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My Thoughts on Stargate SG-1

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Text Comments (826)
Nathan Allen Pinard (7 days ago)
"I've found that beer is a suitable replacement for ...food."
Michael Gutierrez (11 days ago)
The Orville reminds me of SG-1 when it hits that sweet spot between light hearted and philosophical.
Robert Holmes (15 days ago)
All three shows in the StarGate Franchise are INCREDIBLE!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Gamer Max (17 days ago)
It went on for too long, after they got more powerful then the ancients, I started to not like it as much, and the whole merlin story line, blah. But it's early days were really well done. I really loved the show.
Cooldude Awesome (1 month ago)
I don't think this show is the greatest the boss jack guy does not seem boss quality seems to never knew anything or much about the stuff going on and he is a military leader yet every thing is a joke to him plus they always fight against the same enemies like there would be only one or two alien races out thereto me every episode was the same just different environment boo
RaceRed5.0Stang (1 month ago)
God I miss both SG-1 and Atlantis there has not been a show on TV as good since and the writing on shows has continued to decline.
Lukas Jampen (1 month ago)
I always thought the show had a very good balance between lighthearted jokes and genuin tension. Overall I also liked atlantis more and that was mostly to the characters who for me felt more believable and interesting. Te'alc for example felt often more like a robot except for the times his family was involved and atlantis also had more interesting enemies.
Jorge Warcrimes (1 month ago)
I liked Atlantis more but I like SG1 as well
FUTUREKUBIK (1 month ago)
+The Dave Cullen Show Have you see the 2018 prequel web series/movie Stargate Origins? If so, any thoughts on that, considering it;s the only real Stargate we've had in the better part of a decade?
AussieBlokeGordo (2 months ago)
Yeah you lost O'Niell but you gained Vala >8D
AussieBlokeGordo (2 months ago)
I fucking loved the movie, it was more realistic than the bible for theories of historical events
Steven Zheng (2 months ago)
MacGyver in space.
Hugo Martins (2 months ago)
of all SCi FI movies and series, Stargate was my favorite, I've watched SG1 the complete series about 3 times. About stargate universe... only watched 2 or 3 episodes...
The Fonz (2 months ago)
Great series.
Richard Gearhart (2 months ago)
Cmon, O'Neal had some good lines. A. Tapping "We had to Mcgyvver 3 super computers together to get it to work"
Mind Of Will (2 months ago)
This is by far my favorite star series
KelytaGrace (2 months ago)
3:15 Oh! I loved that episode. XD
Leinad R. (2 months ago)
Wormhole X-Treme was the best! The self parody was really funny ^^
ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ (2 months ago)
Stargate SG-1 is the action figure play session that everybody knows about.
Zerebrat Eightyseven (2 months ago)
T´alc (christopher judge) is the voice actor for kratos in god of war 4
Lynn D (2 months ago)
I really liked all Stargate properties, however there were so many episodes that were clips from previous episodes, it really detracts from the show. It's really apparent when marathoning. "Oh, geez, another one?"
Jerry Glaze (3 months ago)
It was a great show. The actor that played Hammond is the best 5 min actor I have ever seen. When he showed up he dominated. The other thing about the show that needs to be learned is there was no Mary Sue. Cater was smart and did not talk down to the males. No SJW non scents.
MGSBigBoss77 (3 months ago)
Much prefer the 1994 film over the series which prevented the sequel follow ups, but did watch the show occasionally and it was alright for the first 5 or 6 seasons?! So dislike the show when they started taking on whole galaxies with enemies far more powerful than the system lords from earlier on (Ori and Wraiths). It became way too ridiculous and unbelievable in later years. Only Stargate Universe seem to be a decent and more original attempt at doing a proper Stargate television show, a Stargate show without the excessive silly TV humor attached to it, but even that series, sadly didn't last too long did it?
QuartuvLarry (3 months ago)
I saw Stargate when I was 15 and it was my favorite film for about 2 years. Seriously, there weren't a lot of movies with this kind of premise back in the day. Then I read about a series being made, and maybe for 5 minutes I was interested, UNTIL IT WAS REVEALED NOT TO GO ALONG WITH THE ORIGINAL FILMMAKERS' VISION! THEN IT WAS DERIVATIVE SCHLOCK THAT I NEVER TOOK INTEREST IN!!! (sorry, Tinseltown, but franchise rights don't equal canon in my world)
Mad Cinder (3 months ago)
My favorite show ever and for good reason. Atlantis is right there with it. (I don't really differentiate between them)
DreadSire (3 months ago)
Damn I miss this show, nothing like it before. Nothing like it sense. The Apex of good TV was SG-1.
