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An Introduction to Tex Murphy

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Text Comments (77)
Liveapes Rule (5 days ago)
Tesla Effect tried to hard with the long Tesla story, it should have been more like Pandora Directive story, I prefered to just hang out on Chandler Avenue
Love Tex. Can't wait for the next installment. It seriously reminds me of the Gabriel Knight franchise, of which I wish they'd male another installment rather than its spiritual successor, Moebius. All are very cool games, btw.
Squiglypig (29 days ago)
Wait, they're making yet another? YES! Seriously! Really glad to see that! I love how you can tell that they were still new to the sheer amount of FMV in UaKM and how they had essentially mastered it for Pandora Directive. The difference in acting, cinematography and lighting/environments was staggering. However, I find it to have been a downgrade when they went for the "No one every exists outside of cutscenes" style for Tesla Effect, which is a style I first encountered in The Journeyman Project 3. I can see why, it's a way to prevent the classic "2D sprite on 3D plane, so it always looks the same direction" thing that games like Doom (dead enemies always face the same direction towards you), but to be honest, I still prefer that style.
Transfixed (1 month ago)
THAT'S what Tex Murphy is about?! I would have loved these games! Because of the "Tex" title i never guessed it was set in the future, in the style of Blade Runner, and I always ignored these games. Thank you for this video.
Netreek (5 months ago)
I did hear that Poisoned pawn is actually a reboot of Overseer. An older game which is I think now over 20 years old. And the last game before kickstarter project Tesla Effect. There shall be more riddles. More footage and areas to explore. Will I buy it? OH HELL YEAH I WILL!
Matt Brown (5 months ago)
Wow i came to the channel through Trek didnt know u also love Tex! Very cool
atd8vii (6 months ago)
TPD is the best in the series and my favourite game of all time. I tried, but I just didn’t like Tesla Effect, there’s some good things in it but they went over board with the cheesiness. If I ever get my laptop fixed I look forward to playing Poisoned Pawn.
David James (6 months ago)
3:17 is that the woman from pink flamingos? or man... cant remember if zir had a penis - anyway - EWWW.
Brian Bagnall (6 months ago)
I played every one of these except Martian Memorandum. Best detective simulator ever.
FlamesAndShadows (6 months ago)
You can read the novels... Yeah.. But if you are a Dresden Files fan like me, audiobook versions especially, you'll be busy being delighted and laughing too hard to be really bothered by the graphics. Found and finished them just before Tesla Effect came out. :)
TheAutistWhisperer (8 months ago)
I didn't realise you were a fan of adventure games, good stuff.
SinnerBeta (8 months ago)
So which should be played first, Tesla Effect or Poisoned Pawn when it comes out ?
Netreek (5 months ago)
Back then I did start with Under a Killing Moon. And the thing is that Under a Killing moon is the first game of that sort that ever came out. Yes, it is a Dos game and it will use the DoSBox Emulator and to save you have to make sure you start the game as administrator. However on GoG you can get ALL the games for a fair price. Why not buy all and start the game with Mean streets, then go to martian memorendum, under a killing moon aso. Then you also see how everything, including the gameplay did evolve and develope. Have fun and enjoy.
djhenyo (7 months ago)
Tesla Effect since Poisoned Pawn is a sequel and the dialogue will contain references to events from the previous game.
Brent Lee (8 months ago)
One of my fav series. Great video. Most FMV games in the 90s had god-awful acting, but Chris Jones and the others were always really good. I didn't get a chance to help out with the kickstarter for Tesla Effect, but I'm glad how well it turned out. Looking forward to the Poisoned Pawn.
Robert Merritt (8 months ago)
Hope they are able to bring this game to the new consoles. I have a pc, but lets be honest, to become the big popular game they need to fund the next one, it will need to be available on consoles.
Zontar82 (3 months ago)
no it will not "need" to be on console. It will be another cost to add to the list, and console players only want Cod because" git gud or get rekt lulz lozl hurr durr". That's the basic demographic of console players, so it would fail on console market.
Westkane11 (9 months ago)
This is awesome!!!! Why does Michael York make one feel like, that one is in a shakespeare teater?
Nexus8 (9 months ago)
I don't want the Tex Murphy universe to end....
hammer326 (10 months ago)
Thanks for the upload Dave! Returning fan to your channel after a bit of a youtube hiatus, bought tesla effect awhile back but never got into it proper, but know I will love it and am really excited for The Poisoned Pawn!!!
bloodrunsclear (11 months ago)
Just got into this series and it's fantastic :D Huge fan of Monkey Island and it's great to see that spirit survive
Acesahn (11 months ago)
I wish I liked puzzle games... but alas, I dont.
The Phantasm's mask (11 months ago)
Dave, sense anita sarkeesian (cunt) has an entire series dedicated to calling out "misogyny" in games, why don't you make a series doing the same for misandary. With more facts and justifiable examples, of course. This is just a recommendation.
SpiderEternal (1 year ago)
This series looks dope. I'll take you up on it and check them out.
Zontar82 (3 months ago)
You won't regret it, trust me
ThisIsJeff (1 year ago)
I've been looking for a game series to check out, might have to give this a try.
