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JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION All Species Trailer (2018) Jurassic Park

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JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION All Species Trailer (2018) Jurassic Park ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (273)
EnderTiger 101 (1 hour ago)
Im very happy =D
Zestful Maple (4 hours ago)
Is there going to be flying creatures in this game?
Gamble (1 day ago)
No flying or water dinos? :(
EnderGeek (1 day ago)
So.. fucking... COOL ! I WANT TO PLAAAAAAAY !!!
SexedUpAtheist (2 days ago)
Those therapods are NOT going to be able to grab those huge herbivores by the neck and judo flip them, that's bullshit.
Hai :3 (2 days ago)
So this game is coming 6 days after the movie
Lady Goji (3 days ago)
Not going to pay $60 for so little dinos. Meh.
jamesrei (3 days ago)
Who's that pokemon evolved
blazer droid (4 days ago)
Goat is da best :)
danteodestruidor (5 days ago)
That goat must be deaf...
김수광 (5 days ago)
I love spinosaurus and brachiosaurus.
Yael Alcántara (6 days ago)
What is this game about? I mean what do you need to do? Build ur own park? IT LOOKS SUPER AWSOME!,
Please don't mess this game up!!! High key tho cant wait to play this
Paul Walker (6 days ago)
Could you also add some of the newly discovered dinosaurs,like the Titanosaurs"eg,Argentinosaurus and Titanoboa", and such,get some of the more recently discovered creatures in there,not just the usual WELL KNOWN ones?.
This makes me want to go back and play Operation Genesis again
igna el xeno (6 days ago)
:) wtf this it? ok no :u
Tigga Lily (6 days ago)
I don't like how when the Kent swings his tail, his spike on the side of his body goes inside him
pgraim Lee (6 days ago)
EXTRACTING SPECIES PROFILE i love all of this,but goat...oohh.
Master Sashimi (6 days ago)
0:57 Wut- Sure that's not an Allosaurus? x'D
EvilNecroid (6 days ago)
so can i make an indominus rex?
EvilNecroid maybe.
EvilNecroid (6 days ago)
some of those dinos look like they had copy pasted animations
EvilNecroid the battle stances, yes. The others, no.
EvilNecroid (6 days ago)
did she say stegos have armored plates? what exactly do they protect? the air?
stormpaw59 (6 days ago)
I clicked this video then a ad on Jurassic world evolution came on. XD WHAT ARE THE ODDS?
vijaya sekhar duvvuru (6 days ago)
BluEye Studios (6 days ago)
Well, tornadoes are back in? Shit.
Just Smile (6 days ago)
7:14 That goat give no f**ks.
956 hustla (7 days ago)
Gonna get this game instead of cod black ops 4
davidsirmons (7 days ago)
Most clueless Goat ever.
Codiak (7 days ago)
Looks wicked awesome! S glad i pre-ordered it!
so...if i wanted velociraptors to have feathers, i can make it have feathers in this game right?
Thealy League Of Legends no problem!
mmmm, thanks for the info
Thealy League Of Legends no. This game is apart of the Jurassic Park/World franchise. The dinosaurs in these franchises actually were fused with frogs. Frogs do not have feathers. If you want feathers, check out Saurian, Prehistoric Park (I think thats what that's called), or Mesozoica.
Onebig F460t (7 days ago)
It needs more gore
Ari Demiri (7 days ago)
Skylynx (7 days ago)
Carnotaurus :'v
chill bus (7 days ago)
3:58 really..its very avian
Phoenix Raptor. (7 days ago)
Egg 324 (7 days ago)
Who came for the thumbnail?
Ilfan Hukic (7 days ago)
Damn! My favorite Dinosaur is the Goat.
T M (7 days ago)
You don’t like lamb chops?
DänTheUltimate (7 days ago)
It's a very big shame that they don't even give you the option to have the Dinosaurs that SHOULD be feathered, feathered. They missed a big opportiunity to teach people about actual paleontology, and not unrealistic movie monsters.
XxkillerxX Bravo (6 days ago)
DänTheUltimate who would buy them game then fool
DänTheUltimate and, these dinosaurs ARE monsters. They're all hybrids, mainly with frogs.
