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RV Living. I Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

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In my life as full time RVing Solo Woman these are the questions I get asked the most.. Really... Loreal Medium Auburn: https://amzn.to/2N9BbhY **** EMAIL ME **** Comments: http://CarolynsRVLife.com/contact ***BUSINESS AND SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES*** Business at CarolynsRVLIFE dotCOM ****JOIN PATREON FOR INSIDER ACCESS**** https://www.patreon.com/CarolynsRVLife ***A special Thank You to long-time supporters and WITT Patrons whose $50 +/month investment helps me keep making free videos for everyone!! *** *Dave C, Patricia I, James Stokes, James Wetherill, Brenda Summers, Delaney Franson, Ochi, Rosario G. Biagan, John O’Neill, Janet Marshall, Elizabeth Dodd, Valentina Mckinley, Annette Rogers, Linda Joy kurpiewski, Shirley Anderson, Barbara Chmelik, Linda Longstaff Bill G. ****SHOP TEES, HOODIES, MUGS, STICKERS AND MORE**** https://teespring.com/stores/carolyns-rv-life ***E-BOOK - YOUTUBE MARKETING GUIDE*** By Carolyn Higgins of Carolyn's RV Life - How I Got 20,000 YouTube Subscribers in 40 Days, The Complete Marketing Guide http://www.carolynsrvlife.com/20000-youtube-subscribers-40-days/ ****AMAZON STORE**** As an Amazon Affiliate, every purchase you make through the link below helps me earn commission! https://www.amazon.com/shop/carolynsrvlife ****CAMERA GEAR**** DJI OSMO Handheld Camera: https://amzn.to/2IEA8Jl GoPro Hero 5 Session: https://amzn.to/2GFr0ON GoPro Suction Mount (for dashcam): https://amzn.to/2Lj39HY Cell Phone shots: Samsung Galaxy S7 : http://amzn.to/2xG52bp Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard (Special Thank You to "A"): http://amzn.to/2xEUrgP Main Video Camera: Sony Handycam FDR-AX33 http://amzn.to/2xJaHzd Tripod - Albott 70": http://amzn.to/2fVawaJ Monopod: http://amzn.to/2wY5N2h Selfie stick/tripod: https://amzn.to/2IDC1WL Video Editing Software: Corel VideoStudio X10: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-8303439-12502718 MUSIC CREDITS PHOTOS CREDITS: All photos and videos property of Carolyn R Higgins and Carolyn's RV Life. All Rights Reserved. CarolynsRVLife.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertisingfees by advertising and linking to amazon.com
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Text Comments (1941)
Jim Smith (57 minutes ago)
I will not attempt to lecture about the use of seatbelts. Their use may be required by law, but its up to the individual to decide whether to use them or not. What I will do is relate what happens a lot here in Alaska. The vast majority of roads up here are two lane only. Some are very good, high speed roads, but most are not. Both have curves, many curves. In fact, due to the terrain, in some areas straight stretches are few and far between. The upshot is that drivers must pay rather strict attention to their job of driving, but as we all know, not all are able to do that consistently or otherwise. About once a week there is a news report of an accident where one driver "crossed the centerline and collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle". It is usually discovered that the "offending" driver was speeding, encountered black ice, fell asleep, or was simply distracted. In these type accidents one of the drivers (or a passenger) are often badly injured or worse, killed. It could be argued that it would be poetic justice if the "offending" driver was the one killed or injured, but what if YOU are the innocent driver that was hit? Its unfortunate that quite often the innocent driver (or passenger) is the one who dies. Not wearing a seatbelt is a virtual guarantee of severe injury or death. Wearing one would give a fighting chance of survival. Once again, this is not a lecture, it is a statement of facts.
Maurice Battle (2 hours ago)
Do you and stay happy with what you are doing! No worries! FUCK'EM! I hope to see you on the road! Dont worry!
