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15 Things Invented for Totally Different Purposes

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We’re used to thinking everything has its purpose. However, many items we use every day were once used quite differently. Bright Side suggests looking into the history of ordinary things to see what purpose they served before becoming what we know them to be. TIMESTAMPS Coca-Cola 0:38 Black dress 1:20 Karaoke 1:53 Play-Doh 2:30 Treadmill 3:13 Post-it notes 3:40 Bubble wrap 4:15 Vaseline 4:53 Slinky 5:30 Listerine 6:10 Viagra 7:00 Microwave 7:29 Pillows 8:08 Tea bags 8:43 High heels 9:17 SUMMARY - Coca-Cola has a kind of fascinating history. Pharmacist John Pemberton, a veteran of the American Civil War, made a concoction out of kola nuts and coca leaves. He recommended it to soldiers taking morphine for wounds to treat their nervous system. - Up until the 1920s, black clothes were commonly worn as a symbol of mourning and for at least two years. Then, in 1926, Coco Chanel sewed her famous little black dress, called “Chanel’s Ford” by Vogue, in memory of her beloved. - Daisuke Inoue invented the machine that played music without the vocals, so the musicians relaxed while the public enjoyed singing to the beat. - Play-Doh had initially been used to clean wallpaper in houses equipped with fireplaces that accumulated soot. - Treadmill. The prototype of a modern treadmill was created by Sir William Cubitt in 1818 to do something with idle prisoners, using their muscle power to mill grain. - Dr. Spencer Silver was in the process of inventing a permanent adhesive, but the resulting glue wasn’t strong enough, and objects unstuck with ease. Then his colleague, Arthur Fry, proposed using this adhesive to anchor his bookmarks in his hymnbook. - The famous bubble wrap was invented by engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. It was initially to become a three-dimensional plastic wallpaper, but the idea didn’t quite work out. - In the mid-19th century, oil field workers always fought the waxy substance that accumulated in the oil rig pumps. The British chemist Robert Chesebrough, though, saw an opportunity: he took a part of this “petroleum jelly,’’ did some research, and found that it  had useful properties. - Slinky was actually not a kids’ toy initially. Richard T. James, a naval engineer, was once working on a means for suspending sensitive shipboard instruments and accidentally dropped a tension spring that crawled away merrily. - Joseph Lawrence invented this antiseptic in 1879 to clean surgical instruments. It was even named after surgeon Dr. Joseph Lister. However, people saw its potential and started using it everywhere: treating wounds, dentistry, curing dandruff and fungi, and even as a deodorant. - Pfizer was developing a cardiac disorder treatment, but the clinical trials showed the new medication was quite useless in this regard. However, an unusual side effect was noted: the substance strongly affected the blood flow in the pelvic region. - Few people know that the microwave oven as we know it was not invented on purpose. A Raytheon employee, engineer Percy Spencer, had been testing radar equipment and noticed that microwaves from an active radar melted a chocolate bar in his pocket. - In Mesopotamia, pillows were an attribute of wealthy people, while hard headrests were used to keep bugs and insects out of people’s hair and face. In Ancient China, it was believed that soft pillows were useless, while hard headrests made of bamboo, jade, porcelain, wood, or bronze gave strength and protection from demons. - In 1904, Thomas Sullivan, a tea and coffee importer from New York, decided to sell tea with more style by pouring it into silk bags. His customers found the novelty appealing, but for quite another reason: it turned out to be more convenient to brew the tea right in the porous bags. - In Ancient Egypt, high heels were a sign of the status of high officials who wore high-heeled footwear to religious rituals. This included both men and women. Such shoes were also favored by butchers to avoid walking in blood, while Persian equestrians used high heels to hold on when shooting their bows. Which story has impressed you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz For copyright matters please contact us at: welcome@brightside.me ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (5 days ago)
TIMESTAMPS Coca-Cola 0:38 Black dress 1:20 Karaoke 1:53 Play-Doh 2:30 Treadmill 3:13 Post-it notes 3:40 Bubble wrap 4:15 Vaseline 4:53 Slinky 5:30 Listerine 6:10 Viagra 7:00 Microwave 7:29 Pillows 8:08 Tea bags 8:43 High heels 9:17
Stanley Linney (5 hours ago)
I always love your videos 😊😊😊 very informative and fun to watch.
The Scotsman (2 days ago)
I knew that tread mills were torture devices.
so... you didnt want to say anything about coca cola being used as a cleaning product as well back in the days?
god mood * (6 days ago)
ramo xo (10 days ago)
Anderson Sousa (13 days ago)
So teabags weren’t invented to humiliate fallen enemies? Mind blown.
Spencer The Turtle (14 days ago)
I’m surprised it said my name twice in this video. The name Spencer isn’t that popular.
Abdullah Alodhri (16 days ago)
put the play speed to x1.25 You welcome
aysa cenina (16 days ago)
filipino was the original inventor of karaoke.
