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deGrasse Tyson: Trump's 'Space Force' not a weird idea

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says President Donald Trump's idea to create a "space force" is not a fundamentally flawed idea if the US Air Force, which currently manages all the US GPS and space capabilities, feels overwhelmed and can no longer handle the load as technology use in space evolves.
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Austin 9800 (2 hours ago)
He looks tired
Tÿrå & Drę (3 hours ago)
It was the Army air corps. Not army Air Force
irontusk341 (8 hours ago)
one step closer to the Babylon 5 Universe....
dorgesh (12 hours ago)
Terry Hicks (11 hours ago)
It's been militarized since day one. Current tech is directly based on Nazi science. We even hired/kidnapped/liberated their scientists
Jeroen Breeuwer (12 hours ago)
What would be the equivalent of our air space, in space?
Jesus Rodriguez (13 hours ago)
Trump is the shit
Rayan (14 hours ago)
when we destroy an steroid coming to earth i hope all the god damn animals will appreciate us and not just eat us or infect us with a disease.
Rayan (14 hours ago)
when we destroy an steroid coming to earth i hope all the god damn animals will appreciate us and not just eat us or infect us with a disease.
Zach Smith (20 hours ago)
We can be friends in space because its harder for the scummiest of the people to land there.... For now at least.
Lupinn May (1 day ago)
So is space force going to buy some BFR's or SLS's for use?
FirstName Last (1 day ago)
I hope people aren't this naive. Space travel isn't something we're capable of. No one will ever be a "space cadet". There is a group of millionaire's trying to gain legal status as a nation in space, where does this lead? The absolving of rights? This is a black hole for our taxes, that's it.
Lance Garcia (1 day ago)
We better get some fucking star destroyers
Liam Brennan (1 day ago)
Okay but the Air Force is the Air Force, your talking about Trump's sci-fi fantasy world
Terry Hicks (11 hours ago)
Air force... in space... where there is no air...
Jack Covell (1 day ago)
this audio is fucking terrible
john phillips (1 day ago)
Eternity is to long to get this wrong. Accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. It is a free gift, take it. Do yourselves a favour and check out these channels, The Potters Clay and The truth is stranger than fiction.
Jacob S (1 day ago)
The Arena makes all the difference because it currently costs billions to fly anything, especially heavy things, into space. It also takes years of development and research, and most things in space have a perceived benefit to all of mankind, all of science, not just to a specific country. The combination of these things makes fighting in space, and the logistical nightmare it would become, improbable.
Think PIONEERing (1 day ago)
Thought a lot about it = “did a lotta cocaine”
Ethan F (2 days ago)
Fucking duh its not a weird idea
Terry Hicks (11 hours ago)
It's got Trump's name on it so they must cower and cry.
amnesiai (2 days ago)
I worked for the space force before the space force was cool!
Shannon Randolph (2 days ago)
One more reason to like Tyson X)
Michael DeFazio (2 days ago)
6,999th comment here
UniformedDisorder (2 days ago)
This host is a Twat. Looks like an alien himself. No need to go to space. There's your alien.
UniformedDisorder (2 days ago)
I'm not a fan of NDT. I tend to think he's a bit of a tool. But, today he's won some points.
Gerardo Lopez (3 days ago)
Humans.....we are coming to you before it completes
salim bournane (3 days ago)
slim bourenane
FilthyNord (3 days ago)
Nobody would bat a fucking eyelash if Obama said the same thing.
nachos (3 days ago)
its only nice in space because the barrier to entry is so high. once general humanity is able to go to space it wont be nice anymore. just lile how the internet used to be nice until the population at large moved in.
White Minority (3 days ago)
It doesn't work on Earth because there's too many countries on Earth. Not every country can go to space there's very few that do therefore diplomacy is a lot easier because there's a lot less participants. That's why we do it up there and can't do it down here
Mihajlo Bisenic (3 days ago)
buuuuu they want to make iraq out of mars,oh wait mars doesnt have oil because there were no life to begin with....or were there
Rob (4 days ago)
Damn. NDT hanging the Navy out to dry lol.
