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Harvard graduate's unique speech goes viral

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Harvard University has called 2016 graduate Donovan Livingston's spoken-verse commencement speech "one of the most powerful, heartfelt student speeches you will ever hear!"
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Marlena Forbes-Reidy (42 minutes ago)
Amazing intelligent young man - you have a great future ahead of you for the future generations to come stay true to yourself - bless you
William Kaufman (53 minutes ago)
Retired Project (17 hours ago)
Rise of the planet of the apes ???
Samantha Higgins (22 hours ago)
Your speech brought me tears, gave me chills. You got me saying Amen and Hallelujah! I’m speechless and inspired. You are greatness and greatness lies ahead.
Shermta F (1 day ago)
I love poetry ❤️
Lenvil Ballonico (1 day ago)
Im watching u right here in manila
Lenvil Ballonico (1 day ago)
Intellegent guy
John Morrissey (2 days ago)
83 years after the time frame & events of the movie, The Great Debaters, Mr. Livingston stands proud and very articulate as he gives the 2016 commencement speech at Harvard University. Much to be proud of....much.
Kelly Moore (2 days ago)
Raina Jackson (3 days ago)
Allison King (3 days ago)
Wow! Powerful.
Ms. 8of11 (3 days ago)
definitely touched my soul ~ POWERFUL!
Gertrude Buck (4 days ago)
Simply Beautiful!!
Robin Rocha (4 days ago)
Well, I have goosebumps!
Nancy Ranft (4 days ago)
I really thought this a beautiful message...also a dangerous one to many. Let me explain it this way...when my plumbing breaks down, I'm gonna pay a Certified Plumber probably $100/hr to fix it & warranty it for however long. To make that kind of money (and pay the rent), you gotta go to school. Period. No amount of metaphysical stargazing however wonderful it may be, is going to get that plumber's certification that most will demand. School is required. While this message doesn't SAY schooling isn't necessary in life, it comes uncomfortably close to giving that impression!
Kenyatta Willis (4 days ago)
2018 we still listening.... may you continue to be blessed..... and a shining star Thur you're nights!
Patrice Boulanger (5 days ago)
Standing ovation for this incredible young man.
Hùng Kiệt (5 days ago)
Great speech!
Devil Hex (5 days ago)
Woah! Something good on CNN.
Dan Lyndon (5 days ago)
Well, that was trite, but at least it felt good to listen to.
Great Speech!!!
Obi Kenobi (6 days ago)
Just another rapper
Widad A (6 days ago)
Love it love it love it
Hammer Ham (6 days ago)
I think Jesse Lee Peterson wrote that for him.
Lali Bull (6 days ago)
I hate the fact that we need to prove over and over again that we are capable of amazing things. we do this every single day and yet each time it seems like "this is the first black person doing this" but hey, we are so proud of proving you wrong all the time. But yet it is an accomplishment because we do it despite all the racism and rocks we find on the way. SO PROUD
Joel1957 (7 days ago)
What a beautiful guy.
Patrick DeSantos (7 days ago)
Great performance!!
Charles Mcfadden (7 days ago)
That is Great.I will never forget it.
Jo Martinez (7 days ago)
i got bored
Saineb Ali (7 days ago)
this is amazing wow
Pasu suel (7 days ago)
what a narcissistic idiot.
KingZulu FAM (7 days ago)
You know they told him you will not say that poem or we will blacklist you. Good Job
All Ball (8 days ago)
I hope he gets his chains cut off (eye-roll)
Ni Ni Jenks (8 days ago)
Black excellence
Andreas Abbey (8 days ago)
Coolissim0 Unl1mited (8 days ago)
Its all memorised. He is acting. I can't understand why so many people find this diarrhea marvellous. Some of you Americans surely are stupid. Compare this shitty speech with Denzel Washington speech in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxY_eJLBflk Denzel Washington speech is far better delivered. That's why he is a great actor and this guy is not.
Ikechukwu Nwosu (8 days ago)
My take home is; "our words (spoken & unspoken) are the ladders that will take us to the stars"
NovaGN (8 days ago)
Not me though. But you guys got it.
