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So it's the end of the WORLD and you need to buy something, only problem is your money's no good here anymore! So what can you do? Well, if you prepared in advance, you may have a few options yet...
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William Irizarry (10 hours ago)
Without clean oxygen, we die in minutes. (invisible to the naked eye) Without water we die in days. (H2O Clearly so simple so vital) without food in weeks (about 40 days?). Now, if we choose NOT to have a divine intelligent being as our friend, if we die, it will be forever. ("the invisible One" Hebrews 11:27) In response to what I think is really being prepared in advance.
William Irizarry (11 hours ago)
Some good pointers. This video also promotes ideas from others. Some are very good, in my opinion.
exlowcarber (2 days ago)
aren't there some plants that can purify water?
1charlastar (2 days ago)
Seeds must be stored in a cold-cool area away from heat, moisture and light, as these all degrade them quickly.
Teen Prepper (3 days ago)
#12 Condoms
donkey lover (3 days ago)
I subscribed
mitch rawles (4 days ago)
thanks-good info
Drifter Chance (4 days ago)
Gas you can't store for long periods of time so I know how to make a fule to run vehicles off of I hunt I can build houses make fule out of water can make alcohol as well
Drifter Chance (4 days ago)
Medication food fule liquor and work ammo
Hermes Trismegistos (5 days ago)
Mark Polley (5 days ago)
Thought provoking... Thanks
Bill Wagner (6 days ago)
Human skulls
Peter Cannova (6 days ago)
salt should be by it self it was currency in the Roman Empire. Our word salary come from the fact that roman soldier were paid in salt. It was the 1st refrigerator
Chris Freely (6 days ago)
I wonder where all these apocalyptic ideas come from? Revelations.
no candy (7 days ago)
I think food will be worth more than ammo, in an economic collapse. Better not trade bullets to someone who will use them against you. Your locked box, home or cabin might look like salvation to someone who is unprepared.
1charlastar (2 days ago)
no candy, in a SHTF situation, you better have ammo to protect your food.
Ronnie Branch (8 days ago)
Sten Stensson (8 days ago)
food for thought.... thanks for taking the time to make a video!
Penny University (8 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
john r (9 days ago)
I don't think I will be giving booze or bullets to people who want my stuff,
john r (2 days ago)
I understand barter, I understand the desperation that can make people do things they would not do.alcohol can alter their thinking and then use the bullets to kill my family and take my stuff.other items you mention are great for barter and safer as well.
1charlastar (2 days ago)
john, these items are not for GIVING but for using to barter for other things you need, They are very valuable to people who use them. And stores will be cleaned out immediately in a disaster.
rocknroller1999 (9 days ago)
If I know the end of the world is imminent I'm shooting some Heroine and floating off as you savages deal with a post apocalyptic zombie movie.
Gail Stone (10 days ago)
Great food for thought, thanks !!
Penny University (8 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
barb moody (10 days ago)
Btw, I see no need for months worth of supplies. If the grid goes down world wide we will have at the most 3 weeks before every nuclear power plant explodes ala Fukushima. Within a week, this entire planet will be too radioactive to sustain. Life and it will remain so for hundreds of thousands of years. What is need is supplies to keep you going as long as the grid stays in tact.
barb moody (10 days ago)
Essential oils -they can replace man made antibiotics, anti-virals and anti-fungals. Can disinfect your Home and you. With essential oils you can easily make your own personal care and house cleaning products. Just make sure you are getting pure and unadulterated essential oils.
1charlastar (2 days ago)
There is a lot of peer reviewed science on herbal extracts and nutraceuticals. I yearly attend the SW Conference on Botanical; Medicine to stay up with the latest research. No hippie-dippie presenters there. Just doctors and other recognized researchers. Having had severe reactions to certain pharmaceuticals and vaccines, I had no choice but to begin researching elsewhere for reliable alternatives. A growing number of MDs are now integrating natural medicines with conventional western treatments and getting better results much of the time. Bee Venom Therapy is used in the US by MDs but in injections. In China, MDs use live bees in hospitals along with contemporary medicine, frequently with stunning results. Research is ongoing to extract the active components.
1charlastar Until I see peer reviewed science you can keep your folk medicine.
