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You Don't Need Statin Drugs!

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http://www.ihealthtube.com They're one of the most prescribed drubs in the country. But Dr. Bob DeMaria says statin drugs come with plenty of dangerous side effects. He has some simple alternatives for you! Help support iHealthTube here: https://www.patreon.com/ihealthtube
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ANNA LUCAS (16 hours ago)
U plat heck trying to find an organic plum in the town I live in Wyoming
George Crabtree (1 day ago)
Why would anyone want to lower their cholesterol? Your nerve insulation, Myelin, is made of it. Your brain is 70% cholesterol by weight. Your hormones are made from it. When sunlight hits your skin cholesterol is transformed into vitamin D. This is why everyone is so sick.
GeoMag36 432Hz (3 days ago)
I lowered my high cholesterol with CBD.
Tony D (4 days ago)
Was on statin drugs for a couple of years and my testosterone level dropped to the point of artificial replacement therapy. Took myself off of the statins and my T level went back to normal. Great advice thank you !
Lotusrk123 (5 days ago)
And since vitamin D-3 is a statin, and it is what they put in our milk; we don't need it! I agree!
Diva Kim (5 days ago)
I know this is an old video but I'm just now seeing it and with tears flowing I'm thinking wow, I could have helped save my my mom who was on so many different medications I couldn't even keep up. If I could give this doctor a standing O, I would. It's is absolutely a shame how many meds are pushed off on patients for the sake of a dollar! Thank you so much doctor for sharing your knowledge.💜
Maria Prince (7 days ago)
Dr's need us to keep a job,hence a pill or injection for everything 😠
Barry Whitley (8 days ago)
What if someone has a stent fitted, do you need statin drugs in that case?
Daughter Of The King (9 days ago)
randy beard (10 days ago)
I am on Statins after Quadruple by-pass and two stints ten years ago-everything that you said about Statins are True--I like all the Fruits and Veg. Mentioned so the Statins will be thrown in the Garbage Basket--Thanks....
Reginald Burnbridge (12 days ago)
I was put on statins am I suppose at high level cholesterol after that my left knee blew up with inflammation since then I've been crippled with what I've been told told in psoriatic arthritis, doctors have put me on methotrexate which is destroyed my stomach and oesophagus of ulceration throughout, I was then put on biologics Cosentyx which is rendered me a crippled old man at the age of 50. I have no quality of life.
Jon Doe (13 days ago)
Forget apples. They're tasty, but accomplish nothing. We ate them for at least two months. My wif'e's cholesterol went up, not down. Eat apples if you like them, but they don't work to lower cholesterol. Don't take statins, but don't depend on apples. There are other things you can take that are over the counter. My wife is trying Cholestlo from a health food store; it's too soon to have results, but we know apples don't work.
Donald Magnay (15 days ago)
Good to know. I'm on beta blockers and several others because of heart failure and often eo set if I should be taking all these drugs.
Lou Ann Griffin (15 days ago)
Apples non organic are full of arsenic from China.
MLNFL (16 days ago)
Thank you...very informative. I started having trigger finger and weight gain after starting a cholesterol drug. I have stopped taking the drug but still have the pain in my hands. I'm going to start Co Q 10 and also will add the red apple, carrots and beets to my daily intake! Thanks again.
South Beach Miami Art (17 days ago)
Well, you'll then need lots of fish oil pills. Olive oil is omega 9.
Archie Montoyo (18 days ago)
very helpful video
Abel Lizandro (18 days ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing this treasure. God bless you richly
Lilya Sh (18 days ago)
Scott Free (19 days ago)
you need marijuana you bastards
Christopher Nuzzolo (20 days ago)
I agree with the statin BS, but the apple a day is BS also. Drop the freaking suger from your diet and ohhhh btw high cholesterol is not the problem.
Jayne Ortiz (20 days ago)
You have to listen to YOUR doctor. Not some random doctor that has an opinion. Everyone is different, and ALL pills have side effects.
Brandon Green (22 days ago)
I have recently (last 6 months) been taking statins.That "stuff" stops now! Of course, I will START eating Only organic apples (PLU starts with 9 preferably ), Beets and Carrots immediately.
mweb1 (22 days ago)
I want to RAISE my cholesterol. Your liver MAKES it and why would I want to lower it? Your liver is the Fire Dept. Let your body do the work it KNOWS how to do. Just give it Whole Foods...not the company.
mweb1 (22 days ago)
Statins cause multiple problems in the body like diabetes because they are toxic for the body and try to address the symptom but not the ROOT of the problem.
