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How To Remodel a 1993 Class C RV with a little paint (tour)

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This video tour of my 29' 1993 Class C RV shows the remodeling I've done to make it a comfortable place to live, work and travel. Living in an RV requires cutting back on 'stuff' and making some sacrifices. In this video, I show how I have made a 1993 Class C RV a bright and cozy home for my dog, Capone and me. I also talk about Class C RV storage, battery power, propane and cover the stove, refrigerator and furnace. To see many of the items in this video you can visit my Amazon Affiliate page on my website: http://www.carolynsrvlife.com/recommended-rv-living-products/
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Chalyn Tallman (9 days ago)
Hey! Quick Question, I'd like to replace the faucet in my RV, does it have to be RV Specific or can I go to Lowes?
Dona Harrell (22 days ago)
Very nice. Did you go smaller with your new RV?
Venessa Callaghan (1 month ago)
Thanks! I just bought a 27 ft motorhome. Needs a ton of work, including the motor, but was $800. I am a single empty nester and this really seemed to be my best option. Thabks for the tips. I am extensively renovating my unit. Think I will post it on youtube too😉 Cheers from British Columbia Canada
Tina Scott (1 month ago)
Nice job! Shared
KT Smith (1 month ago)
You have done a beautiful job of decorating and making it look neat, clean, and a pleasant place to live.
WilfredWalterCarlos (1 month ago)
"I happen to be vegan" I smashed that sub button!
Road Wonder (2 months ago)
Ah ha! I use the same readers and yes they run and hide form me all the time!
Robert Mcgee (3 months ago)
Get a heater buddy.
Wingster Rod (3 months ago)
You should look into the curtains that we use in Semi's , they're room darkening and thermal
Rey Stx (4 months ago)
Wow I love the tour. Its perfect. I really want one lol
Janet Allison (4 months ago)
I can only dream dor a while.
Beverly Fowler (4 months ago)
Great Hostess! Thank u for the tour!
The Q Side Bar LLC (4 months ago)
Nice video
Mia Noble (4 months ago)
Hello from Wales in the UK, I am a new sub and I am working my way through your vids so I can catch up on your travels , Capone is such a sweet old man dog and real gent , what a lovely wise face he has ? sending hugs and best wishes your way and hoping 2018 turns out to be a great year for you both , happy travels :D <3
Margaret deVries (5 months ago)
Been looking for fruit hanging basket, lost mine in a move....
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
Wait, I heard you say something about, "how many of you have readers?" Hang on a second so I can get my generic hearing aids in so I can see what you said.
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
Walmart store number1, store number 100, store number 32, store number 2175, store number 54. Yes, store number 100 is right across the street from the Walmart home office in Bentonville, AR. My story starts at Walmart store number 1013 in Indiana. But, forget all of that. My real story is about your RV. It reminds me of years ago when I was a lowly assistant manager for Wally-World. Those were the days that Sam's dog, "Ol'Roy" became infamous and an infamous face for the product by the same name. Back when I was growing up in NorthWest Arkansas, it was anything for me to see as a kid, my dad, Sam, Bud, J.B. Hunt or any reast of those "good old boys" hanging out shooting the breeze. So let's advance many years later when I was one of the first store managers for Sam. One day I get a phone call that Sam was landing at our local community airport and was goiung to pay our store a visit. We all busted ass, Got the store near perfection as we could get it. About 2 hours later the store got a call from the local municipal air port, it was Sam calling. He asked if someone could come and pick him up. I sent one of the assistant managers to do so. About a half hour later, here come Sam into the store. Scared to death, I greeted him. He just told me that he needed to stop by to pick up some dog food "Ol' Roy" before he went home, (less than 150 miles away." I walked with him to the check out, he paid as everyone else would. (Even though this was a "Supercenter", back in those days we had a whole big 8 checkouts). Before my assistant manager was going to drive him to the little one way runway at our local community airport, Mr. Walton looked at me and said, "your store looks really good, just get all your crapp off of the roof." When I heard that Sam was coming to our store, I had everyone bust ass and get all of our extra inventory that wasn't on the shell and hide it. Sam wanted everything on the floor, room or not. Before Sam landed, he flew his plane over our store, that's when he saw everything on our roof. Moral of the story. In this video, your home looks amazing. Can we see your roof. LOL. Love you darling. Just an old man saying his piece.
