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Best English Pronunciation Lesson: Speak Fluent English

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Text Comments (133)
Gian Chand (22 hours ago)
Thanks my teacher .
Anas Najjar (1 day ago)
Thanks Vanessa
Anas Najjar (1 day ago)
Really good traninng
Jones Huang (1 day ago)
man is ...
Rama Rao (3 days ago)
I am sorry. I don't mean to discourage but I want to say you had better go through Richel's English to learn a few important things about pronunciation skills like 'stop t' 'flat d' connected speech linking words etc. why? in short, just go through Benjamin Franklin exercises or real life English by Richel. Then, your videos will be more useful to us. Or at least, go through" learn English by TV series or friends. You will have an idea how best you can do for us. I appreciate you speak American English but mere imitating you with no idea why and how you are pronouncing the word is like picking something out of air which will end up with losing confidence for viewers or learners. For instance, In this video you 'want' as "wan" and "hurt" as "hur" . See these things are happening in your language without your knowledge. In fact, you are using stop t for the words that end with 't' . Unless you tell us this technique, how would we ever understand how and why you are pronouncing the word in a specific way? NO OFFENCE. Your accent is so sweet and your efforts are impeccable but lack proper information. please do watch 1. Richels English real life English 2. Elemental English 3. learn English with TV serials or friends. Trust me. These suggested channels will give you better ideas and make far better than what you are. Wish you income and success go hand in hand. God bless you.
luay hammode (3 days ago)
I wanna some to Exchange english with me on skype twilightmonn33
Deli Kadir (4 days ago)
vauuvvv. you're great Vanessa. thanks
BCS JOURNEY (4 days ago)
*Love❤❤ from Bangladesh*
vandana malik (4 days ago)
Thank u
Gil Anderson Gmachl (4 days ago)
What a bad coincidence ! My wife had the same problem too, our son is 3 years old and we pick him up all the time, it turns out that her pain was not on her wrist but on her back thou 😩
Katerina T. (5 days ago)
Love this channel !!! 👑
Black Cat (5 days ago)
Really I watched so many channels, but only your's helps me so much. Thnk u and keep that up plss.
Arturp Rodriguez (5 days ago)
...because my wrist HURT really bad. ...because my wrist HURTS really bad.
Mamadou moustapha Bah (5 days ago)
Wonderful course from guinea Conakry
Praveen Kumar (5 days ago)
Sometime I didn't understand your pronunciation
Rachel Green (5 days ago)
OMG, this is exactly what I really need. Thank you so much.
Everyday English (6 days ago)
*I love your voice* 😊😍
It is incredible the way you make us to improve our English, thanks a lot
Fábio bello (6 days ago)
Col very good!
Steve Steve (7 days ago)
you look so beautiful , i love you
Asset Sabit (7 days ago)
OMG! Vannesa! You're gorgeous) Keep doing it!! This is really awesome, being a mother and wife you still have time to post videos on youtube! This is what we call success)
Sávio Lomar (7 days ago)
Hi Vannesa, Thank you a lot for teaching us!
Hugo Nuñez (7 days ago)
I liked this video, I think this is the best way to understand native speakers because they speak quickly and use contractions and linking word all the time. Thank you very much Vanessa
Hani Nabil (7 days ago)
So nice.Thank you so much
Naseeb Nimmi (8 days ago)
Hallo ma'am.,.... I want to learn speaking English language....... Will you help me....... Plz plz plz plz plz plz Ma'am
Naseeb Nimmi (8 days ago)
You are so great person Thank-you so much ma'am....
mly youssef essomdi (8 days ago)
oh god bless you my teacher I hope you are in good health
Gisele Rodrigues (8 days ago)
Vanessa.... Can I cancel after de first month "The Fearless Fluency Club" if I want?
- God bless you Teacher Vanessa!
ちびガール (8 days ago)
Hi I’m Japanese. I really love your lessons.😊 Thank you!!
Jean Alves (8 days ago)
Are you American?
Aslan Aslanov (8 days ago)
To study with you interesting)
Aslan Aslanov (8 days ago)
😚 thank you Vanessa Youre sweetly
Saiyed Entertainment (9 days ago)
Hi Vanessa. could I upload your video
Aram Mahmoodi (9 days ago)
Hi Venssa, I hope you become better as soon as possible.
Dani Raposo (9 days ago)
Vanessa, great job! You should do more videos like this.
