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15 Types of Maids

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For those of you lucky enough to have maids, be sure to treat them well! They leave their homes to a foreign land to work, with no friends nor family nor language skills. Jokes aside, we certainly hope we all can learn to treat them with respect and dignity! Is your maid awesome? Tell us in the comments below! PS. Do you recognize the background music? :D SUBSCRIBE TODAY! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=alozerk DOWNLOAD OUR APP! iOS: http://apple.co/1OqPJI7 Android: http://bit.ly/1LFRhgY FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/nightowlcinematics EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at sylvia@noc.com.sg VISIT OUR WEBSITE // BUY NOC MERCH! http://www.noc.com.sg SNAPCHAT @nocsnaps TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/RyanSylviaNOC INSTAGRAM Ryan - https://instagram.com/nightowlcinematics Sylvia - https://instagram.com/sylsylnoc NOC PARTNERS (Internet) MyRepublic - https://secure.myrepublic.com.sg (Camera) Cathay Photo - http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg (Sound Engineer) IMBA - https://www.facebook.com/IMBAinteractive?fref=ts (Menswear) Flesh Imp - http://shop.fleshimp.com (Ladies' Clothing) Fayth - http://www.fayth.com (Costumes) CCM - http://www.ccm.com.sg/ (Hair) Shunji Matsuo- https://www.facebook.com/shunjimatsuohairstudio Disclaimer: While we respect everybody's views and opinions, it is necessary you respect ours. We are entertainers, not role models! If you're gonna be butthurt about our videos, simply click X :/ But for those who share our sense of humour, enjoy your stay! And tell us what you want to see in the next video! :) Thank you! Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia
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Text Comments (1067)
Christopher Tan (2 days ago)
3:52 Sylvia was saying along with Ryan, Sikeen and Aylna
Albert James (6 days ago)
3:18 tho!!!
Puja Gawande (12 days ago)
Mashallah ( the song when pipo and Consuela meet ) is an Indian song . Oh my god ! I didn't expect that. Love from India
namita sahoo (13 days ago)
The attached maid ,there was Bollywood song
demon for sure (15 days ago)
The bangla part.hahahahahaha
Rafdun jabbar (19 days ago)
The back ground music is masallah
matrix Mathew (20 days ago)
Dee kosh are you indian
Aiken is Sylvia's maid
Cry Celestial (25 days ago)
“The perfect” maid doesn’t exist, but everyone has their own “perfect” domestic helper
Taehyung X blonde (1 month ago)
Who watching 2018???
Gin Wong (1 month ago)
My maid is a dumbass
xZimon / Kayden (1 month ago)
My old domestic helper gives us tidbits for my lunch lol
Sadiya Rahman (1 month ago)
The timing of the song mashalla was so good .
TheMuderer Gamer (1 month ago)
Arie Irfan (1 month ago)
Nora (1 month ago)
Arie Irfan me
Hillary Zheng (1 month ago)
Was that suppose to be flossing at the end??
Koh Chloe (1 month ago)
is Consuela
Koh Chloe (1 month ago)
the girl one
Koh Chloe (1 month ago)
who realized that the maid was Sylvia
The Indian song tho!😂 Love that song man!❤️
Belinda Chua (1 month ago)
Vanessa Janet (1 month ago)
The seductress is so funny
Jumpy. (1 month ago)
Wow man that was so awesome
pakiraju786 (2 months ago)
“My aim in life is to polish toilets” LOOOOOOOL
karthickmuthu 9094521257 (2 months ago)
Family meal, yah what. ,maid acting so realistic
Venus Koh (2 months ago)
Wah!bean sprouts $20
I am a banana (2 months ago)
The Filipina accent killed me😂😂😂
Sea Son (2 months ago)
Why punjabi music at the end?……………………is it because I’m punjabi…………
Xpert Car (2 months ago)
The perfect maid The accent so wierd
Pek Dewei (2 months ago)
Zameer Singh (2 months ago)
Lina87 ilham (2 months ago)
Ha ha ha.... Sugar.. sugar me!!!!