D A (7 hours ago)
Since we're all letting each other be what and who we are, please allow me to be myself and refrain from deleting this comment because you don't like what I have to say. You know I'm not a troll, and I am a fan, so here goes. Please take this in the spirit of caring in which it is given to you. This is the most reckless, and dare I say, stupidest video you've ever made. You just in effect advertised: "Look! This is what I look like. Look! This is what my RV looks like. Look! This is what my dog looks like. I don't care about your frigging laws. I don't wear my seat belt, and you can kiss my ass if you don't like it!" If you think the Alaskan and Canadian Highway Patrol is not going to be looking for you now, you're more arrogant than you sound in this video. You have to go back DOWN those highways too, you know, and now they know for sure you're good for a quick fine or two or three or however many it takes out of your limited travel budget until you learn to put your damned seat belt on. The longer you're on YT, the more attention you get, the more arrogant you get. Take a long look in the mirror and decide if this is truly who you want to be. Oh, and I liked your hair better red too, and that's my opinion, and I'm entitled to have it and express it. Block me if you must, but remember, it was YOU who said we should all be able to be who we want to be. Peace and love to you, Carolyn.
scott schlichter (9 hours ago)
As far as the seatbelt I don't want to wear mine but in some states the fine is between 400 to 800 dollars and I'm to cheap to pay the fine lol
dj speer (10 hours ago)
Ok I have not commented to your channel, but this video is AWESOME!!!!! I love how you put some people in their place. I HATE wearing a seat belt. If I want my juggler vein to be cut off and feel like I'm dying I will wear it. I have learned to click it in place behind me that way if I have an officer behind me it looks like I have it on.... I have enjoyed watching your hair going natural. I am 53 and I got so tired of coloring my hair just to make others happy. So I stopped. After two years they stopped complaining about me not coloring my hair. I guess something else must have come up for them to pick on. I have taken on completely redoing a trashed and a mean a trashed tiny house. I was going to do videos of me redoing and DIYing it, but I have watched your videos enough and have heard you say how you are "attacked" and I know that isn't a good word but you are picked on by your videos all because they don't like what was on your video. I don't agree with you all the time but I would never call you out on that, that is your choice and your beliefs or thoughts. But I do want to say I didn't start doing videos, I am not as strong as you are in not letting comments weigh you down. No saying that some haven't hurt you or made you feel terrible, but I would sooo want to attack those ignorant people back. I give you koodoos. I do enjoy your videos and I do watch them and laugh. You enjoy your life, and just remember. EVERYONE SITS TO SH*T. So if they want to judge you for being you, just block them. Keep it up Carolyn. People are cruel and always will be. Sadly. Take care. Be safe.
Carolyn's RV Life (10 hours ago)
dj.. thank you for your kind words.. And thanks for watching. Carolyn
Pam On The Lam (10 hours ago)
I could watch the hair flip a million times!! And laugh every time!!
Carolyn's RV Life (10 hours ago)
Pam... LOL. I was being such a goof!!! makes me laugh too-- at what a dork I am. LOL Thank you!
Debbi Finlan (14 hours ago)
I love your channell!!!! I have haters in my life too. It is not easy. It's so easy to hate via social media or texting. I am amazed by the things people say to others. As for me, I am inspired by your freedom. Enjoy yourself Carolyn, speak your mind as you do and let the haters move on.
showitnow99 (18 hours ago)
new study out - 40% less empathy than 40 years ago ---
showitnow99 (19 hours ago)
ha! Yay for u!! I don't wear mine either. Seen many killed by them. Heard of people saved by being ejected - my choice too. I don't like being "tied in" for various reasons.. retired RN ..BTW. Our society has been purposely conditioned to fear loosing life /being hurt to the extent that freedoms have been hugely compromised - externally and internally - patriot act - shame. We have funded terrorists and faked beheadings....blah blah - you go girl.
