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Trump's lawyers preparing answers to Mueller's questions

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President Donald Trump's legal team is preparing answers to written questions provided by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources familiar with the matter. The move represents a major development after months of negotiations and signals that the Mueller investigation could be entering a final phase with regard to the President. #CNN #News
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emachine310 (2 hours ago)
Don't have to ask questions about obstruction of justice if Mueller already has everything he has
greg romero (3 days ago)
Gilbert Conner (3 days ago)
will they lock them up already.been going on way to long.
John M (4 days ago)
When Mueller testifies about Uranium One, he'll have to throw Hillary under the bus or face a firing squad.
Dawn Witmer (4 days ago)
CNN IS the ENEMY of the American People !!
Dawn Witmer (4 days ago)
Mueller is an asshole, WHY is he waiting til after the midterms to release his findings? Because he knows there was NO Collusion, MORE libTURD TDS! Can't STAND the fact that TRUMP is WINNING! LMFAO! CNN IS the ENEMY of the American People ! Cry LibTURDS CRY!!
Dawson P (4 days ago)
Corrupt news network (CNN)
Anita B. (6 days ago)
A take home test....😂🤣😂😍😏
Andrew Garcia (6 days ago)
Don't Do It DONNIE! It'd a SET UP! The paid off liberal lawyer Muller is working for the Crooked Dems!
Barb A (6 days ago)
Roll on, roll on , the sooner the better for the whole world.
silvano novalis (6 days ago)
The buffoon should be indicted for treason. Mueller's report should be made public to the American public. Tax payers ought to see for themselves what the buffoon and his sycophantic mobsters did in concert. There is COLLUSION!
MyWorld (6 days ago)
If Mueller had the evidence to indict Trump he would have done it months ago. This is all just a bluff to keep the losing left hopeful.
mary howard (6 days ago)
Does the United States of America have a DICTATOR in charge ?
Tatiana Girma (7 days ago)
Jake, I want to know - what if FBI had to investigate me, would they give me a set of written questions and have like an open book test ahead of time, sort of homework? Why Trump is treated differently? We all know the answer. But that is not a point. The point is is the democratic system in USA really what they shout about? Is it really that the constitution is the foundation? Really, for whom? Please do not fool us. I am also not fooled when giving my vote now- I am realistic with the possibility of fraud. You may blame Russians, Chinese, but I blame insiders, period.
Agolf Twittler and the Nazipublicans must be eradicated ✌ ☮
maestasify (7 days ago)
I hope Mueller's work is for something. I fear trumpo will stay POTUS no matter what is found. Remember, trumpo says he can shoot someone in NYC and he won't be arrested.
Luis Gonzales (7 days ago)
Poor little Evelyn dreaming!
Mcfishy First (7 days ago)
red Buoy (8 days ago)
Was Paul Manafort on the phone to Donald Trump the whole time he was sitting in the 'Trump Tower' meeting with the Russian agents who were offering to manufacture dirt on Hillary? Did the Russians actually go ahead and hack Hillary's emails only to discover that there was nothing at all suspect in them? What did Trump say privately to Putin at their last meeting?
NPC exe:14465 (8 days ago)
Cant wait to reveal the nothing burger
Jane Doe (8 days ago)
Trump's lawyers are preparing answers not Trump but it will not make a difference when they question him. Trump and the Repulbicnas have attacked the USA long enough and if he doesn't go soon they is no way to recover everything we lost.
Scott Reasons (8 days ago)
Ever notice Trump doesnt have a dirty little name for Mueller?
Me (8 days ago)
Since when do your lawyers answer questions for you? Trump doesn't tell the truth. They don't even know what the truth is. EVERYBODY DOESN'T SAY THERE'S NO COLLUSION ONLY TRUMP
MrJusho1 (8 days ago)
So the lawyer is answering for him? What don't the cops let me do it this way
C Mitchell (8 days ago)
Already has the answers so go ahead and lie so we can get this over with.
NGUYEN (8 days ago)
FISA declassified soon. It’s was all a setup to remove Trump. Indictments are coming to the deep state.
Paul Simmons (8 days ago)
Trump's lawyers are trying to salvage what they can but having Trump actually man-up and answer questions in real time is the only way to get his thoughts instead of what his lawyers cobble together. That being said, this is the legal equivalent of a take home, open book test. If Trump's telling the truth, then he's in the clear; if not, let the chips fall where they may.
刘宇龙 (8 days ago)
叔叔,,,旧众自修了,无理,,,。 所以人人可修成星星,若有星星不乖,再射纯氧和貞空即可,,,。 而妖魔也是最怕,,,滴。 电射加化学液,,,。
Dapper Laughs (9 days ago)
omg whennnnnnnnnn get the ball rolling already before the con don embarrasses us more
Chris Smith (9 days ago)
Tick Tock military tribunals are coming your way, media whores.
