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GOP contends with extremist far-right candidates

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CNN's Tom Foreman looks at several GOP contenders around the nation who've been outspoken in their embrace of extremist and, in some cases, racist rhetoric.
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michael preston (1 day ago)
R. I. Piss GOP.
christopher tracy (2 days ago)
Southern Stategy.
John Taylor (2 days ago)
Not all conservatives are racist but all racists are conservative.
Doc Darlin (2 days ago)
Urban is a stuttering, stumbling, motherfucking Nazi. :)
Eduardo Mambuca (2 days ago)
Yes. Trump is a racist and a traitor. Putin have him by his balls. His given America to Russia on a platter.
missinglew (2 days ago)
Donald Trump is a RACIST. Period.
It's the same reason Trump disseminates political opponents so effectively. He has no moral intuition and therefore he's always late to distance himself from the ugliest side of his supporters. Pattern of behavior indicative to a psychopathic personality disorder.
Liesbeth De Vries (3 days ago)
Start teaching empathy in schools as a integrative subject in all other subjects. Teach the children respect vs hate. Narcissism is the cause. No empathy. No conscience.
Liesbeth De Vries (3 days ago)
Narcissism is the root of racism. Conspiracy is the pathological paranoia. Trump is a malignant narcissist. Trump is a racist.
mattvo2 (3 days ago)
Last time I checked this was still America! As Americans we are entitled to our own beliefs. There is nothing "extreme" about wanting to preserve ones culture and heritage. Why is it the Black Lives Matter movement is not considered racist?! Why is the media not attacking Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam?! Yet The National Policy Institute and Richard Spenser are continually under fire?! Seemingly every ethnic group in this country has an organization that promotes their values and beliefs. Why can the whites of this country not also have an organization that serves their interests?!
Rose Wallace (3 days ago)
OK, you say 'trump makes racily insensitive remarks and racily provocative statements..but, he isn't racist'. But, what is the difference?.. where is the line? who decides where that line is? Is it the American people? because if it is.. then he has been found racist!
Michael Brown (3 days ago)
These people know that America's at it's weakest. This war on minorities began a generation ago. American's have been taught how be racist by the Republican. They know black male's, are at their weakest now, after over a generation of crack fueled mass incarceration. And Jerry Springer there showing them how "not to communicate". In a "Reality' TV'd", cranked up society.....
Chris Near (3 days ago)
Melania is our most beautiful first lady ever ,,second was Jacky O. As for my great President, The only reason we cant put Donald on Mt. Rushmore is that his hair would be too difficult to carve into stone.
The Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly platforms have been affective in the last twenty years., Then Donald Trump was their answer to all their dog whistle racist rants.
Mr_RGP (4 days ago)
I hope to whatever white god white ppl believe in that all of these candidates win. America deserves them all.
ELRA95555 (4 days ago)
BIGOTS all following the orange bigot in illegitimate power. Racist traitor!
alex reutov (4 days ago)
alex reutov (4 days ago)
RamShadow 777 (4 days ago)
Poor GOP... ask yourself WHY racists have grabbed onto Republican party.
Felony Strutter (4 days ago)
I am reading Mein Kampf.  I think it should be a textbook in schools...and I am serious.  Why? it is important for our young to read to make sure THAT what happened in German AND Italy never happens again. Oh my fault it is happening now.
Walt Sims Jr (4 days ago)
this lying motherfucker continues to condone trumps blatant racism, why?, because he is just that. exposure will happen by Halloween.
Trumpenstein (4 days ago)
What a joke. The black dude wearing a dress said "Its an American DNA thing". I will take that at its face value which is to say that white Americans are intrinsically and biologically programmed to be racists.
brent mcmillan (4 days ago)
ELOQUENCE is a THING OF THE PAST. I,I,I,I,I,I,AH,AH,AH,U,U,U,B,B,B. Go back to school. Learn to speak clearly and concisely, or, SHUT YOUR MOUTH. WTF?