Jessica Mcclendon (16 days ago)
Non Wilson (17 days ago)
I like the tea and high heels.... thanks
Shiwani Rspg (20 days ago)
Tea bag stiry
Being Jammy 5633 (20 days ago)
I like the voice of this men who explain very well.
Mr. Buro (20 days ago)
I Aculy New The Coke And Tea! :)
Akash Kumar Sahu (25 days ago)
The preview of this video has no relationship with its content.
MegaSmilee1 (25 days ago)
Yeah I've always known men wear heels.
Rachelle sommerfeld (1 month ago)
They forgot Mylar. It was originally to be used to keep bread fresh. However, they discovered that it so tough that bread, once wrapped in Mylar, couldn't be opened. They ended up using it for weather balloons.
Mark Poletti (1 month ago)
First! Also, the add I got: tells me not to skip and i skip it as soon as it says it lol
Mark Poletti (1 month ago)
I got that wrong, not first
shanllie Richards (1 month ago)
Although I am well aware we are in 2018 with a wide range of comfy pillows. A bamboo hard headrest sounds like something I wouldn't mind trying. I'll be protected from demon's as well as trying something new, 2 for the price of 1
Jaquez Pierre Buendia (1 month ago)
karaoke was invented by a filipino. sold in japan
Chuck D. Sky (1 month ago)
KARAOKE was invented by a filipino! not japanese! what a terrible lie.
Josh Mendez (1 month ago)
The microwave
*INSULT* •the man• (1 month ago)
This guy sounds like cats if _they_ could talk
seahog32 (1 month ago)
#0. YouTube
Jackie McKenzie (1 month ago)
Everything begins with a thought from someone. Like the Slinky toy!
RATAN ROHIT (1 month ago)
Am i missing the scene of that you show on tittle screen...
dawn sison (2 months ago)
Heels is on the front. 😱😱 How could people walk using such kind of high heels.
dawn sison (2 months ago)
The high heels looks like an old version iron used for clothes.
dawn sison (2 months ago)
The slinky toy.
KTM (2 months ago)
1 and pillow
Space Cat (2 months ago)
Why am i clicking on this
rizz kinzz (2 months ago)
The voice is really impressive... Keep it up
brainygyps (2 months ago)
It’s pronounced sooot not sot, you should drag the O’s out
Manuelovic97 (3 months ago)
DoomsYann (3 months ago)
17. Radar: was fist invented to find a way to get wireless electricity and is now used today for aviation. also the name of the music?
brian ramlochansingh (3 months ago)
i did not know listrine is used for dandruff
mohini sahu (3 months ago)
Iliked the high heel one
GoodSeens GS (3 months ago)
Wait ... Vaseline cleans carpets ? I have never heard of this. I =WILL= say that White Vinegar cleans stains out of carpets quite well though.
khaled eid (3 months ago)
The background music is so annoying
Dan dan (3 months ago)
2:06 looks so wrong lol
Kiraro The Kitsune (3 months ago)
Click bait thumbnail, again, you are supposed to brew through the bag not open it and brew the leaves outside of it.
Oso Fine (4 months ago)
GoViralMedia (4 months ago)
imagine the idiots going around telling people tea was intended to be dumped from the tea bag into the water instead of steeped inside the bag all just from the thumbnail. and then imagine the amount of dumb people that believe them and then spreading the stupidity without even trying it.
GoViralMedia (4 months ago)
that sums up the human race...well for the most part.
SteveV74 (4 months ago)
Marcel Ramsden (4 months ago)
Not a fan of the thumbnail. There are certain herbs used in tea that shouldn't be consumed in large quantities. Therefore the bag was designed to allow minimal amounts of herbal essence and small particles to dissolve into the water.
Ardylyn Delfin (4 months ago)
According to BBC News The world's first karaoke machine, the Juke-8, was built by Japanese inventor and musician Daisuke Inoue in 1971. But it is Filipino inventor Roberto del Rosario who holds the machine's patent. He developed the Karaoke Sing-Along System in 1975.
SwissLetsplay (4 months ago)
A tea bag is its purpose to get the tea to stay in the tea bag because its more convinient
CARMEN Estrellas (4 months ago)
11. "Created for 'prisoners' " You mean SLAVES.
Chivo Gaming (4 months ago)
This video is to vague....thumbs down...
Bic Lighter (4 months ago)
Too many dead memes / gifs and long pauses, pass.
beto chavez (4 months ago)
I read two different version of the Vaseline origin. I wonder who’s telling the true story.
Anshuman Agrawal (4 months ago)
Soul Younes (4 months ago)
Microwave ovens don't suit this video. You are just saying how it was invented.
Omar Herrera (4 months ago)
Click Bait!!!
