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My 'smart drugs' nightmare - BBC News

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So-called "smart drugs" are drugs that can supposedly enhance your cognitive abilities. People all over the world are taking them in universities, offices and the comfort of their own home - to get ahead of the game. One drug, Modafinil - is amongst the most popular. It was labelled in August 2015 as the world’s first “safe” smart drug - off the back of research from Harvard and Oxford University. But is this true? And do “smart drugs" actually work? In this film, our reporter Benjamin Zand tries a drug himself - as he takes a first-hand look inside the world of so-called smart drugs. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Text Comments (3629)
federico floro (44 minutes ago)
that medicine reminds me of concerta, the effects is dangerous liver damage is the worst.
kyle spejewski (1 hour ago)
in all honesty, a microdose of lsd or psilocybin or just one or two puffs of weed works for increasing my congition. about the only thing that sounds interesting is maybe the racetams. a lot of these fall in the same realm as other research drugs.
Sutter Greaves (2 hours ago)
Smoke some sativa then
Elias Hewson (1 day ago)
Try Dexamphetamine brand name Attentin.
Psmythe Wooster (1 day ago)
Took this for 4 months. It definitely helps you power through repetitive tasks but making you smarter or more creative? No chance. Take the video with a grain of salt.
Perth AUS (2 days ago)
A sample size of one persons experience? shit reporting
Mikael Jacob (2 days ago)
Yes but if you didn't take cocaine with your nootropic that wouldn't have been a nightmare.
ninth Chakra (3 days ago)
Despite the annoying title, this is a fascinating report by Mr Benjamin Zand (@BenjaminZand) from BBC News. Though lacking in the actual science about  Nootropics ("Smart Drugs"), it did touch on many of the important aspects of the social impact that these medications are already having. One part that I found somewhat irritating was that he was apparently ignorant in the necessary requirements associated with taking the drug Modafinil. (It's very important to do your research before trialling any new medication - especially for an off brand use, like this) One of the actions of the drug is to act as a metabolic accelerant, causing you to urinate & defecate more frequently due to increased production of stimulatory hormones from the Hypothalamus/Pituitary glands in the brain. Because of this increase in the metabolic rate, when taking Modafinil, you must *increase* your intake of food & water - with especial attention paid to electrolytes. Once you understand this it becomes fairly obvious that Mr Zand (who was skipping meals) was almost certainly both hypoglycemic & dehydrated, and also low in electrolytes such as Sodium (which is expelled in urine). The markings on his leg & arm were possibly due to his liver dysfunction (or completely unrelated) & that in turn was also due to his poor diet. As to why his friend (who been taking Modafinil for some time) had not experienced these side-effects? As an athlete, he would have already been on a high protein/high calorie diet & be rehydrating with sports drinks (that contain electrolytes to compensate for sweating during high activity). Nootropics are a growing field & an intriguing subject. I look forward to watching any follow-up videos from Mr Zand & the BBC in the future.
Joseph Driscoll (3 days ago)
Worst docu ever
James Spell (4 days ago)
It's the same in the beginning like he said he felt sharper is when I started taking Vicodin and then I switch to Suboxone it's still hurting your body it's still not you so to speak it something else I've been clean now for 2 years I haven't felt that sharpness again but at least I know I'm not hurting my body
Yashvir Dalaya (6 days ago)
You gotta eat and drink enough water. Those headaches are because you don't have enough glycogen in your brain.
Ty Dolla sign (7 days ago)
These drugs get me through my college courses. Nightmare? Nah you’re just stupid mate. All it takes is mistiming once and you learn how to really use it. (Take it after lunch)
Triston Spiker (7 days ago)
Oh God meth in a pill..!! Here we go
AllureChic (7 days ago)
So around the 7min marker; how do you know that you took the exam better not because of the drug, but because you were already familiar with it?
Dylan - (7 days ago)
This is some weak shit. Go take 100mg of addy and then you'll be speeding. It's like a kid getting his first coffee and now he knows what drugs are lol. If stimulants and performance boosters were a school, this reporter is still being held back at preschool.
ppns2726 (7 days ago)
The friends respiratory system doesn't sound good
Jake Fossil (8 days ago)
This guy is wayyyyyy to stressed out to take smart drugs, anyway they're over rated 😂
World Peace (8 days ago)
I think human kind should try to stay in its own limits.
