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Eamonn campbell funeral punctuated by song and laughs

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Eamonn campbell funeral punctuated by song and laughs A lone piper playing The Foggy Dew led the cortege into the grounds of St Agnes’s Church in Crumlin, Dublin, for the funeral Mass of musician Eamonn Campbell yesterday. The former member of The Dubliners died last week in the Netherlands after falling ill while on tour. The coffin was carried into the church by a quartet of All-Ireland-winning Dublin stars: Philly McMahon, Kevin McManamon, Denis Bastick and Eoghan O’Gara. The Sam Maguire Cup was placed on top of it for the Mass, celebrated by fo...
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Pavel Vanis (7 months ago)
Thank you Eamonn , Irish musician ...
E Bing (8 months ago)
I am emonn's grand sun😇😇😇😢
Ian Baillie (8 months ago)
Safe onward journey, from all Scottish dubs we thank you for your contribution to the Dubliners and their enduring fame, God rest your soul.
Birgit Conrad (9 months ago)
R.i,P dear Eamon, God bless you, thank you for all lovely tunes you played for us.We love you

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