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English Grammar - Past Simple & Present Perfect

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http://www.engvid.com/ In this lesson, I explain what the simple past and present perfect are used for, and more importantly, when to use them properly.
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Flávio Farias (1 month ago)
Hi, James! My name is Flávio. I'm Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro. I'm an English teacher here. Nice Videos. Have you already been to Brazil?
edgard cafe (1 month ago)
Very well explained! Thank you so much. Finall, I understand it.
Roreeon Santiago (3 months ago)
Someone to speak English with me to help me in fluency?
Cool Dummie (5 months ago)
you know ima nine year old from another place i study english with grown ups cause i knew english as a baby (watching cartoons) and our teacher uses you a lot and i just dont know the diffirence between the two tenses i thought I'd check you out and it helped me a LLLLOOOOOTTTT
Wanderlust Soul (6 months ago)
Number one!!!!
Thank you Mr James Excellent explanation. Its clearer for me how to explain this to my students. Congratulations for the great vídeo.
Ferch Avalos (1 year ago)
Krunal Kathikar (1 year ago)
but sir i have doubt that we never say that i passed my graduation 1 time means i have passed my graduation
Vera Marttins (1 year ago)
I always wondered why do we say “I win” instead of “I won”?
Israa Talab (1 year ago)
that's very nice
Volnir Borré (1 year ago)
I've eliminated my doubts after saw this video. THANKS A LOT!!!!
LUKE LU (1 year ago)
excellent video, thank you James
rnbization (2 years ago)
You are the best
Nice video, and you make it with a very intresting way. But I thing you should make it again with a better sound (like other videos) and 0:49 because is mising one "l" from the second sentence XD
Rav1e (2 years ago)
In my language, there's no difference between past times. It's really hard to spot a difference between these two times. Thanks for vid
LP G (1 year ago)
+LP G but im from India :-D
LP G (1 year ago)
which is it my is german
BlackScout (2 years ago)
I've finally learned how to use both and how to differentiate them. Thanks 😃😃
slushM3N (2 years ago)
a_x97 Aali (2 years ago)
you pest teacher 😁
a_x97 Aali (2 years ago)
you pest teacher 😁
Cool Dummie (5 months ago)
*best (pest)
COOK WITH ME (2 years ago)
Thank you James ! It's realy clear now. I've been encountering problems with this point for years....Now, it's fixed ! thanks !
Tatiana Lima (2 years ago)
Just love this lesson! This is the first one I saw, but I am going to see other ones! Very didatic!!! :)
I've known this knowledge before,but now it is more clear.
ABDULLAH MUHANNA (2 years ago)
I'm a muslim guy and i'd like to thank you
Dora Mlsp (2 years ago)
You're a great teacher!!!!you've helped me study for my English test!!!! Kisses from Greece:)
Joshua Chan (2 years ago)
People past XD
faisal almutairi (2 years ago)
Amy Booktube (3 years ago)
Alaa Mussa (3 years ago)
Heloo :) Can you please give an exemple on "why we use present perfect, How many times and how long " please :) Thank you
nicosmusic (3 years ago)
thank you man you amazing ! I understand it :)
Ignácio Ito (3 years ago)
You're a great teacher, James! Cheers!
Rania design (3 years ago)
the sound not clear enough , hope if you can reload it with a good quality one
LP G (1 year ago)
this is from 2009!!!!!!
Nicchal Bhattarai (3 years ago)
who is your teacher dude?
joshua matthews (3 years ago)
thank you sir i was having problems with my homework so i went on youtube and type it in and i see your video  so i watched it and it helps me a lot thank you so much 
Tomasz Ebros (3 years ago)
1. I have encountered this problem several times. 2. I encountered this problem several times. What is difference between sentence 1 and 2?
James van der Hoorn (2 years ago)
+Geovanni Zavala I think it's true from a British English perspective, but enlighten me.
