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How To Reverse Thyroid Problems In 4 Weeks

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Test your iodine and selenium levels (along with other key micronutrients) to help with thyroid problems with Reset Yourself - https://resetyourself.com/testshock This is a quick "jumpstart" protocol to get your thyroid problems back into the right direction so you can start to improve thyroid function, especially if you're in a position where you have low thyroid due to dietary choices, like having type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or obesity, as well as being in a large deficit on a diet for a long time or following a thyroid-damaging diet such as the keto diet or having issues such as hashimoto's disease or graves' disease and even thyroid problems in women. If you notice in the pictures in this video, there is a distinct pattern in the faces of people with slow metabolism and thyroid problems or thyroid disease. These facial issues are key symptoms of thyroid problems, the puffy face, puffiness around the eyes, swelling, especially like that edema that occurs in goiter. The protocol that all of these people in the pictures used to reverse thyroid problems quickly and restore the original look of their faces was all quite similar. It was: 1. Use a dessicated thyroid supplement to kickstart the thyroid gland again and to provide it with key micronutrients from the gland tissues that it needs to heal itself. 2. Supplement with iodine 3. Supplement with selenium Ideally, in the case of supplementing with the iodine and selenium you should pay attention to whether or not you're deficient. You can test your micronutrient deficiencies easily with Reset Yourself - https://resetyourself.com/testshock Follow Me On Social Media: Website: https://truthnutra.com/yt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truthnutra/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truthnutra/ Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_christopherwalker/ Truth Nutra Products: Shop For Supplements - https://truthnutra.com/supplements Shop For Books - https://truthnutra.com/books Shop For Apparel - https://truthnutra.com/apparel Use code "YOUTUBE" For 10% Off! Find Out If You Have Estrogen Dominance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCBD39qf528
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Text Comments (103)
Anglo McWhitey (1 day ago)
Surprised you didn't mention Maca powder?
Sara Rivera (7 days ago)
Do you have info on hyperthyroidism?
CAUTION!!!! I've seen some of these video fragments in other clips!!!! CAUTION!!!! I've seen some of these video fragments in other clips!!!! CAUTION!!!! I've seen some of these video fragments in other clips!!!! CAUTION!!!! I've seen some of these video fragments in other clips!!!! CAUTION!!!! I've seen some of these video fragments in other clips!!!!
Gary Even (17 days ago)
Hahahaha I like it when you were on fast forward during the intro you were typing. I put the video in double speed and it was incredibly funny..
WittyNatty (18 days ago)
Hi I've like tried everything for sebohhreic dermatitis. Vitamin a B5 zinc. Could thyroid problem contribute to flaking of scalp eyebrow moustache area ? I've cold hand feet too.
eottoe2001 (19 days ago)
This is great advice. Thanks.
elbert Espinosa (22 days ago)
Thank you for devoting your time to educate people. Is collagen supplementation good for men?
BORDER WALL (27 days ago)
Don't treat your thyroid if you're a fast oxidizer. It will be dangerous.
Vero Cimon (1 month ago)
Christopher do you know about Dr Morse ?
Michael Bradley (1 month ago)
Your an idiot and very much not medically qualified.
Mrrockitman (2 months ago)
What the fuck. Your promoting a substance that came from another living feeling being. How would you like it if some one kept you in a cage just to stick a tube in your neck each day and suck out your hormones? Please, have some compassion :(
Thomas Rivers (2 months ago)
I Don't Understand Thid Thyroid Thing What Is it? Where do you get it? Is it dangerous?
Matthew Nelson (2 months ago)
Stop with the caffeine and alcohol would be the place to start with thyroid health
James O'Phelan (3 months ago)
Keto diet doesn't wreck your thyroid bro. The rat study was flawed. Also, long living people have a genetic predisposition to slightly lower T3 than other people. Carbs don't increase T3, The thyroid increase T3 to DEAL with higher glucose.
phuzzz82 (3 months ago)
I wouldn't recommend people just go supplement with iodine first without doing proper research on some of the detox symptoms & what you can expect if your body cant eliminate & detox efficiently
Siva Nair (3 months ago)
Is milk good for thyroid??
