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Social Security Scam Bonnie & Cyde stole my Identity-2146137119

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I know this is a very long video but you have to listen to the extent they will go to get access to your money and information. Please don't give these people any of your information and leave you family and freinds know about this scam.
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Marbev Leachorr (10 days ago)
It was a little hard to understand the last person who were speaking to, but did he ask you to get a federal locker? That is what it sounded like. This is the most hideous scam I have heard of in a long time.
yes and it is scary because they are trying to collect all your personal info so they can gain access to your bank account and steal your identity ...so spread the word to freinds and family. Yes he said a federal locker to put my money in for 24hours lol but they don't get that far.
trace d (19 days ago)
its almost like he's whispering, bloody scammer,
yooper0987 (29 days ago)
They called me and I had them tied up for over 2 hours. They were talking to Miss Janice who had a made up social security number and address. Boy were they mad at me.
yooper0987 I have another good full SSA call plus just a short one . Oh great I love setting them off. Thanks for watching . And keep up the fight against the scammers 😁
Shirley Harrison (1 month ago)
Great video. My first time watching one of yours,but the last..lol Thanks for sharung & helping people.
Shirley Harrison (1 month ago)
Sorry, meant 'sharing'
rprincess73 (1 month ago)
Wow! Hadn’t heard this scam yet! Geezus!! Have to say I enjoy playing with the IRS crazies:) Fabulous job!
rprincess73 thanks for watching and there is a lot of scams the India scammers are doing. Take a look at my channel when you have time. Medicare, insurance, school loan scams .... credit card, much more . I try to do the less common scams because everyone does the IRS . I do the IRS though but not as much.
Alogical (1 month ago)
*1. Money laundering* *2. Drugs trafficking* *Uh! Pathetic scammers.* *39:00** haha* 1:05:30 *Oops!* *Great call Francine! I've also talked with SSA scammers but the calls won't go this long, it's nice you showed us **_each and everything._* *Thanks.*
yep this rat wanted my savings LOL the only reason he went so long
Brian Larkin (1 month ago)
SKOL! You got her head spinning. Francine you are a natural when it comes to Scambaiting. Wow one hour and seven minutes , that has to be a record. Like a deep sea fisherman who takes his time reeling in his catch; you hauled him in. Have another SKOL!
thank you Brian :) and I will get to your Annie Video with the IRS I just wanted to do something other than IRS for once :) But I have the Email you sent me with the information ...will be coming soon
Little Peace (1 month ago)
Since the scammer requested you bear with him like …idk …twenty times I was waiting for one of you to give birth. 😉 Guess I will be content with this great scambait instead. Thank you Francine. 👍👍
Thank you Lil Peace <3
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
I finally finished listening to the call, Francine. (it was even better than expected 👌👍) The stupid scammers really have no idea how the U.S. legal system works, or what the Social Security Admin. does. For starters, there are no "officers" @ the SSA & it's not an investigative or enforcement agency. (unless you're illegally collecting social security checks)
I replied. Just incase you didn't get notifcation
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
Francine, I just replied. It's been years since I've gotten a private message on YT. I actually had to research HOW to check my messages. 😅😆 It's like YT hides it....and there doesn't seem to be any notification system in place like there was back when it was the YT "inbox".
I sent you a private message . And I subscribed to your music channel :)
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
No apology is necessary. 😉😊 As far as listening, I am into almost any & every kind of music there is, except for like...death metal. I love classical, jazz, delta blues, country, southern rock, acoustic, reggae, R&B, classic rock, etc, etc.... I just have a deep love of *_music_* in general. To me, music is kind of like food. If it sounds/tastes good, I like it. IMO there's just too much great music available, to limit myself to 1 particular band, or even 1 genre. It would be like eating only 1 type of food. I love pizza, 🍕 but I wouldn't want to eat ONLY pizza, forever. 🤢 I do like Queen though. 👍👌 I'm looking forward to seeing the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody" (& I'm betting you are, too? 😉) When it comes to playing music, mostly I like piano music, soundscape, ambient, electronica, etc.