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
What is that first "collectable" picture? That looks familiar.
Carolyn's RV Life (5 months ago)
the one of the lady is an original. the other is the famous Prague bridge... the photographer, we learned months later was in Prague at the exact same time as me, shooting this photo. :-)
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
Bob hates Fords.
Carolyn's RV Life (5 months ago)
not sure how what bob thinks is relevant to my channel
Wm Cottrell (5 months ago)
God bless Capone and you!!!!
Carolyn's RV Life (5 months ago)
thank you
Ann Silliman (5 months ago)
im living this dream of mine vicariously thru u and capone. im ill and basically bedridden but i love watching and wishing it could be me and my service dog. Keep up the life and be safe guys. u make my day watching u have fun. thanks.
Ann Silliman (5 months ago)
i love your videos and u and capone rock
Kendia Perkins (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.
E. Sinclair Bliss (5 months ago)
Does the weight of the "stuff" interfere with your driving?
Jude W (6 months ago)
Wow large fridge & freezer for a mobile home. Lovely renovations you did. So that's the tour of Matilda lol you say.
Love the remodel. Thanks for sharing. Continuing to watch all your videos.........on to the next one. Take care and be safe.
Rumah BenAvari (6 months ago)
Love your up dates, we are all works in process. Just found my readers to watch you 😀lol
Old Soul Maggie (6 months ago)
Wow! 800 to upholster a few cushions, did that include new foam???? I upholster.. And I would have asked like 350 maybe. Sheesh
Patty McK (7 months ago)
Congratulations on your new home. Matilda served her purpose now you can happily start a new chapter.
Mary Span (7 months ago)
hI CAROL I just purchased a Tiogia 29 ft RV just like yours, Ford 450 engine. You have been an inspiration to me on taking on my #1 thing to do on my bucket list. I am 60 years old and ready to live a traveling life style. I plan to go full time next year around June. Thank again. I hope we will continue to talk. I need to learn so much. Thanks for sharing with us.
Gary Bross (7 months ago)
A friend of mine and his wife decided to get an RV I don't know what it is but I think it's a 5th wheel., they sold their home and bought a new RV. They took off for 30 days but had to come home to help with their kids problems. So for right now the trailer stays in an RV storage, more money,. My mother and stepfather bought an RV too, they traveled down to the Mexican border to stay a couple weeks. When they came home they decided it took too much gas, so they took a big hit on the sales end. I do it the cheaper way, fly to your destination, rent a car then start your traveling. It is so much cheaper even with some expensive hotel or motels I never spent anywhere near what they paid. I still do that, take off for a week or two and see all the attractions we wanted to see. Happy RVing!
Interesting Justice (7 months ago)
You did a great job with the paint and the small remodel. You made it look comfortable.
David Alexander (7 months ago)
rv looks great
David Alexander (7 months ago)
wow you have a tattoo show us more
Richard Toonr (7 months ago)
you did a real good job remodeling the inside of that RV of yours it looks really nice taking out that extra chair does help give you more space keep up the good work I'm heading over to Arizona right now it's Jan December one
Psalms 23 (7 months ago)
Hi. Loved this. I’m enjoying the rv life finally as well. I have a C 26’ w/ corner bed. But your 3’ larger makes all the difference as i like the ‘real’ full bed vs the corner bed. And i looked for the link to the full-length-curtain slides; love that idea! This is my first video, but i’m gonna be hooked. Thx!!!
Diane Crane (8 months ago)
Wow. So nice. Especially your kitchen and frig. Cool.
Tensi Perez (8 months ago)
You did a nice job, it looks so homey! You would think they would not have put carpeting in a bathroom but you see that a lot. It will be perfect when you replace it. I don't think I could fit in your shower...LOL! Give Capone a treat from me.
She Wolf (8 months ago)
I love your authenticity Carolyn!
Boo Boo (8 months ago)
Did you have to do anything special to the walls to paint them or did you just paint them. Did you use a high gloss enamel or satin?. I love the white cabinets, Id look at an older class c knowing I could paint them colors I love and make it look cozy. I hate the dark colors they seem to design them with.