Chris Smith (9 days ago)
What about Fusion GPS and the fake information for the FISA court.
geoff bonner (9 days ago)
Nice little earner for Mueller he must be making a fortune by prolonging the Russian investigation.
Wingman 7676 (9 days ago)
Comedy News Network
insert name (9 days ago)
He is shiiting his pants rigth now
Darlene Monen (9 days ago)
I get it! If something is lied about he can say he didnt say it. The ones that wrote it said it.
Darlene Monen (9 days ago)
This guy is so guilty he cant even speak for himself. And hes runnin our country? Wtf? Um whose running it and who are these guys protecting him? Does that mean the laws change for everyone? Make that pos talk. Nobody should answer for him. Thats like having guardianship because of mentally incapable to speak. This isnt a nursery or disabled person. Or is he and what the hell is he doing being in charge of a country when he cant speak for himself. Wtf?
Denis DeSapience (9 days ago)
Just drag the filthy pig out of the WH by his heels, then draw and a quarter that filthy sack of PIG manure......
K. Mark (9 days ago)
How's the Communist led left wing MOB doing today....Us Freedom love Patriots are doing Great...MAGA...LOL
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
K. Mark Either wake ALL the way up, or go back to sleep. Indictments?
Nosivo N (9 days ago)
Mueller still on this??? Come on man. I mean, fvck trump but this investigation is stupid by now
Andrew patrickm4 (9 days ago)
Florida Democrat Senator Bill Nelson he uses the hurricane relief ads and links them to his campaign website & to the Soros funded act fundraising page basically he's taking relief money for his own campaign just like the Clintons did with the money for Haiti
Adrian Jackson (9 days ago)
Bob Lawblawblaw (9 days ago)
It's all going to fizzle out. Trump will walk. We all know it.
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
Bob Lawblawblaw Indictments?
AYALE AMA87 (9 days ago)
I dont get why are lawyers terrified of him testifying?
Bitnah (9 days ago)
How many times she gonna say surmise?!
payz hayz (9 days ago)
Lol as if the FBI would give any of us the questions in advance. They'd arrest you and you'd have to talk to them in the station. But because he's powerful he gets special treatment.
Randy Gourdine (9 days ago)
A take home test?..Trump is joke and all who support him
Randy Gourdine (9 days ago)
He made time for kanye's rant,golf trips and tweeting
Randy Gourdine (9 days ago)
Trump too chicken shit to talk to Mueller to his face!!
The way we were (9 days ago)
I have a feeling the RepubliKKKans are in for a rude awakening before these elections!!
Guy Tetreault (9 days ago)
Mueller takes much too long Midterms are in a few days and he still has not made Revelations that would help people to vote If Republicans keep all seats in Senate and Congress, anything he finds will just be disregarded by them
David Kempton (9 days ago)
They are preparing answers, knowing the Injsutices that sit on the Court these days - literally, tilting it to the right like the circus fat lady.. Top answer: "None of your business." Second most chosen answer: "None of your fucking business." Tied for third: "Classified," "Don't know" and "Blame Hillary" But the only answer at all close to true: "Didn't read it."
Da Riddym (9 days ago)
You sad people, hear good news about Kavanaugh MAGA
Da Riddym (7 days ago)
indictments? don't hold your breath, But the garlic thing really works though, i eat it all the time.
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
Da Riddym indictments?
Gavin (9 days ago)
Thanks Russia for exposing Hillary's email's Pizzagate is Real
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
Gavin Either wake ALL the way up, or go back to sleep. Indictments
Bobby Nelson (9 days ago)
Ninkama... ?? WTF name is that. ?? Some lowlife filthy Scum piece of shit. IMMIGRANT.
Aidan (9 days ago)
Lol there is a creeper mug on the desk
Arthur Radtke (9 days ago)
Trump is just another DEEP STATE puppet president who abides by whatever those truly in power want. Those in power include the military/industrial complex and big pharma and the Rockefeller's, Rothschild's, Morgans, and the banking cartel's of the U.S. America is no longer a democracy but is instead a deep shadowy government. The electoral system is a joke as 2 legitimate winners were effectively kept from their rightful victories. The popular vote did not count so therefore we have what we have now, a morally corrupt and perverted president. He was recorded bragging that he groped women's genitalia and he paid off 3 porn stars to silence them from revealing his sick actions. He has ripped off thousands of hard working American's with his at least 6 bankruptcies. Even worse, he bragged how he beat the system to rip off these poor folks. He is the only president known to not release his tax documents. He and the ultra-right wing Republicans did an horribly evil and morally rotten action of separating migrant children from their parents. After a huge outcry from the American public they were pressured to stop. However, this is still a huge issue as thousands of children are still unaccounted for or are not speedily being returned. How anyone can see anything good in this man is beyond me. I hope Mr. Mueller will have the moral fortitude and decency to lock him up. And these 2 week jail and 6 months prison times for other guilty members of Trumps team is totally inadequate. The Russian interference that wrecked our last election: If it's found Trump knew about it and was in on it MUST be treated with very strong punishment. Nothing short of impeachment and prison time for Trump will do. And I'm not talking like a slap on the wrist. He must be given a minimum of what the Watergate thieves got during the Nixon administration. MUSAGA MAKE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #Dump Trump!!!