1charlastar (2 days ago)
I had polio at age 11 from the live polio sugar vaccine and a stroke at age 20 from vaccines. NEVER AGAIN. After the polio vaccine, the MDs didn't recognize what it was and kept giving me antibiotics until I became allergic. You don't know much about esential oils. Many have antibiotic qualities even though they are not 'antibiotics'. Stings from live honeybees can work as localized antibiotics. I have used bee benom therapy twice that cleared documented MRSA in friends who were not getting well from antibiotics.
Essential oils don't do a damn thing for infections. Antibiotics and vaccines save lives, get those.
ernest johnson (10 days ago)
What about the big fiery bullets of roman candles and other fireworks ,
william dohn (10 days ago)
If the SHTF long enough heat in cold areas will be extra precious. I was seeing some of these new electric chainsaws and some of them rival big gas units for power. Of course was looking at solar to charge them but need to look more into it but wood heat with no chainsaws is an all summer long gig to gather wood. Not fun. Oh and do not forget oil for the chain and a lot of extra blades/chains and learn how to sharpen them. If you could gather wood and had several of these setup you would be a LOT of peoples bestest friend. Also looking at a solar powered cart to move the wood out of the woods. It does not need to be fast.
Nathan B. (11 days ago)
Guard dog breeding and training because it the apocalypse you still need a friend
C S (11 days ago)
I can cut hair. Is that something that will be marketable?
Diamond Leota (12 days ago)
Its. Water, food and bullets. Thats it
Meds. Traps. Tools.
abraham smith (12 days ago)
Back to the farm,be a farmer and you never will have hungry anymore plus you can trade your animals for something else
heard you (13 days ago)
I would not trade ammo,ammo is a double edge sword
Val Willman (13 days ago)
As for skill, hmmm, I better start planning to go to my Creator! 😫🙏
Dr. Laurence B. Brown (14 days ago)
Don’t forget air rifles. Either pump action or single stroke. A lifetime of air rifle ammo costs less than a hundred dollars.
Dennis Richardson (16 days ago)
Blame the evil Queen of England for Venezuela's financial difficulties but that is true world wide. China, Russia & America must institute a London take down hard task. Pray for this time to be shortened. It will be.
Chris Duke (16 days ago)
Wow! Some dumb comments. Hard to believe. Especially on the ammo thing. Hey Mr. Hair Bun Guy, if you have a guy with some ammo to sell, and he can sell you more in the future, but you're too ignorant to make it yourself, WTF would you shoot your ammo guy? I know that actually thinking is toxic to millennial's, but please try. Special skills: Ammo production. Gun Smith. Agriculture. (some commenters on here may not understand what that encompasses.) Hunting. Manufacturing. Welding. Mechanics.s Engineering. Processing of many things. (Food for long storage, etc.) Construction. Plumbing. Framing. Electrical. Law Studies. From Latin to modern 1776. (2x what it takes for a lawyer to get a license to practice.) Power walls. EV from scratch. Hydrogen power. Etc. But I'm a 50 yo dinosaur who needs to move by the end of the month, but can't find a place in LA with a garage with these Hair bun millennial's dumb ass smart phone tec! We've been sold out! That's what all the gun control has ALWAYS been about! They know it, and they're scared for themselves because they know what they have done! Places with the strictest gun control have the worst offenders demanding it.
Ted Papesh (17 days ago)
Don't store hybrid seeds. Need seeds that you can harvest to replant next year.
1charlastar (2 days ago)
You just can't use the seeds of hybrids for next year's planting. They don't reproduce true and often yield nothing. Several times over the years I let big, beautiful squash plants come up and grow in the garden when they came from store-bought squashes. Nothing ever grew from the flowers. Nada. Zip. Open pollinated seeds are more useful. But you still need to know how to save them. Tomato seeds must be fermented, washed and dried to sprout next year.
Nothing wrong with hybrids.
TheLegend 27 (17 days ago)
Yo yo, can you do a vid on how organized miltias will be an issue. And how they have the ability to bully whoever they want and get whatever they want. P.s: Great content, love the knowledge 👍👍👍👍
Penny University (13 days ago)
I may do that, thanks
celeriacmarcus (19 days ago)
Silver coins will be the best currency for small purchasing.