Jamie Rupert (23 hours ago)
Just had to comment again, that was HILARIOUS Carolyn. I loved it. You are the best youtuber there ever was !!!!! :)
Chris Germana (1 day ago)
Loved the humor and fun you were having in the beginning of the video.awesome😜👍
NA (1 day ago)
leslie phinney (1 day ago)
I have watched your channel for awhile and have never commented on the seatbelt but have noticed that you don’t wear it. I have never had a second thought about you coloring or not coloring your hair....although I have noticed it growing into a beautiful natural grey. I did the same years ago and now I’m all salt and pepper at 57, I finally had to cut off my remaining color and was amazed at how healthy my natural salt and pepper hair is, and it has a totally different feel to it. I hope you don’t let those people who comment negatively get you down, not everyone follows all the rules all the time. Although I do wear my seatbelt, common sense rules the day in that department for me, luckily it became a habit I embraced.
Dede Pyle (1 day ago)
Be YOU!!! Beautiful!!!
doilybox (1 day ago)
Laws are to keep people safe. I only think it's not good if kids come here and get that message. Don't wear a seat belt it's your choice. You have to do what you need to do but your channel is for everyone including kids. Not cool.
Cheri De Hart (1 day ago)
I'm just saying, I ended up with a tumor in my breast where the seat belt came across my chest. I can no longer wear a bra, but if I'm in the front seat of a car I will put my seatbelt on otherwise you'll hear that incessant chime.
Sweet Freedom (1 day ago)
I LOVE this video. 😁
Ashley Townley (1 day ago)
Yes Queen! Be yourself!
Diana Cryder (1 day ago)
Dammit Carolyn! I thought you were going to tell me how to keep my hair clean living in an RV.
Dale Watkins (1 day ago)
Thanks for this Carolyn, most of us have no idea the thoughts others possess who try and change your life choices! Loving your Alaska trip, and looks so forward to all your future video's on where you end up going! You're terrific!
Cassie Spencer (1 day ago)
Live your life for you and no one else! Nobody else's opinions matter at all. There are a lot of assholes out there. Good luck, safe travels. I thoroughly enjoy your videos and your independent lifestyle! Lots of folks are jealous of your independence!
Allthingsconsidered (1 day ago)
"it's only illegal when you get caught" (Seth Rogen)...lol....although I find that quote funny I do not think that you should promote driving without a seat belt on your channel. Live is not just about "me myself and I" all the time.
Laura John (1 day ago)
The initial humor was funny but turned into a useless rant... she seems like a very kind person but her personality type seems a bit exhausting to watch on a regular basis ... loved the video where she saved the dog ...now that's worth watching :)
Royer 714 (1 day ago)
No appologies from Miss C either when she went from a fun channel to being a scolding, emoting in our faces leftist mouthpiece. She said, without apology, she was prepared to loose subs in a dltdhyitaoywo (Dont Let The...) kind of way. Leftist causes are more than represented in media today. EVERYONE is aware of them. Caroline has needlessly turned the peaceful meadow that was her channel into something ill and scolding with her sycophants showing the unpleased the door. Without apology.
Gloria Callahan (1 day ago)
Hi Carolyn, been a silent watcher for a long time, but from a fellow "Silver Sistah" I really have a hard time with the coloring hair thing. Been naturally silver (I hate the gray word-it lacks sparkle and I have sparkle) for a long time but gave up the fight 3 years ago when I was 57, SO LIBERATING! Not to say I haven't had a migraine since then! And I'm yet bucking the system one more way in letting it get long, I don't look good in short hair some do, but if I can grow it out long one more time IT'S MY BUSINESS! Folks will comment mostly I get wow how pretty your natural color is, wish I could do that. I say you can, it just takes a little patience. We are all blessed with OUR VERY OWN shade or mix of Silver. Rock it girl!!!!!!! Rock YOUR SILVER!
