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Top 10 Pharmacy Companies in India

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Top 10 Pharmacy Companies in Indiahttp://www.blog.latestoffcampus.com/2013/10/top-10-pharmacy-companies-in-india.html
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Text Comments (111)
Sumitra Khokhar (3 days ago)
Cipla...sbsa upper
Pankaj Maurya (18 days ago)
Top 10 pharmaceutical companies ke founders & ceo who?
Vinod Kumar (23 days ago)
Nice I also work unit of aurobindo pharma
Mhd Maruf (23 days ago)
sunpharm kah h
Akshay Deshbhratar (1 month ago)
Rong information dali puri
Akshay Deshbhratar (1 month ago)
Ranbacxy Ab sun ho gae hai kitane salo se
What..aurbindo...r u crazy Wrong information or corrupt utuber
chandu reddy (1 month ago)
Wt about Hospera
aravind siva (1 month ago)
Where is alkem? Wrong survey
Deepak Sharma (1 month ago)
Good.try to upload more videos on pharma companies.
ROSHAN BATHAM (1 month ago)
1 mecloeds 2 mankind 3 ipca 4 aristo 5 cipla 6 intas 7 medley 8 sun pharma 9 fdc 10 wellesia medley
Deepak Sharma (1 month ago)
Sun pharma is on top
Vishnu Chalem (1 month ago)
Nitinkumar kotak (1 month ago)
Vani Vani (2 months ago)
I love aurobindo parlance it's meena
Naram Jayaram (3 months ago)
All say sun pharma is no 1 company and lupin is 2 3 Dr reedys s
NANDA KUMAR (3 months ago)
i think this guy works in arabindo thats whay he gave 1st place ...stupid selfish ness
Sanobar Khan (3 months ago)
Great BakchoDi (3 months ago)
jaydeep Busa (3 months ago)
sun pharmaceutical very nice company...
Naram Jayaram (3 months ago)
jaydeep Busa yes sun pharma best
Sumit Mahto (4 months ago)
Fake details
Yogesh Suralkar (4 months ago)
Where is Emcure pharmaceutical Ltd .....man
Akshay Bhawsar (4 months ago)
what the fuck
Kumar Deepak (4 months ago)
Bogus Data
lokesh ninawe (4 months ago)
Mankind, cipla and ipca is also top10 company in india.
Little Sense (4 months ago)
How to become a drug inspector after b.pharm https://youtu.be/8PY6xyzxr1M
I LOVE JESUS (5 months ago)
Medok pharma. West coast pharma
Kotla Murthy (5 months ago)
There is no genuinity in rankings
Naman Sanklecha (5 months ago)
Bewkuf pta nhi to q bta rhe ho
Farooque Shaikh (5 months ago)
Who work ‘any pharmaceutical industry pls comment me
Dinesh Kumar (5 months ago)
total India me allopathic medicine ki kitani compony hai
Varun reddy (5 months ago)
they should compete in diff diseases,solving issues of common man and around the world in reducing operating,maintenance, day to day medical needs affordability with low cost. greedyness ruins pharma company, innovations and service brings a good reputation,fame,popularity that u cant buy with billions
VINOJ KUMAR (6 months ago)
Gaurav Gupta (6 months ago)
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rajesh mannem (6 months ago)
I think it's only veterinary medicine manufacturer in India ?, but where is geevet, sss pharma, lupin , virbac, Neospark, Shreeji, pls. verify google results don't give wrong information
kiran honmane (5 months ago)
hiii sir geevet is professional company
raju das (6 months ago)
Denise M (6 months ago)
Why all the music dang
muhammed fahad (6 months ago)
Its full of mistake in indian sun pharma is top
Siddharth Chauhan (6 months ago)
Why Akums not in this list
Ankush Pandey (6 months ago)
1 sun pharma 2 abbot 3 gsk 4 cipla
Ankush Pandey (6 months ago)
ACHYUT GAVADE (6 months ago)
Chutiye sale
jp education (6 months ago)
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sunny (7 months ago)
where is my MANKIND
sunny (7 months ago)
chutiye tu lagta hai Aurobindo mein Kaam karta hai... Aurobindo top 1000 mein b nahi hogi
Sonny, Woon Tat Loo (7 months ago)
Sir, The above info was published on 25 Jul 2015. Don't you think a fresh list could be published for the year ended 2016? Thank you
akash vashisth (7 months ago)
arbindo pharma ne banaya h kya ye video 1 sun pharma
Daxesh Shah (7 months ago)
Latestoffcampus (7 months ago)
Thu howla hey
Man Jit (8 months ago)
GlaxoSmithKline brand is not available in market ccm
bharat kasekar (3 months ago)
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sushil bhoi (8 months ago)
where is macleods pharma bhai.?which rank?