Geovanni Zavala (2 years ago)
+James van der Hoorn that's not true.
James van der Hoorn (3 years ago)
Sentence 1 is what you'd normally expect. Someone is talking about his experience in the past up till now and saying there have been several occasions where he encountered that problem. Sentence 2 could be correct, if you want to imply that all those instances of running into that problem were in some definite period IN THE PAST, so not UP TILL NOW. For instance: I encountered this problem several times (when I was in primary school).
Dan Himself (3 years ago)
no prob
Tomasz Ebros (3 years ago)
+Lone Survivor ok thanks :)
Szymuś Anonimowy (3 years ago)
thanks bro
LiveFut (3 years ago)
Ahmed Yasser (3 years ago)
You are awesome
izabela izabo (3 years ago)
cool, thank you very much, you saved my life!!! :)
Fatimah Alfadeel (3 years ago)
Thank you! You made it perfectly clear 😘 you're awesome 😘
abel santos adoukonou (4 years ago)
this lesson helps me too much!!!!
Zul Farid (4 years ago)
example question : have you watched the movie? answer : i've watched the movie OR i watched the movie yesterday at my home Can you guys tell me which one is true and false.?thanks
Captain Ros (2 years ago)
+Zul Farid The two answers are correct. It depends on what do you want to answer. That was what James told us in the video. If someone ask you "Have you watched the movie?" if you want to tell him exactly when you watched it you say "I watched it yesterday" (you must use Past Simple), if you want to answer him, but without saying exactly when you watched it - "I have watched the movie".
Nicchal Bhattarai (3 years ago)
I've watched the movie. It is the correct answer
LiinDa Orozco (3 years ago)
I believe that two forms are ok. 
s (4 years ago)
thank you James - you are a star!
Hend Al-Hwiriny (4 years ago)
I've studied English for years and just Now I feel like I really understand Grammar!! Thanks a lot. Tomorrow I have an appointment to give a model lesson of simple past. I'm happy I was lucky to find your channel
Maxx Kummer (4 years ago)
Is the sentence "How much coffee have you drunk so far today"? grammatically correct. I mean it's surely a present perfect continuous, isn't it? And btw. Does the "perfect" in "present perfect continuous" stand for the finished time or the finished action in the sentence?
Cool Dummie (5 months ago)
thats what i thought alberto acebedo
Alberto Acebedo (3 years ago)
continous? that would be "have you been drinking"
Diana Djaboury (4 years ago)
Why can't I embed this video??????
Nabil Almaliki (4 years ago)
thanks james, you are good teacher
Mohammed Alhamad (4 years ago)
Uesful Topic ( thank you james. Shukran in arabic)
dave berry (5 years ago)
Best explanation I've ever come across
Luccas Renato Silva (5 years ago)
Muito bom, mas meio rápidim demais!
Seb Ram (5 years ago)
thank you, that whos very good!!!!!
aldob001 (5 years ago)
Thank you very much man. You did a great job :p
broertjeify (5 years ago)
Ali Alanazi (5 years ago)
I got it
Jelena Dimitrov (5 years ago)
James The Great! \0/
pablo rozo (5 years ago)
OMG... i whise i have a teacher as you at college !!!! you are really a good teacher, id like to teache as well as you do one day... bye bye take care
5TA1KR (5 years ago)
James, you are not only a great teacher and handsome man, also you are a guy from Toronto who likes soccer! 10 out of 10.
ProphetAtaraxia (5 years ago)
Thank you so much !
mrbreakybee (5 years ago)
The only one video on entire youtube which clearly explains what's going on with this two different tenses. No more confusions thanks to you. Incredibly good.
Alitex k (5 years ago)
hahaha pimple past 3:35
gayheart murphy (5 years ago)
Man! You are a great teacher. For real
elrancho95 (5 years ago)
I am a tutor learning how to teach my lesson tomorrow. Wish me luck.