Lucille Hjort (1 day ago)
Regarding the seat belt, maybe the people are just looking out for you and speaking as a mother to you and I know that you are upset about it all.
AuntBecscreations (1 day ago)
I let my hair go GLORIOUSLY SILVER long ago as coloring it weekly was just ridiculous. NOW I get compliments for my hair so dog gone it it's my silver crown and I'll wear it proudly!
El Allard (1 day ago)
Fantastic beginning...Emmys take notice lol. You do you perfectly btw imo. (Life in Motion)
Joseph Cirelli (1 day ago)
Lol loved your scenarios! It’s true people feel they have a right to “comment” on your choices. Sure, many come from a place of concern but then others are not so kind. I feel sad for them because I know they are unhappy people! I watch your videos for entertainment & education. Going to Alaska is a bucket list item for me so watching your journey is inspirational. There are a couple of other channels on the trip as well & each of them see different things along the way. Keep being you cuz at the end it’s rewarding to have done it your way!
WILLIAM PAGE (2 days ago)
Susan Hastings (2 days ago)
I’m glad you tackled the issues with humour first, and then got down to discussing how unwanted advice is affecting you. Well said!
Mary Langham (2 days ago)
Wellllllllll......... Yep, it is the law, and laws are there for a reason. 1. Lawyers ( lol) lawyers are usually the winners on any lawsuit. 2. Unfortunately breaking the law, such as not wearing your seatbelt affects more than just you. If you are in an accident a seatbelt holding you in will definitely give you better control over your vehicle. Also, if you are in an accident your chances of being hurt are much higher, if you DON'T have your seatbelt on! Then, if you need extended care in a facility, to recover from your injuries, it DOES NOT JUST AFFECT YOU, it affects ALL of us by increasing our insurance premiums, because much more money had to be paid out for you to recover. It is selfish and immature to not wear a seatbelt, probably going so far as to say that you are doing it on purpose because of issues in your past, possibly control issues, so you are going to do what you want to do no matter what, no matter what the law says, no matter the statistics, no matter the studies. You are going to do what you want because you don't care how if affects others. That shows irresponsibility and disrespect for everyone else. In other words, you don't care how it affects us. As far as your hair, no matter what you do with your hair, it will not hurt any of us. So nobody's business.
Loss Stewart (2 days ago)
You speak for freedom
Tinlizzy (2 days ago)
LOLOLOLOL!!!!! Carolyn I love your hair! I think it looks very healthy and pretty on you. I haven't said it before because I thought it silly or weird to comment. But thank you for this, it was funny. I'm one who truly cares. Stay safe. Have fun. God bless you and Capone♥️
Rian McCollom (2 days ago)
My dad was in a crash in the 70's and the police said he was lucky to be alive because he was NOT wearing his seat belt. But that's because there were no air bags. Back then you hoped to be ejected.😋 Lol jk Now we just need a seat belt to protect us from all the air bags.. Lol I used to not wear mine until I got like 3 tickets when they changed the law in mn. Before you couldn't get pulled over for not wearing your seat belt. They could ticket you but they had to pull you over🚔 for something else. Anyway I'm not trying to give you crap.😇 I think I understand where your coming from. Plus your so high up, you can probably just drive over the other cars...🚙🚙😋
Susan Williams (2 days ago)
Hey Carolyn, love watching your videos. I do believe that people have the right to make their own decisions and I certainly believe that most of the people that comment on your hair would never do so if in your presence as that is just rude. Can't say I agree about the seatbelt cause if the fine was the only issue that would be okay as it's your money. To me the issue is the increased probability of a head injury or death in an accident. This in turn can cause family or the other driver a lot of emotional trauma, as in more than needed if you had your seatbelt on hopefully you experienced less severe trauma to your head and or body ! In the meantime, in places where helmets aren't required or if seatbelts aren't required it is well known that if you need an organ transplant those are the places to move to and get on the organ recipient list as the wait time is substancially shorter! Just saying! Maybe I've gotten this belief from working in a trauma med/surg ICU, sorry
Zulma Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I never comment for those same reasons you mentioned. Live and let live. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, that's why watch.
marie lynne (2 days ago)
Bash! Bash, Bash! Be kind Carolyn, ignore the things that bother you , block the obscene and move on. I dont think you can afford another subscriber bash like this one. I enjoy your videos but did not enjoy this at all and I want to see you travel videos because they are good, but this was painful.