Dom Tor (9 days ago)
Prepare lies it should say.
Angel 1973 (9 days ago)
Mueller please hurry and lock tRump up!
mike3030303030303030 (9 days ago)
CNN Sucks!!! Kanye for AG 2018!
Michael McCullagh (9 days ago)
“TICK TOCK”...........👉🏻’ASSHOLE😡🤬’
After the Kavanaugh thing...Sadly, I don't believe shit will happen to Trump.
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
Americans Against Trump indictments make me feel more secure. Go Mueller
Victorious Yankee (9 days ago)
What a fucking coward drumpf is.
Gregg Narcisse (9 days ago)
Avenatti 2020!
Victorious Yankee (9 days ago)
Hillary Clinton, winner of the Clean People's Vote, gladly met with republicunt investigators NINE TIMES, publicly on TV for the entire Nation to see. Once for 11 straight hours. She did this because as the complete lack of charges show, she is 100% innocent. Now let's look at president bone-spurs' behavior. Every one of his babysitters has told EVERYBODY that the draft-dodging little coward simply cannot answer ANY questions truthfully. They all agree that the adulterous coward is a habitual, compulsive liar. President pornstar is such a lying child that all the of questions had to be written down (in crayon I imagine) so his lawyers can answer them for the little draft-dodging sissy because apparently the pussy grabber can't even read. Republicunt trash are destroying America with their affluenza suffering putin sucking cunt of a president.
Gregg Narcisse (9 days ago)
Trump is such a coward, not man enough to talk one on one with Mueller.
panthro001 (9 days ago)
He would crumble right in front of Mueller. Lying piece of shit!
Brenda Anderson (9 days ago)
Yeah, it's possible that he will sit down for an interview, but he's too stupid to actually talk to them... der. So he won't
Carlito Nati (9 days ago)
Mueller Question: Did you or your staff colluded with the Russians? Trump Answer: We neither confirm or deny the collision..i mean collusion.
Brenda Anderson (9 days ago)
They are writing answers because our President is too unstable to actually answer them in person
Hong Kong Hermit (9 days ago)
Said it before, I'll say it again, but if this doesn't end with Trump in jail then America is fucked. Probably fucked anyway, but to even stand a chance that whole rotten crime family needs to face actual justice and consequence.
No Name (9 days ago)
This just in! There was no Russian collusion found with President Trump or his campaign .However the investigation did revel alarming details of the uranium 1 transaction between the Obama administration and Russia that sold large quantities of uranium to Russia through a private Russian firm. MAGA!!!
g4macdad (9 days ago)
Market starts to drop and they want to impeach Trump all of the sudden... Looks like the CONservatives want out of power fast, so they can pin the next recession on democrats again.
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
g4macdad isn’t that their standard MO?
panthro001 (9 days ago)
He gets a take home questioneer?? Wow! Lol! Pathetic!
Barb Ebersole (9 days ago)
Fake news! Fake investigation! Fake panel!
SEAN PAN (9 days ago)
Pence 2019
Gloria Clayton (9 days ago)
Trump is going down.
Gloria Clayton (9 days ago)
Trump is a chicken he thinks he's so smart but he is really a dummy.Mueller is a man not a coward or chicken like trump.Since trump is so brave sit down with Mueller then we will see who is the chicken and a coward.
Ninjaman AKA (9 days ago)
Breaking news breaking news breaking news the Russia investigation is back its big news it will leave you stunned 😳 they been investigating for 2years and we will continue till we !!!!!!!!
Barb Ebersole (9 days ago)
Traditional Sage (9 days ago)
I can't wait for the exoneration.
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
Traditional Sage indictments? Pardons? Lies?
Temple201 (9 days ago)
Mueller has nothing on Trump its been a fake investigation from the start.  If Mueller wants the real criminal investigate Hillary Clinton's campaign people on Russian collusion.
bobby hood (9 days ago)
Trump 2020,CNN should fire Don Lemon,they sure would have more viewers.
bobby hood (6 days ago)
Robert Mueller on the biggest witchhunt in history wasting taxpayer money on BS
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
bobby hood Truth to Power. Indictments, ring any kind of bell?
