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CES 2018: LG Display shows off large rollable TV screen- BBC News

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LG Display has created the world's first large, rollable, ultra-high definition screen. The 4K display uses OLED technology, allowing it to be more flexible than a conventional LED television. BBC North America technology reporter Dave Lee saw it in action. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog World In Pictures https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBX37n4R0UGJN-TLiQOm7ZTP Big Hitters https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUME-LUrFkDwFmiEc3jwMXP Just Good News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3XGZxi7cBUsYo_P26cjihXLN-k3w246
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Text Comments (230)
popcrnshower (2 months ago)
Who was that lovely milf?
Thor Livingstone (3 months ago)
Slowly,slowly Dr. No's HQ gets shape
Matthew Gill (4 months ago)
When will this cool peace of tech be out?
Jack D. Flippin (5 months ago)
This is the future. Right here, right now! This is going to be the new norm. I'm just glad that someone actually made this; I drew a sketch of a TV like that about 10 years ago.
Mutlap (6 months ago)
so viewers who choose to pay the viewing fee to the crown they can watch something other than fuzz
gavin ngaihte (6 months ago)
Would like to see an upside-down version of the tv....
bogart pogi (6 months ago)
Wow... I think its expensine.. More than her virginity..
this would also be good for military folks that have to move every 2-4 years.  they only roll it up to safely pack it up and go to their next base
if this can be installed upside down, Wedding and party DJs like me could easily load on a truss instead of carrying around and mounting a large TV
유지효 (7 months ago)
디스플레이! 디스플레이를 마는법을 말해! 유연성있게 만드는법을 말하란말야!
3TAN 2 TON6 (7 months ago)
So they will basically sell us a caseless t.v for more money
딸상무 (8 months ago)
ㄹㅇ 기술과시 다른 회사는 베젤 줄이고 얇게하고 경량화 하고 있는데 혼자 외계기술 쓰네
chanister100 (8 months ago)
We got it wrong, it's a cutting edge curtain, TV just comes as a bonus
xxpyroxx75 (8 months ago)
man w8 till cloeths are made out of this stuff. haha. could even make an invisibility cloak with that shit maybe. or even put have it built into the body of your car and have your car display what ever you want any color anytime even what ever wallpaper too or even a screen saver haha.
솔직히 말해요, 고문당하는 외계인 어딨어요
Renen Baskerville (8 months ago)
People here are so dumb that they cannot remember anything except the interview. It’s almost as if they watch a movie, and the only thing they remember is the advertisement before the actual movie. Ignorant, plain, docile and dumb.
Renen Baskerville (8 months ago)
Idk why comments here are so bitchy and whiny. Most of the people here are crying. LG realized a creative idea and successfully implemented its famous OLED in such a large -yet unbelievably thin- screen. It’s a roll-up screen that appears to be creative and unprecedented. Instead of acknowledging the value of the product and its impressive technology, people here are so obsessed with manufacturing negativity. Look, if you aren’t well educated, please don’t advertise it with your silly comments. The fact that you are not at all significant in the real life won’t change with your childish and brusque attitude. Keep bitching, keep describing your pathetic life.
Thomas (8 months ago)
OMG! Let's go to conquer the world.
6LACK LORD (8 months ago)
If I can't roll it up in a blunt, then its no deal, 💪😤👿🔫
lythanhan (9 months ago)
Qua dang cấp lg
Kenneth McKenzie (9 months ago)
Do you play video games in the rollable tv
ArgosWarrior (9 months ago)
Nikhil. Ladha. (9 months ago)
Is it available for sale ? If no, from when it would be available ?
AZ GAMING (9 months ago)
I bet it will be $20,000
SirThomas Brown (9 months ago)
Its going to cost an arm and two legs with a thigh...
Vex1 (9 months ago)
That woman should become a politician.
Emanuele Romagnolo (9 months ago)
Imagine having to wait for your TV to roll out every time you want to watch it
Riccardo (9 months ago)
Is this voodoo?
Kobe (9 months ago)
I don't need this, it's so useless. But God why does it have to be so cool
stefan (9 months ago)
"Quick hide the TV someone is coming"
가족family (9 months ago)
Wow~ awesome ~ amazing ~ LG 👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍
Passion & Reason (9 months ago)
Silly shallow answer...why? Because we CAN!
Panzer Meyer (9 months ago)
I’m still using a CRT TV
sorry but I love you (9 months ago)
LG는 디스플레이에 정말 외계인들였냐. 디스플레이는 정말 역량 집중하는 듯. SAmSung도 못이길거같어.
