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LeBron James was excited to be in the White House.

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President Obama welcomed the 2011-2012 NBA Champion Miami Heat to the White House. For more CNN video, check out http://www.youtube.com/cnn or visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Text Comments (204)
Vic C (1 month ago)
Lebron I love You!! Great Man, Father, Husband,🐐👑
Irley 1776 (2 months ago)
Dirty Dave (2 months ago)
Cause Our President Was Black
Jasmin Pestalic (2 months ago)
If Barack was president of the world I would have supported him. Comparing Trump with Obama is like comparing a Donkey with a Spacecraft!!!
T. Y. (2 months ago)
that hood life coming out of my man barack
N Sam (2 months ago)
Cole Tha God
Tony Ma (2 months ago)
Back when players looked forward to going to the White House
Richard Ransom (2 months ago)
Back when We had a Respectful President
Matthew Texas (2 months ago)
was thinking the same
Komal Hans (2 months ago)
He was sooo giddy I love him 😭
Gerald Joshua (2 months ago)
Yeah the title is true, but he's not excited to win the final
Widly Celine (2 months ago)
You can hate Obama and his policies but you can never hate on his swagger... Damn, his cool!
Rayes (2 months ago)
Oh USA how cool your president was now see what have you done 😂
Andrew West (2 months ago)
LeBron-the-Moron. Nicely done.
No Da (2 months ago)
Black players only go to the white house now for black presidents because they are RACIST. Hey, white people, asians, mexicans, Russians, spanish, and everyone... BLACK PEOPLE HATE ALL OF YOU. Blacks ONLY care about themselves and never look past their own nose.... Black people, overall, have become the United States most annoying people... It's true... Blocking streets, turning down white house invites, saying racist to everything... Boring... Blacks have become the most boring and predictable people in the US... Boooring...
AroundTheCorner (2 months ago)
Yeah, because Bush, Clinton, Reagan and so on are all black, right?
L333ize (2 months ago)
Black presidents? How many have there been?
JacobMoney (2 months ago)
No Da everything you just said was low key racist because your putting a whole race into one category when it’s not true at all their are a lot of African American people who are like that and their are a lot that aren’t.... as a white man I can say that white people tend to be more annoying and most of the black people I know are laid back and chill
Aseem (2 months ago)
Only when it's A black president. Racist lebron James
Georgia Sports Fan (2 months ago)
Anders Why would anyone want to visit Trump though
Ed Hammond (2 months ago)
Is LeBron a racist? He visited a black president when he won the championship. But said he would not visit the white president if they win this year. Seems kind of racist. They normally don't decline because of their political believes with champions of sports are invited. Just saying.
Kaelen Ward (2 months ago)
Ed Hammond look who sits in the White House TRUMP
Aa Mm (2 months ago)
So a coin will only be happy at whitehouse when a coin is prez???
Tasha Anderson (2 months ago)
always makes me remember Sidney Crosby hiding literally in the back corner from Trump lol
Wasssaaapp Dawg (2 months ago)
You will never find a cool president like this anywhere in the world.
Jack Salonsky (2 months ago)
Lebron: "Should I say something?" Obama: "you can.. it's your world man" Hahaha so cool.....
Marcus Harrison (2 months ago)
White House feeling never will be this great again
Grandpas_ Brownies (2 months ago)
So LeBron won't go to white house because of Trump? Because hes white? Hes republican? So who cares hes president go there and speak your differences be a fucking man nope you can't even do that on court
Georgia Sports Fan (2 months ago)
Gaming Legends I doubt you even watch basketball so shut up
The Prophet (2 months ago)
*South Dakota*
Humble1 (2 months ago)
The whites reacting to obamas handshake be like ''what in gods name is that niggerish handshake this is blasphemy''
Deceived Society (2 months ago)
Why didn't they call it the black house?????? People wake up!