C C (9 days ago)
the type of modafinil he had was not so pure. also that brand of modafinil should only taken in a small dosage
Dilbravishlah (9 days ago)
Oh BBC, this won't be biased at all.
Nick weaver (9 days ago)
Didn’t help his curls though
Ivan Jadan (9 days ago)
A really mediocre documentary with a clickbaity title.
this is so retarded and its not that impressive its like lame version of meth:D
EarthShake Spear (9 days ago)
I think modafinil is not for everyone.
xqa (9 days ago)
ambition and money...roots of evil
Sun Chung (10 days ago)
Adderall is better as long as you don't abuse it. Good for work and school.
Nino Gulew (10 days ago)
Update from 2016, seems like it´s all available on Amazon these days.
steeve steeve (10 days ago)
I expect this on BBC 3
coziFPV (10 days ago)
You have a Scottish/Scouse twang where is he from?
Stephen cabb (10 days ago)
I New drug to keep humanity in slaver for there new world order plan just like the movie xmen the future
Stephen cabb (10 days ago)
Any pill will make you ill keep taken pill you will end up mentally ill. You are all ready addicted anof and it's your phone
james taylor (10 days ago)
So sad we just don't seem to be learning lessons
Josh Sanchez (11 days ago)
Christopher Robles (11 days ago)
Bro you're basically taking synthetic meth just like adderal with a different name on it and when you start to feel like crap it's called coming down from your high LOL
Shawn Devita (11 days ago)
Sounds like no doze to me
Jon P (11 days ago)
I've got modafinil. Every time I've took it, nothing. It's shite.
Truth Network (11 days ago)
😂😂 what's the difference between this and antidepressants?? Antidepressants do the same thing they're supposed to uplift your mood which is what this is doing if that.... word of advice never ever take anything that changes the chemical balance of your brain- the main goal is addiction with these drugs
Eli Ausi (11 days ago)
How stupid does someone have to be to take pills from some random on the internet. They definitely need some cognitive stimulant aka common sense!
Darkclaw175 (11 days ago)
The darknet exists you know.. and it works fine.
Fallen Hero (11 days ago)
just ask a dr...geesh
David L (11 days ago)
if it acts on dopamine it’s instantly addictive
Mike Jones (11 days ago)
He still has the cup in his hands and says he feels it. The pill he took 30 seconds earlier. Placebo is a hell of a drug.
Mcgee Sawyer (11 days ago)
The way that you need to take them for them to work properly is to crush them up and snort in half doses
vapid rabbit (11 days ago)
naw, i prefer drugs that make you dumber.
tranceone11 (12 days ago)
Rubbish. Train hard,eat clean and masturbate 💦💦😀
The Bear (12 days ago)
Saying it’s “non addictive” is false. It might not be neurologically addictive how ever I you may want to have the effects it has on you.
Darkclaw175 (11 days ago)
Well it is non addictive.. It can be psychologically addicting but then again, anything can can be psychologically addictive.
Chris Torres (12 days ago)
What a pussy
L . I . A _ M (12 days ago)
use lsd if you want to learn faster, be more aware, and be more intune
tony metcalf (13 days ago)
instead of "being worried" about taking the drug why didn't you get them tested to see if they were legit??? i mean you are going to all these others doctors, whats one more lab to see if they were real??