SS K (19 days ago)
I live in California. When I get thirsty I'm looking for this guy below because he's stock piling water bottles. 👇😜
Semaj Hendricks (21 days ago)
Who is watching this video in the year 2018?
Music Days (22 days ago)
NEEDLES AND THREADS, TOILET PAPER https://www.amazon.com/Compressed-Coin-Tissue-500-PACK/dp/B00ZIY9YG4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1511172520&sr=8-9-spons&keywords=wysi%2Bwipes&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=canaprepyoutc-20&linkId=6896bfd90c70206bea9444a019ad3381
Peter August (22 days ago)
I knew a Grandma in Germany who always kept a 20kg bag of sugar under her bed for "when times get bad". She went thru war, after this she kept that bag until she died.
J .S (23 days ago)
Herbal extracts!
1charlastar (2 days ago)
Learn to make your own tinctures from local plants where possible. I make a gallon of elderberry tincture every year. It is great against viral infections like colds and flu. Must have Everclear, vodka or tequila on hand to make the tinctures. Even rum will do.
Danielle Shuford-Mack (23 days ago)
Learn how to get medicine from nature and you will always have something to trade. Learn how to get suffer from swamp water for ammunition. Learn how to get salt from sea water, learn how to get sugar from things like maple trees. You will be one of the few people with this skill and knowledge and be rich in a post apocalyptic world.
Danielle Shuford-Mack (23 days ago)
I would add copper and brass. Copper is needed to make copper coils for generators, is is easily formed into things like bowls and knives or even ammunition. Melt down used .22 brass and save it. Brass can be used to make more casings for other firearms. Save the ashes and charcoal from your fires. The charcoal can be ground up to make gunpowder and the ashes can be used as soap.
If you really think a Mad Max scenario is coming don't worry about metal, it's everywhere. Stock up on traps though. :)
Danielle Shuford-Mack (23 days ago)
If you pop out the primer on a spent shell you can use it to make a impression mold for more casings.
Robert Christmas (23 days ago)
This is a good practical vid of info needed. As far as #11, skills, I have to share my info. I spent 44 years practicing hearing Jesus's actual voice in prophecy, dreams and His voice of the spirit in reading the Bible and this can be a very valuable asset, as it can give you inside info on what to do , where to go, how to do it, and keep you safe, as well as supply your needs in UNBELIEVABLE ways.
Maurice Cardinal (24 days ago)
Make sure you have a stash of marijuana or even better, refined, if yah know what I mean jean? You would need to have a gun or two around if there we're no police around.
1charlastar (2 days ago)
Infused into coconut oil in a slow cooker for 10-12 hrs, cannabis works great applied externally to relieve inflammation.
Monkey Wrench (24 days ago)
My skill is that I can use dance to interpret feelings. Pretty rare so I should be in demand.
Silenced Glow (25 days ago)
Bottle caps
ILikeMyBoys InBlue (25 days ago)
I live near boston. I cut hair. I can sew by hand too. Hey those are skills. Lol!
Joseph Dodge (25 days ago)
You are so right. I can make electricity. Add that. It's so simple. All of the things you need are at the parts store, or the scrap yard, (for cars, and semis.) Alternator and batteries....
John Kennedy (25 days ago)
I bought 24 LUCI lights when they were on sale. The last forever and are solar powered.
James Barrick (25 days ago)
Silver and Gold of course... guns and ammo YES for sure. The rest are perishable items, and very speculative
Carol Cripps (26 days ago)
Stockpile booze??? Hell's, just set up a still. Stockpile corn and yeast, grow barley. You'll be set for life. I agree with you about seasonings. We're going to o have to learn how to live without the exotic flavours that many of us are used to. However,many seasonings can easily be grown. We have dill coming up each year as it readily self-seeds. It's a wonderful seasoning for all kinds of things not just pickles. Coriander, which most folks know as cilantro also bears an aromatic seed that can season both sweet and savory dishes. Learn what you can grow what you can forage, and how best to use them, not only for seasonings but as medicine as well. If you learn how to use herbs properly, you'll never have to put up with a bland meal.