Constantine999 (4 days ago)
we should call it Starship Troopers
Shadowstrike112 (4 days ago)
We can finally be space marines like the doom guy!
Rackneh (4 days ago)
something not totally against trump on CNN youtube. It would be a shame if there were a fire and fury ad here.
Rackneh (4 days ago)
the joke is there was a fire and fury ad, they are desperate xD
James Lupei (4 days ago)
It is actually a good way to contribute military budget to space projects. There're too much of one and too little of the other at the moment.
Wyl (4 days ago)
I imagine we get along better in space because everyone who goes up there are like-minded people with same goals and we need each other to deal with the great unknowns.
Cheikh Lame (5 days ago)
we are on our way...I agree. can't wait to see the failures. let CV it be.
martez richardson (5 days ago)
There has not been a UFO in America that our government has admitted ever why would we have a space force? Why is danger just now coming? This is not a movie ppl wake up think stop playing. Nothing they say makes since #stopthelies
Scathing Lemon (5 days ago)
It’s hilarious how anything to do with viewing the earth from space has tons of dislikes due to our total failure to probably educate everyone.
Crazando anonymous (5 days ago)
We need an entire space nation considering all the nukes on earth
jose cose (5 days ago)
I find it pretty funny how we are getting disclosure on the space force we had a space force for more than a decade great stuff
Cheeki Ivan-HD (5 days ago)
My nigga tyson lookin baked
kulpot wahu (5 days ago)
space force is a joke today? right.......... many years later? this will be remembered as a sad joke tsktsk....
marquis1169 (5 days ago)
uncle tom
Nipps Welmactt (5 days ago)
I look at the space force idea as a good way to get research and testing going on how to make it practical for all of us. WW1 did the same with planes. Wright bros got the concept going well, the military researched many designs polishing it out. War ends, tech is progressed, soon after commercial flights get going. But I will admit, it's sketchy having this happen with Trump in office. Not so much a political parties thing as it is a sane mind of the individual, thing.
trinston13 (6 days ago)
Space force should actually be called "Nuclear weapons defense force".
Brad Lamb (6 days ago)
USAF already handles that. The problem is that the AF is stretched thin because of low recruitment and not enough bodies already enlisted
tmzen (6 days ago)
Nicolas Coletta (6 days ago)
Russians going up in space to turn off their own satellite - there must be nefarious intent behind it. When are we going to stop this red scare bs? The US spends 10x more on their military and actively fucks in other country's affairs on a daily basis.
Lord Wolfsbane (6 days ago)
Wouldn't space force be an 8th branch? After all we have a national guard branch and special forces branch
Lord Wolfsbane (6 days ago)
I can hear the starwars theme now
Bob tha Alien (6 days ago)
Woooow Neil tyson woooow
Expose MEme (6 days ago)
*Pee is stored in the balls*
Tim Sweeney (6 days ago)
Lmao. Cnn
Letsmakeacomment (6 days ago)
Yet another attempt to hide that the earth is flat.
Hypennik (1 day ago)
Yeah, the Earth is a cube.
sideshowmulhern (6 days ago)
There's no oil in space
pla nub (6 days ago)
Space isis
Sikstep Music (7 days ago)
They are coming
THE ARBITER (7 days ago)
Cnn is just making fun of this like come on cnn the prez makes fun of you step up ur game Other wise good step in the right direction
Why would we not just let Stargate command take care of it?
Cartoon Crash (7 days ago)
If Obama came up with it, the left would be calling it genius.