Amrita Roy (2 months ago)
Yasss the hindi song!!!!
Josh _ (2 months ago)
Amanda H (2 months ago)
Fadloble (2 months ago)
please tell me this is fake because I feel sad
Vaishenavi 55 (2 months ago)
I once had a perfect maid that was part of my family
Vaishenavi 55 (4 days ago)
Me too but she was lied by a person from my family till she went out
smol buns (2 months ago)
The maids are so cutee
N.R.PALANI SAMY (2 months ago)
I love this video
Turnin Down (2 months ago)
Ipsha Singh (2 months ago)
Mashallah Mashallah......ye video hai mashallha
Anthony the Filipino (3 months ago)
I don’t get the multitasker and the willing worker.
MassAcrE (3 months ago)
prepaid card lmao
HeyIts Chanel (3 months ago)
I hate my father
Ananya (3 months ago)
indian song!
shravani prasad (3 months ago)
Lol you used mashallah song from Bollywood.....looks like Singapore know alot about india😉😉
Maito sensei (3 months ago)
Why not taking Indonesian as maid model? Afraid with Indonesian nationalist? hahahah
nabila shafieek (4 months ago)
that mashallah- ek tha tiger that i hear?
Games 4 Life (4 months ago)
I love to grind! It's sugar time!
Hobi's wifeu (4 months ago)
I miss my maid She worked for almost my whole life 10 years 😭😢
yash marathe (4 months ago)
Lol. Mahashalla That hindi song lele 😛😛
toolazaid (4 months ago)
my maid is the one who says “find it good” LIKE BITCH YOU PUT IT SOMEWHERE NOT ME
Samia Kazmi (4 months ago)
The song mashala from ek tha Tiger at the end is my fave song!
Maryam Haddad (4 months ago)
Charisma is nasty and so is her cooking... hahah😂😂
Munni Majumdar (4 months ago)
I'm in singapore
gran turismo (4 months ago)
spell racism.... 😗
Vicmund Lim (4 months ago)
All filipina maids is like what this video describe and heard from my friends as well and heck i experience them first hand so yeah hiring no more filipina maid
Why does Dee act like a girl in almost all videos .....it’s kinda funny 😆 to be a girl when you’re a boy
Hashshag Qistina (4 months ago)
Is "PIPO"wearing his clothes the other way around 😂😂😂
Ausic Sprouse (5 months ago)
Masyallah-Ek Tha Tiger
Dawn Tan (5 months ago)
Thumbs up if u have a maid
Gavin Tan (5 months ago)
The last part with Dee Kosh was just hilarous And from listening to their accent,I think they are from the Middle East.I am not racist.
Psycho Queen (5 months ago)
YupItsEmm (5 months ago)
Fadloble (5 months ago)
You should not treat Maids as Slaves as they are still human beings. They still live and do what we do to survive. Not giving her pay on time is utter rude towards the maid. What would you feel if you were treated that way too??
Teen I (5 months ago)
Indian song
Andreas Jap (5 months ago)
shona shathji (6 months ago)
Nice song
shona shathji (6 months ago)
Raj Upadhyaya (6 months ago)
Mashallah, love it 😊
Panzerkill (6 months ago)
Good ones...bought present...a prepaid card....hahahhaha so cheap
Jurene Tan (6 months ago)
Why got avantedor Lamborghini?