Kevin M. McNabb (3 months ago)
Stargate SG-1 is a better continuation of the movie and every season was great. My personal favorite episode is "The other guys" which showed the perspective from some nerdy scientists who try to help the team and wind up in the middle of it all. I saw an interview with Richard Dean Anderson who said he wanted the show to have humor and heart which it certainly did. I have also read that they allowed the actors a lot of room to improvise if they had an idea. It was a great series and I bought it on DVD long ago along with all the spin offs that come, even that horrible Stargate Universe. I love Star Trek and Star Wars but the universe of Stargate never gets old.
Han Lockhart (3 months ago)
SG1 did the biggest forced shovelling of a woman into a team they could. Then of course they had to defeat a Ghenghis Kahn type civilisation and change their entire culture in one afternoon cos `muh feminism`. It was so off-putting I stopped watching for a while. Then the story lines got a little better (I think they realised they were going too heavy on the feminism and people might notice), but still generally crap. Of course Carter couldn`t just be a good soldier she had to be magically super smart too putting the guy who was supposed to be smart out of business for `muh feminism` again. Some of you are so young you have no idea how much feminism has indoctrinated you and the media to the crap we have today.
Shane McDowell (3 months ago)
Stargate SG-1 will always be one of my favorite shows. <3
MultiTomtom23 (3 months ago)
I think a series like stargate or what I love most star trek ( I have all series on DVD) only works, or better said, only grow great, if it has likeable characters...sure, I love science fiction, but for example star trek, all or nearly all episodes could play on a cruise ship too...u see what I mean, the setting is not that important as long as u can identify with the characters... As long as they evolve over time...as long as a message that touches you is there...that is why I think the new star trek series discovery doesn't work that well...everything or many things feel act on (hope that's the right term, I could have used "made up" but if feels as if this would be the wrong term)....it doesn't feel as natural as star trek or Stargate anymore...in my eyes many modern series have this problem....they try to hard to achieve something these old series did with ease...they drew me in...I felt moved my the stories and the characters.... And I still love to watch them, although I have seen them a thousand times by now!!
MultiTomtom23 (3 months ago)
The Stargate movie is great... I watch of still somewhat frequently.... Every half a year or so...Kurt russell is a great actor...at least type casted as the few worded action hero =P Hope my English is halfway decent and understandable =)
haunted House (4 months ago)
They released a special edition with a couple new scenes that bring it more in line with the tv show
Fraggle Rock Moonwalk (4 months ago)
Always LOVED this show! Had the best drinking game to it in college.
CrackAlecIn (4 months ago)
Do Stargate Origins!
Dizzyruptor (4 months ago)
Loved SG1 but I don't think I have seen a show where the main characters are captured so often.
gcujimmy (4 months ago)
Great vid, wish I could give it more than one thumb up. Have watched Stargate ( all versions) more than once and would be safe to say it is one of my all time favourite shows. Plus Amanda Tapping *sigh*
Michael Anthony (4 months ago)
Atlantis was better. But then again, I almost had to be dragged into watching it by other people. You have to have a open mind like the Grand Canyon and a tolerance for cheese on par with Velveeta. But once you get past that, it's pretty enjoyable.
Austral (4 months ago)
Favourite series of all time, absolutely love it. Going along with the characters as they go from knowing nothing of what they're getting themselves into to a force to be reckoned with. The mythology and world of Stargate is just... I love it so much.
wowalinbie (5 months ago)
Film was awful. TV show was the best TV show I’ve ever seen.
MrSaber152 (5 months ago)
just subbed great vids thanx for the hard work
jason prevo (5 months ago)
You must be old AF lol.. im 35 and I was 10 when this show came on.... I loved it as a kid and love it now as nostalgia... donbt ruin my shit... lol
PMPrime (5 months ago)
I really started to get into SG-1 when I realized that it rewarded you for watching it. Previous episodes would get continuations, or conclusions or references in future episodes. It wasn't just one shots to fill up the season. Tech was discovered or lessons were learned and they were utilized later. It blew my frond and it just kept me glued to the screen.
Gary Tsang (5 months ago)
I like SG1 until the cheap ending, I like ALANTIS until they disrespect one of their main character (Dr weir) repeatedly. People say LAST JEDI disrespect Luke Skywalker, it pale in comparison by a huge margin with what they did to Dr Weir.