Matthew Henry (26 days ago)
Nope gold and silver is crap as well almost no one has any nor do they care about it!!! You can't aquire enough gold and silver to last number two their is not enough to go around!! I'm not selling farm fresh food for gold and silver!! Well buddy I can brew alcohol!! I do agree with your over all point!! Because I too have told many and argued with many more and listed most of what you got on your list as a better way to prep than gold and silver!! I think lots of folks are good in their own right but I'm sad to say that many of them are dumbasses lol!! They just think that they can get a fat sack of gold and silver and that'll save them they don't think shipping will stop at least not for long!! I say well you'll find out!!
Robert Lord (27 days ago)
I am a old school blacksmith and i hunt and fish .
Robert Lord (7 days ago)
Chris Gilliam it is ok I hunt and fishing and skin my own deer soo am fine whit that
Robert Lord (7 days ago)
I am trying to make a big fishing and hunting YouTube channel.
Robert Lord Awesome! Beware there is a lot of crude humor on my channel, but my subs are like a family. 😉
Robert Lord (7 days ago)
Chris Gilliam you seem like a cool person so I sud to your YouTube channel
Robert Lord My channel is mostly trapping. You might like it. 😉
Richard Paradise (27 days ago)
Nice video. Fuel doesn't store long. Depending on what it is, it could start degrading within months.
chris gonzales (27 days ago)
Nowadays to many ppl r to dependent on technology. That many ppl with no life skills would be weak and most of them useless. Learning skills is a big valuable thing. The more skills u learn the better u will be even if there is no apocalypse. Skills are valuable in many way. It could save you money over all in life itself. So learning new skill s is valuable in todays Society.
chris gonzales (27 days ago)
Matches would be valuable. Cuz for ppl who r lazy or don't have skills in making a fire. They will go nuts for it. Fire is a big thing we cook and keep our self warm. Plus smoker can't smoke with out fire. Lol.
Rico Suave (28 days ago)
So pretty much power supplies and stimulants
Rude Gaming (29 days ago)
I'm pretty much fucked
blake102989 (29 days ago)
I could use that box of newport's
Frank Mayo (29 days ago)
Who really wants to around in a post apocalyptic world anyway....just forget about something that has 1% chance of happening in your lifetime and go have a beer at the local Pub while it is still standing lol...
Frank Mayo (29 days ago)
...wants to be around....
CEOLISSS (1 month ago)
Leather/pelts, live stock , horses, tools?
neosomato hypergenesis (1 month ago)
sorry gold ain't worth shit
ferventheat1 (1 month ago)
Especially items that are controlled in quantities + age restricted items, (medicines, pain relief pills, lighters/matches, knives, shaving blades), and water filters/purifiers, washing powders/liquids and hygiene items especially SOAP BARS and toilet paper (no expiry date!), and of course, food food food! Chocolate /candy are good long term storage items, can also double as cooking ingredients if needed and high energy survival food. The key is buying storable items that people use every day so can't live without. Skills are also good bartering items and are already being bartered in some places. These all depend on one's plans to either bug out or stay put.
Penny University (29 days ago)
I have a second more budget minded list that has similar advice.
ARMED DEFENSE (1 month ago)
we should have a system made up by us type of people to decide what items are worth in bartering
1954 FA Cup (1 month ago)
Well done, very interesting and thought provoking.
Penny University (1 month ago)
mario jimenez (1 month ago)
I got one big problem tho. Yeah gasoline. But its good that it's replenished real quick. Because it's only really good for like half a year. Then I'll go bad. Like it's quality will go down. Ask any car guy. That's why when you find a gem in the rough you never want to start the car right away. You have to get the bad gas out
Polaris Bear (1 month ago)
What about swords, knives, hatchets, etc. Also kratom is a great pain killer and it lasts a long time.
doger riders (1 month ago)
A shit load of morphine is my #1 item.
Brendan Gee (1 month ago)
gold and silver is king also smokes brew my own booze reload my own ammo have bulk mre,s
Elder Grumper (1 month ago)
Alcohol percentage liquid, ammo, cane sugar, spices, real honey, vinegar, dry grains proper storage container and condition (certain cultures further dry grains to increase shelf life), uncrack lentils, hard track, real syrup, gasoline goes bad, certain oils have two yrs shelf life I would just stick to storing firewood. Incas had a drying method for potatoes giving shelf life for 8-20 yrs. Just research ancient culture use for long term storage.
