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7 Plants That Attract Positive Energy In Your Home And Office

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7 PLANTS THAT ATTRACT POSITIVE ENERGY IN YOUR HOME AND OFFICE Numerous studies have shown that you can dramatically improve the atmosphere in the home and office if you keep certain plants in the room. These plants promote positivity and improve the energy in the space while filtering the air and supporting overall health. These are the best plants to have in the home and office in order to reduce the negative energy:
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m Day (19 days ago)
Oh for god sake! The fact is, any living plant in a room promotes positive energy because it is alive and breathing what we exhale. That is what makes it positive. I have 3 beautiful Christmas Cactus that are just thriving indoors. In the winter I bring in my Hibiscus plants so they survive the winter inside and I cut them back. By spring, they have grown out again and reaching for the sky with fresh new branches and just thriving. THAT is positive energy! Don't believe this "7 Plants" bullshit! It is any plant that is flourishing and is healthy in your home. You will know by how well the plant is doing. When you give your plants TLC, they give it right back to you. THAT IS POSITIVE ENERGY!
(19 days ago)
I love clips relating to positivity.

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