VirlomiEntreri (5 months ago)
Whoa whoa, no no no no. "The return of Jack O'Neil?" There's two. One with one L, and one with two L's. SG-1 is the one with two L's. 1994 Stargate movie is one L.
Gladiatvra (5 months ago)
I agree with most of your points...however, I must say, I'd have preferred Jackson to stay "dead". More so that it would have happened much earlier in the series. While sometimes he added a certain humor, I had a dislike of the rest of his character.
alaster boneman (5 months ago)
I have spent a lot of time thinking about the Ori and the kind of threat they posed the how the show tried to explain them. and while I don't hate them (I more find them borring more than anything else) I do think the show would have being better of if instead of sotto Christian and medieval mythology as their inspiration (with a dash of Satanism thrown in for good measure) that they should have made the Ori more a kin to the fay (fairies and other magical creatures or magic users) that often get lumped into the Arthur mythology. as a power or race older than the ancients or at lest existing alongside them. that used weird powers or tech to fuck with reality hense the myths about magic and such. and why the ancients hated them enough to lock them away as their all about science and progress where as the fay range from cruel spirits of disorder and manipulators that are more about the status qu, theirs ofcouse.
Kiei Luahi (5 months ago)
If I had to pick a current show to compare with SG1 I'd have to go with Agents of Shield.
Quentin Browne (5 months ago)
It was a good show...better than average.
sciguyjeff (5 months ago)
I generally liked SG-1 - good blend of humor and darkness. Did not care for later episodes as the Ori seemed just a mean version of what the Goa' uld should have been. It would have been nice to have more exploration of old Earth cultures as it seemed in several episodes that the Goa'uld definitely populated planets with ancient cultures (or the reverse). While we got some of this such as Thor's Hammer, it would have been great to explore how some of the ancient cultures would have "evolved" over thousands of years, harping back to Star Trek's episode Bread and Circuses. What would an ancient Greek, Egyptian, Roman or Viking culture have become with access to high tech. Would we have gotten an equivalent of Klingon or Romulans as often alluded to in Trek?
KD84Afc™ (5 months ago)
What they did best what Richard dean Anderson did, Change the depression character that Kirk Russel played and had a person who was more optimistic then suicidal, and dealt with his lose of his son in a very good episode, But it couldn't have worked with character that Russel established in the movie
Hiruye Afework (5 months ago)
I loved the show
Donald McGillavry (5 months ago)
The Ori were terrible villains. The show definitely lost it's quality when O'Neill stopped being the main character.
Thomas Schiller (5 months ago)
You should review Stargate Origins. Oh my God it's horrible. You want to talk about liberal feminist propaganda, episode 3 can't get any more obvious. Not to mention that even when putting that to the side, the acting, the plot, the CGI / props / costumes, all of it is absolutely terrible and/or reused from the CGI from 10+ years ago. The only element of the show that was even remotely positive was Connor Trinneer's performance, who is a seasoned sci-fi actor from both the Stargate franchise and Star Trek franchise, back when those franchises were actually good. But even with that said, his character was that of an old man, who was actually played off as weak and feeble compared to his daughter who was a whiskey drinking hot head that instinctively knew how to handle a pistol and was the one wearing the pants in the relationship with her weak stuttering Army boyfriend. Oh and get this, the Goa'uld is a woman who we first see with a baby in her arms, handing the baby over to her slave to nonchalantly kill the strongest German man in the room "3 - 4 times her size" with a gesture of her hand. You'll see, just watch it a few episodes in. It's complete garbage.
Darth Bane (5 months ago)
Once the main caste started changing it sorta fell apart bit by bit. Only the original cast not from the movie the show really made it worth watching.
Jamie Hanrahan (5 months ago)
Really nice overview of what was so great about this show. I "decided I didn't like it" and didn't watch it for quite a while - and when I tried it there was the usual "hm, I dunno" that you get with the first half year or so of so many shows - but indeed it soon became "must see TV". I think the overall format was brilliant, as it let here-and-now humans get out in the galaxy and make a difference. Not sure about how you're going to justify liking Atlantis better - I think SG-1 suffered a little from "here we go again" syndrome, what with one batch of evil bad guys after another. After you've defeated a group with literally god-like powers, what would you do for the next few seasons? I would have had them back in our galaxy cleaning up the messes left behind from the various long-term conflicts. Maybe bring Jonas Quinn or someone else from his planet into the team. etc.