Zack - (7 days ago)
4:55 the ball earth is nothing more than a cgi image. The space force is nothing more than science fiction. People wake up. The earth is FLAT.
sergio barbosa (7 days ago)
.... Fuck im tempted to say something But thats exactly what you want. Im so conflicted.
sergio barbosa (7 days ago)
Zack - stfu
Joey Granath (7 days ago)
Star Wars coming to a TV near you lol
Tara Allers (7 days ago)
Science= FLAT=BALL ? HOW can someone be WRONG with that way of thinking? :D FLAT=BALL? Or FLAT=FLAT?
Helen Keller (7 days ago)
he just wants more funding for nasa lol
That0Homeless0Guy (7 days ago)
It's like when you go on a school trip. You might bully that kid all the way up, but if anyone messes with them when they get there who isn't from the school you have the whole group to contend with.
lennard schulte (7 days ago)
Seal abstract couple bzlflr representative genetic warn total if reporting tank through.
xsanctom (7 days ago)
Some people think the universe don't be like it is, but it do.
Branden FarBanger (7 days ago)
He looks sad. Like he knows he is gonna be in a video with this title
Sand man (8 days ago)
The thing is this is Degrasse Tyson’s thinking, do you really think trump has the same thing in mind when he founded the space force?
Denman Fite (8 days ago)
Holy fuck the sub-titled bits are the exact reason CNN is absolute cancer.
MrFiddleedee (8 days ago)
i dont trust CNN...
Sean Downey (8 days ago)
Holy shit, something that ISN'T fake news from CNN? This is a first.
Bryan B (8 days ago)
affirmative action carl sagan
Bob Bobbington (8 days ago)
When I heard about this I was surprised by the freak out, especially from the media.  When I enlisted in the AF in 2002 I was a 1C6... within the AF 50th Space Command, and they were talking about this way back then.  This would give Space Command greater discretion over their missions, like GPS, SBIRS, DSP, etc, instead of playing Mother May I with the Air Force.
courgeonaute (8 days ago)
2:39 this is some retarded shit
Peep Weeper (8 days ago)
Grab ur laser rifles Grab ur cannons We be making theses satellites looking like ashes
Robert Schlie (8 days ago)
U.S. has spacecraft that have visited other planets, the real space program has been secret for decades.
Bob Bobbington (8 days ago)
Yeah we now because they have televised it.  We have sent probes to Mars... several times.
Dylan (8 days ago)
I don't know how to vote on this. On one hand, I hate CNN, on the other, I love Trump and Tyson...
William Burr (8 days ago)
Neil, you big child. There isn't universal peace on Earth because not everybody's interests align. Most decisions that benefit some parties come at cost to other parties. Not everyone agrees on how to run things either, which is why those color-coded map areas exist. The good of the Earth still have to share the atmosphere with those less good--doesn't mean we need to give them unfettered access to our homes.
John Redcorn (8 days ago)
Cant believe this dude is actually talking sense on CNN for once, aside from the "fragile planet with no borders" comment which was an obvious marxist dogwhistle
TheCard- -Tosser (8 days ago)
If this comes true I’m signing up. Space geek here, it’s been my ultimate bucket list achievement
Bob Bobbington (8 days ago)
I was in the AF 50th Space Command as a 1C6... you can do it now.  I worked on the GPS LADO, and the AEP systems for eight years.
KonstantinGeist (8 days ago)
CloudBurst (8 days ago)
Its not a bad idea, just space force is a retarded name.
Brodacious (8 days ago)
Why do Tyson's lips look like he's been chewing them off? And his eyes are super red and puffy. Like he's been nervously biting his lips and maybe even crying...He has a very numb look on his face too. Almost like he's keeping a horrible secret about this topic.
Unchained (8 days ago)
Watch NDT on mute and see the characteristics of a filthy liars.
Konstantin Pakhomov (8 days ago)
Tyson is so overrated
I J (8 days ago)
I would just be careful to specifically utilize and moniker this said force, as either an exoplantary diplomatic force, or a military force in space against rouge countries, or planets that we end up colonizing generations from now. Any other specie, or race outside this galaxy, universe, may take this very act as a threat, and it could trigger new technology, anarchy, and I wouldn’t want to say an alien invasion, not by any means. But the fact that we would be forced to find out such a reality, that alone would destroy our society. I’d be very careful how this is carried out. That is all.
