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Fast & Furious 8 Review (Spoilers)

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Text Comments (67)
The most ridiculous part of Fast 8 was when Ramsey quote unquote counter-hacked Cipher.
Mark J (4 months ago)
Dominic beats someone so bad with a wrench he disabled him permenantly and how would Shaw know they are good guys and not other criminals.
Gummans Gubbe (6 months ago)
You cant rewiew these films from the american version. You must watch the french version.
Keyser Soze (6 months ago)
The Rock & Statham double-act proves an invaluable element in the film, though it's true that Statham doesn't seem to be playing quite the same character here.
Bill Westfall (7 months ago)
fast and the furious 9: reformed Stalin joins the team
Cllinton Riggs (8 months ago)
Wasn't this series a gay porno originally?
Matt77 (10 months ago)
They should just bring back Hon, with the writing as crazy as it is.
Rübert (11 months ago)
I never understood how this crap even has a market niche
DarkPegasus87 (11 months ago)
Honestly, I'm not sure Han's death was as much an injustice to him as it was a wish granted. After Giselle died saving him, it was like he was half-dead. He seemed like he was fighting with depression in Tokyo Drift and losing. Though he was in a life and death situation near the end of Fast 3, he seemed less dazed and more relieved in the setup for Fast 7 at the end of Fast 6. If anything, the "injustice" was felt more by his friends than by him. As for Deckard bonding with Hobbs, they are amazingly alike. They are good guys that ran afoul of the law for the right reasons. The team didn't so much accept Shaw as they tolerated him grudgingly; and, though their actions set them apart, I think Toretto understood that he and Shaw had the same motivations: Family. As for Deckard's brother Owen joining him on the plane, I think you missed his scene with his mother. Deckard popped out about Owen being a lost cause and got slapped for it. Even so, I don't think they were very close while on the plane anymore than Deckard and Hobbs/Toretto were. It was something they had to get through so they bit the bullet as it were. If Cipher becomes part of the team and isn't killed by them, that will kill the series. She murdered Elena in front of Dominic because he wouldn't shoot Letti for trying to take the Russian 'Football' and basically bullied and strong-armed him multiple times over and over again while threatening an infant's life. Deckard didn't do that and Owen got severe road-rash and a hospital stay with a feeding tube for doing it once. She was also the mastermind and not a pawn so she can't claim she was manipulated. I don't think Hobbs would forgive her and Dominic most certainly wouldn't. Deckard WILL kill her if he ever gets the chance and accept the orange jumpsuit if that's what it takes.
Lina Jones (1 year ago)
So this is basically an anime series, with the mass-murdering psycho villains becoming heroes? :P
Touch of Gray (1 year ago)
The series should have ended after the 1st movie, total crap.
The Youtube Guy (1 year ago)
You always choose the negative dimension for every thing !! But this isn't the way of living ! You must remember that the this world exists due to The POSITIVITY !!!
Zillagod100 (1 year ago)
Hi Dave, for someone who frequently talks about the dumbing down of culture I'm surprised with the movies you choose to review. I understand that films are entertainment and often an audience just wants some frothy escapism but what happened to art that inspires, educates and informs. Last night myself and my other half went to see The Promise and we were the only ones in the theatre. This was a very high quality accessible historical movie which has an important and very relevant message. I'm sure the other screens were full. Such a shame that audiences that have been fed on infantile junk just continue to crave more of the same.
Hl A (1 month ago)
"what happened to art that inspires, educates and informs" Yeah, there is enough hollyweirdos trying to cram their political views down our throats. lol Plus you don't need to see the film you saw at the Theaters, they can watch that at home. But people need the theaters for the big sound effects and really big screen for the sgi fest. lol
Marios Moukakos (1 year ago)
From car racers to becoming super spies and saving the world. WTF?
Proteus (1 year ago)
Summary: the manga was better
Frank Bullitt (1 year ago)
I got to work on this film as background/ extra but the behind the scenes bullshit is what bothered me the most about this film.
Allen Just (1 year ago)
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michael moore (1 year ago)
Talk about Suicide Squad
Velissa Jansen (1 year ago)
The Fate of the Furious 2017 ⏯P.L.A.Y.N.O.W:⏩https://twitter.com/servermovie/status/856423255971733504
Ola H (1 year ago)
DVD it is then..
MaverickhunterXZero (1 year ago)
I can already see Fast 9, Sypher is the main hero that saves the world.
SpiderEternal (1 year ago)
Diggin the new intro.
The DORUK (1 year ago)
Next : Alien Covenant or Ghost in the Shell; Please ?
Computing Forever (1 year ago)
yep and yep
jim22277 (1 year ago)
I watched Fast and furious 1,2 and 3 and swirved the rest.
MeanGreen (1 year ago)
I've always been a big fan of this series of movies, I don't expect them to be more than popcorn flicks, but I always enjoy them. That said, I was also taken back by them turning Statham into a good guy all of a sudden especially after what he'd done in the past. I kept waiting for a big reveal of how he had actually been deep undercover for years and Han's death was faked. No such luck. The only other part that irritated me was when the Rock was coaching his daughter's soccer team. Her team was a group of racially diverse little girls warming up with a traditional Samoan warrior chant while the opposing team consisted of terrified little blonde white girls who wanted to quit before the game started. Couldn't help but think there was a hidden message being slipped in there. It was a funny scene but couldn't they have mixed the other team up a little too by not making this now common narrative look so obvious.