Jesus McBeth (5 months ago)
Yeah the science fiction was quite respectful etc
Jesus McBeth (5 months ago)
Nah the epic enemies r great
Jesus McBeth (5 months ago)
Wtf spoiler warning?
Brandon Michels (5 months ago)
I forgot how good this show was. Thanks for reminding me.
Duderobi Patschie (5 months ago)
the ori killed sg1 such bullshit villians.
Viki Pedia (5 months ago)
I really liked this show and i am rewatching it right now for the first time in a row. And i have to say.. what borthers me the most is o'neill. He is disrespecful, arrogant, unfunny, annoying and an ashole in almost every epsiode he is in. Always looking down on other culturs and spices. He always get the credits for everything ...but has done nothing but standing around, knowing nothing and telling stupid jokes. All he does is being concered that his wapons are taken away from him by an alien culture. It just like he doens't give a shit about anything because he is so cool. While carter and daniel do most of the work o'neill is praised in the end. Or send out to discuss serious topics with other spices... Just to show how incompetend he is and that he has no diplomatic skills at all. But i could bare with that since the rest of the show was good...
FlesHBoX (5 months ago)
I remember when I saw the first episode of SG-1 advertised, I got excited because I was a fan of the movie, then I saw that RDA was playing Oneil(l) and pretty much decided that I wasn't interested... 7 years later a friend asked "You going to watch the season premiere?" to which I was confused, sure that the show must have been a failure years back... I watched it and instantly downloaded the previous seasons and binged them over about a week. The machine that I am typing this on is called JonasQuinn, it is connected to a router named SGC, whose 5ghz wireless is named Atlantis. Over the years I have had machines named Carter, Oneil, Oneill, DanielJackson, McKay, Walter, and my PS3 was named Teal'c.... You could say that I am a fan XD
Michael Johnson (5 months ago)
Yes, there are no TV shows like this anymore. It was an amazing time for that genre; the Stargates, Star Treks, BSG, Firefly, Space: Above & Beyond and I would even watch Andromeda again. Completely agree with you on Atlantis.
Moontrimmer (5 months ago)
My favorite tv show. Watched it 3 times already.
kickytink (5 months ago)
MassDynamic (5 months ago)
"it's my side arm, i swear" MY MAN
Lari Kipe (5 months ago)
Thank you, Dave, for that very insightful analyses.
AshesArise (5 months ago)
S1-S8 are solid, S9&S10 were poor (never liked the ori storyline)
The Movement (5 months ago)
I loved how the show dealt with explaining how our primitive tech could take out a much more advanced civilization. like in season 5 episode 18 The Warrior how they demonstrate how human weapons are made to efficienctly kill for war while the goa'uld weapons where made to terrorize and intimidate.
David Idiart (5 months ago)
I'm just gonna say, before I even watch this, if I hear one negative word about this show I'm gonna throw myself out the window. Now, you may proce- 00:04 *GLASS BREAKS*
David Idiart (5 months ago)
00:22 *GLASS REFORMS* Aaaaaand Subscribed!
bukon90 (5 months ago)
Mattias Berg (5 months ago)
Amanda Tapping is one of my favorite actresses because of how she acted Sam Carter. She's no Meryl Streep or Ellen Page, far from it but just I just really like how she sold her. And she's an amazing TV producer/director, it's not often you can tell those ppl apart from each other but if it's a Tapping episode of a 6/10 TV show, at least I can tell. Like you can tell most movie composers apart from what main instruments they use. I see a lot of Tapping in Chloe Bennet in Agents of SHILED currently. Her character might have started out boring but no matter what they make her do she's giving it her all and it's been a lot for her to maneuver on that show.
Dream The Endless (5 months ago)
Omg the Ori villans were just the worst to me, so stagnant. When they shown that episodes head Ori bad guy they could have saved tons in paying actors and makeup work by just making a cardboard cutout of one that they could tape on little changes so they could reuse for following episodes. They were more the "Bori" or the "Boring Borg" where "Resistance is tediously annoying"
dustojnik hummer (5 months ago)
This thing was my childhood... I wish they did not cancel it. Or at least SGU..
mintydog06 (5 months ago)
I agree that the Ori are a better baddie than the Goa'uld, and more formidable, especially in the cliffhanger when they first come to to do battle. I love Thor, he just shows up and stands there, or beams down already sitting in his own seat, brilliant!