GG D (23 days ago)
could you list out the fruit names clearly?
Jane Young (23 days ago)
Disagree with the "assumption" that ALL M.D.'s are out of touch pill pushers. Here's my own alternative theory not an expert by any means. The Insurance Industry has screwed us AND THEM like always! MDs must have very, very expensive MEDICAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE. Paid by? I believe most often as part of a large medical practice office or hospital. And the Doctor pays for his own Personal policy so his assets are protected. In Hospitals and these new Doctor formed and owned LLC's the Doctors must agree to follow office "procedure" and the "Standards of Care" documents they must agree to (uneducated guess here) outlines exactly, specifically how they proceed and what to do with all the most common illnesses, accidents etc., if not, no insurance, no employment. You CANNOT practice without it or, if so, patients would have to know and sign a waiver of some sort. Right there they have the M.D. and have RUINED the Doctor/Patient relationship and patients don't even know that in reality, an insurance company or two, yours as well, is in the exam room as well! Now these "Guidelines" mandate what to do and what to prescribe for what. From a damn list of things the Ins. Co. Doctors say he should do to be Insurance compliant and your insurance from a what they will pay for under what circumstances! And I'd bet, Insurers get some kind of Big Pharma compensation! Likely MD's have incentives or fancy Jamacian Seminars. They are appealing to rewards principal to pacify MD"s from resentment at their lack of freedom to practice as they see fit for their patients! Big Pharma and Insurance providers (theirs and ours) have it all worked out to their advantage and its sick and immoral! Think how people jumped on the HMO Bandwagon! Applied to patient economics as well! Oh boy! free or low cost doctor visits for my whole family, sign me up! The industry only had to offer an inducement to join and most of the public eagerly believed the lie, as insurers calculated they would. And years later, how free are those free or ultra low office visits and wellness check ups going? Prices going up? How many extra visits do you have to be seen for now? Medication/prescription evaluation visits for some widely prescribed medications. How about any real give in the "my antibiotic helped then I relapsed, its exactly the same symptoms, nope no judgment calls by the professionals, mandated protocals only! I also believe that Doctors fire patients if they are noncompliant about meds protocals say you need your patient to be on certain categories for problem x. Too many patients not being compliant looks bad to those Ins Co's and big Pharma for potential law suit litigation, kick backs? For all we know entire offices get "rated" for how well they keep us compliant and how well they "sell" the pills. That would put pressure on each doctor in the practice to do as demanded or reduced rewards? Guessing too many noncompliant patients could get Doc fired? Or for just not being a "team player?" We all got roped and tied into this "socialized" medicine racket. And we did it to ourselves, with help of course! Next time ANYTIME YOU EVEN THINK about a socialized program or political party (Today's Liberal Democrats, Libertarian, Progressive or Socialism) say to yourself, HERE's OUR SIGN! Cause what starts out looking so helpful so forward thinking and just common sense terrific, it's supposed to, it's called the Inducement Phase and they have the computer algorithms to make their "risk" no real risk at all the algorithm had us all figured out! The bright shiny program looked irresistible, as intended, to a well studied market! Just look what they KNOW about their "sheep" from Facebook, Google and Twitter, algorithms there too! Better fight 5G cause there will be no secrets, anywhere! The capacity to power up their super computers and run even more algorithms, LITERALLY PRICELESS to them convenient for us until the microwaves they use reduce populations and we have every aspect of our lives, THEIR sheep figured out in order to know what crap we'll buy and what to do to ensure the sale. With super computers and 5G sheep are ready for MARKET-ing in much shorter time. Its a nightmare and I apologize for the rant but who wouldn't get angry! Our government has little to no honor, so far they get away with it and political parties are using distraction of far less important trigger issues immigration or ,crisis dejour to keep our fellow citizens not watching the very real and frightening level of corruption and criminality being extracted from our IG report and DOJ both withholding and biased. but still with what they've been forced to reveal it is still there to see. They even have the MSM in their pocket and people don't know any different! Please think about the socialization of health care before we give up everything for initial inducements!
WhoIsDebbieNicholson (24 days ago)
thank you for this video - I have put a link through to my book as a useful link for referral at the back. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0084V0TU8
natalie hadjicostis (25 days ago)
Enlightened Docs!!!