DänTheUltimate it's the Jurassic Park/World franchise, the closest thing we'll ever get to feathers are quils.
Twilightmia (7 days ago)
DänTheUltimate there is Saurian, it has a feathered t rex and all the feathered dinosaurs you want
Science FictioNation (7 days ago)
Prehistoric Kingdom has got us covered for the more realistic experience.
CrusaderofLight1 (7 days ago)
What no Carnotaurus?!
Arianna Paletta (7 days ago)
No the goat thing was so depressing :(
AerWolf (7 days ago)
But.. But velociraptors were the size of turkeys..
Matthew Brezicki (3 days ago)
Jurassic World addressed this. Claire says that no one wants to see a feathered T rex or something along those lines. So the dinos in the game and movies are confirmed to be genetic hybrids and mutants.
AerWolf (6 days ago)
TheTrollDinosaurs - Random Content Hm, true. Intriguing. Thanks.
AerWolf they're actually Deinonychus. However, there's Velociraptors AND Deinonychus in this game.
Jaymes Card (7 days ago)
they stole that name of the islands from jurassic park 2 the lost world.
Do you have down syndrome?
Jaymes Card (5 days ago)
ohh well no i didnt, but in JP2 the guy on the boat that took them there said he wouldnt go near it bc they call it de cinco muertes.
Jaymes Card no.. They did not. If you don't know, the Jurassic Park franchise was a book series before the movies came out. The books name all 5 islands (there's either 5 or 6).
William Vogel (7 days ago)
18 species?
William Vogel nope! There will be 40-42!
Random Montages (7 days ago)
Wheres the roar
Pixelated Shadowz (7 days ago)
El Spinosaurus es genial
Dani Rex XD (7 days ago)
soy español!!!
Raul Rogel (7 days ago)
i thought this game was out already??
Raul Rogel (6 days ago)
TheTrollDinosaurs - Random Content 😑
Raul Rogel what? No!
Vozant VFG (7 days ago)
Raul Rogel 3 more weeks
Jacob H. (7 days ago)
fun fact: the veliciraptor was covered in feathers and it was the size of a chicked
Jacob H. (7 days ago)
Rory Fraser (7 days ago)
So keen for this game. Please don't mess it up with micro transaction and lootbox bull
Samed (7 days ago)
Grafic sucks
Samed English sucks too, to you apparently.
Vozant VFG (7 days ago)
7:15 It says happy April fools
Bryce Winton (7 days ago)
The dilophosuarus doesn’t look the size of a modern brown bear
Commander 66 (7 days ago)
Raptors were actually small and as smart as the scariest predator the Rabbit (im joking im not scared of them) a Dilo was 7FT tall or did I make a mistaken and you meant when a Brown Bear stands on it's hind legs
Karch Thissen (7 days ago)
Boy....this HD remake of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is looking good
Souzuke Sagara (7 days ago)
only this dinosaurs exist in the game? is little -.-
Souzuke Sagara no.. Stupid! There's 42 dinosaurs.
Claw (7 days ago)
Hey guys look! Siri got hired by Jurassic World!
TutsiFruitsi 19 (7 days ago)
7:11 sir goat doesn’t give a damn !
Sumit Hazarika (5 days ago)
There's trailer for lords mobile everywhere. I'm sick of it
Vozant VFG (7 days ago)
gta SA gamer with Kemyo Hahaahahahaha
RetardedArchelon (8 days ago)
Although it's not as cool I was honestly hoping for the spinos new look
Fredric Marquez (8 days ago)
Mint jelly is nasty
albert futo (8 days ago)
Raw? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
Javier Velasquez (8 days ago)
whelp, good old t-Rex just got announced so I guess this needs an update
weiss9263 (8 days ago)
is indominus rex and the indoraptor gonna be in the game :D
Vozant VFG (7 days ago)
In a dlc version...maybe
jaime riviera (8 days ago)
What platform will this be on? I hope they make it available for the Switch but I won't hold my breath.