The Humble Tutor (5 years ago)
His W is like OO lol
Designer Hope (5 years ago)
great lesson thnx
Noyes McMaybe (5 years ago)
Thank YOU!!!!
Súlivan Magalhães (5 years ago)
Notice we can use simple past without being specific, if the action happened a long time ago. For example: "A big solar explosion created the universe."
Súlivan Magalhães (5 years ago)
He read the article, but he has read the artice.
milanetzzz (5 years ago)
i got nothing. Ronnie where are u?!
Julio Cesar Ochoa (6 years ago)
You have made a great video about present perfect and past simple! thank you for it!
nawaf almushayt (6 years ago)
you are very nice person , i really enjoy when i watch your videos . i come to USA before one year ago and i still have some problems with grammer but you make it very simple to me . keep going man
Ehsan Peymani (6 years ago)
He is a kind of energetic teacher, but he speaks too fast for students. I think he should slower down his rate of speaking.
SimonGraber (6 years ago)
thank you
Philipp Ustivitskiy (6 years ago)
Simple Past - SPecific. S&P to remember it is really nice too))
Louis Lim (6 years ago)
love his explanation on grammar :)
themisfitoddity (6 years ago)
thanks. very helpful
youourmy (6 years ago)
what is ""how long" "how many times" ?
Felipe Oliveros (6 years ago)
Its perfect! Thanks a lot!
Kelly Morrissey (6 years ago)
Excellent job, James! I will send my students here tomorrow.
Atypical Heart (6 years ago)
¡Muchísimas gracias! Thanks you so much! :D
El Turco (6 years ago)
But you are really good!
El Turco (6 years ago)
You talk to fast.
Alvaro Mendoza (6 years ago)
all engvid teachers are great, but when you see a Jame's video, you feel like you have been teaching by a buddy (Was my present perfect continuos tense correctly used?) thanks bro
kasy707 (6 years ago)
You're the best bro!
seknam (6 years ago)
thank for your class , my friend!!!!!
Indigenous Enterprise (6 years ago)
I speak English so I'm a genius! :)
royaltornado (6 years ago)
:(I have still confused between these specilly in Question & negative
kratingdaengful (6 years ago)
Hi James, I love your videos but please try to use new pens to write on the board the sound it's quite annoying
MrChimkin (6 years ago)
Thank you, James. But could you also specify which tense would be more appropriate in the following cases: 1)" Who broke the window? " or "Who's broken the window?" 2) The man who gave me some advice or The man who's given me some advice, etc. We've always been told in Russia that if a specific time is not specified, than we should use the present perfect. However, I see the tendency among the native speakers to use the simple past in cases like I described (I've described)). Thank you !
Jimmy Truman (6 years ago)
your guys awesome
Ele Nina (6 years ago)
MI hai aiutato veramente tanto! Sto ripassando per il rientro a scuola e questo non mi era tanto chiaro, ma ora va molto meglio! Thank you ;)
Sansiree Chaimongkol (7 years ago)
Thank you.
Rikardo Pires (7 years ago)
you missed the spelling dumb ass
Roger Hill (7 years ago)
Great job!....I've learned a lot... Thanks
sebastian chitic (7 years ago)
James you are the best teacher .......
adfvhtedghh (7 years ago)
wooooaaaaa :O you´re a very good teacher ... im pleased to be your student :D
Fenriz the Jester (7 years ago)
Where is the different between " I have had great time here" and " I am having great time here"
VidsForFun (7 years ago)
I forgot my books on school so I can't learn for my test xD When I saw your video I finally understood A thanks for James from The Netherlands
vickynghenhac (7 years ago)
cool, thankssss. great teacher
stanley james (7 years ago)
Check the second time you spelt article.
Naama Loll (7 years ago)
Hey can someone please help me? Can I say - I've read the book 35 times?! and can I say - I have lived in America for 5 years? or should I say I lived in America for 5 years? (because I'm using a specific time).

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