James Tan (8 days ago)
He talks to the 10%
Will Botti (8 days ago)
a bit long. but excellent
bluerivage (8 days ago)
CNN really loves Marxism!
steven mcquade (8 days ago)
Shut the Fuck up
Ronald Upton (8 days ago)
I just hope you are not another Obama!!
bluerivage (8 days ago)
sounds like Marxism to me. sooooo....
Fred Thomas (8 days ago)
Right On!!
Janeice McNeill (9 days ago)
Kimber B (9 days ago)
This was brilliant! God bless this voice!
Jose Atalivar (9 days ago)
Some people dislike the video because anybody can say nice things but those are just words, he remind me of Obama when nobody knew that his words were just that, words...
Liz Asa (9 days ago)
Preach, brother, PREACH!!!!!!!
Johan van Loon (9 days ago)
not again obama , talks a lot, say nothing
plan101 (9 days ago)
H e double hockey sticks
SELAHPAUSE (9 days ago)
Stone Ruano Singh (11 days ago)
He dropped the "Strange Fruit." Awesome!
Harper Sparrow (11 days ago)
yess MLK yesss
Lucy Jean (11 days ago)
You speak your mind bro no paper allowed
Abel Sefa (11 days ago)
He looks lik Usher Raymond
Larry Horne (11 days ago)
Sebastian R (12 days ago)
He needs to be a rapper (not because hes black)
Nate River (12 days ago)
That's HBCUs (Howard, Morehouse, Spelman, etc) EVERY year!
Seeking The Most High (12 days ago)
He did not mention the most high yah.
Daniel Morris (13 days ago)
He has dreamed and he has been to the mountain and he has seen the stars, like Martin Luther King!
msvocinstructor (13 days ago)
Awesome! Gave me a chill!!!! I'm so proud of this generation movement of "Knowing Thyself".
willam Estrada (13 days ago)
Wow. Imagine his IQ
Tess Jones (13 days ago)
Creole in the house. What???? If you feel racism it is mental illness. Get over it. It was sooooo long ago. Stop with the lie. How come Jelly Roll Morton and the DeBois movement could make it??? How come so many INDIVIDUALS could make it with out the need to look back and be hate???
Rashan Reeves (13 days ago)
“The sky is not only the limit, it’s the beginning...lift off”!
David Linx (13 days ago)
Wonderful young man!
Kristina Alexander (13 days ago)
hoping someone can help please click on the link Http://www.gofundme.com/lost-everything-i-owned
Shari Cook (13 days ago)
Bill at and moving
Skip C (13 days ago)
Anyone can divide people with a speech but only great people unite everyone
Corei7 Intel (13 days ago)
why police is killing blacks .? the human rights country dont have rights for their own citizen for their safety lol... na
Stephen Cotton (13 days ago)
"Injustice is telling them they are stars, without acknowledging the night the surrounds them..." Just a brilliant metaphor/analogy. The thing about education today - is that it bankrupts you before you have begun. Because you have to go into so much debt, just to get a piece of paper that says you are qualified to begin - so far in debt that it takes decades to pay off the debt. We are weighed down with debt - even before we begin our journey in life. How is this a key? It is a ball and chain. With the dark cloud of debt hanging over our heads - we are adverse to taking risk... and it is the risk takers that drive innovation and new ways of being. If you want your country to truly be the greatest - education should be free.
Formidubly (14 days ago)
Here's a future president of the USA. Happy days will be here again
Duncan Baker (14 days ago)
Wow....as a human being, these words sparked my soul.. Keep them coming!
Norman Wilkinson (14 days ago)
I'm not shore what this exhibition of bullshit is all about. Is he rehearsing for a part in a Heddy Murphy film.
Always thinkpositive (9 days ago)
Norman Wilkinson: First of all you need to learn how to spell!!!. (Sure not Shore) Don't worry trump does the same thing.