Rahk Numbas (4 days ago)
This IS the republican party. In the 80's Lee Atwater, republican strategist for Bush, recorded a session teaching repugs the "new" way to say nigger. And they've been using those tactics ever since. Trump just removed the coded language and called entire groups out, thus David dukes endorsement. https://truthout.org/articles/donald-trumps-startling-global-agenda-taking-white-supremacy-worldwide/
kiwimajic1 (4 days ago)
All republicans are racist...and trators....lock them up
brent mcmillan (4 days ago)
Cosmo Strangelove (4 days ago)
Fake News mother fuckers. Keep it up you are just ensuring Trump in 2020.
TG 77 (4 days ago)
Wow shocking, I've never seen CNN have a guest on who is a minority female doing nothing but screaming racist racist racist, racist racist racist. I thought CNN would have changed over the last year that I not checked into them to see how pathetic the fake news was but they haven't changed at all
razalees ENT. (4 days ago)
If you want to hear somebody stutter like they have a speech impediment ask a racist do they think Donald Trump is racist and wa wa wa watch an an and see
UWCB (4 days ago)
Immediately stop watching any video with that fat white Trump guy. He has nothing to contribute.
TG 77 (4 days ago)
I love how the CNN fake news station is basically trying to equate KKK with Republican and conservatives. When we all know, for those of us awake and for those who don't watch CNN nor are brainwashed by it, that the roots of the KKK are deeply in bed with the Democrat Party for over a hundred years. Bottom line, the Democrat Party is the party of identity politics and it is absolutely the most racist group of people we have in the country today. Anytime you talk to some Progressive or person who identifies themselves as a liberal,all they do is bring up identity politics and bring up subgroups and try to categorize everybody. That is the essence of racism right there whether you realize it or not. You can't go buy one night without watching this bullshit garbage propaganda Outlet without being ramrodded with ideas of racism and racial inequality and oppression and all of that shit that Hillary Clinton ran on. No wonder why CNN is the lowest-ranked station there is and that 40% of America alone watches Fox.
Dawn Atkinson (4 days ago)
I can tell you why Trump didn't say anything about Charlottsville - because he knows full well that the majority of his base are racist. And this guy on the panel knows that and chooses to look the other way
PS Wright (4 days ago)
How the FUCK can anyone still be making the ridiculous claim that Trump isn't a fucking racist? Oh, for the love of... !
AVS (4 days ago)
Left wing extremists are literally the front runners of the Democrats
onefatstratcat (4 days ago)
What a bunch of whack jobs
ElPocho DelMundo (4 days ago)
I agree that these are not real Republicans, not even real Trumpites, but Trump is the major reason they are winning nominations. Trump has not robustly rejected these candidates as have these gentlemen. I can recall a time when racists of this sort owned the Democratic Party in the south, and it should not be considered a Republican trait alone, but Trump bears responsibility for it.
ElPocho DelMundo (4 days ago)
Sanders and Turner 2020
ElPocho DelMundo (4 days ago)
MAGA: Make America Grossly Atrocious
ElPocho DelMundo (4 days ago)
The Pig is clearly a racist, as witnessed by so many things he says, including calling Ms. Waters "low IQ Maxine".
Viv Pace (4 days ago)
These arguments in defense of Donald are weak, at best. "He says racially charged things, but he's not racist." (My friend has a few drinks everyday, BUT she's not an alcoholic!) .. . He had a wife, or wives, when he was grabbing women by their privates and sleeping with other women and prostitutes. This guy has no morals or class.
Deano Dotson (4 days ago)
What makes them different then Trump? Notzis are the republicans base.
Dennis Keena (4 days ago)
If you don`t condemn it you are condoning it.And from most of the Right...crickets!
Michelle Vazquez (4 days ago)
If everyone is concerned about bigoted individuals, why not start with Stephen Miller who already occupies a position in Trump's administration..and who is behind the zero tolerance and the Muslims travel band.
