys i bought an OEM Windows 7 Professional key , i cant get an original copy of Windows 7 from microsoft.com , they are asking me to contact supplier , Please help.
Alael 155 (2 months ago)
Bought 3 key with your win 10 pro promotion no problem until now thanks!
schmudge (2 months ago)
Saw this deal on another site a few weeks ago and had my suspicions and held off, now I feel OK to see you promo it lmao to think the 1st time I bought office pro it cost me 600 F$
BiGNIck (2 months ago)
Good call I got my copy👍
Olvin Fajardo (2 months ago)
Thank you man!
cybererik1 (2 months ago)
LibreOffice is free and compatible with all windows office suite files.
Adam Walker (2 months ago)
MAN, Thank you so much. Just bought it, easy install, brilliant.
/ void / (2 months ago)
Christopher Fortineux (2 months ago)
Pneumonia is no joke. I almost died from double pneumonia. It was probably the scariest experience of my life. You literally drown.
Récup Globe (2 months ago)
Does this deal apply to Canada(Québec) Thank you
Just Playing (2 months ago)
Head Hunter (2 months ago)
Just created a google account to thank you for the deal, in Switzerland Office 2016 Pro is 500$ (460 CHF), purchased 3 licences right away, I'm a LibreOffice and Thunderbird user for years and was looking for a solution to give up these free but full of bugs and features lacking pieces of software. Take care
AnteICash (2 months ago)
Thx Elric awesome! Nice to see you making videos meaning you gettin’ better regarding your health
modar (2 months ago)
praying for you dude
Dante (2 months ago)
I just use Libre Office but tnx for the deal. Glad you're feeling better.
Siong Loo (2 months ago)
Peace dude, good to hear you're getting better!
Orlin Kunchev (2 months ago)
Or get it off ebay for 4$...
SeungWon Rha (3 months ago)
Is it safe to use? Is SCDKEY legit? just to make sure. Not saying you are lying. Thank you for great video.
AlgorithmNation (2 months ago)
Bought it. Works great. Thanks elric!
Tech of Tomorrow (2 months ago)
Look at all the comments from people on here saying thank you, its 100% Legit and the keys always work just fine.
Stoyko Rumeny (3 months ago)
Once again,you nail it.Awesome.I wish you fast recovery.
Awkward Hugger (3 months ago)
I rather use KMspico than use a CDKEY reseller.
Darragh Callaghan (3 months ago)
Got it for 6 euro on eBay. Get it much cheaper on there
V1r3x Solutions (3 months ago)
I can contest to SCD key they are very helpful my Windows key stopped working for some reason after activation the agent help me out through the everything. :D Gave me another key and haven't had any issues. I even bough Black ops III from them for my little bro that I'm converting him to PC lol no issues with the game what so ever.
Tech of Tomorrow (2 months ago)
Awesome to hear.
1sikteg (3 months ago)
Bought 4 licenses! thx!
Tech of Tomorrow (2 months ago)
awesome man and you are totally welcome.
Mario242 (3 months ago)
I have a question are you save by the blood of Jesus?
KrimsonWing (3 months ago)
So how long is this good for? I gotta wait for payday at the end of the month
David Mieles (3 months ago)
Picked up a windows server 2016 essentials key from this place for ~$18. No issues at all. Thanks for the recommendation
GidDragon (3 months ago)
I just bought it and it worked. Thanks! My Office 365 expired a few weeks ago :)
The Necromancer (3 months ago)
You can get it on eBay for 2 USD average.
Ramon Munoz (3 months ago)
get well elric, don't over do it man
Timothy Franklin (3 months ago)
Good looking out bro
kauxkaux (3 months ago)
I get it’s for one system but can you uninstall from one system and install in another? Or once installed it’s set?
TomaGoochieGame (3 months ago)
Great freaking timing! Just got one!
fossil19660 (3 months ago)
get well soon man would rather you take care of your self then the channel :) but love your content :) rock on man
J. Schmidt (3 months ago)
If you subscribed to office then bought this key then I still get a bar that says to renew the subscription. I can't get it to work. Can anybody help? I am logged into windows using my windows login.
Head Hunter (2 months ago)
If your request is legit did you tried uninstalling Office 365 before? If you're still in trouble and haven't removed 365 yet launch any of Office 365 applications and go to File -> Account, you're probably still connected with your Office 365 account. Disconnect, uninstall Office 365, sometimes you'll need to use the clean uninstall tools that Microsoft provides for free (google for them). Google for "office setup", enter your Microsoft account login details, add the licence, use the online installer to start the installation process. Once Office 2016 is installed go check in any Office App in File -> Account that you're not connected with any Microsoft account. You should have no more subscription messages.