Kellie p-b_FAM (3 months ago)
I was told selenium and iodine which iodine causes me to have a burning issue but I've found outer skin ways to try to get it into me but my thyroid is 20 and I get so sick on pharmaceutical synthroid over the years and this has been the highest ever.... I started natural ways to increase iodine and selenium and kelp etc because I'm so wiped out eating no energy and pain in my body! Thanks for the video!🙏😉💚👍👍👍👍
Ant B (3 months ago)
Do not supplement iodine! And don’t consume any thyroid based supplement until you get your bloods done first
Geliefde Liefde (3 months ago)
It is not working
big papi (4 months ago)
What if you have hypothyriodism?
IntotheVortex (3 months ago)
This is what I have according to my bloodwork
Joe Fitzpatrick (4 months ago)
I take 75 mcg of Levothroxine and that seems to put it where my doctor wants it to be, I wonder if this will interfere?
sunny doad (4 months ago)
What are your qualifications, if any?
Christopher Walker (4 months ago)
Neuroscience degree from Duke University, have written 3 books on hormone optimization, and been obsessively studying the subject for almost ten years. That enough?
pawbard (4 months ago)
For 2 months: dessicated thyroid supplement, selenium, iodine; eat organic fruits and tubers. Glycene and proline from bone broth. That's it.
Deborah Maragopoulos FNP (4 months ago)
With my patients, I find that balancing their hypothalamus is the key to balancing their thyroid function.
Cama Gun (4 months ago)
Vitamin d, aspirin, vitamin e?
A.H.B (4 months ago)
how do I know I got thyroid problem? I m skinny though.
IntotheVortex (2 months ago)
X Traps X If your goal is to be healthy and have longevity then I highly recommend you to start following some health channels on youtube, Dr Morse is amazing - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ZBff-hRPchbXSe2o-aZdA - and also Life Regenerator - https://www.youtube.com/user/liferegenerator - There are lots of health channels out there and for me I have been vegan for a while, now transitioning to raw vegan and I can honestly say that I've never felt or looked healthier in my whole life. Just my 2 cents bro, it might not be the path you choose to go down but if you really care about your health then this is what I'd recommend you to start looking into. Juicing, raw fruits and vegetables and herbs ;)
A.H.B (3 months ago)
IntotheVortex thanks a lot bro
IntotheVortex (3 months ago)
You're probably fine then! It still might be worth getting a thyroid function test done at your doctors though and then you can know for sure
A.H.B (3 months ago)
IntotheVortex thank you so much for nice info. and my adams apple is fine and has no swelling above it.
IntotheVortex (3 months ago)
If you have a nodule (As i have) or a goiter, then you most likely have thyroid issues. A nodule is like a small bony lump that sticks out of your neck just above your adams apple, and I believe a goiter (don't quote me on this) is a larger swelling of the thyroid.
Ovidiu Andrei (4 months ago)
What would a complete blood work panel for thyroid look like ? Are TSH, T3 and T4 sufficient for evaluating gland function ? Thx
Christopher Walker (4 months ago)
Iodine levels as well
Roarz forshore (4 months ago)
Iodine is always talked about however nobody goes in depth about seaweed/kelp consumption. This really confuses me as it seems blatantly obvious that you could just consume these rather than relying on supplements.
Liam Gutierrez (16 days ago)
I took kelp since years, still got hypo... they can't help I learned now because they are today universally contaminated with BROMINE and actually make iodine deficiency WORSE...
James O'Phelan (3 months ago)
Because you need A LOT OF IODINE. The LOWEST is 150mcg. Good numbers of iodine is closer to 500mcg. I dunno if you're made of money and can buy bags upon bags upon bags of kelp and seaweed AS WELL AS AVOIDING THE MERCURY POISONING THAT'S IN THE OCEAN.
Francis Bourne (4 months ago)
Great stuff Chris. I noticed recently huge puffy bags under Trump eyes, do u think he's having some thyroid problem ?!
Gus (4 months ago)
Awesome, thank you SDRockman.
SDRockman (4 months ago)
He gave me some supplement called Core Level Thyro. The maker seems to be called "Nutri-West". I have never seen this supplement maker or the supplement itself until he gave me it. Contains a bunch of stuff in it and what I noticed in the ingredient list is that kelp is definitely in there. If you go to the Nutri West website you can see what's it in the ingredient list if you want to try another brand.
Gus (4 months ago)
SDRockman what are you taking from your herbalist?
