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Why Anthony Bourdain loves this Cape Cod legendary restaurant (Parts Unknown: Massachusetts)

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Tony visits one of his old haunts: The Lobster Pot, a legendary waterfront restaurant in Provincetown, Mass. Sun., 9pE/P
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Jazmin P. (8 days ago)
rip. tony
Joan Winters (12 days ago)
Paul (14 days ago)
watching this episode now and it makes me want to cry
Matthew Hylton (1 month ago)
He didn't love it enough to not take his own life unfortunately!!! Why did y'all just put this out...oh yeah, trying to pull those heart strings again like normal :/ just plain disgusting!!!
4orrcountry (1 month ago)
Matthew Hylton Horse manure. Who among us grew tired of Bourdain's insatiable interest in food and people? Answer: Perhaps only you, though WHY are you here?
Nascent Mccomber (1 month ago)
The orchid was the most inedible waste of space on that plate
schef61 (1 month ago)
He won't be enjoying anything anymore, except Satan's cock. Enjoy hell Anthony.
steal threaded (1 month ago)
I will forever miss this man. It was like losing a family member.
steal threaded (1 month ago)
I hope his daughter understands how important her dad is and how much all of us love her too.
Annmarie Gillaspie (1 month ago)
Rest in peace Anthony
mr zed (1 month ago)
I worked in cape cod as a sous chef in the 80s. The partying after work was off the charts
Bucky Brown (2 months ago)
In the closet gay Jew boy snob. You ain't no more, buddy!
Leveraged (2 months ago)
I will be visiting Cape Cod ironically this week. Bourdain's shows were my favorite, loved his books, loved his personality. It feels like a relative died. Will pay homage to him at the Lobster Pot next week. RIP Anthony.
changbooger J (1 month ago)
Leveraged how was ur trip? I have went there but really just stopped and took a pic and left, and yes i feel like i lost a friend :( I guess theres comfort in knowing that millions out there feel the same
Michael Anthony (2 months ago)
had a house up on the cape--and still when I visit I go to Lobster Pot---it is an institution and great for the basics----RIP to a great original ---
Ronnie (2 months ago)
Youtube keeps suggesting this. RIP Anthony
Gordon Hall (2 months ago)
That guy with him at The Lobster Pot, is I think, the guy who runs Spiritus Pizza.
in1era (2 months ago)
Yes, that's John Yingling.
Bob Billings (2 months ago)
Rest in peace Anthony Bourdain
moreofawave (1 month ago)
It still hurts. :(
Tiago Moutinho (7 months ago)
It is not Caldo Verde but Sopa da Pedra. Trust me i am portuguese
Bernardo Lopes (1 month ago)
Pó caralho Tiago
fuzzyone99 (1 year ago)
Long-haired Anthony Bourdain is the best.
fuzzyone99 (1 year ago)
Best Cape Cod restaurant is The Red Pheasant in Dennis. Check it out.
4orrcountry (1 month ago)
Meg J Persy's for breakfast, order their fish cakes!
Marshal Magooo (2 months ago)
fuzzyone99 , have to say Montano's in Truro
fuzzyone99 (11 months ago)
Can't remember. But it's only 9 miles/~20 minutes away by car. Well worth the drive if you ask me.
Meg J (11 months ago)
fuzzyone99: any good places in Hyannis?
Jersey Joe (1 year ago)
I been there at The Lobster Pot when I was with my dad in Provincetown, MA revisiting my Native Massachusetts. There is nothing like the cold tail lobsters from there and taking that great pride of New England/North East Cuisine.
Stephanie Vincent (2 years ago)
I'm sure this place is great, but if you want Portuguese food go to New Bedford, not the Cape.
alan holdsworth (1 year ago)
Grant Muir (3 years ago)
Loved this place when we visited. One of highlights of our trip!
chin sye ming (3 years ago)
that food look nice to eat now
Nitron DSP (3 years ago)
Food industry is fun. Not very smart, but fun.
steal threaded (1 month ago)
theres a lot of super smart people in the kitchen and behind the bar
Datsun Crown (2 months ago)
Sock Puppet Superstar the (((Bank)))
Sock Puppet Superstar (3 years ago)
+Nitron DSP That was in 2000, I haven't done business wih a bank in 14 years. You know that little booklet with the tiny print that the bank gives you when you open an account? You know, the one nobody reads? You should read it sometime, it's amazing what your bank can do with *your* money without your consent. From a legal standpoint, your consent is obviated from the moment you take posession of the booklet itself. That's some scary shit, bro.
Nitron DSP (3 years ago)
+Sock Puppet Superstar wow, i'm sorry to hear that happen to anyone.
Sock Puppet Superstar (3 years ago)
"Not very smart" is right. Like when you show up for work on Friday morning only to find all the doors locked. You pound on the door and some IRS dirtbag answers and tells you the owner left town and took your paycheck with him. You go to your bank and not only has your bank account been cleaned out but you have a negative balance in excess of $600.00; all because your employer filed chapter 11, thus rendering *YOU* responsible for the repayment of *HIS* debts. You're just a dishwasher, a fucking *DISHWASHER,* but now you're out of work and soon to be homeless because you can't pay rent with a negative balance in the bank. "Not very smart" is an understatement. But at least you had some fun before you got kicked out onto the street.

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