Well I apologize ....ugh And what kind of music are you into? The only music I listen to is Queen & Freddie Mercury. I saw them in concert when they came to US one of the only times they were in the states ...it is 24'7 Freddie here lol
Thomas Hawkinson (1 month ago)
These Indian scum bags should do 20 years in Federal prison. Note:  Indian scammers say ' each and everything' and 'do one thing' all of the time.  Great work Francine!  Tom H.
Thomas Hawkinson thank you Tom for watching 😊
Anna Harlow (1 month ago)
These asshats need to learn how to speak English much better than they do and they need to learn about the legal system in the US. They’ve got so many agencies involved that have nothing to do with Social Security. This scam completely laughable! Job well done!
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
Jack Dwen, you're delusional. It's not as if Francine is telling the scammers what they did wrong &/or how to improve the scam. Your "request" is DENIED. If you don't like the videos, it's *best* you don't watch them. BTW, why not make your own "example" videos?
Jack Dwen excuse Me? Ha don't come on my channel telling me to remove my videos! And don't blame me for those pieces of shit rats ! They been doing this long before I started baiting. So if you don't like my videos than stay off my channel. But don't Ever tell me to remove anything on my channel
Jack Dwen (1 month ago)
Francine The Scammer Slayer plz remove video bcoz, scammer are learning through your video as you know YouTube is knowledge station for some scammer it's better you should explain about an scam how they do the things but this may lead many people in Asia teach things do better so please my request removal of video and go for example video and explain personally
Anna Harlow thank you for watching Anna 😊
Lovelygirl est. 1982 (1 month ago)
Wow! That was a great bait. I was wondering how this scam worked. Joe did this scam a little while ago but didn't get as far as you did. They always say "oh i knew from the beginning" , if they knew they would have hung up on you like they always do.
Thank you for taking the time to watch and I am glad I help your day go by faster my friend :)
Lovelygirl est. 1982 (1 month ago)
Francine The Scammer Slayer I love the long baits. Makes my day faster while at work.
Thats why I played along so everyone can see how this scam really works, instead of setting them off and then like you said they hang up. I know it was very long but grab a coffee and enjoy listening to their stupidity.
Nora Lewis (1 month ago)
The way they talk gives it away more and more ... Learn English better before trying to lie to everyone about something that isn't even happening. Scamming idiots
Nora Lewis (1 month ago)
You're welcome!! Yes I agree it will be their down fall!!
Nora Lewis thank you for watching, oh each and every scam I do is given to the inspector General, Fbi, DEA, FTC. So their stupidity is going to be their down fall !!
RisingEdge111 (1 month ago)
Thank you, Francine. These scums are more dangerous than the irs scums because they are going after your entire savings. That's why they are willing to spend such a long time trying to snare a victim. Death is too good for these rats.
thats a good one !
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
Yes, they really ARE more dangerous than IRS scammers. I wonder how many lives the scammers have destroyed? BTW, they're not "rats", or even insects. They're the bacteria that's in the poop that comes from the fleas that are on the rats.
RisingEdge111 boy you got that right my friend
fernley stephens (1 month ago)
I bet he thought that all his birthdays had come at once when you told him how much you had in your savings account. He put all that work in to get hold of it and got precisely nothing. Nice one.
fernley stephens I know I was trying very hard not to laugh and lose it , haha no pay day for him
Tarri Mount (1 month ago)
Franicine u did great yes was long but worth it. Keep up the great work
Tarri Mount thank you and thanks for watching my friend
Piemangeo (1 month ago)
Damn 167 views in a few hours ? I get 10 views at most in 5 hours
Piemangeo (1 month ago)
Francine The Scammer Slayer thanks!