Vornatio HD (6 months ago)
Family member(MB): lilyy! Mop the floor right now! Lily: okay ma am *mops the floor and doesnt waste too much soap* Next day. Lily makes foodnfor MB MB: oh thanks Lily: its pay time ma am MB: looks in her bag* MB : oh havenot got $400 sorry ill pay u later Lily: *sad* 3 hours later MBs daughter: Mummy mummy gimme money to buy IPad! MB:okay sweetheartie.how much? MBs daughter : 400! MB: aw thats cheap! MBs daughter: gimmie now *gives $400* Lily: you lied me right. MB: of course not. Lily: oh again? LIES? Give me money or I call police and ur husband. MB(her name is Eva) MB: uhh no... sorry... she is too little and she annoys me sometimes if I say no Lily: I Quit Ur Job becauee ur harrasing m4 MB: wait what? LILY: Now give me 100 becaaus3 u didnt pay me for 1 month right?... MB: dont have Lily:dont have? Lie? *takes her bag and gets $100 Lily: whats this? MB: uhh... Lily: ur so rich and thats why u lie to me! Ur such a worst person arent u? MB(EVA) Husband (Chase) comes: what happend? Lily: look she lies me *tells everything* Chase: alright eva we broke up Eva: what the hell? Chase:Now get OUT OF MY HOUSSE GET OFF YOUR RING NOW! Lily: :o Eva: what! OK! IM gonna pack my bags! And imma bring my daughter too! In my moms hhouse! Chase: No Leave them here now! Eva: What!!! Chase: Look only me and lily are working hard and hoe about you? Ur the disgusting person ucdont even care about me u always never text me back. And im DONE WITH YOU! Eva: Fine whatever! Ill go myself Chase: give ME YOUR PHONE! AND MONEY Eva: *gives* Chase takes sim card off and throws in Evas face Chase gives Iphone X to Lily Eva: What THE HELL? Chase:GET OUT!!! Eva gets kid and runs away from home Chase locks doors Chase: Im so sorry. It was. Very bad arguement.. Lily: thats right but... Chase: lily... Lily:yeah chase? Why ya sittin on floor? Chase: Will You Marry Me? Ur the most prettiest person that I need Lily: OMG REALLYY? Chase: yea! Lily: I accept! 1 month latee they had wedding It was so much fun! Chase kisses Lily People are happy Next day theycwere in the bed So lily was sleepy and chase too They slept 6 hours Now its 8 oclock (night) Lily tidies rooms Chase holds lily hand Lily: yeah hunny? Chase: well hun I want to call u.. Lily:call me what name? Chase: Kristen (K) TThey lived happily! Withh 3 babies
Meet Patel (6 months ago)
Anyone see the lambo
Samsung Galay (6 months ago)
Dee kosh is so fat like a bitch
Zhini Yeong (7 months ago)
How come got cat
SnsdForever (7 months ago)
any1 see the family guy reference?
Gaming Alex (7 months ago)
Anyone notice the Lamborghini...
Hasanmukhi shankar (7 months ago)
Hahah Bollywood song
Nikita Sinam Motto (7 months ago)
I'm domestic helper from Indonesia...thanks for this video... I Love U all guy's...😘😘😘
Joey Sutjiawan (7 months ago)
"Regarding your rest day, do you agree to disagree to allow the disallowance of the leaving of the leave, to not rest on your rest day, and only rest when you leave?" So basically, "do you agree to never leave and never rest?" Your welcome.
CrAsh (7 months ago)
4:22 Maid drive Lambo one ah?
Hh Krishna (8 months ago)
Damn Asians are so cute😍😍
Darrel Games (8 months ago)
never heard taugay $20
Lavish Jain 124 (8 months ago)
Indian song mashalla was nice
Rebel Guy (9 months ago)
Hindi song in the last
Super Gamer 4565 (9 months ago)
Wait did I just saw an lambo
Hendrick HT7 (9 months ago)
CrAsh (9 months ago)
4:23 The Rich Maid "she drives a Lambo"
Maxine (9 months ago)
Maid: I can tutor your children Me: Bruh you filipino? you speak like that
Anika Tasnim (9 months ago)
5:19 bollywood song😂😂🔫🔫Mashalla song
Rhythm Goyal (10 months ago)
the song - mashallah😂😂😂😂😂
city21ah (10 months ago)
Bollywood song at the end . Made my day
Howninja gt (10 months ago)
the lamboghini wow
Ediwin Wong (10 months ago)
NORMAL is OVERRATED (10 months ago)
Fun Maths (10 months ago)
Wah u own a Lamborghini and a lightning McQueen
Erika Charlotte Alexander (10 months ago)
My aim in life is to palish toilet bawl
Hanumantha Rav (10 months ago)
I LOVE it!
Yeong Pauline (10 months ago)
Consuela is so kind

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