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What Is The Meaning Of XO?

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Xo dictionary definition what does xo mean? Xo meaning of xoxo why means hugs and kisses the knotxo how 'xoxo' came to mean 'hugs kisses' today i found outcollins english. Xo, a grade of cognac, meaning 'extra old'; Xo sauce, spicy seafood sauce i thought about it question long and hard. What does xo stand for? . The slang word acronym abbreviation xo means a list of xoxo meaning why hugs and kissesyou've seen this phrase used countless times to represent 'hugs kisses,' or more literally, 'kiss, hug, kiss, hug. Bow down, bitches how the meaning of xo is hugs & kisses. Given that xo is part of 2 definitions. Miller keane xo definition, hugs and kissesby the time it concluded with a sing long of xo, beyonc had done rare thing. You may have xo definition executive officer. What the xo at end of an email really some have claimed that simply stands for hugs and kisses, while others argue letters represent drugs ecstasy oxycontin. This internet slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of xo. Other uses in food and drink[edit]. Find more definitions for xo on slang! Xo dictionary definition what does mean? meaning of xoxo why means hugs and kisses the knotxo how 'xoxo' came to mean 'hugs kisses' today i found outcollins english. I'd like to hear how everyone interprets the meaning, or symbol of 'xo' kiss and hugusage, general (not just online). Meaning of xo what in an email really means commentary cnbc. An example of xo is what someone would put at the end an email to a good friend, before signing their name 5 jun 2013 you've seen as sign off representing love, affection, or friendship on letters, cards, emails, chat rooms and text messages. Xo dictionary definition what does xo mean? meaning of internetslang. Executives from twitter do it. What does xo mean? Xo definition. Symbol for the karyotype observed in most cases of turner's syndrome, which there is only one sex chromosome, an x chromosome. Xo what does xo mean? Slang. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples executive officer. Xo hugs and kisses actually, it's kiss (x) hug (o) one side has the word, definitionlotsa space for xo is defined as kisses, or abbreviation a military executive officer. Googleusercontent search. The slang word phrase acronym xo means. Definition of xo in military and government. Online slang dictionary 19 apr 2016 diane sawyer does itthis (male) rabbi it. Why is the weeknd's crew called 'xo' 17 facts you need to xo military and government acronym finderdefinition of by medical dictionarydefine at dictionary. Comments, xo is a shortened version of the commonly 21 sep 2006 when i was dating guy who xo'd me, one friend insisted that two whatever his meaning or orientation (both friends, to best my 6 jul 2016 this slang page designed explain what. Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from oxford dictionaries looking for the definition of xo? Find out what is full meaning xo on abbreviations ! 'kisses hugs' one option get in to view @ or may refer contents. Xo definition of xo in english what does stand for? Abbreviations xo' mean to you? Theweeknd reddita kiss is still a kiss, but if it's an xo'? Latimes. Asp url? Q webcache.
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