5header (1 year ago)
No Coronas in this movie, I thought Dom was a Corona man.
Spencer Whiteway (1 year ago)
"Make the villain your ally", well this series is clearly taking inspiration from Dragonball Z.
Fran Ohmsford (1 year ago)
I don't watch reviews with spoilers until I've seen the movie so I'm afraid this vid is going to have to go on the back burner until the DVD comes out.
krileayn (1 year ago)
Do a review of Hacksaw Ridge. We need more movies like that.
krileayn (1 year ago)
Fast and Furious 8? Why even bother.
Paul Jr (1 year ago)
Watched your review with no guilt, as I wouldn't see this movie anyways. I saw The first 2, and I was like meh...Later on I tried to catch up on Netflix with Tokyo Drift and the one with a tunnel chase in Mexico, but no thanks.
Kajetan Gams (1 year ago)
lets face it: the whole series is a reason for a bunch of actors, etc to hang out together and have a good time.
Mettaton Neo EX (1 year ago)
Can you play CSR Racing 2 please
Positive Anion (1 year ago)
Epic intro dude!
It was a fun leave your brain at the door affair. I enjoyed it for the popcorn flick it was. These movies have never stood up to close inspection and they're just an enjoyable frivolity.
John McGuinness (1 year ago)
Welcome to WWE. Wrestling rewrote into movies. Villains become allies, new wrestlers, uh, I mean, villains introduced. Nest we'll have Trump coming in and kicking the ass out of the bad guys... Oh, wait, we already did that. (PS Thank God for Grammarly, the cab sav I consumed would've... Well you can figure out the rest.)
Ross Gowland (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed it. I wanted OTT car chases and some quips and fisticuffs from the Rock and Statham and got just that. I may have a heavy dose of low expectation, but I paid £8 and got over two hours of solid amusement. And I like McDonald's as well. I have no shame.
Gato Villano (1 year ago)
I never liked fast n the furious. I think it was ment for people suffering from ADHD. The story is dumb, the narration is event dumber. Any pretext is good enough to start racing in the streets. And the drivers look like they are having a narcissistic ego trip while they are driving. I think the franchise should have ended with the tank blowing them all up. It would have made a good ending atlease.
Gato Villano (1 year ago)
lemon: yeah... I didnt laugh. I didnt even see the first movie from beginning to end. I realized that I had more entertaining things to do, like cleaning, taking out the trash, looking at the ceilling =P
LemonZeppelin (1 year ago)
There are some films that are stupid but you watch them for a laugh. This is one of those movies. If you expect to be entertained and not have to think too much, you'll be happy. If you expect a movie with a decent plot and well developed characters, you'll be disappointed.
Rainman Slim (1 year ago)
next: Fast and the furious 9: "Stop, please just stop making these"
Great Britant (1 year ago)
Rainman Slim Fast and furious 20: Car Boot sale.
Maddog3060 (1 year ago)
Fast & Furious 10: Can't Drive 55 (Because they're all Seniors)
matsv201 (1 year ago)
Asked my wife "Do you want to se fast & furious 8" She answered: "I don´t want to see a porno to night" Me: "its not a porno" She: "of cause it is, its the nr 8 in the series, it have to be a porno"
skylineandy (1 year ago)
Awful film won't watch another again
The DORUK (1 year ago)
skylineandy At least Prometheus Space CGI was watch-able; Very Agreed thought.
skylineandy (1 year ago)
Yeah so did prometheus... Rt isn't a perfect gauge of quality
The DORUK (1 year ago)
skylineandy It Got High Score from 'Rotten' Tomatoes (!)
Counter Tenor (1 year ago)
Never seen any of them.
Dennis Premoli (1 year ago)
I liked ONLY for the intro!
Vladimir Ceh (1 year ago)
I gave up on F&F after 3rd or 4th movie. I only clicked because i was surprised that they still go on... Your conclusion is no surprise to me. Are F&F 5, 6, 7 worth been seeing?
DarkPegasus87 (11 months ago)
They are. Any movie with Hobbs in it is fun to watch just for his Deep South sayings that are to the point, amusingly graphic and, yet, simple. His no-nonsense country-boy-of-faith-and-fury attitude is a very nice aspect to the films.
Kenny Powers (1 year ago)
+MoviesForLife How long was that runway?
MoviesForLife (1 year ago)
Six is great. Stupid but great.
Kenny Powers (1 year ago)
Five and Six are.
Kenny Powers (1 year ago)
Charlize is pretty hot for her age.
onlyonewhyphy (1 year ago)
How can anyone Spoil a pile of shit?
onlyonewhyphy (1 year ago)
...and now I know.
Positive Anion (1 year ago)
onlyonewhyphy, well, if you have any experience picking up shit, you will know that while new, fresh shits are, if decent and hard enough, fairly easy to pick up. However, shits that have been left out in the rain get mushy, and are much more difficult to deal with. Such a shit could possibly be considered as "Spoiled Shit"
is that game one of those pay to win scam?
Carson's Meme Factory (1 year ago)
You should review Fahrenheit 9/11 or any Michael Moore movie.
Phil Bob (1 year ago)
I guess they just need a way to bring the action starts like Statham back for more movies.. Can't do it if they kill 'em off as the bad guys, it does sound a bit ridiculous though.
In2goTech Reviews (1 year ago)
Nice intro man!

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