Piemangeo give it some time , you will grow within YouTube 😁
Robert Esparza (1 month ago)
So now SSA has “Officers”?!!! These people are such idiots. And now they are giving Miranda rights on the phone?! LMAO!! I know scammers read these comments, so I’m not going to list everything wrong with this scheme, but I think you know how Federal law enforcement works. I always ask them where they took their initial training and class number. Glynco? There’s only two locations. They usually hang right up. Lol. And no ones gonna just leave 22 pounds of cocaine in a Toyota Corolla!!! Like I said, idiots!! Great job Francine! Thank you for doing what you do!
Sorry I missed this but go no notification for a lot I'm just finding 🤔
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
Robert Esparza, don't forget "Homeland Security". Yes....HS always monitors IRS calls. 😛😂 Sometimes the "jury members" are also listening in on the calls. 🤣
Robert Esparza (1 month ago)
Each And Everything These bakrichods run so many different scams they can’t remember who they are!!😂😂 On Francine’s other Fake SSA video... scammer says “These lines are being federally recawded and monitawed by de three government affiliations... that is de Federal Twade Commission, de Better Business Bureau and the Federal Crime Enforcement Network “..... Wtf?!!! Better Business Bureau?!!! Really?!!! These idiots are so full of shit!!!!
you don't know how many times I almost burst out laughing ! like when I said Bonnie and Clyde stole my Drivers lic lol and they are in arms dealing. Terrorists !!! omg what an idiot
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
Robert, did you notice the female scammer said "Let me connect this call to my senior officer......", then after 20 minutes of bla bla bla, the _"senior officer"_ said "I'm a district attorney for State of Texas"? 😂 🤣
Barbara H. (1 month ago)
Wow, that is a loooonnnng con....
Barbara H. Yes it was longer but I cut a lot out .
Nigella Blum (1 month ago)
The phone number 2146137119, is not yet suspended (I did report to Magic Jack). I called the scammers Details: SSA officer "Julia Hermann" SR192795 Case AD320497 Warrant 96385251 Accusation: Money laundering and drug trafficking Senior officer: "Rajive Mathur" Funny, Indian name (very common) Car Found: Toyota Corrola Black 2016 Location; Texas Day: Last Sunday Drugs: 22 pounds cocaine Bank accounts: 18
WTG Nigella I would love to hear your calls to them . I wish you would video them my friend :)And very good for reporting them to MagicJack.
The Goathouse (1 month ago)
You last name is really Slayer? Are they your favorite band?
The Goathouse no I slay the bad guys, you know like Wonder Woman lo😎🤣l . My favorite band is Queen with Freddie Mercury 😙
ScamJam (1 month ago)
(10:58) It sounds like these scammers have taken total advantage of the 22lbs of confiscated cocaine
Robert Esparza and a overdose 🙄
Scam The Scammer it sure did he was thinking he could retire early with my $400.000 And 22lb of coke , what a life he was planning
Robert Esparza (1 month ago)
Scam The Scammer Lol... 22 pounds makes for a huge party!! Lol
laurel lango (1 month ago)
What!!! So when did the social security office start handling a criminal investigation case!!! Money laundering and violation of drug trafficking that sounds serious😱omg they have really move up big time. Now if anyone falls for this scam needs to have their head examined. U are a law abiding citizen but u have a warrant, got it!!!!! Hum!!! Let see if u pay us we can erase ur criminal "re-cord",
laurel lango yes this is how stupid they are. And they say we are stupid lol yeah......right......!
Terri Davis (1 month ago)
The reason I hate this scam so much is that it targets the elderly and disabled.They would more than likely fall for this when these scammer turds mention their social security number.I do hope that the word is getting out about this scam.I am doing my part with my elderly clients and neighbors.Thanks again for bringing awareness.
Shirley Harrison (1 month ago)
Terri Davis You're so right. I'm elderly,but so far my mind is ok & i DO know abt these scam calls. But my x-mother n law is 89 yrs old,has 'memory' problems. I visit her & i may bring this up to her, to just tell them she'll have her son handle it if she gets a call from any of these scammers.(And hope she remembers it.)