WalterV (2 months ago)
Obama was to much of a G
ayaanle idris (2 months ago)
man lebron shaking n stammering ...u knw obama is a legend
Mikey West (2 months ago)
That was a pretty sneaky of u wade "or a new point guard"
forza juventus (2 months ago)
Lebron James can't make eye contact with the President he is so scared and excited
King Bob of H-TOWN (2 months ago)
Lol that handshake at the end
Mike2Raw (2 months ago)
Won’t be seeing anymore teams heading to the White House for the next couple years.
JM Finesse (2 months ago)
if only his deals went this smooth he would've been a great prez.
Mike 34 (3 months ago)
Good times
Luke Samerson (3 months ago)
Lmao mama I made it
Bethebest 1 (2 months ago)
Luke Samerson it's from a Jay z song
Hillary Real POTUS (3 months ago)
That’s the last time lebron will be in the WH to celebrate a championship L😀L
Mali Sabali (3 months ago)
That shoulder dap though 😎😎 blackness
Fortis Flumen (3 months ago)
Gutta trash in da house.
Dante Williams (2 months ago)
Fortis Flumen is that what you call your house
World Boss (3 months ago)
Back when going to the white house was an honor. Miss these days.
Godfrey Namanya (3 months ago)
T,s uo home mn wow
Humza Hussain (3 months ago)
Wow didnt know obama was tall!
Larry Okoye (3 months ago)
Wack ass
KingGaga_offcial Djau (3 months ago)
Good president
the gaming zone (4 months ago)
@1:07 the hood handshake
Ware Production (2 months ago)
He said thank yu man 😂
Dirty Dave (2 months ago)
Repsfurdayz right
Repsfurdayz (2 months ago)
the gaming zone it’s rly not
Vasilis Arvanitis (2 months ago)
the gaming zone I
hus hus (6 months ago)
Yes, Lebron, you did make it, but unfortunately....your hairline didn't.
Jazz Man (2 months ago)
is that all you can think to say
Hari Prasad Poilath (3 months ago)
Oh, no one cares.
Ofee Bape (6 months ago)
Obama was the coolest president america ever had in history.
Alonzo Wolf (2 months ago)
He may be the coolest but this dude is the welfare president he bends to wills to other leaders he is a scum bitch pussy who gave weapons and help create isis
Hi im Ish (2 months ago)
English level at 1
vL Zylo (2 months ago)
No Da Im white dumbass moron
vL Zylo (2 months ago)
Zach Dumbass, read everything I fucking said. Illiterate fuck
No Da (2 months ago)
You are an angry little black mind aren't you? Why not chill and stop all your hate... The world doesn't care about your skin color or your bitching... Seriously, go do something for yourself and have a better life.
steelcity9778 (10 months ago)
Shout out to all my people from South Dakota
Jeremiah Abdul (1 year ago)
Even the way Obama tells the team to get the podium at the end is smooth as hell lol....Best Pres of all time!!!
Tommy Walder (10 months ago)
Jeremiah Abdul you forgot he doubled the national debt
00Mindi00 (1 year ago)
Man, this is SO fuckin cool. And look at the loser you idiots just voted in, Jesus fucking Christ smh
Adii S (1 year ago)
so much swag lol
Fidel Makori (1 year ago)
Then we Trumped all this!!!!
Shot by Desp (2 months ago)
Fidel Makori best thing to happen to the working class & small business owners!! #MAGA #HISPANICSFORTRUMP
Eric (2 months ago)
Great Deception How does it feel to be living comfortably in the 21st century in the tech field, with colleagues, friends, and family? While Trump's farm voters are begging him for exempted status from his recent tariffs? Oh it feels great ;)
Gh 20 (2 months ago)
Eric how does it feel to be a brainwashed minion
SlayCityUSA (2 months ago)
Eric Gurgen has a point. Brevity is the soul of wit.
Eric (2 months ago)
Gurgen Sahakyan Lmao awww now you have to tell yourself lies in order to feel comforted. Bottom line, you can't answer shit, and meanwhile I'll be relaxing comfortably at my tech job while farmers in Trumpland suffer. Congrats!