mintydog06 (5 months ago)
Lol I love the Upgrades episode, it's great when Jack boots a hole in Hammond's wall. Their 200th episode is brilliant, when the puppets go through the Stargate! I laughed so hard! The episodes with the parody TV series is great too. One of my favourite episodes is when they dial into a planet which is being consumed by a black hole. Overall SG1 is my favourite show next to TNG. Atlantis is brilliant too.
beayn (5 months ago)
You like Atlantis? What? That show was all about the Ancients multitude of failed experiments and how one lowly human was always able to solve all the problems that genius level Ancients never could. Even in the first episode when they walked into the main room and the lights and computers turned on and the woman goes "It's like the city senses us and is coming alive!" Really? You haven't heard of motion detectors? We have them. On Earth.
0B ZEN (5 months ago)
Classic geeky, cheesy sci-fi. Don't think it aged well (well, no sci-fi show ever does really), but my kind of TV, that I revisit once in a while.
Daves GoldenDuck (5 months ago)
StaragmGate SG-1, Atlantis, Universe and now Origins are EPIC
iamfuturetrunks (5 months ago)
I miss the show. With the stargate they could have easily kept going for a long time. So many new worlds to explore etc. Though in some cases that could be a bad thing. Whats worse is that the whole series could have easily been made into a video game or a few video games and done really well if shown the respect it deserves and made by a company competent (and yes I know about the games that were cancelled years ago).
nova1972x (5 months ago)
SG1 and Atlantis both were and still are great sci fi shows. In an odd way, they are more like Star Trek, than the current Star Trek Discovery show and the Kelvin timeline. Too bad Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner were not tapped to do Discovery.
Kane Bunce (5 months ago)
Yeah, Unending was a weak way to end the series. But rumour has it that they had to do a rushed ending rather than the original cliffhanger they usually done. This was apparently due to how late they got the news the show was cancelled. If true this would explain the episode. Also, if it was so rushed we were lucky it was not worse.
Mezcon (5 months ago)
Yes!! I loved this show and Atlantis
bonkoboy (5 months ago)
The Stargate concept has to be one of the better vehicles for a TV show ever. In a Universe where one can travel through an unexplored network of teleportation devices, the possibilities for variation are endless. I hope they reboot this concept again at some point. Also, since we hear so many complaining about female characters these days, I have to point out that Major Carter is worthy of some positive attention. She is a military officer and a scientific genius --- and although Amanda Tapping is an attractive actress, the character is almost completely de-sexualized. I can't think of many other shows where the female lead is the main problem-solver while practically never wearing anything sexy throughout the entire show. Kudos to whoever created her.
The Answer (5 months ago)
S3 e10 Forever in a day, s3 e5 learning curve, Thor's hammer, there but for the GRACE God, singularity
Bannerman Bear 🐻 (5 months ago)
The black hole episode was great, Singularity I think.
Lesser Logic (5 months ago)
How about a Farscape video Mr Cullen
Craig Biggam (5 months ago)
I find the rewatch value of this show gains after season 2 and becomes less rewatchable at the end. I did prefer Atlantis when it came out due to the Ori storyline putting me off.
michael miller (5 months ago)
do a video on universe please
Kevin Sica (5 months ago)
I remember watching the pilot with my family. Thought it was bizarre show
Kelly or Richard Weddle (5 months ago)
Don't forget the 'marionettes' sequence!
Mega-Buster Shepard (5 months ago)
Baal was the coolest villain. Like an evil version of Lando Calrisien.
Mikey B (5 months ago)
Loved the Ori, hated merlin arthur and camelot thing. The set's looked really cheap by then too.
Mikey B (5 months ago)
Before Sci-fi was cool :')
Mikey B (5 months ago)
The series was brilliant.
asz1029 (5 months ago)
Is it my birthday? One of my favourite youtubers talking about one of the best shows in existence? Also I don't know if you are aware, but there is a new SG in the making - SG:Origins. It's not very high quality, just testing the grounds to see if they still have a big enough fan base that it's worth the money to make a new "full" show, but you could definitely help spreading the word given your audience's size.
Ramblingsqurial (5 months ago)
I liked SG-1 up until season 8 I think it was, went a bit downhill after that, but overall good.
Bryn Whitehead (5 months ago)
charlie brownau (5 months ago)
4:51 - Man that research lady on the right was hot
charlie brownau (5 months ago)
Gday The Series goes down hill after season 6 , but its still better then SGU and SGA

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