Nenas Nook (8 months ago)
Loved this video. Your home and remodeling are beautiful.
Julia Gibson (8 months ago)
Love the colors. It's so cozy.
Yamie Andre (8 months ago)
Nice RV! You can digitize your photos and yearbooks by scanning & saving on your computer or flash drive.
Marc A Gagnon (9 months ago)
a lot of people use the cubic mini wood stove and wood is everywhere pallets there is always wood around out in the bush off hiking trails and quite easy to install check out tiny house pepper for a video on using it and you can pick up a battery powered skill saw to cut your wood.
Marc A Gagnon (9 months ago)
you can get stainless steel cut to put in your fridge panels and get it with more steel in it and the magnets stick to it.
Elaine Broskie (9 months ago)
Inspiring videos. Hope to get to do this sometime, even if just a couple of months each year.
Sharon Havener (9 months ago)
I am also vegan...3 years...your place is cozy and I could do this with no problem..
Priscilla Richardson (9 months ago)
Nice remodel! Thanks for the ideas.....you rock!
Jack & Tracy Van Dolah (9 months ago)
You did a great job on Matilda! What a warm & cozy home. Very comfortable and very functional.
Phyllis Gayhardt (9 months ago)
Thanks for the video of the tour of your RV...........looks very homey......I like the blue color..........👍
Jane Pipkin (9 months ago)
nice customizations, make it more homey and better use of space! good paint job! thx for sharing.
Jeremy Henry (9 months ago)
Looks great kind of reminds me if my remodel tour video...lol
LKBuie (9 months ago)
I am buying a '98 class c right now, and I have such plans. Your home is beautiful and tastefully done. Thanks for sharing it.
Linda (9 months ago)
Like the colours you painted 🌺🌹 smile it might make someone's day 😎🙂
Angela Starcher (9 months ago)
Cozy place :)
Senorita Reyes (9 months ago)
You have a beautiful home Carolyn!
teamcougars (9 months ago)
Triatic Nomadics (9 months ago)
I just bought my rv yesterday! My '91 Tioga is set up exactly like Matilda except for it has twin beds in back. Thank you for great ideas! And, did you have to tear off wallpaper to paint? Or, did you paint over it?
Karen R (9 months ago)
Enjoyed seeing your home. I like it. New colors are great.
Tom Bird (9 months ago)
When u r off grid, how do you register where you live?
Luis Garcia (9 months ago)
I super love you! .. You are awesome!!! I've been at this crossroads for awhile. You've really inspired me to back to RVing, as I had done when I was younger.
Carolyn's RV Life (9 months ago)
Thank you Luis. Good luck getting back to Rving1
Timothy Reves (9 months ago)
your awesome , Great attitude .
Ed Dex (10 months ago)
I wear my heart on my sleevss but at same time I am afraid of getting rid of books but life is a bit..chhhhKeep on i spiring me..cool doe
Ed Dex (10 months ago)
I love that you are very handy...not many women are this hard life living. I can see how a person can be so clean...my mother was always cleaning and I regret that I did not help her and I am honest that most nights I cry for her... She has thougt me to be independent before she could see that I could do it.
CRAIG PERRY (10 months ago)
Nice IMPROVEMENTS! Great choice of colors, the grey blue looks refreshing and the white seems to go very well with it, and I am looking for the Amazon link for the curtains, excellent idea, they part separately and they make the room more private, and match the color inside as well as having it go all the way to the ceiling on the track, it makes the overhead bunk more private, and if used as storage it hides it. I am going to find or make a sliding cutting board for my sink as well! And yes, the idea of using the propane from a bottle type heater is much better than waking up every time when the fan comes on....Thank's for all you do for all of us motorhome vagabond dreamers~
Elaine Fleureton (10 months ago)
I stick pillows in my cabinets when we travel. We have lots of pillows!
Sharon Havener (10 months ago)
I'm vegan also,,3 years and noticing HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE TRYING THIS LIFESTYLE. THERE JUST MIGHT BE HOPE FOR US YET. I do enjoy your RV adventures😊😊
Shawnna The Fam (10 months ago)
Thank you for you're vlogs :)
Shawnna The Fam (10 months ago)
Titan G (10 months ago)
Susie N (10 months ago)
When are you n bob getting married. Its noticable ..
north shore (10 months ago)
Different states not countries...
