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WALK THE MOON - Shut Up and Dance

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Download "Shut Up and Dance" on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/SUAD?Iqid=yt Download the new album "Talking Is Hard" on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TalkingIsHardiT?IQid=yt Stream "Shut Up and Dance" on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/SUADSpotify?IQid=yt Music video by WALK THE MOON performing Shut Up and Dance. (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Text Comments (54205)
매실이 (23 minutes ago)
who saw this in justdance?
I love this aong
I Just Subbed!
G O A T (3 hours ago)
RosenMond LP (3 hours ago)
0:38 i think he is on Drugs😂
Niels Schooltink (7 hours ago)
walk the moon shut up and dance
Tracey Charlesworth (7 hours ago)
I think it is one of the best and funniest songs and videos, i have seen and heard for a while. Tee hee lol
MajorLegend15 (8 hours ago)
Anyone listening in the 1980s right now?
Hshsjjdjs Bbdjs (9 hours ago)
Back to Moon walk like Jackson
Brenna Mclaughlin (20 hours ago)
This is the kind of the white boy dancing that the world doesn't want but that the world needs.
babette leenhouts (21 hours ago)
My Class haves to dance on this song 4 our school party..... I'm so excited!
CapitalCliffStop (21 hours ago)
0:34 I probably would’ve fainted if she looked at me like that
dan131m (21 hours ago)
Anyone know what the song at 0:00 is, if it's an actual song?
Tom Steel (23 hours ago)
Music is awesome, but you had to be kiddin' with that music video. It looks very shitty.
May 2018, anyone?
I dont say shut up ... I say SUSHI
소재환 (1 day ago)
옛날 내엠피에있던곡 이 곡 찾았었는데ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
My name is kev (1 day ago)
2018? i dont know why but this is still my favorite song until now
angelica francisco (1 day ago)
Every damn time i think of you when this plays.
angelica francisco (1 day ago)
Every damn time i think of you when this plays.
Jocie Guerrero (1 day ago)
I love this song
Soy el único que habla que habla español o k vrgs wen
Fala Aí (1 day ago)
Who came by the school of rock?
Sherry Harris (1 day ago)
Best song ever
James Higgins (1 day ago)
Anybody else listening to in 2018 I love it.
Christina Hornbeak (1 day ago)
Kjhgo send Mom message to Lea
Melvin King (1 day ago)
Ravens Of The Realm Destiny cover brought me here
Joey Witter (1 day ago)
Antonym Bony (1 day ago)
Leeloo Wheeler (1 day ago)
It feels like it's been years since I heard this song. XD
C L Games (1 day ago)
readerx yt
Amanda Sanders (1 day ago)
Georgie Poppino (1 day ago)
may 2018 anyone
BrodieNia Home (1 day ago)
That last part tho
Camille Chilzer (2 days ago)
I am
Javier (2 days ago)
It reminds me of that 1 episode from Black mirror.
Feli Huismann (2 days ago)
Iris Bo Games (2 days ago)
Eww hes ugly with him hair but that song is good
Iris Bo Games (1 day ago)
Kristi Martinez eww him face😠
Kristi Martinez (1 day ago)
Iris Bo Games It looks way better than a man bun...that's for darn sure
rida zafar (2 days ago)
y'all remember the times of 2013-14 the years of happiness
Livv Megan (2 days ago)
Oh don’t you dare not look at my new music video 😎
Lizette Vitug (2 days ago)
2018? march
Scott Howell (2 days ago)
I just watched ready player one.... and this reminds me a lot of it. They even kind of look like the avatars haha
XLy Sude (2 days ago)
Is it just me or dose this guy look like Loki?
Manne Bae (2 days ago)
2014? 🙆🏻
Jonty Jones (2 days ago)
who likes that song
Jaeda Fuentes (2 days ago)
Best song ever
MC Salatris (2 days ago)
Manu Müller (2 days ago)
Jazmine Depina (2 days ago)
Smecik48 (2 days ago)
stul pysk i ze mną tańcz ;D !!!
May 2018! YEAH! WHO TOO?
Maruf Rayhan (2 days ago)
Groovy damn x'D
Lilly Williams (2 days ago)
2+2 is 4-1 is quick maths. X_X
Shut up! And like ;)
Maskeraith (3 days ago)
I listened to this back in 2014 and I still love this song.
Izabel De Lima (3 days ago)
Izabel De Lima (3 days ago)
colburn888 (3 days ago)
This crap song reminds me of those mentos commercials. https://youtu.be/u4hlzRNu3uE
terror y diversion (3 days ago)
Like si vienes de Readerx YT
Andrew Uden (3 days ago)
Insomnia LKF Hong Kong!
Jennifer H (3 days ago)
He looks like the guy from infinity lists
Michelle Gaitan Silva (3 days ago)
Who's watching 2018?
Huw Porter (3 days ago)
His hair makes me cry
badlandskid (3 days ago)
Dang, that’s one tall woman in the blue top.
Satan Netflix (3 days ago)
If wattpad was a song
GOD IAM (3 days ago)
Juan DelaCruize (3 days ago)
Dirty mind 2:46
Vivien M (3 days ago)
Hyper puppy (3 days ago)
Cute Cupple :)
Melina Kakaneli (3 days ago)
may 2018?
Randy Palmer (4 days ago)
I'm going to bet the girl in the blue halter top has either played a) NCAA volleyball or b) NAIA basketball because holy hannah.
I'm new To this (4 days ago)
why does this remind me of NSP
thewarriorspublishing (4 days ago)
N o s t a l g I s a
Ashley Amador (4 days ago)
May 2018 anyone ??
Mauricio Vieira (4 days ago)
number one (4 days ago)
Ice Hockey World Championship Denmark 2018 😚
This will never get old
l majkl (4 days ago)
I want back good old times 😕
Imani L. (4 days ago)
June 2018
DIBUIS NCS (4 days ago)
like si vienes por readext yt
DIBUIS NCS (4 days ago)
like si vienes por readext yt
kihiveli : (4 days ago)
iihfworlds2018 :D
Simak 81 (4 days ago)
i love this song!
Bharath Elangovel (5 days ago)
What's the first soundtrack in the background at the beginning?
Blitzy (5 days ago)
I think this was their first discovery of the green screen
Zyra Joy Pa (5 days ago)
omg 2018 nope no more 2018 its annoying where ever I go I see people say 2018
andy jr Belican (5 days ago)
This was very popular at 2015
journey havard (5 days ago)
Very creative
flax Plays (5 days ago)
It’s 2012 What u talk n bout
chugger 45 ferro (5 days ago)
it is not 2012 it is 2018
Nickkid 63 (5 days ago)
4 Years later: still catchy
Ian Stephen (5 days ago)
That's the fantastic songs of 2018
sekundoměr 2122 (5 days ago)
IIHF 2018
Aisha Hibic (5 days ago)
Since my mom was getting married this song was out they used it for her wedding I was like OML THIS SONG IS SO OLD
Otaku Travado (5 days ago)
i dance for me /
Bomber Ducks (5 days ago)
November 2816 anyone
Amber Felt (5 days ago)
Allegra Preuss is super pretty!!
Greg Leather (5 days ago)
The answer is Lauren Taft, you know you wanted to know ;)
dazzlin danny (6 days ago)
MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN i remember seeing this in concert before the album came out. fuckin *memories*, man

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