Terri Davis (1 month ago)
Just read the article.Thanks for bringing it to my attention.It's shocking to read that not only stranger scammers,but family members could treat their elders this way.
Terri Davis thank you for fighting right along us for the elderly 🤗
Each And Everything (1 month ago)
Terri Davis, yes they do target the elderly. Have you seen this recent article? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-05-03/america-s-elderly-are-losing-37-billion-a-year-to-fraud
OJAS (1 month ago)
Thanks Francine. Have a nice day.☺
Oliver Aseroth (1 month ago)
Confound : Mix up, confuse, perplex or astound, baffle or discomfit etc, etc, etc, "Pocket Oxford Dictionary", I always have it handy. lol, Great stuff Francine ...
Scammer SlammerTV (1 month ago)
what shit bags
your got that right slammer :) thanks for taking the time to watch
Gary Smedley (1 month ago)
I try very hard to not be prejudice but I am getting to the point where I hate to even hear the Indian/Pakistani accent. It is a though the whole bunch of them just spend their time wanting to scam people. The sad thing is that older people such as my deceased mother in law would have fallen prey to these scum. Our government needs to let the Indian government understand that unless they crack down seriously on these ass-holes then America will cease all financial aid whatsoever to them. How did you ever come across these marachodes? GOOD WORK Francine.
Yes I know what you mean. That is the reason I do scambaiting, for the elderly and uninformed people. The India Govenment is not worrying about what they are doing. But I have been submitting videos and information to the DEA, Fbi, FTC , Medicare everywhere I can so the US can get what scammers are in the US and have the information they need to try and get them in India. I came across them by them calling me on my cell phone I started to get tired of this crazy shit every day and 6-7 times a day . So I decided to fight back. I used to call and screw with them without videos but It was not informative so I started to video it all and try to help people. :) Thank you for watching
Nigella Blum (1 month ago)
OMG! Modern day robbers. Thank you for sharing this. These criminals are *Gujarati* Indians from Ahmedabad (state of Gujarat). Their accent clearly is Gujarati. The number belongs to MagicJack - 12146137119 Carrier: YMax Communications (SVR). Just now I reported this number to MagicJack/ YMax
Nigella Blum (1 month ago)
So horrible that MagicJack/Ymax would do that. Seems they are not worried about their legal liabilities.
Robert Esparza (1 month ago)
Nigella Blum More YMax/MagicJack criminal activity! I’ve reported scammers so many times, just to see nothing happen. I CC every communication to the FTC. I was finally contacted via email by someone named “Julie” from YMax, who just forwarded me their generic letter about how they don’t tolerate fraud. But refuse to block or limit India based IP addresses. I hold them just as responsible
Ufo Pilot (1 month ago)
My savings acount I have about 400.000 dollars....HOW MUCH?!?!....lol
OJAS that was $400.000 not $4000 he thought he died and went to scammer heaven
Barbara H. Ha yeah I was trying very hard not to laugh no one got the Bonnie and Clyde part 😣I thought it was funny
Ufo Pilot yeah he thought it was mega pay day , and shocked at same time 😂
OJAS (1 month ago)
Only 4K? No problem! All the Cards I have so far seen scammers ask are in the comments of Ronaldo's video http://youtu.be/tLFhLoZmOHk
Barbara H. (1 month ago)
now you need to go to your local federally authorized store and get 400 I tunes gift cards for $1000 each. Be sure to tell the clerk it is for your personal use.
Ismail Ali (1 month ago)
Good long 1. Keep them busy with it lol.
Ismail Ali I know it's long but the people must hear the whole scam that's why I held my tounge for so long , thanks for watching my friend
Polestar 69 (1 month ago)
What a load of scamming bastards. God they certainly trying their hardest to scam you. Great upload Francine.
Polestar 69 he wanted that $400,000 in my savings lol 😂

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