Peter CN (9 days ago)
Linking is too difficult
Estêvão Araújo (9 days ago)
Hi Vanessa, thanks.
fong beng (9 days ago)
Teacher vanessa , what's the difference between " I submit the documents required for sth and I submit documents being required for sth"?
Hi Vanessa you're a great teacher and your videos are amazing Have wonderful weekend
Vitaly Valisevich (9 days ago)
Hi! I would like to ask you make more videos where you are speaking fast, kind of for advanced level if of course it is not bothered you. Thank you in advance🙏
Rob Silv Stos (9 days ago)
Excellent video talking about linking words, it`s such a good subject for many others, indeed. Hope you`ll think so. Thanks.
Luiz Yamasita Filho (9 days ago)
When I watched this class, I was wondering how tough did you work!  To plan and mainly doing this kind of lesson should have taking you toooooooo much time, effort and creativity. Congrats!
Luiz Yamasita Filho (8 days ago)
Thanks for answering, Vanessa. You're so special!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this lesson, Luiz! You're right that it takes a lot of time (mainly for editing. haha!), but I enjoy it. 😀😀
Darlan Gomes Moreira (9 days ago)
Thanks once, Vanessa!!!
Watching from India
amy chg (9 days ago)
Hi Vanessa, I enjoyed this video so much and could follow your pronunciations. Although it's not easy, I tried several times and when I did it, I felt talking like english native speakers. I learnt something new in this video, Thank you so much. Have a great day.
Congratulations on your hard work and success, Amy! :)
Hélio Sai (9 days ago)
For a couple weeks or for a few weeks?
Really am gonna be da best when it comes into the pronunciation all over my freands, for u r ma instructor vennesa. Thank you so much.
jorge alarcon (9 days ago)
to compare rhe the rhythm of speech with a wave is the most intelligent idea I ever heard from a teacher they always teach it in weird abstract ways but you make it look so easy. I sincerely hope your wrist health pretty soon.😱
Where are the "hello hello" that I liked so much ?
Marlon Costa (9 days ago)
very good Vanessa, thanks! bye
carlos eduardo (9 days ago)
You're great as always. Thanks
Valdineis Pereira (9 days ago)
Vanessa hj vc falou muito rapido desse jeito não aprendo. Kkķk Abraco me insina ingles to precisando.
trieu lê (9 days ago)
You are wonderful teacher, my english is improved a lot by learn from you. Please make a lot the same video. From a student Viet Nam.
Clecius Ferreira (9 days ago)
Vanessa! This kind of lesson will lead you to a million of subscribes.
Aécio Flávio Perim (9 days ago)
You was born to be teacher.
Clecius Ferreira (9 days ago)
It turn out I understood everything for the first time
Aécio Flávio Perim (9 days ago)
Vanessa is prettier and prettier.
I'M Trixvel (9 days ago)
it seems like she is the best teacher of English on youtube. Your smile is definitely makes me work harder, and improve not only english, but also myself. Btw, hello from Russia!
Zaid Tark (10 days ago)
Wow hi it's very nice
Donnie D. (10 days ago)
The best teacher ever!
Daniela Amorim Meira (10 days ago)
It's was amazing video, congratulations for the method, very efficient
Wilson Rossi Junior (10 days ago)
Hi Vanessa! Your pronunciation is just perfect and I loved your tips. I'm an English teacher in Brazil and videos like this one are extremely useful for me to help my students improve their pronunciation as well. You are just awesome!!!
Wilson Rossi Junior (9 days ago)
You've been so nice and helpful, Vanessa....... TKS again! But I have a last question (for today ... LOL...). Could you please tell me the difference between a CLAUSE and a SENTENCE? I basically know how to tell one from the other, but I'm having trouble explaining it to my students...
That's great news! I'm so glad that this lesson is helpful to you and your students. :D
Thank you.I like it.All clear.Live and joyful classes.
Amine Akhal (10 days ago)
That's great 👌
Lais Sousa (10 days ago)
Great video Vanessa :) Make more videos like this for us! !!!
RODRIGO Rafael (10 days ago)
Wow,wow,wow! Fantastic lesson, Vanessa! One of the best you did in my opinion! That's what we need! Real spoken English! Please, make more videos like that! You're the best!