Jeremy Cruz (8 days ago)
jaime riviera it will not be on the switch it will be on PC PS4 and Xbox One
foxdunaigamer campos (8 days ago)
que daora
LJ NINJABOI (8 days ago)
I loved the effect they added for the pachy lol
Jeremy Cruz (8 days ago)
LJ NINJABOI Pachyrhinosaurus is not in this
The Trex (8 days ago)
Hopefully allosaurus is in the game
Boo, no carnataurus
IgnitedZucc 25 (3 days ago)
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul Carno will be added in a free dlc for fallen kingdom
ryan justus (8 days ago)
Least we got spinosaurus back
leonardo gomez (8 days ago)
i just saw some expedition fields in north america and some in europe. I suppose there will be in the whole world. but if not,please put some . looks really good
raptorblader (8 days ago)
That is one brave goat.
yollo speed (8 days ago)
spinosaurio yes❤👍
Diego Messori (8 days ago)
7:12 that goat gives zero fucks
Void Bot (8 days ago)
U made fun of spino Sheeps all over the plaxe
Vanda Pereira (8 days ago)
Jake Oesterle (8 days ago)
If a stegosaurus were to hit you, it would hit you at 88 miles per hour. Which would probably kill you.
Daniel Hajdo (8 days ago)
7:04 the Best dinasaur
FuzzyWuz (8 days ago)
I'm disappointed with the spino roar
Vozant VFG they WILL change it. Frontier is a good company that listens to fans, unlike EA.
Vozant VFG (7 days ago)
FuzzyWuz they promised to look into it. They might change it.
Chris Allen (8 days ago)
That goat had no shot with the raptor like cmon...
BritishGamer43 (8 days ago)
Should've had the goat be the grand finale
Danni Hopkins (8 days ago)
Stop talking you already have my money
Beatrix (8 days ago)
8:23 what the heck is this? C’mon it’s 2018 fix this
RaIN DroP (6 hours ago)
Its not out yet so chill.
Geoff Rogers (3 days ago)
Shadows Of The Paranormal I get what you're saying, I really do but at the same time the games that are special are ones that do take these things into account and raise the bar for everyone. Look at the witcher 3 and compare it to eldar scrolls. Which one would you rather play? I'm probably still going to pick the witcher 3 over whatever bethesda comes out with for eldar scrolls 6. I'm not trying to diminish what good games do and I get that time and resources can be tight but if you do go the extra mile, people will notice and your game will be more than just the flavour of the month.
KAzooo (5 days ago)
What are you bitching about?
CrazyGeometry Dash (6 days ago)
well.... they tried?
BluEye Studios no, the fence breaking is what he's talking about.
Pythor 025 lego (8 days ago)
yeesssss spinosaurus yeeeesssss
Andrew Fontanez (8 days ago)
I can’t wait to get the game I’m hardcore Jurassic Park fan 😊
robert lafondue (8 days ago)
Spinosaurus 😍
DinoNerd (8 days ago)
What's the point of doing that video if these are not all yet?
[BS] KauanZin (8 days ago)
*6:59** wtf*
[BS] KauanZin (6 days ago)
Steve Steranka Im brazilian ._.
Steve Steranka (6 days ago)
[BS] KauanZin maybe this is the carno?
Zain Langille (8 days ago)
Alex R (8 days ago)
Hopefully there's DLC dinos down the line, I would happily buy them. Maybe Dimetroodon? pterosaurs? please? :3
Alex R (8 days ago)
yeah so? they're still prehistoric creatures and exist in the Jurassic world universe
DinoNerd (8 days ago)
Dimetrodon and Pteranodon are not dinosaurs.
MaXDrEEL (8 days ago)
New dinosaurus DLC pack?
Luis Reis (8 days ago)
At 5:10 the Parasaurlophous is all like picture bomb.
exclusive gamer22 (8 days ago)
The best one is the log 😀😁😁😂
Sami Hosseini (8 days ago)
I 💖💖💖💖💖 Spinosaurus and Dilophosaurus and Carnotaurus 😊💖👍 and you ?
WeirdPaperbag2 (8 days ago)
Man, you know what I love about good old youtube? No youtube ads...
WeirdPaperbag2 Adblock is a thing
XboxTheHedgehog (8 days ago)

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