Big Homie (1 year ago)
You see the dap Wade gave Obama? No stale handshake but real nigga dap.... Obama a real nigga running America We made it
G Kus (1 year ago)
Big Homie impossible
Big Homie (1 year ago)
+vinul g Trump gonna have to learn how to give dap
vinul g (1 year ago)
Big Homie well shit, what now?
DozaCraft (2 years ago)
"You guys need a shooter?" - Obama Illuminati confirmed
G_ Ball (2 months ago)
Tre big facts
Tre (2 months ago)
SCP Foundation that's why I said THIS Cavs team as in this year I'm not talking about the heat team that won a championship dummy
SCP Foundation (2 months ago)
Tre This is the heat, not the Cavs dummy.
Tre (2 months ago)
They could've used Obama on this weak ass Cavs team
Joel Pulkkinen (2 months ago)
Then they got ray allen whose number was 34, so yes
timotheus nakashona (2 years ago)
We need more black faces in the white house, vote for Ben Carson....Greetings from Namibia.
Zach (2 months ago)
Ycgm_Zayd25 1 no he won’t you stupid fuck .
TWINsanity 1 please go back
Ycgm_Zayd25 1 (1 year ago)
timotheus nakashona he hates muslims and guess what...Ima Muslim in America, he gone force me back to Arabia but I was born in New Jersey
timotheus nakashona (1 year ago)
Lol......better luck next time, maybe.
vinul g (1 year ago)
timotheus nakashona yeah... that didn't go well lmao
Sheldon Modeste (3 years ago)
Lol , all wade had to say is "yes" ,, by saying a point gaurd making chamers n Cole look small
Gary Cerrillo (4 years ago)
My Nigga LJ ★★★★☆☆☆☆
Fellatio Horatio (4 years ago)
wade's like "we need a pg" n.cole be like "fuck"
Isaak B (4 years ago)
I swear Obama just uses his presidency to meet all the celebrities he wants.
Dr. SargeX (2 months ago)
Not only that , he got all the Game of Thrones seasons realeased early and sent to white house so he can watch before everyone else :p
Gurus Channel (2 months ago)
You spoke too soon. Have you seen the white house lately?
Julitha Johnson (2 months ago)
Isaak B I swear you just jealous. Lol....
RASHTG (7 months ago)
Isaak B Someone is jelly 😂..
Shanko12 (2 months ago)
What a silly comment, every winner go to Whitehouse…
Fresh Kid (4 years ago)
Momma I made it ~ Best line ever!
Lei Van (4 years ago)
Lebron's speech is one of the best casual speeches ive ever heard. That last line "Mom, I made it.." was amazing. Godbless u Lebron James
jorge ruiz (2 months ago)
Lei Van , omg rich millioners so annoying
teddy6969love (4 years ago)
kennedy was better, so good they killed him for it
SolXSlayer (4 years ago)
Obama keeping it real. Like Snoop Dogg says, "LAAAAIDBACK"
hari gurung (4 years ago)
obama is cool president..... :)
Steven Hernandez (4 years ago)
you can take a brother out the hood, but you can't take the hood out a brother
Dmitry statey (4 years ago)
i swear obama is the coolest president that ever lived
Blah123 (2 months ago)
worst recovery from a recession in US history (he had no year above 3% gdp growth only president to not), and obamacare was a failure lol
Chris Weber (2 months ago)
Richard Ransom that's all you got Obama was horrible Obama "let's kill more innocent children"
Richard Ransom (2 months ago)
Tommy Walder Ok Trump “The Pussy Grabber”
Kyrie THE LEADER Irving (2 months ago)
Debtbama is the worst president ever.
Jimbo Jones (2 months ago)
He was really good at drone strikes on innocent civilians
Logan Smith (4 years ago)
He is seriously the coolest president there is
No Da (2 months ago)
"Cool" parents end up being the worst in the end... Kind of like Obama.. I voted twice for him... Wow, I wasted those two votes.... Trump is like the dad that tells you to do something and YOU DO IT... Obama is like the single mom getting all walked upon...
MrAndycrag (4 years ago)
don't worry they fuck you back!
