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Steve VS Alex - Minecraft

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It's just another wonderful day in steve's life, which gets interrupted when suddenly another default character appears... Of course, the new one is inexperienced and weak, but who will win in the end? Buy Minecraft: http://goo.gl/CWO1Qp Music: Kevinmacleod http://incompetech.com/ GrieferMusic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb9Y...
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Text Comments (3922)
StormyCam 2010 (13 days ago)
there both stupid enough for me
Steve is noob alex is pro
mohammed Gamer (18 days ago)
fuck you bitch
mohammed Gamer (18 days ago)
malek 7mar
Josef Freund (23 days ago)
DS PKK (27 days ago)
I want more steve vs alex pls
DS PKK (27 days ago)
Steve was a winner because steve so big then alex
Steve hijo de puta
Eleiziane Fidelis (1 month ago)
Melvin Magat (1 month ago)
Steve is good and epic😁😁😁😁😁
Donna Vel (1 month ago)
Donna Vel (1 month ago)
alex is better😎😎😎😎😎😎
Santiago Salcedo (1 month ago)
Bueno soy español
Santiago Salcedo (1 month ago)
Yes win steve
Menino Galatico (1 month ago)
E ficaram raivosos para sempre
PythonBoi 247 (1 month ago)
14:59 steve would of died in real minecraft, the fire damage, the arrow damage, the critical hit and fall damage
Mrr V The Mix (1 month ago)
jinpachi326 (1 month ago)
Hayden Aguilar (1 month ago)
Eugenio mosquera garcia (2 months ago)
Alex is noob Steve is Pro.
FELIPE Games (2 months ago)
Wave Blox (2 months ago)
THIS IS THE FIRST VIDEO WHERE BOYS WINS !!! In all videos girls wins .... And I hate when girls wins
Salvador Dmello (3 months ago)
Put traps
And like olford ray
Juli Hazarika (3 months ago)
Steve 👍👍👍👍
Tomasz Kwiatkowski (3 months ago)
МАX PLAY (3 months ago)
я терпеть не могу Alex
matin shr (4 months ago)
نسخت چنده
Raak 34 (4 months ago)
Danelle Burkholder (5 months ago)
why all the hate for Alex she had diamond armor sword and a way better house I mean like Steve's house was able to be seen Alex's house was behind vines and had a secret door she also looks better than Steve's skin hers doesn't look bland Steve's is bland GO ALEX!
Dava Hannas Putra (5 months ago)
Alex has a jerk face
Carmen Tillack (5 months ago)
Alex Alex AlexAlex
zevel taking (5 months ago)
A alex é muito noob
Elias Capcha (5 months ago)
Pronun. Sia. Alo. A. Español
Alihan Kavas (5 months ago)
adrian rego (5 months ago)
Steve what is wrong with you? Your house will explode never ever do that choice again! ok? but i like alex and im tuxideo steve on minecraft and my sis is alex she won all the rounds of battle
topdog23100 (5 months ago)
I like both Steve and Alex, but I like Alex more
Isabele Bampi (5 months ago)
Que legal sou visiada em minecraft
merlitaparedes balintong (5 months ago)
no herobrine ihate alex not steve
Black Shadow 69 (5 months ago)
Steve is good and Alex too
Weidong Chen (5 months ago)
Alex should be smart she should biuld over the fens
Weidong Chen (6 months ago)
If you see closely steve trained with sorwd
Madeeha Kashif (6 months ago)
blah blah
Minimaster 08 (6 months ago)
Of course Steve would win he’s the twin of herobrine
Alejandra Toda (6 months ago)
Alex its a girl
Manoela Correa (6 months ago)
I Liked It Disso.😄😃😊
My Son (6 months ago)
Steve was the bomb
steve vs alex
Jell Medrano (7 months ago)
I hate steve
Train Kid (6 months ago)
Jell Medrano Shut up
Rp Marcenaria (7 months ago)
esqueleto vs zonbie
Mim-Lord (7 months ago)
Amaya Tranelis (7 months ago)
I Like Thhe Beginning i lIKE tHE mUSIC
Nemanja Paštrović (8 months ago)
Like ko misli da je minekraft najbolji
Darrius Jones (8 months ago)
Me I love music and good video
EthanThePro (8 months ago)
Steve wins!!!!!