Bazzzinga Punk (4 days ago)
Dear Mr. Tapper, If you only read one book this year: Read Malcolm Nance's new Book. What Malcolm has done is put together together the last 10 years of the global conservative movement across the world and shows that if we do not do something to put a stop to the US slide into Autocracy, we WILL experience what happened in Nazi Germany back in 1933 - 1945, Yes it is this blunt of what the Trumpites are trying to do with the USA. Remove all of the gains in human rights for Native Americans, Women, African Americans, Asian-Americans, Latino-Americans, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, the disabled, etc that were gained in the 20th Century. For well over 10 years now, Vladimir Putin has been funding ALT-Right groups in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, etc... Trump is simply Putin's Chump in the USA. This is what the victimization mentality is all about. This is what the immigration mentality is all about This is what the SCOTUS picks are all about This is what the departure from traditional allies is all about This is what the Trump Administration relation to Putin is all about This is what the Tariffs are all about . . . Dear Ms. Nina Turner, This is global, not simply an American Racist thing. Do not get me wrong we have issues in the USA, but this is much bigger. This is a global movement that has tapped into an existing paradigm in the USA.
freeridelectric (4 days ago)
Republican's protect the rich giving them power and keeping them in power. Far more rich are republicans than Democrats. Wack job is exactly what Drumf is the rich republicans know this but don't care as long as he keeps giving the public money to them, the poor republicans believe the lies, they need a better education before they will see the light. Drumf and his lies work if you have no knowledge of history and economics.
JJSC (4 days ago)
It's certainly extreme and repellant. The right could have a real problem with these openly racist, white supremacist types. Although it's early days, and it's unlikely any will make it through primaries. The left should also take care with its own extremists. The in essence open borders immigration advocates (they're there....and extremists), hyper-PC police attacking and destroying....mostly their own on the left (idiot Gillibrand did in their own Sen. Over a joke picture....and he's a comedian). For some reason now, extremists on the left seem to have more of a negative electoral impact than those on the right. Although those on the far right are (to me) far more dangerous as they tend towards serious weapons and planned violence. The left has "Antifa" I guess, but when's the last time you saw their rally & fielding candidates? Indeed, they in one organisation seemed to provide the right moral cover for a veritable feast of right-wing extremist groups, neonazis, klan, white supremacists, etc. In my opinion, the left has three issues. First, the country is far more conservative on CERTAIN, SPECIFIC issues than the American electorate. Top of that list - border and immigration control. Secondly, the reflexive PC culture is comprehensively toxic and electorally repellant. Thirdly, the major party (Democratic) is demonstrably both corrupt and incompetent via its management (DNC/DCCC). To gain power, they need to ACTUALLY deal with all three internally. While simultaneously confronting the obscenity that is Trump, et al. Unfortunately, the aforementioned corruption keeps them from internal reform, but perceptually histrionically focused on Trump, et al.
jbless757 (4 days ago)
Qwhite interesting
Paul Basquez (4 days ago)
i just thank god some ones paying attention still
Gus Perez (4 days ago)
DNC President a communist ant-white Dominican Tom Perez , Deputy Chair a racist Muslim Keith Ellison , Vice Chair Maria Elena Durazoa known communist associate , , Vice Chair Rep Grace Meng a shady NYC commie . Yup a real reflection of liberal principles ??? WALK AWAY FROM THE DEMOCRAT PARTY/ COMMUNIST CROOKS . Just walk away !! I DID !
bigart1993 (4 days ago)
GOP = Bigoted low life traitors. Sad.
mike (4 days ago)
We always known there is racists on the right. nothing we say or do is going to stop this. so I see the only thing that we moderates and leftist can change is what we do and how we react. I been saying this for 2 years now and it's coming to fruition. What the left has done over the past 3 years is use the terms racist, bigot, sexist, anti-semitism, homophobia, ext. to win debates, virtue signal and score political points. what has come of this is, it has watered down these terms so much that they don't have the same effect or even meaning that they had 3 years ago. when the left calls people racist for wanting to stop illegal immigration, something obama and the left also pushed for 4 years ago. when the left calls people bigots for supporting a travel ban, something obama and the left supported 6 years ago. when the left calls people sexist for doing the research to find out the gender pay gap is actually a gender earnings gap. these people are not racist or sexist or bigots. over and over and over again the left has abused these terms to shut down anyone who disagrees with them. now the terms racist, bigot, sexist, anti-semitism, homophobia, ext, don't mean racist, bigot, sexist, anti-semitism, homophobia, ext they mean you disagree with the left. so now that there are real racists running for office and the left calls out these real racists no one is listening, all they hear is these people disagree with the left.