Bill Bolser (9 days ago)
Mentally ill liberals keep talking shit and buying in to phantasy crap will be disappointed  when the intelligent Democrats leave and Vote REPUBLICAN. It's all over for you hard core Democratic Pedophile outdated party.
RML 3000 v (9 days ago)
Trump 20 to Life
Joe Giuffre (9 days ago)
If an investigation depends on questioning a suspect, that suspect should definitely remain silent.
Robert Romeo (9 days ago)
Mueller is going to come up with some lien fake swamp shit just days before November 6th to sway. Voters
yadda 10 (9 days ago)
questions on paper??... this is bullshit!.... maybe trump is “a really smart person”... corrupt coward.
Joe Giuffre (9 days ago)
yadda 10 If he's guilty, he should answer questions in any form.
Thomas Jones (9 days ago)
CLIMATE HOAX & RussIan collusion. Same weak liberals. Same weak agenda.
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
Thomas Jones Indictments?
Wake-Up America (9 days ago)
[The president’s] decisions have led the United States Senate to its own critical crossroads. And now we must choose our path. We can do the right thing. Or we can lower our standards and allow [the president] to cling to public office ― regardless of the consequences to our nation, to our system of justice, and to our future generations... So what will we do this day? Will we rise above or will we sink below? Will we condone this president’s conduct or will we condemn it? Will we change our standards or will we change our president? Mitch McConnell - 1999
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
Wake-Up America a hypocrite of.magnificent proportions,McConnel.
badcougar 05 (9 days ago)
Why is trump begin question, by written letter. Why is trump treated different. Why cant trump sit down with mueller like everyone else did. Like Hillary did for 11 hrs. Trump is a liar and now he a coward. I dont trust trump and none of his lawyer.
Joe Giuffre (9 days ago)
badcougar 05 He doesn't have to answer questions in any form. In the U.S. everyone has the right to remain silent.
Harry Knickerbocker (9 days ago)
By the time Mueller is through with this investigation our society will be on the edge of civil war. Bombs will be going off. Or...everyone will have forgotten what the investigation was all about....yawn.
Jack Sprat (9 days ago)
This should be his only answer: FUCK OFF
Joe Giuffre (9 days ago)
Jack Sprat That would be the way to go.
Brian Allen (9 days ago)
I'd rather see Trump prepare answers to Mueller's questions, not his lawyers. That would be hilarious.
Jim Churchill (9 days ago)
Nothing will happen to trump Mueller investigation was created by Trump to cause chaos and distractions to cover up the destruction of our nation.
Joe Giuffre (9 days ago)
Jim Churchill The Dow is down but it's 6K points higher than the day before he became president. Unemployment is at it's lowest in years. If he's trying to destroy the country, he's doing a horrible job.
Geoffrey Cass (9 days ago)
If this is true, I hope they have someone to check the spelling!!!
Waset Amaru (9 days ago)
ATTENTION!!!!! Ignore the trolls with the abstract names showing support for 45. Check their profile before you reply.
Joe Giuffre (9 days ago)
Waset Amaru And check the unemployment rate.
ddrisk (9 days ago)
I love SNL and CNN. They are the two best comedies on television today and the best thing is CNN is on 24/7!
Ted Kelly (9 days ago)
I hope our president goes to jail and we can make America great again.
GreenerHill (9 days ago)
Trump's so thick that he thinks he has a personality. :)
Dedalus69 (9 days ago)
Russia Collusion is a SCAM by the Left
Evelyn Petroski (7 days ago)
Dedalus69 Indictments? Either wake ALL the way up, or go back to sleep.
Mr. Mxyzptlk (9 days ago)
Democrats' Belligerence Let it forever be known the facts of such a belligerent, partisan performance of the so-called Democrats can be seen online at any time. Even in the face of undisputable facts they will continue to lie. The members of the Democrat party DO NOT and HAVE NOT for years had the TEMPERMENT to serve the AMERICAN PEOPLE. NOT ONE of these Democrat is fit to have a place in our government. They have forgotten to whom this country and its government belongs. So let me remind THEM, it belongs to us, the AMERICAN PEOPLE. You, the Dixiecrats, who hide behind the unbefitting title of Democrats are and have been an INSULT to ALL AMERICANS for far too long. We will impose our TERM LIMITS upon the fascist members of your SWAMP party. We will vote against any and all incumbent Democrats until we remove all you who think you can EVER impose your Nazi Brown-Shirt-like regime in these United States.

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