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Play-Doh Learning Colors - Mixing Magenta + Yellow

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See what happens when you are mixing Play-Doh colors Magenta and yellow together. Learn Colors by mixing two Play-Doh Colors. Create your own Play-Doh color easily. DIY Do-it-yourself create every color you want by just buying a few Pla-Doh color packages. The result by mixing Magenta (Purple) together with Yellow Play Doh is a bright orange with a touch of very light brown. Tell us what colors you want us to mix. We would be happy to mix more colors together for you. Would be great to hear from you by leaving a comment. Please subscribe if you like our youtube channel. Thanks :) Perspectives Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (47)
Storm Blazegaming (2 months ago)
i am crying in this i mean i thought the red and blue was primary and uncolorable
Jasper Geli (4 months ago)
The color should be red!!!
That Color is Potato Brown.
ChrisH407 (1 year ago)
Nice video, but I wonder if your color might turn out better if your magenta were not so blue-ish but more of a "bright pink." And you could make a range of colors by mixing different amounts.
T&D Kids (2 years ago)
hello))) watched your video))) cool))) Thanks for the good mood))
Thanks for watching friend
Oki Kids Fun (2 years ago)
very great learning for kids, liked
Thanks I appreciate it :=)
Drina Dayz (2 years ago)
thats very cool, great channel
Thanks Drina I really appreciate it :)
Привет друзья ! Отличное видео было любопытно поглядеть пальчик ввысь!
Thank you :-)
CaielFavStuff (2 years ago)
So nice.. great learning video. :D
Thanks :D
MapaToys (2 years ago)
Great video!!
Thanks :)
KidzLife Youtuber (2 years ago)
Thank you
You are welcome :)
Family Fun Play (2 years ago)
nice video! we hope you can also visit our channel and if you like do sub for sub . thanks!
Thanks :)
Family Fun Play (2 years ago)
thanks! we subbed back :-)
Family Fun Play (2 years ago)
Thanks I will visit :)
Nice video! We had fun watching!
Thank you ;)
Hero Royal (2 years ago)
Excellent :)
Thanks :-D
very interesting,my friend.Happy day.
Thanks friend, wish you a great day too :)
Timmy's PlayTime (2 years ago)
very nice video ♨(⋆‿⋆)♨ I just subscribed to your channel! would you subscribe to my channel? lets be friend ? ✌.(。◕‿◕。).✌
Thanks of course! :)
sandrine pernet (2 years ago)
great vidéo nice channel like and sub
Thanks a lot, I will visit too :)
MM Toys Collection (2 years ago)
Great video ;-) pleasure to watch , thumbs up
Thanky ^^
Fusion Food Blog (2 years ago)
Cool, it's like playing and learning at the same time. Should make more videos like this one: educational toy videos. :)
Thanks a lot sweety I really appreciate this ^^
Привет, весьма понравилось ваше видео, жду новых ! С наслаждением подписалась на ваш канал! Заходите и ко мне в гости, весьма буду рада, если поддержите мой канал)))
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Toy Joy (2 years ago)
Nice video! =) Just subscribed and give a thumb up. Please visit our channel too, hope you found something interesting.
Thanks Toy Joy for this I will too :)
nice video!!! full watched and big like!!! welcome to our channel!!!
Thanks so much friend :)
ЛЁШИК -ТВ (2 years ago)
Awesome video!!!
Thanks :D
Toys in Motion (2 years ago)
Great video!like
Thanks for watching

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