TexasGaL (2 days ago)
Wow Carolyn, you won me over, perfect example of rude people attending barbecue. You. are absolutely right about others imposing their beliefs, and being insensitive in process. This video needed to be aired. Take care!
i have seen signs in the parks or what ever it was that said dont feed the animals because they will become dependent on people for food/ is that the same way for people that are hungry:)
im not saying you
progressives what to control peoples lifes :)
i think what some people are trying to say in a not so direct way is that if you dont where your seat belt you could have your gut opened up by your steering wheel and that could end you living your life the way you chose:)
Dee Johnson (2 days ago)
Go girl, liked it alot
GreenKeto Goddess (2 days ago)
roflmao! Love the cookout analogy. The internet lets people saying anything they want without impunity. Anonymous people are the nastiest, and feel okay saying things online they would never say to your face. Congrats to you for handing the negativity so well. I am also about to turn 50 and at the beginning of my journey building a RV so I can travela s well. I cannot wait. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad.
Nomadic Pioneer (2 days ago)
You know Carol I have watched almost every one of your videos and not once have I noticed you never wear your seatbelt I guess it's cuz I'm not looking for things to criticize you about I watch your videos to learn from you to enjoy the things that you enjoy and see places that I have never seen before and I thank you for it. And as far as your hair goes I like gray hair I think you should dye your hair all grey lol just be you don't be what other people want you to be.
Nomadic Pioneer (2 days ago)
Well to be honest I used to hate wearing my seatbelt I felt like I was tied down into the seat until one day I was driving a box truck for the circus and of course they made me wear my seatbelt which I completely hated but on the way to our next spot I was rear-ended buy a big rig if I was not wearing my seatbelt I probably would be dead right now since that accident I feel naked without my seatbelt. The moral of my story I guess is sometimes it takes a tragedy to open your eyes.
Kathy Adam (2 days ago)
I love this video
amanda currin (2 days ago)
Be yourself live your life and be happy ☺️
Moon beem (2 days ago)
Perfectly answered! You are right, it's your choice! When did we loose our freedom of choice?
Moon beem (2 days ago)
Also, about the hair, anyone who's been camping should know that your hair is the last thing you should worry about.
Willow Breath (2 days ago)
You crack me up ! I love ur channel.
Waldo M. (2 days ago)
OK..agree with you alot..but try to let things roll over you without it provoking your own negativity in response..try...one thing I do not agree with is you not wearing a seatbelt in CANADA...I always say when you are in a foreign country, you do NOT flout local laws and regulations..you are a guest in Canada. You do what you want in the U.S.....THIS IS AN OPINION..don`t go off the rails on me for having an opinion on this.
sarah meyers (2 days ago)
I see where carol is comming from everyone have choices everyday every minute she made her chooses why judge her an how she live her life. if you dont like her life choice then stop watching her videos plain and simple. Carol i just started watching ur videos ur funny an cool and word advice dont worry about the negative comments for everyones info online bully is also against the law. So if u sit here judge and attack her for breaking the law when ur breaking the law by online bullying .....love ur puppy carol Stay safe sis 👍👍👍👍☺☺☺🇺🇸🇺🇸
Aaron's Simple Life (2 days ago)
I appreciate your genuineness. Thanks and your hair is beautiful.