Patrick Bonsi (9 months ago)
They should hire a new rep cause for being a native English speaker she seems not to be able to answer any of the questions.
배지타 (9 months ago)
외계인 얼마나 또 때렸냐
이원택 (9 months ago)
이거 보고 있으니까 내 모니터 접어보고 싶네...
Si Filey (9 months ago)
Y J Kim (9 months ago)
Abam Long (9 months ago)
Support fake taxi video???
flux_capacitor (9 months ago)
Total Siri rip-off (the RGBW "multi-wave" audio spectrum animation as seen in recent iOS/tvOS/macOS) at 0:39 Sure LG is from the same country as Samsung.
Osher Shimon (4 months ago)
tokamac but he’s not using Siri , he’s hearing music
Realmasterorder (9 months ago)
Its nice ! but instead of roll and flexible screens First fix the Oled "issues" and make some of them,at a normal viewing size and a bit more affortable so people can buy them
The Great Escape (9 months ago)
Looks perfect for conference rooms!
Scott Walker (9 months ago)
They release things like this every year then they are never available in stores, not that I could afford it anyway lol.
Sky Scorpio (9 months ago)
So if i break the screen how much screen replacement cost?
Dennis Adrian (9 months ago)
Now this is what i really want, but durability is still a concern
박현철 (9 months ago)
여자분 매력적이시네. 이 롤러블 티비는 배달하시는분들이 배달할때 편하실듯. 미니 오디오들 긴장 타야 할 듯
Franco Yauri (9 months ago)
Probably 10k fuck
Jaeheon Park (9 months ago)
오.. 이거 창가 통유리쪽 턱에 하나 시공해서 보고싶은 제품이군
Romario Lawrence (9 months ago)
Only $999999.99
Drewbles (9 months ago)
what happens if it loses its erection
hagiadzo (9 months ago)
I've always wanted to roll up my TV. Yep. Every day I wake up, the first thought on my mind is: I wonder if today is the day I'll finally get to roll up my TV. Nope. Not today.
snowontheweb (9 months ago)
It's a shame the front of the box didn't have glass so we could see how the display rolls up and down, on the inside.
shawn freeman (9 months ago)
IDEA: flexible displays wrapped around A/B/C/D-pillar of a car, combined with an outward facing camera, to provide "transparent" pillars.
therealknapster (9 months ago)
' stylist loooonnggg box ' :o
인이두 (9 months ago)
it is much easier to transport
David Gray (9 months ago)
Its only a matter of time til we get TV screens on toilet paper...
Yohann PyakPyak J (9 months ago)
Yohann PyakPyak J (9 months ago)
나는 미남이다!
Guy Incognito (9 months ago)
So instead of having a super thin flat panel hanging on my wall, I can have a gigantic, ugly-ass box lying around in my lounge room? Cool.
Ravi Verma (9 months ago)
I very like this technology
Flats The Flounder (9 months ago)
Why do you need this? To ummm roll it
Baidu Mel (9 months ago)
For police interrogation behind the one-way mirror. or for the peeping Tom with one-way mirror...
THE-CROW Z06 (9 months ago)
When you buy it. Don't forget to buy a warranty because it will broke down in a few days. New Tv tech is easy to broke down.
Jenna's vids (9 months ago)
New stuff always hyper expensive. In 3 years, just a high end normal TV price.
Dhika Suarya (9 months ago)
This is future
Tobias (9 months ago)
Wow, so crazy
bryan chong (9 months ago)
Why are u going to need this When u need it just roll it up when u no need it then roll it back Like that’s going to save me tons of space?
Music3ox (9 months ago)
Bets on $4000
Chaython Meredith (9 months ago)
beatslife (9 months ago)
But I bet it’s gonna cost less than 2k in 6 years.
Sean M (9 months ago)
"And when when you not need the display you can just sit on the 'stylish' box..."
surin CheChe (9 months ago)
외계인잡아서 고문시켰나
엘톨 (9 months ago)
Matin Ferguson 삼성은핸드폰으로고문인가요
Harlock2day (9 months ago)
"there are no plans" to sell to the general public, please translate into "there is no point" to sell to the general public. It would be way too expensive. Nice though.
Sorryimtruthful (9 months ago)
This will be great for “presentations” and “hotels” but not for the average household (unless you’re living in a house built for “tomorrow”).
Super Arranged (9 months ago)
We respect LG so much because it is the best in the world and wish from LG to produce the new TV display screen in really best lasers colours OLED 8K, 16K resolution clarity soon
Dimon Beldeev (9 months ago)
The best of the best No comments!