RODRIGO Rafael (8 days ago)
Oh yeah! Please, don't slow down when you speak! :) I really prefer when you speak that way and teach us more advanced content! :)
So glad you liked it, Rodrigo!! 😀😀😀
ANDRE LUIS MARTINS (10 days ago)
Hi Vanessa, I wish you a great recovery of your wrist.:)
Ezequiel Gouveia (10 days ago)
Great lesson, Vanessa! I'm happy to see that your channel has already hits more than 200k subscribers. You deserve it. You're very kind and polite. *Greetings from Brazil :)*
Mulan Chiang (10 days ago)
I got that too, De Quervain's syndrome. I ended up taking steroid shot before going back to work...So I can work. :'(
Yes, that's it! I hope that your wrist healed quickly. I also got a shot (in September), but the symptoms came back last month. :( Hopefully they will heal completely with the brace. :)
Dorcine Malbranche (10 days ago)
It'll get better. I didn't know how to pronounce it before thank you teacher Vanessa
Ann Nur (10 days ago)
Hi Vanessa! Thank you it was a great lesson! Could you please explain what word should I stress in this sentence " What year are you in school?" Year, are or you? 🙏🏼🙂
Wannerlopes Lopes (10 days ago)
Thanks vanessa , great video I'm from Brasil
Sa' am (10 days ago)
Hey, how's it going? I wonder why you changed "a couple" to "a few" in the written transcription of your statement? Is it because we don't use a couple in written English?
This is only because in the original version, I said "couple" and in the pronunciation practice I said "a few." They have the same meaning, but I just mistakenly said a different one.😜
Amazing pronunciation lesson Vannesa I loved it was quite funny... btw congratulations 200k :) we love yours english´youtube lesson I look forward to seeing you soon again and keeping working on improving our english have great day! regards <3
Thanks so much for learning with me, Irvin!! 😀
Piedad Loren Serrano (10 days ago)
Hello Vanesa, thank you for this video.
Junior Farias (10 days ago)
Thaanks Vanessa, and congrats 200k🎊🎉
anshul sherawat (10 days ago)
Hey nice video,can you tell me the difference between twirl,swirl,spin and whirl, they confuse the hell out of me.
Learn Real Mandarin (10 days ago)
Thank you for doing this video. It's really helpful, I love it!!
mona memol (10 days ago)
Thanks vanessa , great video 🙏🏻🌹
Sayyed Saeed Nasseri (10 days ago)
thanks good teacher,vanessa
bora Jeong (10 days ago)
Good lecture! Thank you for your video:)
After this video i already feel able to write my first rap hit called "The cops break my wrist".
Soumika Mukherjee (10 days ago)
What is the difference between the pronunciation of winter and winner?
Fantastic lesson! Thank you, Vanessa!!!
jorge luz (10 days ago)
Wow! You seem much more beaufiful after have given birth!
Ridwan Karim (10 days ago)
Nice 😁
Fernando Leal (10 days ago)
Vannesa let me congratulate you so that Your Chanel already hits 200k subscribers Bacause of your effort and dedication. Greetings From Mexico 🇲🇽
Thanks so much for learning English with me, Fernando! 😁
suresh Kumar (10 days ago)
very nice I like very much
thanks , Vanessa.
Bruce (10 days ago)
Hi Vanessa, followed you several months. You have wonderful character. Wish you all the best. By the way, you‘re really beautiful.
Bruce Thank you Bruce.. 👀
HASAN AL-ABEDI (10 days ago)
Thanks Vanessa, Great video
Carlos Escube (10 days ago)
Such beautiful You are Vanessa!!!
Hanna Nice (10 days ago)
I find it difficult to guess which word get stressed with fast speech. Please can you provide more lessons on how to acquire that melody you're speaking with and how to chunck a long sentence or a long question because I loose the right pitch or when I should pause. I really appreciate the great work you're doing and I hope your wrist will be fine asap.
Alexandre Gottardo (10 days ago)
Hi Vanessa. Thank you so much for help us. Every day I learn more and more watching your videos and tips.
Wilder (10 days ago)
I loved to imitate you, but I figured out that I sound like you Vanessa.😁 And I was wondering when you use 'a' instead of 'this' in ur sentences "that I have a kind of" and "that I have this kind of" I wish you got better!!
Hello vanessa !!! Wonderful your lesson , i love !!!
I am your new subscriber. Amazing Pronunciation Venassa.. thanks. I'm learning so many things from you but I'm expecting more from You. Please make a video on pronouncing the word "Girl", " word", "Bird" and so on.🙏🙏
Laercio Ferreira (10 days ago)
You’re so incredible, Vanessa! I love your videos!
Hailton (10 days ago)
I enjoy learning with your classes...soon, I'll do some classes with you...

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