LA Gunn (2 days ago)
I am also a strong woman who is often criticized. I agree and understand your frustration. Certainly, not saying you should change or always take the advice of anyone unless you choose to. That said, unfortunately, that is the price of fame. Some genuinely care, some are unnecessarily critical and others are just mean/evil! You will have times that it is just too much! But, it is the price of fame, we can see you; you share your life and it is not just your voice, your followers have a voice too and you have helped to empower some to be bold and share their voice. BUT, I know you do not have to comply! I love your posts, whether I agree or not, but face it, once you are in the public eye (especially self-imposed)you are an influence on others. Keep talking to us, I enjoy your posts. Listen, when we comment, we feel like we are talking directly to you, no thought about others, we are hooked on your life because your posts are personal to us and you encourage so many, including me! Be strong and know that what is important is that you are supported and admired by so many, but the rest is the price of fame.
Elizabeth Connolly (2 days ago)
You know the whole time i have been watching all of your video's i have never Noticed the seat belt thing I'm too busy enjoying them and at the end of the day you are a adult and it is your consequences and no one elese
Airyellit (2 days ago)
I really love your videos when you get down and dirty.. lol.. You are so entitled to your own beliefs... and your own choices. Most excellent. I love your honesty. Be you.. all the way... I still hope when you drive back to the US yo go through Hudson's Hope, BC and follow the Peace River... but I'm not trying to impose that on you honestly. ;) Take care and enjoy your trip. That's the most important thing.
Diana Kamala Mars (3 days ago)
LOL, I never even noticed you weren't wearing a seatbelt...I listen to what you have to say, see where you are travelling, who you are. I did notice you weren't coloring your hair, though.......Love the natural look! Not only does it look good, it saves time & money!
loggie45 (3 days ago)
You crack me up! Good for you! I adore your spunk! Great vids!
A10TOES (3 days ago)
i think with your hair not dying it anymore is great, I see nothing wrong with having silver streaks. I think most of the complainers making comments to your hair is the lower half is red, you probably don't want to cut it off till it grows longer more, then cut off the red part, I think then the "people would mind their own business" and if it were me on the seat belt issue, it's YOUR choice. God Bless You and Capone & safe adventures!
ME - (3 days ago)
I think maybe a couple less cups of coffee are in order. A simple . . . "I'll wear my seatbelt when and if I feel like it" . . . next question:
Mike Salsgiver (3 days ago)
One of your best commentaries...you help me keep an open, accepting mind. Safe travels, my friend.
Jim McGee (3 days ago)
I’m what would be what is considered a redneck conservative white male and one of my best friends is very liberal. We have some very fun discussions about the current political atmosphere. We accept each other’s opinions and don’t try to push it on each other. I might not agree with Everything that you say, but Live and let live. I love you attitude and positive nature. Keep up the good work.
Penny Lee (3 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts love yah Carolyn
thomas howard (3 days ago)
the only comment or advice I have for you is just to be yourself  and as you always say be happy  be free and be kind
Lainie Sinclair (3 days ago)
I actually applauded out loud, clapping my hands and all! even though i was alone in my living room watching! Bless you!
Mary B (3 days ago)
I remember from drivers ed (many decades ago) that driving is a privilege not a right. That has always given me pause for thought. On the other hand, I never wondered about your seat belt because NH does not require adults to wear seat belts.
C. (3 days ago)
I genuinely love this video😄
DrAudrey (3 days ago)
You nailed it! LOL! Loved it!!! :)
Sharon Nightingale (3 days ago)
To be honest, I never paid attention to whether or not you were wearing your seatbelt: I was too busy listening to what you had to say! AND.....why the h*ll would somebody take it upon themselves to bash you about your hair?! Personally, I liked it red too, but as it has grown out, I've gotten used to the gray and I like the gray too! Besides, it is YOUR hair, not theirs! I wear my hair up in a claw clip (?), and people have told me that if I'm going to wear my hair up like that, that I should just cut it all off, because that's a sign that I want short hair!? I am glad that you chose to speak out about the ridiculous things people say: I really enjoyed it and it brought a smile to my face....good for you! You just keep being you!!!