PCoderch (14 days ago)
There is no such thing as a smart dcrug. There is literally no drug ever created that has been shown to significantly boost IQ scores. The cold, hard truth is that intelligence is highly heritable by as much as 90%. People of a leftist mindset are driven crazy by this fact, but it is a fact nevertheless. Now, stimulants might cause a very small temporary increase in IQ of say 3-5 points by increasing the release of catecholamines. However, the boost is very small and in the long term stimulants *decrease* intelligence by depleting neurotansmitters and decreasing neurogenesis. Long-term heavy use of amphetamines and even caffeine might decrease IQ by 30 points more. You cannot increase your intelligence, which is highly genetic, but you can make the best of what you have and you can use your intelligence more "intellegently": take your time to think your problems over and check your solution several times to see if you are missing something before deciding your solution is right. Write down the problems as data so that you don't unecessarily overload your short-term memory ability when you try to solve your problems. Once you have devised a method to solve a problem, write the method down and save it so that you can use it next time. Break the problems into parts and try to make logical sense of those parts individually. After you have made logical sense of all the parts of a problem, it is much easier to "connect the dots" than it is to solve the problem as a whole. Search for methods, devices and machines that can help you solve the problem. The less you tax your brain, the better. By doing these things, you can solve problems up to 20 IQ points higher than your level of intelligence at an IQ test. You will still score like before at regular IQ tests, but for practical purposes you will be smarter than the test suggests.
BeamRider100 (16 days ago)
You had it late in the day causing you to not feel sleepy at bedtime. The next day you are already tired. Then you have it again and then don't eat and drink. Did those actions make sense ?
Carl Jepson (16 days ago)
Very much like the Dopey drug benelin original only completely different.
Hentai Eyes (18 days ago)
DAG2003 (18 days ago)
"I was taking a huge risk by taking the pill"...taking one pill of modafinil? lol, what scary drugs is he gonna try next? A strong cup of coffee?
Andy Roid (19 days ago)
You should have seen Dr. Whatsherface's office/bookshelves BEFORE she took the drug. But just look at her office now! Jump to 5:57
11:11 (20 days ago)
2:20 Oxy Contin had the same claims when it was first out on the market.
qgmlwy (20 days ago)
This guy has very poor camera skills.
Spunkey Doodle (21 days ago)
These drugs will fuck you up permenantly if you take them for over a year. Be warned. I know from experience. I took one of these drugs for 10 years straight every day.
Dr. X (11 days ago)
explain what and how will someone be fucked up, and which drug did u take?
The Cakekappen Show (21 days ago)
Lol you took more than 1 a day. so yeah. Kk.
O (21 days ago)
I tried Modafinil and nothing happened, looks like I'm immune (some people are apparently). I even bought a kit to test it to check it was real but it has no effect. Booooooo!
Phil Griffiths (22 days ago)
Sounds like coffee and sugar would be more effective with less side effects?
Anthony Hewitt (22 days ago)
Well its alwready a botched expierment bc the second time tou knew how and what to expect from the test
Kevin Main (23 days ago)
Dude at @14:00 has HUGE pupils! Drug high?
mlasko74 (23 days ago)
Fuck that dumb shit
Christopher (23 days ago)
his liver was not able or it was bad prior to his research.
So seriously is modanafil any good???
Darkclaw175 (11 days ago)
Adderall, ritalin and dexamphetamine are much better.
Samurai xxx (24 days ago)
This guy took it at night... :L
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk (24 days ago)
Proper leftist BBC beta male, soy-consuming softie. How was this a nightmare? And what does "werk" mean?
Alex Phillips (24 days ago)
My dad has been taking Modafonil all my life for his constant tiredness. It doesn’t really do anything to him.
CerebralAssassin (25 days ago)
So plain coffee isn't enough anymore?People need to be high as fuck nowadays to study?!Just take choline and drink coffee...problem solved!
Caffeine Nalt (26 days ago)
Kill yourself.
Matt Lane (26 days ago)
Smart drugs are a scam, no doubt adderall works tho
MattsGotIssues (28 days ago)
I think you received caffeine pills, bud. Placebo effects can sharpen your ATTENTION, however, I did note that of all your efforts, you failed to get your pills tested to make sure they were real.
