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HOW TO: Make gelatin for joint pain / arthritis

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Assalamoalaikum, hey guys so this drink had been tried by my father and he had seen positive results. Atleast after a week u will start seeing results. TIPS : 1. DONT keep this in refrigerator. 2. Make this in night and drink this in morning before having ur breakfast. 3. You can use orange juice or apple juice or tang to make this drink. 4.Whatever liquid u r taking make sure its cold. 5.If it is difficult for u to drink full glass of this drink than u can reduce the water to ur liking but the amount of gelatin should be same. 6. MAKE SURE WHICH EVER GELATIN U R USING IT SHOULD BE UNFLAVOURES, CLEAR GELATIN. 7.The consistency on this drink depend on the weather. 8.Consistency is not important , it can be like a slushee, or it can also turn into a jelly or it will be pure liquid. TO FIND MORE ABOUT ME :- TWITTER: @zsrst (only girls)SNAPCHAT:- alicesadaf INSTAGRAM:- Sadaf_kitchen FOR BEAUTY RELATED ARTICLES: BLOG: https://happinessinthethirdworld.blog... https://beinghijabiblog.wordpress.com/ SHOW SOME LOVE IN THIS NEGATIVE WORLD BY LIKING THIS VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBING TO MY CHANNEL AND CREATING OUR OWN SMALL POSITIVE WORLD PHOTO CREDITS: ALL PHOTOS IN THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN CLICKD BY ME AND EDITED BY ME AS WELL if u have any video request plz let me know TILL THEN TAKE CARE STAY HAPPY MA'SALAMA Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Product purchased with my own money. Information has been shared solely for the benefit of my viewers. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Shalizah Mohamed (8 days ago)
Any use this do know if it work.
Dolores Naldo (1 month ago)
Where can i find Halal certfied gelatine? What is d difference of agar fr gelatine or just d same?
ashibee12345 (12 days ago)
Agar is made from a plant base..so i dont think it will help..you need gelatin from animals..for halal gelatin i finally found some at Wal-Mart (made in pakistan) . I am going to try this for my knees now that i found it..hope it helps inshallah!
Softail Mann (1 month ago)
Yeah....this very annoying background noise really SUCKS!!!! It's not rap, IT'S CRAP!!! And CRAP is NOT any form of music at all!!!
Michael Wendell (1 month ago)
You forgot a 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper, turmeric won't be absorbed by the body without it.....yoyo my nigga!!
OldNatty (1 month ago)
Sugar free honey?
Sanjeev Kumar (2 months ago)
I have very bad arthritis,can I mix it with carrot juice and how many times a day can I take it
BEING HIJABI (2 months ago)
Hey. You can have it with carrot juice and u can have it once day!
Ganesh Srinivas (3 months ago)
It's neither a song nor reading in the background. Otherwise the information is good.
EARL DAVIS (3 months ago)
Americans and Europeans suck. Who cares what music is playing its all about the flipping gelatin for your joints. Jesus!!!!!!!
Tee Ro (2 months ago)
EARL DAVIS --Those of us that have to listen to the shit "care." Myself, I am inundated with pain so consequently I have to use extra energy and attention to take in the information while trying NOT to let the disturbing music inhibit the intake and comprehension of the needed info. To many of us it is akin to many disturbing audio inputs that possibly irritate the hell out of you. Instead maybe ppl should be less defensive and try looking at things in life from someone else's side.
LazlosPlane (4 months ago)
Why the horrible, offensive, repugnant, brain shrinking "music"??? Are we all inner city gangstas? What shit.
Hashir Mannan (5 months ago)
Ye ghadi ke saath jo tumne kaarigari kari hai usko bhoolna itna aasaan nahi hai.
Sarah Michaels (5 months ago)
Music sucks!
Shifa Khanum (6 months ago)
Hey bhaiya, where do we find the halal gelatin?
Roopa Utchil (5 months ago)
Hi! You can buy it online at Amazon, the name is nature's secret gelatin.
gokarengo (8 months ago)
So far...so good...its working for a lotta people l know
Asm (9 months ago)
Can you put off the back ground music ? It is really very irritating.
Honey Keeper (9 months ago)
stop with the music
Rehana Kadek (9 months ago)
,bullet proof coffee
Can you mix it in with a smoothie instead of water ???? Thx
Chill with the music
Dorsey Green (9 months ago)
I have arthritis primarily in my thumbs and sometimes have a hard time holding on to things or I have trouble choosing things up. Given that I have been utilizing this arthritis treatment method “rumrum shocking press” (Google it), my range of motion is better and I also do not find myself sucking in my breath.
Mildred Snethen (10 months ago)
Hi Being Hyjabi new subscriber here I saw this gelatine in Target and will try it I have joint pain in my knee from my Hypothyroidism 😞
BEING HIJABI (10 months ago)
And thanks for subscribing❤️
BEING HIJABI (10 months ago)
Mildred Snethen hey...let me know if it helped 😁
Miguel Westgate (10 months ago)
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Larrissa Dianna (11 months ago)
Would the gelatine be just as effective if it's put in a capsule & swallowed?
BEING HIJABI (10 months ago)
Larrissa Dianna i guess so... but its better if u have it this way, it will be more effective
Awilda Krafchin (1 year ago)
Ariba A (1 year ago)
Bad music bad recipe It should be hot water not cold Stop making wrong video
BEING HIJABI (10 months ago)
Ariba A sorry about the bad music...and about the recipe, this is what i did and it worked, so if u want u can try it, it might work for u as well
kidanny my king (1 year ago)
I'm only using the unflavored gelatine and apple juice and honey is that okay or do I have to add something else to see better results or would work the same please can someone answer me this .