SDRockman (4 months ago)
If someones scalp is tight, then the hair will not get the nutrients that it needs to be able to grow and since the scalp is tight, this will also slow down circulation to the hair follicles which will cause hair loss. Ever since I started taking the stuff that the herbalist gave me there seeems to be some hair appearing at the front of my hair line where it kind of falls over, which I am assuming must be hairs that have had a chance to get nutrients because it's the only explanation as to why these particular hairs just sort fall/flop over when compared to the rest of them . Metabolism is still not working the way that it should be but he said that it should be ready by summer time or if it's not, close to being ready by that time.
Gus (4 months ago)
SDRockman what do you mean by tight scalp? Is that something to be worried about?
J C (4 months ago)
Chris, do you think it's possible for your thyroid to become reliant on the desiccated thyroid hormone? And do you think it's okay for a 19 year old male to take?
John Zambezy (4 months ago)
Has this significance role also for beard? How to grow better beard?
Abdul Hanif (4 months ago)
good video..
Ivan Jankovic (4 months ago)
There is a possibility you might lose magnesium
Abdul Hanif (4 months ago)
what is effect of watching porn for men ?...
Ktrxfegra (4 months ago)
So now your target audience is overweight people that don't exercise and overeat leading them to various diseases.. the disappointment is high
Ivan Jankovic (4 months ago)
Yes you are right everyone who is overweight has got there because they don't exercise and because they eat to much
Polo (4 months ago)
Hey Chris I felt like have damaged my thyroid when I lost 40 lbs so I did a blood test and the results were a slight decrease in thyroid hormones,However I was feeling the symptoms of hypothyroidism. My doctor told me that I should eat fish and seafood but some sources say that it contains heavy metals and mercury.How much I should eat to heal my thyroid.
Atanas23 (3 months ago)
Check your reverse t3
Polo (4 months ago)
He also didn't want to give me supplements as well , He said that it will make me lose weight rapidly from the side effects (diarrhea and other things)
Don Paladin (4 months ago)
It is probably good to have a blood test to determine Thyroid levels of TSH, T4 & T3. If your T4 is high, (mine was), you do not want to take anything that may increase it. BTW, Ashwagandha will increase your T4 (https://thyroidadvisor.com/ashwagandha-thyroid-health/). If you have high T4, then Ashwagandha is contraindicated. My endocrinologist had to CONVINCE me with several blood tests that I was NOT hypothyroid but hyperthyroid because I had been convinced by another doctor years ago that I was hypothyroid and placed on Amour. And no my test by the previous doctor did not show low thyroid. He measured my basal metabolism under my armpit with a thermometer. The Armour Thyroid did not work for me. Just saying, when in doubt TEST! (Note: in Classical Chinese Medicine, coldness is a symptom of weak kidney heat (kidney yang). Have your adrenals hormones checked/tested too. You will be glad you did.)
yourbrain (4 months ago)
You've gone full retard before, but this video may take the prize of your worst one. Jesus Christ at the quackery you spew with such confidence. The recommendation to willly nilly take desiccated thyroid(assuming you mean the one that contains actual thyroid hormones) is a very dangerous one. If that's actually your suggestion here, please go fuck yourself. I know you're a salesman, I know you promote questionable ideas in general, but please don't be giving people heart attacks. inb4 you quote Broda Barnes or something in response. Seriously dude, it's dangerous advice. I get that you're trying to make money through your resetyourself link, but please gofuckyourself if you're including this kind of dangerous info.
Nikolina (4 months ago)
Unfortunately desiccated thyroid is too expensive for me. I can't afford 50 bucks per month...
LiftinHeavyIzWhatIdo (4 months ago)
Stop eating vegetables (especially cruciferous) is a good place to start. Also stop drinking your water (it's useless for hydration), and start eating your water instead (fruit), and you don't need much of it.
manosdepiedra (10 days ago)
This is the most retarded shit I've ever read. kys
Iluv Merengue (2 months ago)
Matthew Hayez When raw they interfere with iodine absorption.
Iluv Merengue (2 months ago)
LiftinHeavyIzWhatIdo Cruciferous vegetables are only a problem when raw. Please don't make things more complicated than they are, hydration means to incorporate water/fluids into 'something' , so water is the ultimate hydrator. The problem is when we drink chemically-laden water (like tap), water holds them in suspension and can't penetrate the cells easily but filters can help.