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Its funny as No One else I know has ever seen this issue, I am having trouble believing this is true in any way, Why come here and ask for help when they have great customer service, I smell bullshit here.
cyberxspeed (3 months ago)
Great find dude! I appreciate it!
RMD80 Gaming (3 months ago)
Just got mine thanks !!!
mdd1963 (3 months ago)
Do you get 3 cents from every Sri Lankan OEM copy of Office/WIndows 10 Pro key sold at SCDKeys, or what? :)
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Not a penny...
mdd1963 (3 months ago)
Yes, purchase your OEM keys bought from Indonesia and Sri Lanka direct from SCDKey!!! :/ (activate them quickly, however!!!!)
monkey1346ful (3 months ago)
Juat use google docs guys!!!
BrunusRicieri (3 months ago)
Stop promoting nonfree (as in freedom) software.
Daniel Varga (3 months ago)
Thank you!
wrathfang (3 months ago)
Bs you cant even sign in on that site
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
sure you can I am logged in now and many people have thanked me for this deal...
Excalis Ogre lord (3 months ago)
how long will this last? damn i dont have money now but get paid friday :(
Chocobolos (3 months ago)
glad your feeling somewhat better. also holy shit i missed the microsoft key sale
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
They are both still valid my friend.
Dominic (3 months ago)
How long will this promo be running, Elric? I don't get paid til Friday.
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Thank you...
Dominic (3 months ago)
Awesome! Thank you. Lookin' great, boss! Hang in there.
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Its good for a few months my friend. I started using it on Sunday and its working great...
Mario Marroquin (3 months ago)
Nice! It worked, thanks!
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Joey Greathouse (3 months ago)
I prefer OpenOffice myself, but for people who absolutely need 110% compatibility this is a great deal - thanks for sharing!!
DrMerciless (3 months ago)
worked for me thank you. However was only 3.50$ from regular price
DrMerciless (3 months ago)
listen but not heard
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
10% as stated...
Musa Nak (3 months ago)
Nice really glad you trust them, ill give it a go :P
Musa Nak (3 months ago)
Well I hope the.... proves to be a 90% no ones perfect :P keep it up hope your health stays in check have a good one
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Never has an issue yet they make sure all works perfect...
Rob Moore (3 months ago)
Rather use Libra for free or even google docs :D but this is a great price man
Bad Max (3 months ago)
so win10 cheaper than office?
Bboy Tyby (3 months ago)
Im not buying office or windows. Im donloading them from free cracked
Marc Wolfgang Zastrow (3 months ago)
Thanks from Denmark
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Greeting to my friends in Denmark, cheers m8
Christian Sunnarborg (3 months ago)
Hey did you check out the prices for graphics cards on nvidias website?? PRICES ARE CUT IN HALF!!
Gaurav Bhakuni (3 months ago)
Take care man. Be safe, be healthy. Cheers
Kyle Van (3 months ago)
works great, thanks for the deal !
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
PizzaParty9 (3 months ago)
some collages use 365 and you can use that email to use office for free
Bruno Amaro (3 months ago)
This is very nice and comes handy. Thanks Elric.
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Edmundo studios (3 months ago)
Not sure if a GTX 1080ti can run this in 4K
Themadbird (3 months ago)
Edmundo studios yup good idea. My 970 works great at 1p. Max settings it’s pretty sweet. Ur lucky u got that extra power to run 144p.
Edmundo studios (3 months ago)
Themadbird Damn maybe I should upgrade
Themadbird (3 months ago)
Edmundo studios I can confirm it don’t. Only 144p. Sorry :(
David Lorenz (3 months ago)
Hmm... Uh... Microsoft Toolkit anyone?
David Lorenz (2 months ago)
Yeah man, the original Microsoft Toolkit you can always get directly from forums.mydigitallife.net. https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/microsoft-toolkit-official-kms-solution-for-microsoft-products.28669/ Or from Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MSToolkit/comments/7bsh15/microsoft_toolkit_v263_v262_download/ Reddit has more ways to download it. And if you have problems you can try to paste the key I send you into the Microsoft Toolkit. Afterwards try to activate it again.
Oakmen (3 months ago)
Do you have a working version? Even with everything off, I always get an error.
monstersquishy (3 months ago)
how is this site able to do this with out getting hit by Microsoft's lawyers? maybe because they operate out of china?
stryk187 (3 months ago)
LibreOffice is legitimately free, open source, and keeps getting better by the week. It also works on Windows, Mac OS, and every modern Linux distribution out there (it's even available as a snap on Ubuntu now).
Edmundo studios (3 months ago)
stryk187 Yeah it’s cool but some people need this for work and such requirements .