Patrick Johnson (4 days ago)
Muslims are killing Christian's all over the world. Open your cuck eyes cnn. Your continuous lies and fake news is clearly obvious on every one of your programs. Making it seem like every Republican is racist. Clown news network.
Patrick Johnson (4 days ago)
You're clearly an ignorant uneducated person. Keep listening to CNN's garbage biased reporting.
R Navarro (4 days ago)
In America, the worst serial killers are all white, western men who grew up in a si called "christian" home. Republicans betrayed Jesus the moment they embraced Trump the anti-christ.
R Navarro (4 days ago)
Last time I checked it is always a white, "christian" American who shoot at school children.
Uli Neunektar (4 days ago)
Sherron Mitchell (4 days ago)
The color red stands for danger and anger. Vote blue.
LUCY LOVE (4 days ago)
These idiots do not stand a chance in an election and never will. CNN needs you to believe they do though. They know if they lose even just ten percent of the black vote, the Left would never win an election again. They need you scared for the sake of their own power.
Seoul Man (4 days ago)
it's the tired but tried and true narrative of divide and conquer...fake news.
The Human Condition (4 days ago)
Yes and the Democrats are fighting the 'free shit' socialists thatares driving what's left of their party into Carl Marx territory ! Have fun with those wackos !
Get Social (4 days ago)
Did that one guy say that "the whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American"? What an uneducated fool. It is un-American in America, a country inhabited by, built on, fought for, and kept running by many different groups of people and immigrants, to have diversity?? This is one problem with some people, especially on the right. There is a very limited and ignorant view of what America is all about and what an American is.
mookie2637 (4 days ago)
I think the phrase is 'E Pluribus Unum'...
Get Social (4 days ago)
This is not surprising. I mean, you are far more likely to see things like hate, bigotry, and extreme views on the right than on the left. Racism, sexism, and homophobia are things you are more likely to see on the right than on the left. Another thing is that the left is more likely to call out or be against hate. I have seen several videos this month about obvious racism and things like that on CNN, but Fox News did not cover those same stories even though they were viral videos. And ask people like white supremacists and people that take issue with someone speaking Spanish or say things like "go back to your own country!" what party they vote for. You are more likely to hear them say they vote Republican.
trollbot east (4 days ago)
The to and fro of the political pendulum will swing wildly and knock these KKK nazis back into the gutters where they belong
denny den (4 days ago)
Jacob Bielski (4 days ago)
“I wish I could tell you why.” So his main point is that he has no idea what’s going on.
Pepins Spot (4 days ago)
Republicans: "It is all a coincidence that all these hate full people are popping up everywhere!" Democrats: " Is it a coincidence that they are all aligned with the Republican party?"
JamieLan2011 (4 days ago)
Damn, everything sorta snowballed ever since Clockwork Orange became President.
Patrick Mcquade (5 days ago)
White lives rule. You primates
Dean Rockwell (5 days ago)
The mainstream left is explicitly anti-white, and the mainstream right is simply liberalism 30 years ago but wars for Israel. Don't cry now.
James Volk (5 days ago)
If GOP goes extreme Right, Dems go extreme Left!
James Volk (5 days ago)
If GOP goes extreme Right, Dems go extreme Left!
james robertson (5 days ago)
nationalism is coming we will not be marginalized get ready cause we are done with diversity multiculturalism etc. time to get back to rewarding people for there accomplishments amd hard work maga 2020
Above Ground (5 days ago)
There are not enough of you vile, sociopaths to sustain your existence. You are a pitiful minority. *Get used to it.* You and your ilk are an embarrassment to America.
I feel like both parties are getting too crazy & extreme. On the Republican side you have Nazis, but the Democrat side you have Socialists. The Democrats just elected a radical Socialist into congress.
Yosef Yamasee (5 days ago)
America is NOT European cluture. It is indigenous culture. These clowns are in the wrong party. They should take their ass back to the Democratic party.
Crazy water Says (5 days ago)
Hector Jimenez (5 days ago)
“I HATE Illinois Nazis!!”
We must purge the republicans. They are the disease of the world.
Guy Noir (5 days ago)
Michael McCullagh YOU SUCK ! Like CNN !
Tony Williams (5 days ago)
Vote out the gop in November
good karma (5 days ago)
there are no journalists at CNN, only anarchists, whose goal is to divide and conquer this country! for their Marxist, communist, fascist, globalist friends!
