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How to change color of your dog or wolf collar

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Most of you don't know how to do this,but now you may already know My minecraft version is 1.5.1
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leigh ortega06 (3 months ago)
oh yea its works
Alex TheWolf (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot!!!
thebravemaster73 (4 months ago)
You lied..... you never said how to dye the wolf ):(
Zoey's Life (1 year ago)
Its so laggy
Pizza_ Gurl (1 year ago)
U said in the title how to change the COLOR of ur dog and u just did the color? WHY BECASUE U DONT KNOW HOW
thebravemaster73 (4 months ago)
I agree
ETHERIOUS -J (1 year ago)
noon player
Ranice Ngar (1 year ago)
It worked
Lashon Terrell (1 year ago)
your game freezes up too much
CREATIVE CRAFT (1 year ago)
miya (1 year ago)
mine was 16.2 and not work
Vansh Mehra (2 years ago)
in mcpe 13.0 there is no wolf collars
Lori Melchin (2 years ago)
Thank u I killed my sisters wolf and I did that when she wasn't looking
Nylashae Kiomie (2 years ago)
emoney22331 (2 years ago)
Didn't show how to change the color of the wolfs skin though :l
Zoey's Life (1 year ago)
emoney22331 yeah I really wanna c it
Error 5092 (1 year ago)
Yeah, I would love a rainbow dog.
Tjboss Dab (1 year ago)
you need addons
XD_HACKER_ CoC Player (2 years ago)
i love minecraft and terraria is the most
Skye Evans (1 year ago)
XD_HACKER_ CoC Player I got those games on Xbox and Minecraft on my tablet aswell
Natali Anderson (2 years ago)
lol (2 years ago)
Can we do it on mcpe? Cause im really sick to fond how to dye ur dogs collar...if it can,plz say yes
yee (2 years ago)
+Amalin Arianna Putri yes
Elizabeth (3 years ago)
can you dye your dogs collar in minecraft pe? and if you can, can you tell me how!? :) ;)
Manny Salvador (2 years ago)
+Elizabeth Sterlinglolololloloololloo
Elizabeth (3 years ago)
yes i LOVE minecraft i am working on a big big city and its been two weeks already and i'm still working on it!!  :D :D :D O_O
Elizabeth (3 years ago)
O.K. THANK YOU Keane Chalmers!! XD XD XD
Crunchy Smores (3 years ago)
Crunchy Smores (3 years ago)
how do you do that i have minecarft on my phone and i try
Alicia Machin (3 years ago)
That was a good toutareal
Blueberry-The-Wolf (3 years ago)
So cool too bad you can't dye wolf collars on iOS but I hope that mojang added that you can dye wolf collar and add horses and too many items and ender pearl and you can make a portal and add ocelot and all the items on pc minecraft I will so be very happy XD that was me laughing hehe
PJAJ Filmz (3 years ago)
U can do it on iOS I did it
Silent Buker (3 years ago)
how did he/she press it i tested it my dog is sit and up is that  a mod
Tania Cruz (1 year ago)
No u can train it by giving it a bone
Animalcraft (3 years ago)
This is not pe
Eris Carvajal (3 years ago)
OMG its stamps stampy I 💖💖💖💖 u
Jaimito Ramirez (3 years ago)
Does it work on xbox
MAB6253 (3 years ago)
+Jaimito Ramirez yes stampy did it
Zane Deanemcdiarmid (3 years ago)
I Like it
Psychicbluefire (3 years ago)
it works fr all mc(minecraft)
Michaella Brindeau (3 years ago)
Demi Tonner (3 years ago)
To get the collar on the dog you have to go up to it with a bone and when the word tame comes up click it a few times and a red collar will appear on it (pe)
cloutliv (3 years ago)
Thanks it helped me so much!
JoJo Barth (3 years ago)
ok thnx
Stormie (3 years ago)
Laura Ražinska (3 years ago)
it helpt
O S (4 years ago)
does it work on the minecraft pocket edition ?
My Aviation (6 months ago)
What about console
Equalla Moore (7 months ago)
O S yes it does
Dephty V (9 months ago)
I think its only work on pc
GirlwithSkill 262 (4 years ago)
Make one for pocket edition
Chris Umberger (4 years ago)
Left or Right click?
keuliseutin (4 years ago)
Gaming For LIFE (4 years ago)
BJM vlogs (4 years ago)
It dosent work
Tiana de Haro (4 years ago)
Can u do that on iPad because I tried it and I just hurt the dog
Oliver Leon (3 years ago)
+Abel George ohh fuck
Abel George (4 years ago)
Florence Bosley (4 years ago)
ur game is laggin... try going on the settings/ options ( in minecraft ) and lower how far u can see before the mist starts, this will lower the lag. so basically u wont see as far, but it will lower the lag :-)
Laylay Loves MC (4 years ago)
ikr aneta mojsiuszko
Sunil Shinde (4 years ago)
Slime in the background is like "they don't see me rollin'..."
ReversayDankonVirtual (4 years ago)
your sure this works im gonna text it I dont want to hurt my wolf, he is a wolf because no collar yet
Jaida Williams (4 months ago)
Tame it, if you are creative you have unlimited items. Get a bone.
Blueberry-The-Wolf (3 years ago)
Umm actually if you tame it it will have a collar instantly just tame your wolf with a bone
Jane McKenzie (3 years ago)
u are not stampy
fangirl_.overload (3 years ago)
He's ha fake
Candy plays (3 years ago)
ReversayDankonVirtual (4 years ago)
not the internet its the computer
ReversayDankonVirtual (4 years ago)
loads slow
Li Ping Zhao (4 years ago)
And spelling
Li Ping Zhao (4 years ago)
You are terrible at type
joemari pascual (4 years ago)
shift and right click duhhh
Deborah Towle (4 years ago)
Is that on the xbox?
ReversayDankonVirtual (4 years ago)
no its on pc windows but its unbelievable its windows and I have xbox 360 I know because of the windows sign below
Gary20O (4 years ago)
Not yet but this will be added in the next update soon. :)
Ringo the Flamingo (4 years ago)
Lester Yang (4 years ago)
how did u play in the lagg
Matthew Camilleri (4 years ago)
Lily Kinne (4 years ago)
the slime in the background omg im dying :*D
Emily (4 years ago)
lol ^-^
Lily Kinne (4 years ago)
+Tara Tailorbird 1:57 :P
Emily (4 years ago)
what time?
maRia brownell (4 years ago)
No tqlking really
Dstra1254 (4 years ago)
The first part was pathetic
Brandon games (4 years ago)
nice work man!! thanks
Alan Chavira (5 years ago)
Nice I know how to But im lazy Lol
Alan Chavira (5 years ago)
Sure suscribe
angieandissy pro (5 years ago)
Thanks this helped a lot!!
Alan Chavira (5 years ago)
Blink 503 (5 years ago)
That told me nothing ;(
Alan Chavira (5 years ago)
ill make and upload the video if u want to
Dblchzbgr8 (5 years ago)
How do you do it for the dog
Alan Chavira (5 years ago)
i can show u how this video was how changer the collar
Alan Chavira (5 years ago)
collar not wolf or dog read correcly

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