Alexandre Gutierrez (8 months ago)
cual es más fuerte alex o Steve 😱😱🔪🔪
Fred Merry (8 months ago)
Really your saying boy are better than girls I hate you your the dumbest
Train Kid (6 months ago)
You're the dumbest
Train Kid (6 months ago)
Fred Merry When did he say that
Vesie Perez (8 months ago)
Part 5 pls
Marc alschi (9 months ago)
Das sollte komb jutak
LEONARDO GAMES (9 months ago)
Sammy Montana (9 months ago)
MMS Sy (9 months ago)
Wither vs Ender dragon pls
GrieferMovies (9 months ago)
MMS Sy we already did that one ;)
YumiNekoKawaii12 Gamer (9 months ago)
Alex love Steve
Sh'kelley Louis (9 months ago)
he its a garl
Imam Wae (10 months ago)
Jelek kaya telek
Norma Leva (10 months ago)
Scarrab (10 months ago)
😫💔😈💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💑💏💑👨‍👩‍👧💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏💑💏they need love idiot
Scarrab (10 months ago)
Scarrab (10 months ago)
Train Kid (6 months ago)
SilverScarab Minecraft no need to describe yourself
Andrea Sánchez (10 months ago)
jajajajajaja😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😹 me hizo reír jajajaja😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
_ RICHIE_ (10 months ago)
Me:you dumb ass Steve:No Me:so why you put TNT here Steve:because I'm dumb ass Me:so you dumb ass Steve:No Me:So why you put TNT here Steve:because I'm dumb ass 10 hours later... Me:so....you dumb....ass..... Steve:N....o.... Me:So.....wh...y...you put...T...NT he...re Steve:Because.....I...m (Died) Notch:Steve tried to swim in I give up hole lol Me:So..you...(Died) Notch:Richie tired to swim in dumb ass give up hole lol THE END NG: Stevv tired to swim in I giv up hole NG2:notch tried to swam at I give up hole
adamvGame Tv (10 months ago)
jste king
teo arooba (10 months ago)
Pongamen un visto por favor 😢😢😢
Wrong · answers (10 months ago)
Of course Steve always win
Scarrab (10 months ago)
Nathan Racaud (10 months ago)
TV avec
Kersti Vaiküll (10 months ago)
rosangela Farias de Souza (10 months ago)
eu torço para o steve
吉原一真 (10 months ago)
Ahmed Haidr (10 months ago)
Ahmed Haidr (10 months ago)
Nuala Dewhurst (11 months ago)
*MUSICAS* *DIARIAS* (11 months ago)
Yes noooo
Scarrab (11 months ago)
Idiots who like this
Train Kid (6 months ago)
SilverScarab Minecraft You're a retard
Елена В (11 months ago)
та класс
Елена В (11 months ago)
ты класс
Елена В (11 months ago)
ты гавно
Jikook Tus patrones (11 months ago)
Luuh Oliveira (11 months ago)
faz herobrine Vs nubs
JVNQ (11 months ago)
Por favor se inscreva no meu canal que eu já me inscrevi no seu.
Alexia Stanley (11 months ago)
thiago gamer play alves (11 months ago)
Steve e esperto
Emily Catbagan (11 months ago)
I hate who etid I want the girl boo boo
Scarrab (11 months ago)
Youre greifer.....just dont do something better than this i think youre whatcing bucket😢 and theres no some who cando love.😷
How stinky who's going to win but my sister said Steve is going to win but you did
Fernando Orellana (11 months ago)
طيف الخزعلي (11 months ago)
Tyler Russell (11 months ago)
i am not sure this is goooooooood !

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