Bob Southwood (25 days ago)
Be careful of stopping statins until you have a blood test for a Faulty MTHFR Gene. We all have the MTHFR gene but a high percentage of us could have a mutation (faulty gene) which increases the risk of Arterial clotting. Also, test for Lipoprotein A levels or size as Lp(a) can increase the risk of coronary heart disease. High cholesterol can increase the risk of carrying the dense Lp(a) into your arteries causing a blockage. I know as I went off statins after listening to natural medicine doctors and ten months later I had a blocked artery. I believe I can stop taking statins now I am making better food choices and taking supplements. Most Natural Medicine Doctors are excellent but I have not heard one mention the problem of faulty MTHFR genes and Lipoproteins and their effect on arterial damage when advocating going off Statins. That is the reason I have made this comment. I believe most of us if we stay fit and healthy from the right diet and exercise lifestyles, will not need statins or any other pharma drug as our bodies will be healthy enough to do their job and prevent all illness and disease. But some of us do have hereditary gene problems and we need to be informed about them.
Amy Hoang (28 days ago)
Ask your doctor to include a test for Lipo-protein A in any of your blood test. This is a form of cholesterol that is produced by your body by itself and you cannot see this with the regular blood test. To have accurate reading, you need to fast (overnight and no breakgast) before your blood is drawn. If this level is high, you will need to take niacin , which is vitamin B3, to lower it. Just remember to take less than 500 mg of niacin at a time because I've heard of cases when people have problem with their kidneys taking 500 mg dosage. Niacin enhances blood flow so you more likely will get blush on your face for about 20 minutes. I am not sure if the non-blushing niacin available nowadays would have the same benefits. 6 walnuts a day would help to reduce cholesterol as well (I am not sure its effect in lipo-protein A). According to my nutritionist, high lipo-protein A is a sign of inflamation in your body. And you probably already know that inflamation causes a lot of health issues, including cancer and alzheimer's. So please figure out and avoid the cause of inflamation in your body (I believe mainly what you eat = indigestion that is not so obvious and does not cause immediate reaction to foods such as pp cannot breath after eating certain foods, and/or the chemical in the air you breath). Inflamation can come from your spine, too. So make sure your spine is in good alignment.
G. Moore (1 month ago)
And the cholesterol is there to help. Cholesterol has a purpose. It is the building block of human tissues. So it gets lowered because your blood vessels heal or inflammation goes down.
cubomania3 (1 month ago)
Fish oil and grapes help a lot, and exercise.
vaganci v (1 month ago)
Wait. So eat beats or plumbs? I dont get it.
John Paradise (1 month ago)
9 yes! 8 no! Any other number “ok?”
onefoot7 (1 month ago)
Apple color doesn't matter
jon hamm (1 month ago)
I like how we've gotten to such a low point that we need to be told to eat apples.FUCKING RADICAL BRAH.
j- the-isso (1 month ago)
You don't need to lower cholesterol
britton3377 (1 month ago)
I thought all beets were gmo, is that not true?
Janis Hart (1 month ago)
Why does that look more like a PLUM than a BEET?!
Embrace All (1 month ago)
riverstrat (1 month ago)
I'm glad he said 1/2 an apple daily, I don't see myself eating a whole apple. But that's only 13 percent so we need the beets, can we take a supplement of some kind or a canned something, I can't cook beets at home.
Steven Meyer (1 month ago)
Note: this doctor is not an M.D.!!
Paul Noel (1 month ago)
Statin Drugs cause problems with the skin that are obvious to Medical Professionals. Statin Drugs have no clinical data to support their use.
Alpha Omega (1 month ago)
Being healthy can save y money!
Martin Potter (1 month ago)
I just heard another doctor say that when the statin usage increased, so too did the rate of alzheiners in this country. Statins block your body's natural production of cholesterol...cholesterol is an absolute necessity to fuel the brain!
infinera06 (1 month ago)
Chiropractor! HAHAHA The liver produces 70% of the cholesterol in the body! An apple will not change it?
Kathy Fann (1 month ago)
Also they are being considered to drain the Brain of essential fats and that can cause Dementia and even possibly Alzheimer’s
stephanie smith (1 month ago)
Do you have to eat the apple peeling I prefer to peel my apples
kitcarnut (1 month ago)
Hey bob, WTF are you doing? I don't go to the heart specialist for a back adjustment. So please forgive me, but stop giving advice to me, I don't go to a chiropractor for heart advice. You are NOT an MD quit pretending to be one. You're fucking with peoples lives. So not cool.
