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Pope francis' itinerary for visit to ireland announced

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Pope francis' itinerary for visit to ireland announced Pope Francis will visit Ireland on the 25th and 26th of August as part of the World Meeting of Families. His schedule includes a visit to the President at Áras an Uachtaráin, the Capuchin Day Centre, and the Pro-Cathedral on the 25th. He will give a speech in Dublin Castle at midday and will host the feast of the families in Croke Park that night. His Holiness will fly to Knock the following morning, where he will visit the Knock Shrine. He will then return to Dublin to say mass at the Phoenix P...
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garry lynch (1 month ago)
All catholics are enrolled in a club without their consent, shortly after birth, and are Brainwashed every day of their lives by the Richest, Most Powerful, Political Organisation, Male Dominated, on the Planet -- All devout catholics who love their church more than life itself should reflect on this -- Your mind or theirs ?
Keith Morey (2 months ago)
Lock up your kids people the head paedophile is coming hear , the fucking sick cunt should never be left in the country.... rapist bastards are not welcome....
Damie Houlihan (4 months ago)
its costing my country €20 million to have him here, on top of that €35 for a ticket to see him say mass . and what makes it worse homeless ppl will be thrown out from their hotel or hostel accommodation so dumb ass two faced foreigners can come to ireland and see this man. He should be ashamed of himself where is that €20 million going. it wont be to help the irish for what the church did to us , the physical and sexual abuse for the murders the church caused or for the forced illegal adoptions or forcing young women into slave labour in the laundries. I find it disgusting and nasty, and the pope will not give a dam. The church has destroyed families here. Hopefully he will die before he gets a chance to come and that €20 million can be used on real ppl that have been abused by the church.
landof thebrave (2 months ago)
Only people with no soul who are born already are for abortion. I could never kill my own children even if Satan would made me the richest man on earth. I rather be poor than kill my own children. I could always work to get by.
Damie Houlihan (2 months ago)
landof thebrave nothing wrong with abortion
landof thebrave (3 months ago)
Abortion is what is really destroying the Irish people.

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