MAADMAAC (3 months ago)
Fuck this we need a free stuff
gtpc (3 months ago)
Be healthy man and provide us content
Tyler Davis (3 months ago)
I'm going to buy, maybe they have Adobe keys to get, for premier or readers
Theo Buunermond (3 months ago)
I think it's a good deal for legal stuff, not that I use it cause I do pretty much everything in Linux (which came with Libre Office).
Andro Gouws (3 months ago)
$4.30 on ebay UK
David Cole (3 months ago)
Call me crazy but it this legal? I work for Computer Manufacture and these prices are shady pricing..
REDTUZK (3 months ago)
How does this work exaclty? Could you describe the chain of how they’re able to provide legitimate keys at such a low price compared to Microsoft?
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Of course its legal, they have been around for years without issues.
Blauer Hunger (3 months ago)
Why should I pay for Microsoft Office when there is LibreOffice for free (not only as in free beer)? And for my use cases LibreOffice works much better than Microsoft Office …
cornbreadman (3 months ago)
Glad to see you're back up and running 😁 Hope you feel better 🙂 Running *Windows 10 Enterprise* 🤭
Kitsune91 (3 months ago)
You're doing god's work. Thanks! I hope that z-pak helps you recover much faster!
shane1694 (3 months ago)
Use eBay. Got both Windows 10 Pro and Office 2016 for £5 each. Been working lawlessly for about 1 year both update frequently. Never an issue
SNEAKxxATTACK (3 months ago)
Worked thanks!
Argiris Papadopoulos (3 months ago)
Meh, libre office got me covered
Commodorefan64 (3 months ago)
Thanks for the tip, but Google Docs does all I need for free, and it's platform agnostic which is nice since I run Windows, Linux, Android, and Chrome/Chromium on multiple devices/systems. Also looking much better.
ayman moon (3 months ago)
It'd be great to find a similar deal for Mac OS,hints?
GanaXE (3 months ago)
Video worth sharing
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Thank you
Chemy Torres (3 months ago)
That's really a low price! Thanks for the info, it's nice to see you better man.
Jay Cristines (3 months ago)
Did i hear it correctly that this Key wont work for MAC? How i wish it will work..i bought the Windows 10 Pro last month from CDKey too and it worked perfectly without any issues
Jay Cristines (3 months ago)
GenRabbit thanks for the hint, i saw it but still its good if its the same price as the windows platform. 😊😊
GenRabbit (3 months ago)
If you follow the Link for Office above, you can scroll a little down. There you will find it for MAC @ 50USD. Removing the 10% that should be like 45USD. Still damn cheap.
nafis sadiq (3 months ago)
its better to download a pirateteteteted version
rseven (3 months ago)
I use scd an cdkeys web site,never had a problem with either site.why pay full price
NeoBrutale (2 months ago)
great avatar
1BigBen (3 months ago)
is this old style CD Key thingy or is MSapple store account b.s needed, I will never rent a 365 version.
1BigBen (3 months ago)
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Full version no fees...
Harotyx (3 months ago)
Like ir you can get ir for free
IaMaWeSoMe7478 (3 months ago)
Thank elric!!!
Deep Fried Yeti (3 months ago)
I know this probably won’t apply to the majority of those seeing this, but you can also get office for free if you’re a student at certain universities and colleges across the United States.
Diablo Rojo (3 months ago)
Thanks, butt in a world of open office, libre office, google docs or iWork, I don’t believe that someone spends money in the M$ clunky solution
sbcontt YT (2 months ago)
All other officesuites suck ass. I am working on a deadline right now, and I have three best office alternatives: Libreoffice latest version (with Ribbon UI), SoftMaker Office 2016 Standard, and WPS office. I am done with all three and with only one day remaining on my project, I am going to buy MS office.
Racing_Digital (2 months ago)
should I be offended about that Filipino thing? Cause I had never heard it before and made me laugh :D:D
Nova (3 months ago)
Libre office is a big thing now or are you just Filipino? I was surpirsed on how good it was the first time I used it. Open office is my go to free office app though.
Racing_Digital (3 months ago)
Google Docs is surprisingly good and cross platform friendly. Libre Office, on the other hand, is a peace of garbage - the interface is unintuitive and there are basic options missing / not easy to find, that would be a click away in a standard MS office
Jizanthapus (3 months ago)
yet open office, libre office are clunky and not very user friendly. Hell if you even go to a half-decent college you can get all this stuff free.
PG Channel (3 months ago)
As always thanks for the knowledge that you are giving to us free and hope to be better in health day by day,we will be with you for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Tech of Tomorrow (3 months ago)
Thank you brother appreciate that.

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