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Think yourself as a Marvel fan? Let's see how many questions you are able to answer in today's DIFTM - Marvel edition! Find us on Instagram: Ryan - https://www.instagram.com/nightowlcinematics Sylvia - https://www.instagram.com/sylsylnoc Aiken - https://www.instagram.com/aikenchia/ Deekosh - https://www.instagram.com/deekosh/ Sikeen - http://www.instagram.com/chansikeen Aurelia - http://www.instagram.com/aureliahathaway Joanna - http://www.instagram.com/joannalhs Grace - https://www.instagram.com/gracelsyy/ Nixie - https://www.instagram.com/nixieangel/ Rachel - https://www.instagram.com/iamrachelwan/ Nina - https://www.instagram.com/ninatsf Sherri - https://www.instagram.com/sherriashlee/ Charlene - http://www.instagram.com/kiewc Anna - http://www.instagram.com/anna_en/ Franster - http://instagram.com/fransterwong Victoria - https://www.instagram.com/victoriacheng/ Julian - https://www.instagram.com/juliantaytm/ Zijie - https://www.instagram.com/raozijie/ Click This. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=alozerk SUPPORT US ON PATREON! https://www.patreon.com/noc FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/nightowlcinematics EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at sylvia@noc.com.sg VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://www.noc.com.sg TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/RyanSylviaNOC ADDRESS Kent Ridge Post Office PO Box 1049 Singapore 911102 NOC PARTNERS Cathay Photo - http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg/ MyRepublic - https://secure.myrepublic.com.sg/ Shunji Matsuo - http://www.shunjimatsuo.com.sg/ Flesh Imp - http://shop.fleshimp.com IMBA - https://www.facebook.com/IMBAinteractive?fref=ts TopGear PC - https://www.topgearpc.com / Bosch - https://www.bosch-home.com.sg/ Aftershock - https://www.aftershockpc.com/ OUTRO SONG Darren Ashley - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJZq4bADmW0 Disclaimer: While we respect everybody's views and opinions, it is necessary you respect ours. We are entertainers, not role models! If you're gonna be butt-hurt about our videos, simply click X :/ But for those who share our sense of humor, enjoy your stay! And tell us what you want to see in the next video! :) Thank you! Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia
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Text Comments (1258)
aiden low (2 days ago)
Is the girl on the front page liliy
I like pandas Alot (5 days ago)
Did Marvel not retcon it so that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were no longer children of Magneto? Anyway nice video. FAKE FANS
JR Plays (9 days ago)
Make a star wars one
Walker #6682 (13 days ago)
Can do about DJs?
Harish Faker (15 days ago)
De cosh no manners
Raske Svenne (15 days ago)
Isn’t Singapore that place where you get hung for everything
Lucy Dawson (15 days ago)
Alpha raymond leo (16 days ago)
Julian Chua (17 days ago)
Do it for the money: How much do you know about NOC?
REAPER REAL (18 days ago)
Is that a fake supreme
jabbarsaurus21 (19 days ago)
Its BlackPanther and Storm
Lim Eng (19 days ago)
Amanda1482x (20 days ago)
lol I see my mtl teacher in the background
Zach Lam (20 days ago)
She never said Spiderman Homecoming. 😤
Army Jiminnie Aran (21 days ago)
Jacky Lim (23 days ago)
Perhaps do a DC comic episode. Even though no dc films coming out
Underwatch (25 days ago)
knuklesboy (27 days ago)
Damn I wish I was at there cuz im a big marvel fan
Syafiq Nike (27 days ago)
my girlfriend is in this video OMG
爱死你虾米仔 (28 days ago)
do some anime questioning cos why not
Celeste Leng (29 days ago)
Do kpop!!!
Brin Chan (29 days ago)
Brin Chan (29 days ago)
Omg this video made me laugh non stop ! 😂
Jolin.wan_gryffindor (1 month ago)
Pleeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee do Harry Potter Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee
daryllee roblox gaming (1 month ago)
whats the fourth wall?
NL BL4Z3 (1 month ago)
The Answer of the 2 heroes that got married is Black Panther And Storm
Pheng Zi Ling (1 month ago)
Or the Jurassic world fallen kingdoms new creature's
Pheng Zi Ling (1 month ago)
Maybe next time tried the science chemistry table
Top Music (1 month ago)
Magneto family name isn't magneto it is maximoff
The Swagzter (1 month ago)
But...20x2=40...why 50
Mii Crystal (1 month ago)
DO BTS PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PARK JEOUNG SANG (1 month ago)
What is Black Panthers name? Me:BLACK PANTAT! Hehehe You somehow get kissed lol and eww
Tan Meifang (1 month ago)
do about world cup... the teams
Jerrick Lee (1 month ago)
You guys just ignore Dee kosh because he think he smart (Warning:Dee kosh say you guy fake fans marvel you say him you nether fake fan
Captain america is an original avenger right???