Rakesh Shinde (9 months ago)
sun farma
satish saklani (9 months ago)
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Pharma Professionals (9 months ago)
please do not post wrong information. it is fake info
FEBIN K FRANCIS (10 months ago)
wrong information dear....
Kesava Ganta (6 months ago)
how can you saying?
Latestoffcampus (10 months ago)
FEBIN K FRANCIS not really
Subhanallah Saifi (10 months ago)
There is wrong information about ranking of pharma industries..
Rizwan Shaikh (10 months ago)
Sunpharma ne ranbaxy ko le liya hai...to ranbaxy 2nd par kaese ..Sunpharma is on top
Naram Jayaram (3 months ago)
Rizwan Shaikh yes sun pharma buy ranbaxy
amarnath bhadra (10 months ago)
Please indicate the source of the rating of this information, we raise douut of it's authentic it.y
Dinesh Utture (10 months ago)
Cipla is now top one
vaghela pranav (10 months ago)
False yar where is Cipla? The giant
Medhat Mohammed (10 months ago)
Pharma Translation Services https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62hoNmZLeB8
nagireddy naresh (11 months ago)
Paramesh Kumar (11 months ago)
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Paramesh Kumar (11 months ago)
job kavali 9542880543
Somnath Bhowmick (11 months ago)
bullshit and worthless info....
velu Velu (1 year ago)
wrong information
sabiha khan (1 year ago)
FAYAZ KHAN (4 months ago)
sabiha khan hi
manikanta oruganti (8 months ago)
sabiha khan f***
pradeep yadav (1 year ago)
1st pa sun pharma ha
mohd ilyas (1 year ago)
This is all wrong.
Ahsaan Sadiq (1 year ago)
Off course that time you've given wrong data.. You missed Indian MNC Cipla Ltd.
ramesh singh (1 year ago)
wrong inform....dear......
Arbindo can't come even top 100 no. this all fake You tube rapo will spoil like ths video
Biswajit Bag (1 year ago)
in which world are you..ranbaxy in the top hahahhaha..
Archna V (1 year ago)
Biswajit Bag
praveen tamarapalli (1 year ago)
completely wrong information what about cipla
MrAelish (1 year ago)
company's are ok but ranking is bullshit, there is no logic .
Kalandi Dash (5 months ago)
Sun, Abbott, Cipla, alkem and mankind top five company as per org ims
Srinath Mudragada (1 year ago)
where is mankind
Srikanth Medical (1 year ago)
aurobindo first ah
Ahmedmohsin Alameer (1 year ago)
who make this classification?
chandra prakash (1 year ago)
Wrong data
Hassan Javed Jindran (1 year ago)
what rubbish 1 sunpharma 2 Lupin 3 Dr reddy 4 cipla 5 Auro pharma 6 Cadila healthcare 7 Glenmark 8 Glaxosmithkline 9 Divis laboratories 10 Piramal enterprise Samja..........
Afzal Khan (1 month ago)
Hassan Javed Jindran Watsapp no?
prabha rani patel (1 month ago)
Hassan Javed Jindran sir will u please tell me how to get good job through b.phrm
dolly agarwal (8 months ago)
intas pharmecuticals
Mantu Rajbangshi (8 months ago)
Hassan Javed Jindran what about MANKIND
Rohan (1 year ago)
agreed with SUN pharma,but what about mankind,Abbott,Torrent,Ranbaxy..are you sure about auro n divis
Sivakumar Bellan (1 year ago)
PLease do not give wrong information. Please read data from ORG-IMS and AIOCD AWACS and then give the ranking
toupu huang (1 year ago)
Sivakumar Bellan could you share the link ?
Prateek Singh (1 year ago)
Bc Cipla kha he
Hema latha (1 year ago)
wt abt hetero
Rajesh Kumar Karanam (1 month ago)
Hetero Asia's biggest api
Sanjay Patel (1 month ago)
Hema latha 11
Breaking khabre (1 year ago)
Hema latha @not a gud co.1stly they select candidates dn sent them for training & assured us dt we r in but after a few days of training Hetero kicked mostly exp candidates & give a less amout for return. In a metro city like Mumbai they forced us to go Our home town without any warning b4 kicked out 4m training centre. Some how we survived&by God geace we reached home .We have no idea about Mumbai no place for stay no food in time we almost a few money in our pocket.Agar kuch ho jata to gharwalo ki kya hal hota yesab nahi sochta hai Hetero.I recommended not to go Hetero
Rj Santiago (1 year ago)
Is fluimucil good remedy for dry couch
SUDHIR SINGH (1 year ago)
Hema latha
Rohith Kp (1 year ago)
What about Cipla
Magha Saharan (1 year ago)
Rohith Kp
tejal hiremath (2 years ago)
where's biocon?

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