Nicholas Cevasco (4 months ago)
I “love” how he oversimplified the treadmill. It actually was used as a torture device with a functional purpose. The prisoners would be on there all day woh little food or water. They would die on it all the time.
Lydia Hawkins (4 months ago)
Very interesting list. Thanks!
Drmgiver Drmgiver (4 months ago)
11 should be a stair climber.
Lionel missing! (4 months ago)
who else now drink a coca cola
Red Rose (4 months ago)
The shoes shown in the high heel sections are platforms. High heels were invented in the nineteenth century
Sriti Rimal (5 months ago)
Wait, you clean carpets with Vaseline?? I'm the only one who doesn't know?
CHIM CHIM KOOKIE (5 months ago)
I remember reading most of these in a book about accidental inventions as a kid
Dude Muslim (5 months ago)
Rosella A Alm-Ahearn (5 months ago)
When I first smelled Play-Doh that I bought for my little boy, it was a familiar scent, but I couldn't place where I had smelled it before. I was a small child when my aunt used wallpaper cleaner to erase stains on the wallpaper in her bedroom. The smell of the canned eraser was unmistakable. Chicago was a sooty place then; everybody burned coal to stay warm in winter.
Phoenix Rider (5 months ago)
9:12 Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson
Michele Scott (5 months ago)
Microwave invention
Amber Michele (5 months ago)
I literally knew all of these. I thought most of them were common knowledge.
Escviitash (5 months ago)
You can say that coca cola and listerine and play-doh was invented with another purpose. Going from painkiller to soft drink , from utensil cleaner to breath freshener and from wall cleaner to kids toy is changed purpose. But Post-its was invented to be Post-its. That the glue used was a result of a failed attempt, does not make Post-its invented for a different purpose. High heels was invented to be high heels, not to be a utensil for picking boogers. And vaseline isn't invented at all, it is just a purified oil rig side product.
Maggie Wooters (5 months ago)
A already knew 90% of the facts
Virginia Van Ryzin (5 months ago)
Anybody notice the supernatural Clips LOL spn is everywhere!!
Steven Ayoub (5 months ago)
High heels were also for men to help them show and stretch their muscles, funny lol, but true...
J P (5 months ago)
Anyone who came up with something different when vaselline popped up..?
Aurelia Spencer (5 months ago)
I’m 38 seconds into the video and I bet that high heels were worn so you didn’t step in poop
AquiStorm (5 months ago)
Tampons were made to plug up bullet wounds.
FlasaIDittOra (5 months ago)
Background soundtrack is horrible
Elle Smith (5 months ago)
9:14 DAVEED!!!!!!!
sugg sundeyes (5 months ago)
Tea bags r still used in the same way !???????
Dreya Pemberton (5 months ago)
I'm related to John Pemberton ✨ he's in my family tree lol
DreamingFlurry (5 months ago)
No wounder people were so prone to war back then, with a hard head-rest I'd be grumpy all the time, too (and if I were a leader than that might lead to war) :D
Michael Anthony (5 months ago)
How did they manage to lift their feet with those high heels looks like 5 bricks stuck to the bottom of your feet 🤣
Michael Anthony (5 months ago)
I thought coco cola was used for bleaching the toilet my bad
fatima zahra nasrullah (5 months ago)
8:03 Chuck bass😍
Diamon'ique Samon'e (5 months ago)
I love this guys voice ..
Bryon Yamada (5 months ago)
#15 We will never get the ORIGINAL taste. No matter how many times they remake it.
Tobias Fosburr (5 months ago)
9:14 my Daveed 😍
NewsSmartDirect (6 months ago)
sub for sub
Tamika Eddington (6 months ago)
This video should be 5 minutes🙃
Jazzy Glitches (6 months ago)
You lost me halfway this info is useless
Candice Perez (6 months ago)
All of them impressed me
Pink Pepper (6 months ago)
Yeah, I would pop the while wall
Dead Man (6 months ago)
Your boring.
Nanya Jimin (6 months ago)
David Giles (6 months ago)
Just take your clothes off....we all look 14
Sana Othman (6 months ago)
I came for the comments
ko-b hop (6 months ago)
People are calling this slow, ummm, I remember when I had to go do research at my local library to compile a useless list of interesting facts.
Girija Ak (6 months ago)
Coca cola and treadmill information was very interesting
Allan Sebastian (6 months ago)
Te bags ..... come on ????
Lastghost 29 (6 months ago)
Everyone knows that high heels were made for men when they were horseback riding
TheChemizzle (6 months ago)
So how exactly did pillows and high heels make it into this? Pillows were made to be used to rest your head on, and that is how they are still used, whether they are hard or soft. And high heels were invented in the 20th century like the video says, the other "examples" before then are stilts, not high heels. The difference being that stilts raise the whole foot, high heels as the name implies raise only the heel.
Katiosca Wisky (6 months ago)
Karaoke is still used the same way.. so i don't think it was invented for a different purpose.

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