Burt War (1 month ago)
Just saying... Think about it... It wasn't the biggest or the strongest who survived the dino wipe out... It was the most adaptable ones who survived...
#12 if you have to cook rotting meat, due so at a low temp for a very long time. Don't be shy about eating grandma.
Hank Henry (1 month ago)
Don't store your ammo in PVC pastic, the C-chloride attacks the copper/brass.
Hank Henry (1 month ago)
Did you miss salt?
Penny University (1 month ago)
I count it with the spices.
Kimberly Sharp-Ko (1 month ago)
Nails, screws and hand powered building tools. I like to design and build things. I also make Korean rice wine. I keep my pantry stocked with 3 months worth of all of that stuff. My husband thinks I am crazy and a hoarder.....lol!
John Smith (1 month ago)
When money goes down the US will turn inside out. Trade will be the least on your list. Won't matter. Grab your go bag and get the hell out of town. People will go nuts.
Sabine Katsavrias (1 month ago)
ah you did cover spices! good job. nutmeg whole if you can get it lasts and lasts and lasts. grate fresh as needed
jmtnvalley (1 month ago)
Who will survive? I like your ACA reference. I think primitive peoples around the world. They are already living without tech. Or your street people.
Penny University (1 month ago)
Lots of people the world over already living like that...
Brendan Massey (1 month ago)
"Germany after World War II ..." You're wrong. The inflation happened in Germany after World War I.
ROBERT D NOVACK (1 month ago)
Bic lighters. Condoms. Rolling papers. Seeds you mentioned, but cannabis seeds will be valuable. Hands tools .like saw, axe, hatchet, hammer, level, screwdrivers. anything that doesn't need power.
Carab Laki (1 month ago)
Waaw did say cigarette!! I can't believe that.
Adammax maxon (1 month ago)
You just live near by China town you will get everything there...
Davey gaat je niks aan (1 month ago)
stevie williams (1 month ago)
i just eat my next door neighbor ....take his stuff ....
James B (1 month ago)
Toilet paper
Chris Contact (1 month ago)
I wouldn't barter for gold. I wouldn't want to deal with someone who would want to use gold. Cigarettes go bad. Meds expire. 22lr rocks, but keep it high and dry in your basement. 2% of seeds go bad a year if stored. Yea goes bad. Batteries go bad. 1 Salt 2 White Rice 3 Pepper 4 22lr ammo. 5 Other ammo
Morgan Farrell (1 month ago)
Instead of storing alcohol, think about purchasing a stovetop distillery. They only cost about $200.
nunya biznes (1 month ago)
The best post SHTF currency is toilet paper. Think about it.
Roadswift 171 (1 month ago)
They could pay you for the service of not killing them
Trpe (1 month ago)
Gunsmith definitely Gunsmith ,since I am a pupil at the school of Czech armory
Mono Blanco (1 month ago)
Penny University (1 month ago)
It has happened...
Freddie Cruz (1 month ago)
Excellent Vid!
Penny University (1 month ago)
Houba Hop (1 month ago)
Hello, I think BIC lighters would be the most sought out items, since power grid would fail, lighting fires would become the number one item for life. And soap, more than medicine and any other medical supplies is the most basic stuff to keep hygiene.
F C Burgner (1 month ago)
How about the one group of people who will barely notice a shtf event - the Amish. Also, if you can find them, the three books on identifying wild plants to eat by Euell Gibbons. His most popular one was Stalking the Wild Asparagus. The Italians were forced to do this during wwII and much of it is still part of their diet today. If you know where to look and what to eat you don't have to starve.
Force Multiplier (1 month ago)
toilet paper.
CT Spoder (1 month ago)
Horses don't take fuel besides food and animals for meat and milk
CT Spoder (1 month ago)
Wouldn't lipo battery hooked up to sun power
CT Spoder (1 month ago)
caps and drinks
Steve Woods (1 month ago)
Seeds go on sale very very cheap around this time of year. Maybe buy $20.00 I will read about storage, later. It would buy a lot of seeds at 25 Cents a packet. Good thing is they do not care if their water is pond water.
Steve Woods (1 month ago)
Very interesting!!! I wonder how long K-Nine Advatix keeps or Sentry Proguard keeps. Seeds!!! I like that idea.

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