Thom V (1 month ago)
Clean out as much pesticide as possible by washing apples, grapes, etc, etc, in a solution of 4 tablespoons baking soda in 5 cups of water for 15 minutes. Dry and enjoy.
blk jet (1 month ago)
How ironic that the first add is Howey Mandell pushing statins.
twaters57 (1 month ago)
I hate beets but I could eat half an ounce probably. I don't see how half and ounce/15 grams of beets could work on lowering cholesterol.
Nancy Hey (1 month ago)
Eat a vegan diet and you can control your cholesterol naturally. You will not need any cholesterol-lowering drugs.
Albert pujols (1 month ago)
I gain 11 pound in two moths, I was taking Rosuvastatin calcium 5mb tab. I also was sleepy all the time .
wave haven (1 month ago)
Statins stop cholesterol from being made not breakdown fats/ cholesterol like enzymes do. Sooo = you can still have serious cholesterol build up even though its not being made cuz its not broken down by things like lipase enzymes ??? Dandelion is a great "help".
Fred C Dobbs (2 months ago)
Paul Sandberg (2 months ago)
Is he takling about BEETROOT?
Henry Zepeda (2 months ago)
Don't give me no statin drugs We don't do that sheet in the SFC.
Dennis Tedder (2 months ago)
If I hear FUCKING ORGANIC one more time I am going to murder the person talking to me about it. And I really prefer a real doctor telling me about it. He lost me at ORGANIC however.
Beamers Beamer (16 days ago)
Dennis Tedder well eat your food sprayed with pesticides and grown with fake fertilizer.
Michael Reeves (2 months ago)
Good I only like red apples haha
Genesissephia 4Jesus (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for the info on ‘floaters’. It wasn’t mentioned how long after supplementing with Vitamin A the floaters would go away, but I’m going to work on my diet for three weeks and get back to you on my progress. Thanks for the tip! I never have taken Statin drugs, but have not eaten well for the last year, and am pretty sure my liver needs some help
stamped5150 (2 months ago)
THANKS FOR THIS INFORMATION! Glad I've added many videos from this channel to my queue. BINGE WATCHING TV FOR MY HEALTH...lol, sounds ironic in a way... 😏 😉
patricia lloyd (2 months ago)
Carrots are not in its true form real carrots are purple or pale yellow... Orange carrot came about with the celebration for the Prince of Orange.... The name Orange came before the colour...so when you talk about Gmo it was done centuries ago hence the carrot of today (don't get me wrong I love carrots) but is it real?
David M (2 months ago)
Statin drugs are pointless and useless. They screw up your liver, metabolism, blood sugar, along with everything else. I firmly believe that diet and exercise are the keys to a most healthy life. Now after saying this I might add: Eat right, live right......die anyway. :)
Kathleen Greves (2 months ago)
I can't take statiin drugs as it make my muscles so sore I can hardly walk .. horrible crap it is .. will try this ,, thanks
vinyard7777 (2 months ago)
Kohlrabi is like a white beet , it's much better the red beets and will lower blood pressure scary fast in 2 to 3 days. Juice it,boil it or eat it raw. The leaves make soups taste awesome.
vinyard7777 (2 months ago)
I like this guy he puts it out there crystal clear.
ginardo napoli (2 months ago)
This is personal for me. These assholes wanted to put me on statin drugs instead of actually properly informing as to the root cause of my medical issues. WTF. I am still pissed off about this.
Hippy(Bboomer) (7 days ago)
Don't get even, Don't get mad, Get healthy.. I share your hatred of the system
Laura Chavez (2 months ago)
Thank you for the better of my ❤.
Gerry Mendoza (2 months ago)
Many years ago I was given a drug called Fenofibrate. It lowered my LDL and triglycerides. At the same time it raised my HDL Then another doctor came and persuaded me to take statins. From then on I had nothing but side effects like muscle pains, muscle weakness, memory loss, loss of concentration,etc. When I asked my doctor to swistched me back to Fenofibrate, he told me it is no longer in use. I have lossed all faith in doctors.
Ronald Stephens (2 months ago)
Amen, God bless u for the truth.
bainsk8 (2 months ago)
You can't beet apples and carrots! See what I did there? OK I will grab my coat. :)
David Hromadka (2 months ago)
CBD oil
Frank Jeffries (2 months ago)
nice. thank you.
Elsa Canelon (2 months ago)
I lowered my cholesterol from 400 to 200 with juice of beets, carrotts, oatmeal, garlic and raw veggies
Royston Clark (3 months ago)
Is that a Herpes sore ?