Kathleen Dion (10 months ago)
Very, very cute thanks for the tour.
ThriftedLuxe (10 months ago)
Fellow veghead AND camper? You're my new favorite youtuber, omg.
maria custodio (11 months ago)
Hi Carolyn thank you for show me your home I love your space and the ideas in paint store too the hang basket is great if I find one I go get....take care yourself love you
Debra Schott (11 months ago)
If or when you would want to change your fridge panels, you might want to cover with a 'stainless finish' contact paper. I bought mine on Amazon.
Esther sacilowski (11 months ago)
Hi Carolyn! Watched this video again ! Love your home! Maybe when you do decide to buy another R.V. , get one no smaller then a 21'! class B. Only cuz you like alittle room! But right now your fine! Say hello to Bob! Keep safe! Esther from N.Y.
dan (11 months ago)
Just great..thanks for the hospitality
kassie35 (11 months ago)
Can I ask how much was your rv
Vicki McCormick (11 months ago)
Carolyn -where did you get that bin storage thing on the wall behind you at beginning of your video?
ann dodds (11 months ago)
I admire your courage and spirit. pls stay safe. maybe one day I will have that same courage
Chang Murray (11 months ago)
Watching from Ireland
Chang Murray (11 months ago)
Love your lifestyle
Vivienne Seaman (11 months ago)
Very enjoyable video, glad that I am "binge watching some of your older videos.
Rebecca Nostrant (11 months ago)
Your are such a smart woman. I admire hat you do! Goldie
osi lara (11 months ago)
How much money are you saving per year? Living this way. Thanks.
K Life777 (11 months ago)
The painting looks wonderful ! Love the white cabinets.
Judy (11 months ago)
Ur a peach bless u and capone be safe and above all be happy judyb
Emily King (1 year ago)
It's so cool that you're vegan!! I've been vegan for almost two years and I really want to RV full time after college. Your videos have been so informative, relatable, and fun so thank you so much for sharing your journey!
Shawna W (1 year ago)
more homey than almost all of the remodels I've seen, great job, beautiful :)
Deborah Benedict (1 year ago)
I didn't know you are Vegan, thanks for sharing your home and the fact you can still work at home is awesome. Someday soon, I'll be there in that place of freedom.
steve McQueen (1 year ago)
where do you dump your black water, gray? where do you get water. do you not bathe? water tanks hold only so much, same with waste. do you poop in the woods? why not I heard once the Pope does
Derek Lance (1 year ago)
I really like it
Zoe Buttercup (1 year ago)
Nice vid did you replace your rv's engine and other things under your hood ? What did you pay for a older rv I don't know what to get for my son and I - I'm going to keep my house out in the country so my children can have it when I did but my son and I want to live as you do. Just don't know what to get or do. Thank You for your vid. I would also need something that can have towing capacity for a horse or small car.
Gerri T (1 year ago)
I always dreamed of doing what you are doing, and still do dream of it. Right now I take care of my 85 yr old Mom so I can't see doing this right now, but I love watching you and your adventurers on the road. Best of luck to you and congrats for your accomplishments!
Rebecca Conn (1 year ago)
Spring rods fit inside my window frames and I put a seam in my towels to hang right against the glass to keep cold out, works a charm. I use them on the hottest days as well. Losing an inch and a half on the end does not impact their use as towels the rest of the time. Dark colors fade quickly, so unless you want to redue them, I suggest light colors.
grave yard freak (1 year ago)
I like all of your videos
Carolyn's RV Life (1 year ago)
Thank you very much. I appreciate that!
C D (1 year ago)
Love your RV and your Reno on it. What a beautiful and comfortable home for you and Capone.
gabrielle fae (1 year ago)
I really love Matilda...capone is a sweetie and you are just amazing...thank you for sharing your home with us...love your spirit 😊😊😊💖
tipperary links (1 year ago)
Great job with the colors.
I have a 1991 4-season 28 ft. Class C on a Ford 350 Econoline chassis. Layout very similar. Your renos helping visualize what some of my changes could me. Thanks!
Angela Siegfried (1 year ago)
Thank *you* for the tour of your homey RV. It's the little things that make for a happy life. Enjoy!

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