Jackie Campbell (4 months ago)
always positive. l have a friend with that problem....found out every. time he over used his hands they would be all puffed up and painful the next morning. After an hour or so the puffiness would go down but the pain lingered....A woman l know had that same problem when she played cards all afternoon....she quit playing cards and her hands quit hurting.....just saying
BEING HIJABI (10 months ago)
always positive ohhh!!! In sha Allah it will get better....i will pray for u
kidanny my king (10 months ago)
BEING HIJABI well I have been going to the hospital 4 time a week and none of the Doctors and nurses know why my fingers r swelling. I did cut down on the salt and processed foods and the problems still there. I gonna get a blood test and see what happens from there. When I woke up is when my fingers swell the most.
BEING HIJABI (10 months ago)
always positive i guess ur sodium level is high ..i will suggest u to control ur salt and processed food intake...and before that get urself checked by a doctor❤️
kidanny my king (1 year ago)
I would like to know what is good for my fingers they are swelling.
kidanny my king (1 year ago)
Do I put this in the refrigerator overnight?
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
No u dont have to put it in the refrigerator
RAMANAND DAGAR (1 year ago)
Dear Sir pl tell me where it can be purchased from
Sumit Kumar (8 months ago)
Where can I get gelatine in Patna?
RAMANAND DAGAR (1 year ago)
Thank you Sir
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
RAMANAND DAGAR okay so u can get it from CMR mall or agarwal super market or any other general supermarkets
RAMANAND DAGAR (1 year ago)
In Secunderabad
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
RAMANAND DAGAR u can buy it from any departmental store ....by the way where do u live ?
Melón malone (1 year ago)
Howard Johnson (1 year ago)
Why should I want anything mohammidan? I don't live in the 2nd Century and we are not savages or pedophiles
Hashir Mannan (5 months ago)
Howard Johnson shut the hell up. you prick!
Dals Su (10 months ago)
Howard Johnson The one showing hate us you here...can you show any islamic teachings asking its followers to do suicide? Amd bomb ourselves or kill people? U read the quran wrongly...read it in its full contexts....even harvard agrees with me brother...
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Howard Johnson you know what i am done with this conversation but i wish you all the very best for your life
Howard Johnson (1 year ago)
Well bh, I hope you too are in medina and mecca when we bomb It off the face of the earth. As far as the rest that you said, can you spell fulla crap?
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Howard Johnson first of all we all would love to be in mecca and medina u knw why cuz its so peaceful there ...no one knows each other yet they greet each other with politeness and u should not spread negavity spread love and peace🙌🏼
busamaster (1 year ago)
can do without nigga music
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
busamaster sorry for the awful music
Lynn Love (1 year ago)
Does this really work?.
gokarengo (8 months ago)
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Lynn Love yup this worked for my father....but every person body reacts differently so give it a try there is no harm in it
frank Tava (1 year ago)
Stupid video we here to chat to learn from each other
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
frank Tava sorry i didnt get you
Alexis Maribel (1 year ago)
good music great video!.thank u
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
+Alexis Maribel thank you
Karen Hardy (1 year ago)
The music put me right off, it's awful!!!! I had to turn off the noise
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Karen Hardy sorry for the awful music i am not good at choosing music and i meant sugar free (stevia) or honey...
MrStargazer777 (1 year ago)
fake honey has sugar in it.. so I think she meant make sure it's pure honey..
Ursula Benson (1 year ago)
Karen Hardy yea, the music turned me off too and wth is "sugar free" honey ? who makes honey with sugar ?
Hussein Olokunola (1 year ago)
Thanks so much pls hw many table spoon also how many cup of water ? I want to try it
Hussein Olokunola (1 year ago)
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
+Hussein Olokunola 1tbsp (10gm) of gelatin in 1 glass (450ml) of water. Try it
Maria Tereza Ferreira (1 year ago)
Not crazy about the background music because I'm not a teenager. Your video is well presented & I have subscribed to your channel. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗
regina fischer (9 months ago)
Maria Tereza Ferreira star anis
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Maria Tereza Ferreira lol i am not a teenager as well ...thank you for subscribing to my channel
Qamar Deen (1 year ago)
like your style
Lynette Parland (1 year ago)
Qamar Deen loo Isafra hill up
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Qamar Deen thank you❤️❤️❤️
aqua fina (1 year ago)
you are so young, what do you know about joint pain/arthritis?
Tee Ro (2 months ago)
Arthritis knows no age boundaries. We always assumed it was an "older" person's dis-ease.
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Awww thank uh ❤️❤️❤️and dont worry In sha Allah it will help
aqua fina (1 year ago)
BEING HIJABI you are such a good daughter.. you are so right the meds don't help at all..its hard to live your life while in pain . I will try this starting tomorrow thank you
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
aqua fina yup i am young (20yrs old) but i knw a lot about joint pain and arthritis cuz my dad has arthritis and i take care of him and because of him i have read a lot about joints pain...we had visited many doctors as well and believe me the medicine they recommend does not help in reducing the pain the only treatment for this is to get operation ....but by having gelatin it reduces the pain and the best thing about this is that it does not have any side effect so u can try it for 2 weeks and see the results and u can take ur medicine as well ...
Stephen Purkess (1 year ago)
hate the music. how much gelatine
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Stephen Purkess 10 gm (i have already mentioned in the video)
BEING HIJABI (2 years ago)
Shiromani De Silva (1 year ago)
BEING HIJABI I”m starting my day with my morning tea.Is it ok if I have this miracle drink after having my tea
BEING HIJABI (1 year ago)
Adeel Syed you can find it in any departmental store... btw where do u live? And sorry for the late reply i hope this helps
Adeel Syed (1 year ago)
BEING HIJABI where i can find gelatin ???? rep soon plz my mum have this probem

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