Jim Burns, Jr. (14 days ago)
who gave you the keys asshole?.... real life out here... we have enough racist black con men in the world.... cut the sensationalistic shit... and quit stealing the honor of the many millions of people in this world in our time who were not taking shit from you but getting hurt themselves in the name of lifting your sorry ass up. you fn suck... and harvard may not be smart enough or wise enough to be ashamed of you.. but they should be... you dishonor the men who actually made stuff better..and with bill clinton you gave the credit to fn money changers in tyrannical governments falsifying the arc of the covenant.. quit being sleezy blacks claiming they got the short end of any godamn thing... you were fn cheap with eveyrones lives.. and you were so because what? because what?.... because you were held back?... f your godamn everlasting name you cheap fuck...your mom and dads names too... you weren't talking trash about tupoc or some rap star telling blacks to call a patriot uncle tom.. .you wernt talking shit about rap stars or politicians or preachers telling black people there was no hope... or that white people were evil... or to call women "bitches and hoes"... you were talking exactly what you perceived yourself as needing to say in order to feed off of something you knew was wrong.... you are a moron and you are exactly why it is wrong for money or for social movements to place "just anyone" into the highest intellectual education institutions of any land.... you should not have gone to harvard...many should not have been associated with it... you were not smart enough to know... not even with the vast access to education you were given. there is no measure of your shit sensationalistic false claim making cheap trickster ass that has any business inspiring the youth of any nation.... as they emulate you... they will think it was the false claims that made it work.... there is a word for it.... godamn you for bringing it to my mind... shame on your stupid cheap ass.... and shame on your teachers i hope you die a death at least as bad as any one of the thousands driven to suicide as the product of legislative abuse brought on by niggerdly motherfuckers such as you. real life... wake up you sorry excuse for an educated and worthwhile human being.... shame on your godamn name
nostalga51jo (14 days ago)
if only the world could be so good... unfortunately just another line in the sand of time
BI K (14 days ago)
Intelligence and talent! This young man will be known to many!
Joann Pasco (14 days ago)
How can this young scholar speak so well extemporaneously when trump has to always use hard copy or teleprompters?? Didn't trump say he was a "genius"!!???
Cj Harris (14 days ago)
2.9k self loathing people gave this inspiring young man dislikes......hmmmmmm🤔.... They probably couldn't understand 90 percent of what he was saying!
mrlampcompressor (14 days ago)
Sky is limitless, thus sky cannot be a limit as it is, on the other hand every frontier we draw sets the limit that we then strive to cross. Peace ✌️
Anne George (14 days ago)
Michael Edwards (14 days ago)
Why do people make their own regalia? Because they don't work hard enough to earn actual regalia? Harvard's affirmative action diplomas going to people who took the spots of better students who would have done much more with them, unfair and sad.
Pit Ambara (14 days ago)
self love
GT FORD 427 (14 days ago)
Amb Amb (14 days ago)
Why did he go to school - he had the choice!!
Amb Amb (14 days ago)
as an English teacher I apologize on behalf of your idiotic teacher!
David Sydow (14 days ago)
mark johnson (14 days ago)
Wow. Great job.
Sconnie Panda (14 days ago)
This is a carefully constructed program made by the controllers of the major 'illuminati cabal' mind control centre...Harvard university. Any doubts? Just look at his scarf with it's masonic symbology...and listen carefully to his scripted words about rocket ships and the stars. Education is the key...but this is NOT education...this is programming...full stop. Donovan is a bit player in a big new script...and if Harvard is involved then it will not be of any assistance to a humanity free in will...and of fear. Believe me.
bluerivage (8 days ago)
just another Marxist pushing more bs propaganda about being oppressed. I guess oppression got him into Harvard?
Nytephyre (14 days ago)
U wot m8?
A Star (14 days ago)
Hey Smokey- what bullshit u talking- give my neighbors money back for the bad pot u sold her dumb ass
Janet Seager (14 days ago)
Whatever his major was, seems to me it made him a hell of a lot more articulate than anyone commenting here
Dawn Markey (14 days ago)
Beautiful message.
Thomas Luczak (14 days ago)
well....kids today scare me. im old, so i scare easily. although I did give a young girl crack addict a half pack of cigs this morning. im not all bad.
Helen Cordero (14 days ago)
That was truly inspiring and amazing. I commend you. I’m very proud of you even if I do not know you.
Juanita Richardson (14 days ago)
Absolutely amazing!
Olyv Oyl (15 days ago)
I am so internally grateful? He is quite an orator.
Tracy Pacht (15 days ago)
Linda Silva (15 days ago)
Wow, we need a president like him with more education, not like DONALD TRUMP stupid and ignorant..

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