GWhiz99 (4 years ago)
Hill +Kidd+’95 NBA ROY foretold in’88?: “EASTernKentucky coachROY KIDD stood quietly on theHILL, overseeing yet another day of football practice.With arms folded,his baseball hat pulled down on his gray head, and eyes STERNly PEERing ahead, he struck a Patton pose.Until, from a field behind him,there came a POP!, and subsequently, a moan and groan”.Ravi Nessman’s ELDoret:“A near stampede of Kenya’s best young runners pounds the muddy, oval track” razz/dazz; RAY J. norWOOD in “Mars Attacks(1996)
rudy rada (5 years ago)
wow, Obama is pretty tall but he looks like a dwarf compared to LBJ
Charles Jackson (2 months ago)
rudy rada You should see the pic of when President of Rhawanda Paul Kagame's daughter Ange visited. Totally dwarfed him and while looking quite the show stopper I might add.
Uchenna Nwokeji (5 years ago)
please gargle a bag of tesicles
Zeo M (5 years ago)
You're obviously a fan to type Obama on YouTube just to express your hate. And you guys got the better end of the deal, you really wanted Romney running running your country? seriously? loool I guess you will even take Bush back aslong as he isint Obama, right? Jealousy breeds hate my friend. I'm proud of my president.
200mphz06 (5 years ago)
Why? Obongo is trash.
Justiceorelse (2 months ago)
200mphz06 (5 years ago)
Fuck Obama and the idiots that voted for this cancerous admin.
Conrad Hassell (5 years ago)
Lebron James I can only hope you are as real as you seem your were just like a kid and I like that in you and Dwayne Wade a brother from Robbins,Il good job young men you made us pride!!! Go Heat title 2 coming!!!
Guyonxbox (5 years ago)
Lol that wasn't secret service that was Spoelstra
Lonnie Chamberlain (5 years ago)
i will find you, & i will kill you
soulj7sli7 (5 years ago)
That was legit as fuck ....
SuperJourneyer (5 years ago)
Pres O might have been on a lunch break.
Rebz TV (5 years ago)
Nice one
patman80 (5 years ago)
agrees with ccjrn
Khoa Do (5 years ago)
and what are you ? a sore loser, hater, stupid butt hurt little bitch ?
Matt D (5 years ago)
I'm glad everyone is having a good time here but I don't need the people I'm paying to represent me to be fucking around with sports! How are we coming on balancing that budget, Mr O?
r1ddler1 (5 years ago)
rofl :) wtf are you on? Also, if the bloodiest religion of all time (Christianity) is considered to be "good", then hack, im a devil worshiper as well.
jaranarm (5 years ago)
Look how segregated that room is. =P
I'm from Clevelnad (still bitter about 2010). But ladies and gents, we are witnessing TWO champions in this room. LeBron and Obama.
NITIN ROGGER (2 months ago)
Kyrie Irving Betrayed Us. I like ur username
Movado (5 years ago)
More like regular people without the pomp and circumstance. I would have still maintained social decorum.
JZ (5 years ago)
No awkward handshake there. That's what I'm talking about!
No-name Johnson (5 years ago)
illuminati, free masons, devil worshipers, and lebron is a flopping bitch!
thisnamealsotaken (5 years ago)
this shows u again that money can buy u anything but class, etiquette, intelligence etc lol
Vashon Antoine (5 years ago)
Is this when somebody says, "Illuminati
Justin Turner (5 years ago)
That's why he called you a turd lmao.
Manish Tomar (5 years ago)
presidential handshake :)
Joe Adrain (5 years ago)
Will go down as one of the coolest POTUS ever!
rocnaymo (5 years ago)
fucken love my president!
TheVee909 (5 years ago)
FUC your skinny crackhead president, his lips too dark from that crack pipe.
TheVee909 (5 years ago)
wrong B*tch!!! i'm black not white, try your race card somewhere else Dummy!!!.
Lion Hearted (5 years ago)
Check out the president
kingAtheistPower (5 years ago)
Obama is such a fucking badass !!!!
shan r (5 years ago)
STFU you racist turd.
shan r (5 years ago)
Obama is awesome.

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