Mary Johnson (5 days ago)
Hearts 💕
Mary Johnson (5 days ago)
You Trump followers are racist just like Trump and there are no reasoning with you people.yo can not stand black people and you probably want the slavery days back.may the Lord up above have mercy on your hateful racist hearts 💕
Mary Johnson (5 days ago)
From shit whole countries,and that Charlotte Vill comments are not races.then you must be one of Trump’s racist followers
Mary Johnson (5 days ago)
Oh my goodness you Trump followers thinks he is a saint and he can not do anything wrong . They have Trump on tape disrespecting women... you don’t think when said why do we keep letting people come over here from shit whole country is not racist,the Charlotte Vill comments is not races.
nativemrv19722 (5 days ago)
Republicans have a pest problem and it's racism ....Reason why I hate and detest them all...VOTE CODE BLUE 2018! BLUE
Gorilla Jones (5 days ago)
I think that guy who likes child porn is doing something inherently deplorable but I don't think he's a pedophile. 🙄
phillip watson (5 days ago)
What he doesn't say is that a majority of the democratic candidates are far left socialist, communists and in some cases felons.More crap news from crap news network.
Soulvigilante (5 days ago)
5:40 The alt-right is hardly antithetical to the Republican party; it is the natural progression of the Southern Strategy, the John Birch Society, Posse Comitatus, Reaganite virtue signalling, the Tea Party, etc. The only difference now is Trump has given them license to throw out the filter.
raul rodriguez (5 days ago)
Soulvigilante - calm down Malcolm X
Saitama (5 days ago)
Joseph (5 days ago)
I still haven't gotten anyone to tell me how Donald Trump is racist can someone please tell me how and give me some instances?
YisraelBlessFilms (5 days ago)
reconciliation? reconcile what? never in history have whites and blacks ever had symbiotic relations. whites always the enslaver/oppressor, blacks the victims of.
B Ruane (5 days ago)
Racism is now in DNA of GOP. Put there when LBJ passed Civil Rights Legislation in mid 60 s , following through on JFK who was murdered in South , and Sen Redneck Rebel Russell of Georgia said , Dems have lost The Land of Treason and Loss, aka South forever. Punished for doing the ethical , moral thing. Screw the treasonous South. I love my Cornfederate Flag which I use to shine my pictures of Generals Grant and Sherman .
Jason Holcomb (5 days ago)
Not all Republicans are racist but all racists are Republicans
raul rodriguez (5 days ago)
Jason Holcomb - yeah all 4 of them....good job Malcolm X
PA JM (5 days ago)
So, why do they all try to associate with the Republican Party? Hmmmm.... They never associate themselves with Democrats.
Percival Sweetwater (5 days ago)
Trump's campaign slogan was borrowed from earlier American Nazi sympathizers, and he supported re-branded Nazi Party candidate LePen in the most recent French elections. But, he is not a Nazi, and his supporters are not racist. By the way, Trump supporter, Papa John's founder John Schnatter, a member of Southeast Christian Church -- whose pastor came out publicly in favor of Trump prior to the 2016 election in Louisville --- just made headlines for calling black people N--ggers in an interview. But, he isn't racist.
rome368 (5 days ago)
Everyone blames Trump why not blame his constituents. Peope I am close to say he is the main problem as to why Americans are acting in this way. I say a majority of European Americans are racists anyway and even if he wasn't in office anymore their evil racist views will still exist.
Mary Johnson (5 days ago)
Please American do not vote those racist people in
rome368 (5 days ago)
They are all far right now.
Mary Johnson (5 days ago)
Adam what does that mean
andre styles (5 days ago)
They want their slaves back lol
Éamonn Síoċáin (5 days ago)
The GOP are an extreme Rightist cult whose leader is Faker 45, Putin's puppet.
Jerry Christenbury (5 days ago)
Fuck u u lying piles.u are a bunch of brownshirt goebbels nazis.u are the enemy of free speech and america.so die
Sidney Michelle (5 days ago)
One of the problems is trump is a known racist. These people shouldn't be allowed to run.
Joseph (5 days ago)
Sidney Michelle how is he racist?

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