James O'Phelan (3 months ago)
So we can just spike all that lovely insulin while eating fruit? Fuck off troll.
Christopher Espinal (4 months ago)
Matthew Hayez lots of people will tell you to stop and lots of people would tell you to go for it, honestly a lot of the vitamins, vitamin A vitamin K and all the other supplements with these nutrients that he stated are all in vegetables so either way there is no true answer to anything do what you feel pleases you
BZ (4 months ago)
ive heard supplementing with iodine can cause hashimotos what do you think?
Roflsean64 (4 months ago)
Please show us the dedicated thyroid you recommend, it's hard to find. In your name we pray testosterone jesus.
Kveldsmat (4 months ago)
Why the banana and moringa seeds? The brazil nuts I understand would be for the selenium. Shouldn't peanut butter be avoided because it contains so much PUFA, which is inhibits thyroid function?
Ivan Jankovic (4 months ago)
Hi thank you for the info, did you come up with this protocol by your self our is there some source with more info about this? Thanks
Isaac Torres (4 months ago)
Roflsean64 I suffered from hypothyroidism for years ..please follow these steps and I promise you will get tremendously better!! Each morning 1. Take at least 2 Brazil nuts a day (You can buy them at Sprouts) 2. 1 banana 3. MOST IMPORTANTLY take 2-3 moringa seeds ! (You can buy them on EBay) eat the seeds with organic peanut butter..DO NOT EAT seeds by themselves because they taste bitter and the taste lingers in your mouth for a long time and drinking water to wash away taste actually heightens the bitter taste.( The peanut butter masks bitter taste) GOD bless you and everyone who suffers from this ..
this guy right here (4 months ago)
Keto is definitely beneficial but NEEDS TO BE cycled on and off.
this guy right here (3 months ago)
James O'Phelan (3 months ago)
No it's not. Keto avoids insulin and high insulin leads to high fat gain.
CharsoBeees (4 months ago)
its not keto that needs to be cycled its fasting.... 5:2 is the best method...5 days of eating normal 2 days of deficit...
McGilles Dorce (4 months ago)
Finally a video less than 30 minutes
Ivan Jankovic (4 months ago)
Just watch the long videos on x2
Meek Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Hello Chris
Lupul Carpatin (4 months ago)
1 brazil nut - 100% DV
fart patrol (4 months ago)
Where can you get a desiccated thyroid supplement?
Thomas Begen (22 days ago)
Christopher Walker why is keto bad for the thyroid?
Mrrockitman (2 months ago)
fart patrol What the fuck. Your promoting a substance that came from another living feeling being. How would you like it if some one kept you in a cage just to stick a tube in your neck each day and suck out your hormones? Please, have some compassion :(
dawson harris (4 months ago)
fart patrol i get my iodine and selenium from globalhealingcenter.com
Taking this supplement will interact the prescription medication (Ex: Levothyroxine). Any idea?
Veggie Bee (4 months ago)
I'd love to know too. There are ones from porcine and ones from bovine sources and I'm not sure which one works better
eric yam (4 months ago)
eat navy beans everyday and that will supply iodine.
white tiger (4 months ago)
eric yam if foods are grown in iodine deficient soil you need to use Lugol's...this is why all of our food is deficient in all nutrients..."PHOSPHATE FERTILIZERS"
abi bien (4 months ago)
Is Iodine safe for Hashimoto's Patients?
white tiger (4 months ago)
abi bien check out Lugol's
Reo Oliver (4 months ago)
Great info as always
Nakagrind (4 months ago)
Searching for: Lugol iodine 5%!!!
Sizz _ (4 months ago)
Supplementing with iodine can easily backfire...
eottoe2001 (19 days ago)
Had similar. Found seaweed pills a few times a week were enough.
Sizz _ (3 months ago)
It can flare up your thyroid. For me it's not worth the risk. I just eat the normal RDA of iodine.
Al Rivers (3 months ago)
Sizz _ how so?
Viktor Galya (4 months ago)
If it doe, it's because your body detoxes the fluoride (which dominated your thyroid), so yeah it can but it's not a bad thing
Barry Schouster (4 months ago)
Lexonn (4 months ago)
Thanks mate!!!

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