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The teen 'downloading music into his head' - BBC News

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Michael Fuller, who has autism, could play Mozart by ear at the age of 11. Now that he's 17, his mum says it's like he can "download music into his head". By Hannah Gelbart and Alex Taylor Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog
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Guyyy Smith12345 (1 month ago)
Big up ainley howel son
JBcaptian (5 months ago)
I do this....
Progressive Viewer (5 months ago)
I see no mental flaws or autism here. Just a musically focused prodigy.
Vegitto Black (6 months ago)
I can the same thing foe some reason
JayBoi Nike (6 months ago)
Nice story
Istvan Mikola (6 months ago)
He sounds like salad finger.
Prixon Priz (6 months ago)
His smart for an autistic boy
Jow3n 1203 (6 months ago)
This guy is a legend 👌👍
Unkn0wn GamerXD (6 months ago)
Is he August Rush under cover?!
You're Not That Guy (6 months ago)
Charlie Mills (6 months ago)
So proud of him! I actually know Michael because my mum teaches him singing. She came across him when he was in a music room at his old secondary school and she already teaches singing there. He was playing piano and singing in his countertenor range. My mum thought it was amazing and decided to put him down for lessons. He then moved to College (I go there now too) and it’s so amazing to see him perform, especially his originals. I’ve now found out how he makes his own compositions and it’s absolutely fascinating to hear about how he does it. I think he’s got a great career ahead of him. If you are into classical music, he has a song called “great is the grief” and you can get it on iTunes and Spotify. It’s already on YouTube as well so you can listen there
Fresh Xan (6 months ago)
How somebody can dislike this😩
Zachary Blankenship (6 months ago)
This is literally me
Poo Tube (6 months ago)
Sounds like a girl talking.
L0gicWülf Schulman (6 months ago)
Tumbler Lai (6 months ago)
Symphony ... like the last song on the radio
Jaybenn Augustine (6 months ago)
Autistic ppl are creative and smart. Except the ones that act like toddlers, scream and have severe brain damage and act weird and stupid. I'm talking about the unique ones that have mind blowing ideas and change the world
BLACK DRAGON (6 months ago)
Very nice your are junior mozart
B Lam (6 months ago)
Pure genius
Oliver Smith (6 months ago)
Wow! How amazing!
Ander Jr (6 months ago)
i want all my children to be autistic
Jayden Wade (6 months ago)
White boy in a black boys body???
Introvert Outside (6 months ago)
umm how? cos you see most white boys with autism rather than black
ranko 67 (6 months ago)
God bless you man. You and all people likes you are not sick you belong different world more closely to our God then us. Greetings to you from Christian Russian.
Slow Turtle Love Bug (6 months ago)
He is so humble and innocent. I wish him all the best. God bless him.
Arda Yamak (6 months ago)
He's sound just like Michael Jacksons LoL
Brookflower OwO (6 months ago)
I love seeing savants and he is so amazing his voice is gorgeous and his talent is legendary ❤️❤️ he will do wonders in life
Kate Riggen (6 months ago)
What an amazing guy!
Cesar Bucio (6 months ago)
Lil Pump >
I still don't get what his talent is
James Tocher (6 months ago)
I have aspergers and I have a masters degree in music composition :)
SKYE (6 months ago)
He has such a pretty voice...!
Joe Ross (6 months ago)
I wish we could see more videos of positive things like this, rather than all this doom and gloom that seem to spread on our screens and newspapers every single day.
glory bee (6 months ago)
Ohhhh He should keep studying. He is impressive.
Fred Mercury (6 months ago)
Iam sure, one day he will be a one of the guys playing in billions of people's head and will be A great musicality
Matheus M (6 months ago)
This is beautiful
Andrew Pearce Music (6 months ago)
Amazing! https://facebook.com/andrewpearcemusic/
Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ (6 months ago)
Garbage title. I thought he downloaded songs into his head via wires
bot (6 months ago)
he does not look like an autistic kid to me
Rumandcoke (6 months ago)
1008asad (6 months ago)
A Ru (6 months ago)
God bless
Inaxtive (6 months ago)
whus - (6 months ago)
he woke af
Vsauce 4 (6 months ago)
That's not what a black person sounds like
SNACK FEST (6 months ago)
I'd like to attend a show of his
Yonas Geta (6 months ago)
Jamaica and clasical music. blast em boom boom man
M- Nice (6 months ago)
Thumbs down when he started to sing. Stick to the piano kid
MONERISplayzTM (6 months ago)
Wow very smart kid.