Bruce Kafer (3 days ago)
Its very obvious to me, the red dye soaked into your brain and affected you, so now you dont wear a seatbelt. , keep smiling ...
Alberta Beaudry (3 days ago)
I honestly can say I never even noticed your seatbelt or your hair.
RV Genealogy (3 days ago)
I love, love, LOVE this video! Keep on being you. You are my role model, Carolyn!
Barbara (3 days ago)
RIGHT ON!! You go girl....🙌 high five ya....(by the way about your seat belt) lol Haaa...just Jokeing...lol...love ya..safe travels...
Karen Thomas (3 days ago)
One of best videos ever! You give me the courage to be me!
Sue Tenaglia (3 days ago)
Everyone rights
Casianna Paradis (3 days ago)
You are so funny. I say and think haters are unhappy with themselves and way to jealous of what you have.
Keith Spell (3 days ago)
yep once again I applaud you / rock on Carolyn .
Debra Fry (3 days ago)
So real!!! Love it!😁
Erika Martinez (3 days ago)
Hi Carolyn this Erika from L’A since the first day I start watching your YouTube videos you inspired me to have freedom and to explore other places 😎I love your videos and I love to see Capone so happy 🐶😂😂😍♥️🌻🌻😁👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Debra Fry (3 days ago)
WOW! Good for you, Carolyn!!!
Ruth Brown (3 days ago)
You keep being you I like you that way you. Put on the hat whenever you want to t I do
Laurie Garant (3 days ago)
I like you just the way you are! It's great that you are true to yourself!
Will Travel USA (3 days ago)
Wow.. people can be so unkind.... Carolyn we like you just the way you are, you are the real deal. We all are in perfect including me. thank you ....
babyruth225 (3 days ago)
Go girl!!!! Don’t worry about the haters!!
Call Girls Doughboys (4 days ago)
I think that it would be cool if you got a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. That's the least that you deserve for being such a smart ass on the subject.
myozbubble (1 day ago)
Call Girls Doughboys You are wishing I'll will on someone? You are not a nice person.
Carolyn's RV Life (4 days ago)
Call Girls - nice attitude for someone who just chooses to think for herself. Way to go.
Kathy Adam (4 days ago)
I would not be able to cope with all the negative comments. I have never felt that you imposed on me. I agree with you 100%. You have such a gift with your words. I so appreciate you for your kind, thoughtful and respectful values. Where did all the morals and values go in society? You are such a breath of fresh air.
Juan S (4 days ago)
I love what you stated and it's true KUDOS to you.
Juan S (4 days ago)
To many people don't mind their own business and love to criticize and i find that funny.
Juan S (4 days ago)
You have the right to tell people " this is me and this is what i want to be and do " yet this is not going to change who i really am.
Juan S (4 days ago)
We all make mistakes, we're not perfect
Juan S (4 days ago)
Carolyn your beautiful with all due respect get yourself a nice hair cut
Juan S (4 days ago)
I'm sorry if it were taken in a wrong pretext i tried to make it as a buddy Facebook friend so forgive me.
Carolyn's RV Life (4 days ago)
Juan, maybe your cultural conditioning doesn't allow you to realize that your comment wasn't respectful. but insulting.