Oberon Pan (3 months ago)
What about juicing? Is it okay to juice the apples, beets, and carrots?
Oberon Pan (3 months ago)
3:18 Apple seeds contain arsenic. Just don't eat the seeds.
vinyard7777 (2 months ago)
Oberon Pan Apple seeds hasn't killed anyone or animals ... horses eat the whole apple so do monkeys and hungry people. Black seeds kills cancer they say also.
waltham1957 (3 months ago)
over how much time
Rob Johnston (3 months ago)
Oh well, as soon as he said food should be "preferably organic" -- you know he's a Conman because "organic" is a marketing tern it DOES NOT MEAN "healthy" or "cancer free" or "natural"! And then the STUPIDEST thing of all ... that Red apples are good but Green apples are bad ... what a fucking Moron AND Conman! Of course he's NOT a doctor .... he's a fucking Chiropractor Conman. Aaaaaaaaarghhhh!!!!!!
vinyard7777 (2 months ago)
Rob Johnston Organic means pesticide free..😏. Therefore it's healthier than non-organic with traces of pesticides on them. No marketing just common sense.
Age of Reason (3 months ago)
only bloody raw meat and animal fat will save you.
lmwrt (3 months ago)
Great video. Plus the statins will give you the big troubles in the long run if not sooner, starting with your liver and then the brain.
docbones27 (3 months ago)
No science as usual. Anecdotal evidence at best. Don’t want to take statins, don’t. But don’t sit there and “educate” others and claim to be an expert.
Adam Parkinson (3 months ago)
half an apple..wtf do I do with the other half Dr haha
Vivi A (3 months ago)
Never in NJ did I ever see a label on food starting with an 8.
vinyard7777 (2 months ago)
Vivian Austin I have to agree... A seedless grape is GMO or any seedless fruit but they don't start with 8000 they start with 4000. I've see 9000 "seedless" fruit which is BS.
Devonne West (3 months ago)
u look way younger!!!
Col Auty (3 months ago)
I had kidney pains on starting statins, then muscle wastage, stopped and ok, also put on high blood pressure tabs, stopped that too, months after had a blood pressure etc' test, and was bang on, imho doctors are pressured to prescribe, big bucks paid to health people from big pharma.... ps. i'm not advising anyone to stop ok, this is about my decision...
Jim Bo (3 months ago)
Good news about beetroot, because I love it. I always thought they were high in sugar. Statins are overprescribed, but mainly because of lack of exercise and overeating. Trans fats are a good candidate for arteriosclerosis as they are man made. For me that and lack of exercise are the only certainties. None of the rest is fully proven. At the moment I would go with no refined food or any trans fat,, take exercise and eat organic food, and no sugar or it’s substitutes. I am still wary of animal fat. I have floaters, so I’m going to eat more carrots. I can’t see them going away though, once you’ve got them.
Leonie Naudin (3 months ago)
For the XX time the doctor prescribed statin for my cholesterol is very high.I told her I will not take it.She is not too happy with my answer.
Andrew Carney (3 months ago)
This is garbage, Funny, there are no credentials listed
SP A (3 months ago)
Buy the sugar and meat over the counter, get sick, take the big pharm meds....its a system set up by smart, deviant people.
Janet Edwards (3 months ago)
Impressive . I am anti drug as much as possible
bloatedman (3 months ago)
Aw! But the statins taste so good. Couldn't we have just a little?
R G (3 months ago)
Wow I wish I knew this 10 years ago
dougefresh133 (4 months ago)
I thought that acai berries had the highest orac rating?
Edgar Kaufmann (4 months ago)
I stopped my statins after 3 days without telling it my MD. I felt it eats up my muscles. So since 26 years I have cholesterol levels of 600, 1000 and out of range! ...and no problems. A cardiac test and ultrasound did show no problems , but he said some beginning artery problems. May be he said it because he must say this with my super high values. BTW, with Chinese herbs I got my values slightly over normal for nearly one year, but stopped it without serious reasons. I forgot it and later I thought, when my body makes high values, than he needs it. Today I guess I know the basic reason: I had latent tooth infections (search for "Toxic tooth" by Dr.Thomas Levy -also here in Youtube) , that required a higher cholesterol value.
Simeon Selmon (4 months ago)
Don't trust any doctor
dennis neo (4 months ago)
So, he's not a real doctor?
Ellie Mathews (4 months ago)
I'm all about eating healthy all natural foods but I've seen just as much greed and corruption in companies selling suppliments are the pharmacutical companies.

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