JayDee284 (1 year ago)
kind of makes me think of the J.B. Harold games.
The Thought Criminal (1 year ago)
....a dangerous fascist cult from commiting global genocide.....the DNC?
kris guntner (1 year ago)
So was that the moon/space station you were talking about?  10:40
kris guntner (1 year ago)
You just assumed,so don't blame me.
Nic0maK (1 year ago)
Yes, at 10:40, on the left is that same station, but not what's in the center
kris guntner (1 year ago)
I know what a space station is. 1:28
Nic0maK (1 year ago)
Not really that' not a station, check http://chaoticfusion.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MC_shuttle-870x500.jpg
Optimus6128 (1 year ago)
Damn, another series I plan to start playing and never find the time or mood to.
Timo Naaro (1 year ago)
cant you just start with this new upcoming one?
ME 0020 (1 year ago)
its funny how you do gaming sort of tech videos on your Dave Cullen channel but you do political stuff on your computing forever channel
Soren Sorensen (1 year ago)
I wish I could join the cult that wanted to destroy humanity. But I will propably end up being addicted to chocolate.
gurupmatos (1 year ago)
Having been involved in the Tesla Effect Kickstarter Campaign and being a Tex Murphy Games fan since UAKM, the news that we not only get Poisoned Pawn but also at least another game is GREAT news! hope this all succeeds in the end :)
Ammoniummetavanadate (1 year ago)
I haven't heard of this series, I never really got into adventure games, but given my recent burn out with modern gaming this looks like something I might enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation.
Carlos David (1 year ago)
This is where Hollywood should have gone
NativeNewMexican (1 year ago)
Did I just see the star of Logan's Run in the trailers?
Holger Kreetz (1 year ago)
yes, that was Michael York. Appears in "Overseer" & the upcomming game "The Poisoned Pawn".
Ciarán Fhearghail (1 year ago)
This is great news, I've only played Tesla Effect so far, glad that we will get to see more.
Terry Diamantis (1 year ago)
I think I should marathon through the entire series again. :)
Terry Diamantis (1 year ago)
Nonsense! I start with Mean Streets! When I say the entire series, I mean it!
start with under a killing moon then
seapanda (1 year ago)
Very excited about this, I used to play Under a killing moon, great game.
ShortbusMooner (1 year ago)
LOL! I love listening to you game-splaining! *;)*
MMODoubter (1 year ago)
Was this a paid promotional video, Dave?
Matt x69x (1 year ago)
didn't read title, thought you were going to tell us about "the expanse" on Netflix.
Warphorn (1 year ago)
I played under a Killing Moon at the age of 7 on my dad's PC. I say played, I reloaded the save before one of the conversations and made a henchman beat the shit out of Tex xD
Rick Cleek (1 year ago)
I don't play computer games anymore.
Zontar82 (3 months ago)
shame on you XD
The Wayfarer (1 year ago)
Yeah, I'm curious enough to look at LP's of the series from the start, hell if that voice at the end is Grimoire Weiss like I think it is, guaranteed good voice acting at least, and it seems like the new games were made for the right reasons ie love of the series, rather than just baiting nostalgia for money
Nic0maK (1 year ago)
I think this is Michael York's voice . He's the "Mr Gideon" from overseer. Most or all of this sounds like direct quotes from the game.
Hazcat (1 year ago)
Thanks Dave! I am a big fan of this series but did not know a new one was in the works! This is fantastic news. We need to spread the word about these great games. I have them all. Great series and lots of fun.
The DORUK (1 year ago)
Let's hope we are Not gonna encounter a 2nd MassEffect Andromeda; I am hopeful honestly
I choose maximum TexMex Synthesis Overload. Only for Indoctrination Theory to prove me wrong later.
Slavicus Vile (1 year ago)
It's things like this that make me want a personal theatre; find a full blind playthrough of Tesla Effect, a bunch of... People I probably don't know, we'll call them "friends", and some popcorn and BOOM! A fantastic weekend.
Free Saxon (1 year ago)
Never knew about this one
Free Saxon (1 year ago)
1:35 dangerous fascist cult........ now we know its Sci-Fi
Don't you mean, SYFY? HA!
bloodrunsclear (11 months ago)
Good point. They weren't dressed in black balaclavas.
Kaustav Majumdar (1 year ago)
Never heard of this series before but now I really want to play the upcoming installment.
Counter Tenor (1 year ago)
Is Tesla Effect still available?
Netreek (5 months ago)
you may buy Tesla Effect either on Steam or on GoG, where you also find all the other Tex Murphy Games.
Robert Sirca (5 months ago)
its on Steam
atd8vii (6 months ago)
A S Agreed. I didn’t like the story and the goofy humour was off the chart and just took me out of the game all together. The graphics are good for the most part, but I was sorely disappointed.
A S (10 months ago)
i would play all the others though, T.E. is my least fave. tex game so far
The Dave Cullen Show (1 year ago)
Counter Tenor (1 year ago)
I loved Tex Murphy.
Netreek (5 months ago)
Mira Smit (1 year ago)
Do you need a gaming computer for this or will an average laptop do?
Mira Smit (1 year ago)
Computing Forever (1 year ago)
average computer. The spec requirements for these games aren't high

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