Bob Bobbington (8 days ago)
If an alien species is capable of interplanetary travel I highly doubt they would feel threatened by a name or even the mission of this force (which would just be satellites like GPS, DSP, SBIRS).
mr Reality (8 days ago)
This is amazing timng. since Elon musk is giving the world a space travel.
Geocentric Kingdom (8 days ago)
Jonathan J. West (8 days ago)
Its as cool AF GO SPACE FORCE! http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/jjwest
Drekken right, forgot the word GOD cause now the real Emperor is called Man-Emperor...
Drekken (7 days ago)
Bryan Soe (8 days ago)
instead of exploring space explore earth there's still yet so much to discover
Bob Bobbington (8 days ago)
That is the point.  Space is the ultimate high ground and gives you an amazing view of areas that we simply can't go too.
PHeMoX (8 days ago)
All reasonable ideas about global peace aside, I kind of doubt an imminent threat of an astroid would really unify all nations. It would most likely result in a temporary pause of conflict at best. It has to do with how most conflicts on our planet, believe it or not, all deal with natural resources, expansionism, religion and so on. Yes, it might seem as countries don't annexe territory as much as they used to when nation borders weren't drawn as clearly yet, however some countries still try to push for land they claim to own. Think China and Japan, but also Israel and about a dozen African nations. Especially in terms of resources there's no guarantee we will have long lasting peace on Earth, except for perhaps the ruling out of another true world war.
Super Hans (8 days ago)
Y'all know Tyson is a full blown Republican
Games Cooky (8 days ago)
Nationalism should never leave Earth. Anything that happens in space should not be in the name of America or Russia, but instead in the name of humanity. However, knowing humanity correct, that will not happen. When we figure out how to colonize, you can bet your ass that it will be American colonies, and Russian colonies, not human colonies.
Cody (8 days ago)
Clinton News Network
Nekogami-Crystal (9 days ago)
humans needs enemies to fight, right now we have alot of peace because we have "the Vest Vs the East" I say we colonies mars and have planet vs Planet
Dominik MJ (9 days ago)
Sorry Neil - but I believe you are rationalizing something, which has out of the “horses ass” had a completely different context. And let’s face it: what is NASA for? NASA and the US Air Force can together easily handle anything in space. And obviously there are not as many “threats” which would make it necessary to create a new branch. This is also what is not mentioned: when the Air Force was created, a lot of other countries used planes (...) for military purposes - be it reconnaissance, or even ground attacks. Creating a branch in this situation is absolutely sane. However at space today, there is far more international cooperation. You just have to look at the ISS - which hosts most countries in a peaceful manner.
Bob Bobbington (8 days ago)
The 50th Air Force Space Command has been requesting this for decades... at least back to 2002 when I enlisted as a 1C6.  The main reason for it is that it would allow them greater discretion over their mission without, as they do now, having to play Mother May I with the AF.  The AF is opposed to this because it would mean the loss of some funding.
Stefano Da Giau (9 days ago)
Human should learn to first resolve most if not all of their problems on Earth before settling anywhere else.. This has bugged me for a while by now. Do you permit a diseased bunch of people from leaving a certain place or instead you get them healthy and the able again to walk around wherever they want? Human have to either to evolve or just crumble down under their own weight before setting foot between the stars. If there's something I have learnt in my life is that the fundamentals are the most important. You first get them, and then improve one step at a time.
01 00 (9 days ago)
We have had a space force for decades, we are just now coming out and talking about it.
Bob Bobbington (8 days ago)
It hasn't even been a secret... most people are just to lazy to do basic research.  GPS satellites are military.  Missile defense tech is talked about all the time.  SBIRS, DSP, etc... all military.  The Air Force 50th Space Command has a website.

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