Andy Roid (19 days ago)
MattsGotIssues I was thinking the same exact thing! His experiment was a failure from the very beginning. *Garbage data IN, always guarantees garbage data OUT.*
robert deyoung (28 days ago)
Jus do meth shoot it direct it's better than that shit why would u smoke Reggie wen u could do dabs see were I'm getting at and yea u feel smart on meth till 5th day awake wit out food has u stand in by the door with a gun swearing every car that comes by is part of a caravan of cars look in for u cuz on a bender u shot out a dopemans car window try in to rob him this I have not done 🤐 but yea "smart drug"
Mike G (29 days ago)
You want concentration?? Smoke some Meth and start doing something, anything.. and i'll see you in 8 hours when your on page 347 of pornhub..
Edward Young (28 days ago)
Lol Or write a ten page philosophy paper on ur tablet about the relationship between conscious energy and the existing universe for no reason at all other than u shot some good stuff
Sukapon (29 days ago)
Did this bill pass?
Neighbourhood Witch (30 days ago)
Yes, Modafinil (I have it prescribed) DOES work 😏
Drhumbolt (30 days ago)
Ok so mistake number one was you took one at night. Duh of course you can't sleep, lack of sleep gives me headaches too. Also when you take stuff like this alot of water on normal circumstances won't be enough on this type of medicine. Also you have to make yourself eat lack of nutrients will make you feel like shit and degrades cognition. He didn't mention how often he took them or how many per day total. My assumption based on his feelings is he was taking too much.
Alexandre Mead (1 month ago)
We dont know his dosage. He himself said he wasnt completely confident in the supplier he got it from. It is prescribed to those experiencing narcolepsy, so depending on how much of what kind of cut he took he could have experienced a bad result to to amateur biohacking. Our minds run of chemicals, if we ruin the balance in any direction we will function worse. Drugs will 100% improve our functioning if balanced properly, this includes vitamins. Talk with doctors and put yourself through tests before dosing yourself, self medication is the road to addiction, dependance and/or death.
Ant Ds (1 month ago)
Did they do a placebo test?
John Shearer (1 month ago)
Nightmare??? Very click bait title, you lost a few hours sleep and had a small spot a couple of times, hardly a nightmare scenario...
Marc Mcclinchy (1 month ago)
Can I get these in the states without a script? I want some
AlexZ (1 month ago)
This shit makes me booooming wtf is this guy talking about
Craig Gibbons (1 month ago)
Bloke chats utter crap
Sapientum Octavus (1 month ago)
If you run a light bulb on a double voltage it will shine very bright too. Think about it.
Mari ZenSoul (1 month ago)
so its a better than adderall drug?
Darkclaw175 (11 days ago)
Nope adderall/ritalin are much better.
Mari ZenSoul (1 month ago)
If a drug takes more than 20 minutes before you feel the effects then the "effects" are all in your head.
Dabayare (1 month ago)
I took my 1st pill ever n could not sleep the whole day looking like anxious as if I was going to miss an appointment somewhere.
Alpha Aquarium (1 month ago)
Pretty sure you did meth.
Marc-André Poulin (1 month ago)
Placebo effect enhancing motivation... or toxicity effect creating brain awareness mixed with placebo effect
Since1987 (1 month ago)
At the end of the day “what goes up, must come down!”
Dan iel (1 month ago)
Prefer LSD
Dolce Luxe (1 month ago)
Is this like cratom?
Mo Maxwell (1 month ago)
Placebo effect.
James Mattox (1 month ago)
Flood the streets with it and over ride the meth train
J-sal Shah (1 month ago)
No!!That means never buy indian drugs!
J-sal Shah (1 month ago)
Harsh Thakur bcz if you're buying stuff from india which are illegal worldwide.Do you think you can get genuine products from india???hahaah big mistake...You never know what you're buying online
Harsh Thakur (1 month ago)
J-sal Shah why?
Shizus (1 month ago)
Is that form of evaluation does it even makes sense? I mean, of course he is going to perform better after doing it once.
Wassi Shah (1 month ago)
So where can I get some ?
D'Afrique Rousseau (1 month ago)
BBC always has the hottest guys!!! Too bad he doesn't have a BBC
Danish Khan Official (1 month ago)
Can i take modafinil to cure mental fatigue ?? Can anyone answer ??
William Seipp (1 month ago)
His side affects sounds like caffeine or ephedrine, or perhaps every other stimulant. ( I've only tried those two )

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