Kian Siong (1 month ago)
do transformers wan
VAINGLORY HD (1 month ago)
The question is so easy
Kiel Vamps (1 month ago)
I saw eden Ang there
Omg my friend is inside
Stella Sim (1 month ago)
Izzuldin Irfan (1 month ago)
That girl on 5.51 is so hott
awesomeone8348 (1 month ago)
Omg lmao do anime leh, go during AFA or smth
X_ Advises_X (1 month ago)
Peeps gonna hate but do one for mobile legends
Nexxon dx (1 month ago)
Whats the fourth wall?
Nexxon dx (1 month ago)
Did you jeard the part where he said "im gonna expose all fake fans!" You can cleary hear the echo.
animalkaiserexpert 123 (1 month ago)
Actually he mentioned about the ceasefire during civil war,I think the contestants think it was during Captain America Civil War But it’s actually during X men black panther and storm
Kaiser Nip (1 month ago)
Nippon paint
jay krish (1 month ago)
Lol 12.35 storms says to toad in xmen
Faye Kow (1 month ago)
What’s the fourth wall?
2711 I am gr8 (1 month ago)
Question about about Malaysia lah
Combative _Ninja (1 month ago)
What do you know about Marvel hah?Ryan Sylvia Sucks
Limited (1 month ago)
How about ANIME
inked Wolf (1 month ago)
Magneto magneto 😂😂
Titan and Ghoul (1 month ago)
do one for anime where sylvia is the one interviewing people
John Davidson (1 month ago)
Hey isn’t Spider-Man homecoming also in the mcu?
Chloe Kwok (1 month ago)
Can you test Harry Potter questions?
Jasmyn Heng (1 month ago)
Pls do another do it for the money kpop edition
Hisada - (1 month ago)
Dc universe
jimpo (1 month ago)
The most are fans (like me) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not the comics
Daryl Ng (1 month ago)
dee kosh is quite mean and a little offensive just saying still liked your videos
The magic Production (1 month ago)
WAKANDA FOREVER black panther okoye
The magic Production (1 month ago)
Wanda maximoff peitro maximoff magneto maximoff
gim sockjin (1 month ago)
Only Isyah (1 month ago)
iron man captain america captain marvel hulk antman the wasp hawkeye black widow scarlet witch vision falcon bucky barnes war machine black panther okoye shuri thor loki deadpool logan starlord gamora nebula rocket racoon groot drax mantis spiderman
Reuben Toh (1 month ago)
The girl who least all the movies didn't even include Logan and fantastic four
Brioxl (1 month ago)
that tall girl is so cute
Chloe Team TDM (1 month ago)
Speaking of lightning bolt at the start. . . . . . We're you at the Chris Hemsworth meet up on 25 May?
free goalkeeper 2018 (1 month ago)
Can you all do soccer fan next
JJ Li (1 month ago)
chris9879 (1 month ago)
Football knowledge quiz next!
KittyGlory YT (1 month ago)
OMG a lot were really FAKE FANS!
the killer 101 (1 month ago)
Do how fat is Dee kosh
SHR (1 month ago)
To all those who didn't know who the 2 heroes who got married, it was black panther and storm
Lim Chewpeng (1 month ago)
dee kosh is spoiling the movie for me.😣😣🙁🙁😢😢but i get to know the movie a little bit more
GALAXY GIRL (2 months ago)
Omg guys when you ask the marvel questions and suddenly a ad for infinity war came up
raien lee vlogs (2 months ago)
Dee you dumb see never say spiderman homecoming
THE_ COVER_ PAGE MUSICAX (2 months ago)
Can try one about DC???
Todoroki Shoto (2 months ago)
4:01 its on his shirt bro
Kk Fang (2 months ago)
LOL someone kissed you
Ti Lain (2 months ago)
Deekoh favorite food is pork.. pork king
Tanekunkun (2 months ago)
Did Dee Kosh lose weight?
Lewin mewtwo lugia (2 months ago)
Can you please do bts
Warlord Gaming (2 months ago)
I can answer it all tho
Lok Yiming (2 months ago)
8:00 gay
Amir Afiq Azmi (2 months ago)
you look good in yellow :)
Chim Jm (2 months ago)
U guys should question about Science😂😂
Marianne Jasmine Chua (2 months ago)
Korean foooooodddd!!!
Marc Tang (2 months ago)
Djen Diny Benjamin (2 months ago)
The last is tve easiest
Ahmad Saiih (2 months ago)
The last question was Black Panther & Storm Siaaaaaaa!!@@
Ayesha Sarah (2 months ago)
Marc Tang (2 months ago)
Some were so easy, like the original 5 Avengers, what original colour was Hulk, and more.
Akshayaa Latha (2 months ago)
Do it about harry potter. There are quite a number of harry potter fans in singapore
Joh nPaulJoe (2 months ago)
Test the dc universe
Sarah 1810 (2 months ago)
I legit got a Marvel ad before this🤣
Justin Oliver (2 months ago)
The black panther is easy (Not VERY VERY EASY) but, the bald- headed girls is Okoye.
AF FX (2 months ago)
The girl missed Spider-Man Homecoming when saying all the marvel movies from iron man to infinity war
Andy Koh (2 months ago)
Very impressed with Dee kosh knowledge 😂😂 wish could test him in return
Got Shine Plays (2 months ago)
All superheroes:Don’t let anyone know my identity Iron Man:I AM IRON MAN!!!

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