Anne Bell (4 days ago)
PS... Isn't funny when men are "assertive" they are praised and thought of a going places...but when women are "assertive" we are called "bitches"...LOL...well, from one bitch to another..."YOU GO GIRL" … lol
Carolyn's RV Life (4 days ago)
Anne. oh yeah.. Whenever I have the audacity to set boundaries or express how I expect to be treated, I am called, 'whiny", 'stubborn", 'selfish", Stupid and "mean". And I lose subscribers (good riddance). It's slightly rewarding to know that by being me, I'm proving the points I make: sexism is alive and thriving in our culture. And I'll keep demanding to be heard as long as people like you are here to support me. thank you THANK YOU
Anne Bell (4 days ago)
I personally choose to wear a seatbelt because I have three little peanuts under my care and example is usually the best way with little ones...BUT LAST TIME I CHECKED YOU WERE A BIG PERSON...LOL...and if you are willing to take whatever risks are associated with that choice then it is certainly yours to make...I hope that most comment on it out of sincere concern...and that is sweet...but at the end of the day...you are your own person and over the age of consent … so … happy travels … and just one question Carolyn... "why aren't you wearing your seatbelt?"...LOL...ok ok...I know...501...plus all the ones deleted...haha!
Barbara Bailey (4 days ago)
Candy Santillo (4 days ago)
Lol you are too damn clever , entertaining and adorable muah ! ,
C Clifton (4 days ago)
You know what I'll bet you're ask another few hundred times because new subscribers probably haven't seen the few times you've mentioned that you don't care how you look . I've been keeping up with your channel for about a year and have heard it 3 times now. It is true you're free to do your own thing and you're right no one will pay for your mistakes but yourself. I don't think anyone meant you any harm. It probably is something that goes with the territory and you'll either have to get used to it or stop doing it. By it I mean posting videos. Maybe it's not the perfect job after all. Oh and btw I don't wear my seatbelt either and it pissed me off equally when people make issue of it.
Sin D (4 days ago)
How dare you break that law! LOL, I do not get mammograms and everyone gives me shit! I am not anti-medicine, just personal reasons. I AM WELL AWARE OF THE RISK!! and so are YOU! I understand where you come from. Woman! you are a sister from another mother. I'm going grey at the temples too!! We get to look like Morticia Adams, Dave Vanian! so cool. Dying hair is a nightmare! my dog runs off leash and people give me shit! Condescension is everywhere now. I am a total BITCH!!! I'm a SHREW!, I'm a NAG, I'm a Hot Head, and apparently confronting people on bad behavior makes me a Libtard, snowflake, entitled, POS, woman's libber who is too uppity. Fuck, no wonder I want to hike the JMT. I love men and how they are different from women. People seem to hate any differences. I like different cultures, ages etc.. I am really affected by the conflicted you had with that Lineshithead. I was assaulted..... and to see the comments and video that man put up. ....I was disgusted and a "person" said "my body looked like a man. and that's why I hate men" I do not hate men and thanks for shaming my gymnast body. Gymnasts have big shoulders and narrow hips, and I am proud that I could flip through the air and land on my feet! There is no end to criticizing our looks and men get it too now! Most of my high school friends are dead from suicide or heroin, I am so grateful to see grey hair and arthritis! I'm a survivor!
Sin D (4 days ago)
The only reason I'm doing the trail is because of women like you. I had so many doubts but your "AloneOnTheJMT" is so inspirational that my friend from the 90's is gonna meet me at the end of the trail! You are bringing old friends together!! thanks Carolyn!!
Carolyn's RV Life (4 days ago)
Sin D.. aww, I appreciate this.. Thanks for sharing. take care. happy trails.
Robin Dikos (4 days ago)
This is my first time commenting. Yes, people are mean spirited but it's their fears, grief, their inner torments that make them strike out. Sometimes you are the lucky person. Cliché. ..but it's them not you. Want to share with you my seatbelt story. Had I not been wearing one, i would not be writing a comment to you :( I'm 62 and a natural blond. Felt playful one day and got Auburn low lights,lol! I've been going on motorhome trips since when I was 14. We now own my Dad's 30 year old Bounder. His name is "Bounder" ! Lol! Even after years of Motorhoming I still have learned so much from you and Bob and all the other nomads out there. I enjoy watching your philosophy videos the best :)
Debbie TAYLOR (4 days ago)
Great video. It's all about the journey... be safe and happy

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