Looks like we've found the next Michael Winslow.
Chaos (6 months ago)
What 😂😂😂
Study, Judah! Study! (6 months ago)
Wow! I don't care too much for classical music but his voice is beautiful and some of his songs are haunting.
B 1 (6 months ago)
Great Brother ✊✊✊👏👏
Jennifer Hong (6 months ago)
Brilliant child, teared up abit when he started singing
Brandon Sansom (6 months ago)
Absolutely amazing
carlos duarte (6 months ago)
oh wow..
Watch it full On dudin (6 months ago)
Am I the one who thinks he talks like MJ ...🤷🏾‍♂️
yen xion (6 months ago)
August Rush lol
Sounds like a counter tenor
Pooping Buffalo (6 months ago)
Title should be ‘musician composes music’
David Diehl (6 months ago)
Beautiful human being & equally beautiful mother for supporting him!
Sai Kiran MS (6 months ago)
I don't know if he is autistic but him be well artistic.Big up yaself !! Live from Jamaica
_ _ (6 months ago)
This guy is a musical genius.
lemondrake21 (6 months ago)
the people who disliked. Send us a card after you're dead telling us how you felt being shot dead at the age of 18 and below 😊
Kwe Yin (6 months ago)
Michael Jackson, is this you?
Erfan Tabrizi (6 months ago)
Jesus, stfu he is one of those annoying shits at school
Lian Hesselman (6 months ago)
It’s called memorializing
Asger Danielsen (6 months ago)
Girl voice
TheGoldStandard (6 months ago)
*First black person ive seen with autism*
Mary Winter (6 months ago)
What an angel, and what a talent! He’s a very polite and kind kid, I hope the best for him and his family ❤️
Joshua Vazquez (6 months ago)
He has an amazing singing voice!
Suriye Hamsterı (6 months ago)
What a freak
Seek No Honours (6 months ago)
Fake news
King Kinger (6 months ago)
What is this bullshit, I thought he could youtube a song and download it in his head, like having apple music in your head
fulcrum 29 (6 months ago)
annihilationHaven (6 months ago)
Exact same story with Derek Paravicini, except he's probably more talented at playing the piano than this kid, but I don't think Derek sings - and he can't tie his shoelaces.
Jdjdsj JJDjdjehe (6 months ago)
Someone shoot this retarded slave
True Wolf (6 months ago)
Anyone think he sounds like salad fingers?
Max MJ (6 months ago)
He need harmone treatment before creating anymore harmony. I'm not sarcastic I'm being real.
Crackerz GD (6 months ago)
Woah his singing is legendary
Claire V (6 months ago)
His music is so beautiful!
CalingTagalog (6 months ago)
Where is the "I love it so much" button?
nishanth fdo (6 months ago)
He is unique
Justin H (6 months ago)
LOL... The mother is low key wishing he was into reggae. Hahaha
Justin H (6 months ago)
But he's a genius man. When he says the distress is the music is wanting to unveil itself, I'm like damn he's a genius. Maybe caught an old Victorian era spirit in him or something
Eriks Majakov (6 months ago)
his testosterone is lower than the marks on my collage leaving cert
Cóy M (6 months ago)
So smart
Jocelyn (6 months ago)
Reminds me of August Rush! He's going places!!
claudiu stanescu (6 months ago)
What a wonderful soul ! ♥️🌈
Hana (6 months ago)
Beautiful human.
AM Productions (6 months ago)
AM Productions (6 months ago)
He has the voice of a woman
Emyritus (6 months ago)
His voice this is incredible
David Tumenas (6 months ago)
Wtf is this.. Go to any proper musical school out there and youl see the same thing..Kids composing stuff is not new.. What's the big genius here ?? The fact that he's half potato ??
Sh3ryar Am1L (6 months ago)
big sha1
no offense he is good but his voice is like a woman i first he was a woman on the other hand i understand he struggle one abilities that unique and difference from others is kinda attract bullies but like they said pain makes u strong
Rajarshi Das Gupta (6 months ago)
Real life August Rush
Kofi The Master (6 months ago)
Be should be a composer
Joi Axom (6 months ago)
Like the Good Doctor
Nellie K. Adaba (6 months ago)
No way, genius. I understand how he feels, he must feel lonely.
taha hasan (6 months ago)
My 5 year old cousin is like this
Hussain Imam (6 months ago)
Truly Amazing! Hope he does well

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