Jaeshik Oum (9 months ago)
fools. why do you need this? imagine if you hang this tv on the ceiling and roll down the tv. you then get an empty damn space to place your bookshelf or a computer desk.
ZesPak (9 months ago)
I want it at the end of my meeting room table for example, keeps the room clean and window free when I don't need it, then when doing a presentation it can pop up. Plenty of applications for this. Why are most projector screens roll up and not fixed in place? TV's are approaching projector screen sizes.
Tech Genez (9 months ago)
Congrats Your Video is Featured on TechGenez.com
shupoh floribert (9 months ago)
how much will it cost????????
Raymond Wong (9 months ago)
guy asked "why would i want one of this display?", she said "if you need a display you can just roll up......" WTF..... the question is not answered!! Didn't the product guy teach you how to address this?
Kishore S (9 months ago)
He Asked Why She answered something else Are all women this Dumb?
REVANTH REDDY (9 months ago)
TELEVISIBLE (9 months ago)
How many kidneys then ! Tell me !
M suriname (9 months ago)
Why u should buy it?? Becoz your neighbour has one thats why....
Fallout (9 months ago)
Why buy your own when your neighbour already has one?
코코팡팡 (9 months ago)
박스 디자인 개구려 .ㅅ색감도
우ᄒᄒ (8 months ago)
댓글 단 ys nam 님 글 안읽었으면 웃지 않고 그냥 넘길 뻔 했네
ys nam (9 months ago)
dany manchster (9 months ago)
can someone explain to me why companies withhold price figures on most new/ up coming products. what is the point or why is this strategy so much utilized by many companies?
WanderingShyGuy (9 months ago)
"Why would I need this?" "No clue, but it rolls up real nice, I guess." "Okay, is it expensive?" "Beyond your wildest dreams." Sweet product.
이꽃든 (9 months ago)
대단하다. . . . 진짜 이건 곧 상용화 될것같아
김원기 (9 months ago)
LG makes everything well. It makes great technologies. They torture aliens to steal technology. Sadly, except for smartphones,
that boy (9 months ago)
Jovan Lee hey bro I have an LG g6 and I watch porn and masturbate like 4 times a week. Its amazing
Rijkaard (9 months ago)
Jovan Lee They tend to fail quite often, just close the porn and start reading some newspapers.
김원기 (9 months ago)
Koreans are talking about LG's smartphone as HelLG's smartphone. There are always fatal errors in their merchandise. I would also feel using LG's Optimus vu, G2.
The ultimate frontier in cutting edge technology
BearLionMan (9 months ago)
I'll take 2 please
넘잼 (9 months ago)
Roll up… roll up … my pornhub…
Walt Right (9 months ago)
If it were mounted to the ceiling, and you have a small living room without a large blank wall, it could roll down in front of the fireplace.
Chris won (9 months ago)
상등신들 좋나 많네 버스 비행기 배 컨퍼런스룸 등 쓸곳 존나 많음 지들집에 필요없다고 까는 것 보소.
Jerison K (7 months ago)
Renen Baskerville (8 months ago)
그러게요. 동의 합니다.. 외국 병신들아 기술력 오지고 참신한데 왜 지랄들일까 존나 불만 많다 씨발 니들 어떻게 사냐 존나 쪼다같네
Thomas (8 months ago)
내 집TV로도 사고싶은데.. 우리집이 소형평형이라 TV놓을 공간이 없음. 일본에서는 완전 대박날듯.
Jinho Huh (9 months ago)
그러게요... 둘둘 말리면.. 기존보다 부피가 혁신적으로 줄어들어서.. 휴대성도 아주 높아질것 같습니다.. 밑에 box에 배터리가 달리면 외부에서 전원없이 대화면을 구현할 수도 있고.. 활용성이 높을 것 같은데.. 자기집 거실에 있는 티비가 왜 말려야 하냐며.. 찌질거리는 인간들은 뭐지..
선생님H (9 months ago)
가정용만 생각하는듯
KenDucky11 (9 months ago)
I believe we will see this technology appear in commercial vechicles like flights. A giant movie or infotainment screen that can be folded away during take off and landing, or possible in long distance buses.
체리 (9 months ago)
This is koreeeeea!!
구본영 (9 months ago)
머 머멋지다... 이거야 이거
elseptimo77 (9 months ago)
$20-50k 😂
Super Hans ✅ (9 months ago)
Most people still can't afford the tech from CED 5 years so.

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