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CNN anchor brought to tears honoring Anthony Bourdain

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CNN's Kate Bolduan remembers Anthony Bourdain, the gifted chef, storyteller and writer who was pronounced dead at age 61. How to get help: Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
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Laura Paul (1 hour ago)
He is working on the other side to help, and inspire our world. It is a great loss! We never know the dark places that some of us are in. But I believe that his spirit is still apart of our world, to change, heal, and inspire the earth and all of its inhabitants.
Phyllis peace (2 hours ago)
You have a beautiful soul
gas hegone (5 hours ago)
To bad you missed Trump meeting KIM JUNG! I guess all the winning was killing ya!
golgo 13 (12 hours ago)
Anthony you will be missed such a great guy bringing culture food the history and how he covered it in every part of the world he went awsome coverage brilliant man R.I.P
mc pedigo (19 hours ago)
CNN killed Anthony Bourdain. Negligent Homicide.
Muthulingam Ramiah (19 hours ago)
Great loss to humanity... I truly idolized him and his unique narration of each and every one of his episodes which not only introduces the wide variety of local delicacies but also describes their unique taste to the rest of the world with such detail that one can almost taste the food while watching his shows... He had great respect for local cultures and their uniquely different tastes while being truly honest about his preference without hurting anyone's feelings... He will be forever remembered as one of the greatest Chef who roamed the earth...literally... 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼
DrHavok1 (21 hours ago)
Thank you for this video... He will be missed
eric daniels (23 hours ago)
Live today as you want to be remembered tomorrow. Every person on this planet is here for a reason. Anthony was blessed and fortunate enough to be that guy. The guy that fulfilled his reason for being here. We as a society that watch cable television and experience things through these rectangular boxes on the wall (TV) are truly thankful, grateful, and blessed for his presents on television. I do not have the money to travel all over the world. However Television allows me to do that in my living room. Thank you Anthony for your involvement in my experience to look at different people, cultures, perspectives, Etc. I could not fathom the thought of what your closest family and friends are going through. The best I got is for those as mentioned would be to rejoice in what has been through the experience of Anthony's time with us.
Steven Oldaker (1 day ago)
When reality hits hard.goes to show we are only human.even professionals
Chaunte4u (1 day ago)
Still having a hard time with this one, damn what a loss.
tobedetermined (1 day ago)
Kate is pretty HOT
Diogenes26 (1 day ago)
*"only optimists commit suicide, optimists who no longer succeed at being optimists. the others, having no reason to live, why would they have any to die?"* (e.m. cioran)
David Rivera (1 day ago)
The only thing worse than a destitute junky is a wealthy one
David Rivera (1 day ago)
I think the food was a smoke screen he had issues
Binary-Technique (1 day ago)
This dumb b*tch always crying stfu with your fake tears
S.I. Trigg (1 day ago)
This was a hit.
Isabella-so (2 days ago)
I'm not really sure why Anthony B. recommends we all travel so much. I have done a fair bit. The places I like are like me. The places that have all customs and values different to mine just come off worse than I could have imagined them to be. I don't think he was learning anything new either; it was just show-biz.
citi24 (2 days ago)
Was my fav show on t.v. period. I was tge world thru Anthony
citi24 (2 days ago)
Only real show on cnn. Rest of cnn is fake as fuk. Anthony sir RIP
Hugo Brömme (2 days ago)
What?! Man, this feels like somebody kicked me in the gut.
Loi Monet (3 days ago)
I still can’t stop crying...😪😪😪. My heartfelt prayers, live and sympathy to his family and his daughter. Thank you Anthony for sharing your talents with the world. Netflix has extended the time that Parts Unknown will be airing indefinitely. #RIP Anthony. You will be missed. I pray that you are finally at PEACE.
Trump 2020 (3 days ago)
I heard Bourdain was well hung lol. What a piece of shit he was. CNN praises him after he said he would poison the president if he served him food. CNN is crying cuz he is rotting away in hell right now.
bigkckrva (3 days ago)
Damn Anthony... Why chef why.., at least u went to Laos and enjoy our food and country
bigkckrva (3 days ago)
735 dislikes?? Wtf is wrong with these people ..smh
first name last name (3 days ago)
He was a giant FAGG!
Tamela Craig (3 days ago)
I really loved watching Anthony, he was me and my ex favorite guy to watch. peace Anthony we loved you brother. 🤧😟
Cody Thompson (3 days ago)
Ive struggled with depression a few years back and I'm sorry this sounds cliche but seek Jesus with all your heart! You WILL FIND HIM!! Jesus transformed my life. Please give HIM a chance. We all have purpose and meaning in Christ. Read the bible and gain understanding about how much you mean to God!
logice350 (3 days ago)
Lmmfa fuck him
Stephen Towns (3 days ago)
You live by the sword you die by the sword love. Checked his Instagram lately. Freak
Carrie Berg (3 days ago)
How we all feel. RIP Anthony. Love and peace to his family and friends.
Monkof Shadows (3 days ago)
WARNING: calling the authorities on people you have not a conversation with may lead to death, do the work have the conversation with them first.. cops will lead to death for the mentally ill if not well managed!
Nanami Yuichi (3 days ago)
RIP Chef, I just dont understand why You did it.
tcomp147 (3 days ago)
I, we, will miss you Tony!
Ryan Tran (3 days ago)
TheRenard10 (3 days ago)
He killed himself 1 day before my 40th birthday...
TheTimon64 (4 days ago)
RIP Tony =(
Do Your Homework ! (4 days ago)
Rest in Peace.
xLilPuddinTater (4 days ago)
why would you word the title like that this is CNN's official channel and they are trying to use clickbait
Anthony Daigneault (4 days ago)
Unfortunately the recent deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade are shedding light on mental illness and challenging our perception on stereotypes. Depression is mental illness and like any other illness it's not something you can snap out of or necessarily understand. I've been struggling with mental illness since my early childhood and it's not something that just goes away. It's an on going struggle and it does not discriminate no matter who you are or what your family and/or financial situation is. Like any other decease you have to live with it all your life not knowing when and why it happens but acknowledging the fact it will always be bellow the surface waiting for the right moment to pop up and show it's ugly face. I can not count the times I've ended up in a dark place and contemplated suicide but I can say this. Although the struggle is on going and depression might show up at any time with no apparent rime or reason there is hope. Keep the conversation open talk about it and try to Educate yourself and others so when it does point it's ugly head you have a support system.
kingdjay13 (4 days ago)
Id like to think he wanted to die on his terms, that maybe he reached a point to where he felt his value to life would continue to degrade and wanted to go out while he still was on top. If thats the case i can totally respect that decision and its very honorable in my opinion. I didnt know the guy, but he seemed to have a level head on his shoulders.
Manny Baquero (4 days ago)
I am extremely saddened by Anthony Bourdain's death. As I write this, tears are running down my face. I was a fan of his show "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations". A crying shame to say the least. Just like with Robin Williams, who ever thought Anthony Bourdain was going to take his own life? These are perfect examples which show that no one except God knows what exactly is going on inside a person's mind. Not even psychiatrists with all their knowledge of the human mind know what could be happening inside someone's mind. I have personally been very close to committing suicide. I saw a psychiatrist for years and he was never able to pinpoint what exactly was causing me to have those thoughts. The human mind is extremely complex and incidents like these are always a shock. Something was obviously bothering Anthony and only The Man above knows what it was. May his soul rest in peace. He will be missed by millions. 😢😔😞
gandalf (4 days ago)
any unbiased reporter, should realize the blatant pawning off of their supposed 'friendship' with bourdain over the years being used by mass media to conveniently support the 'fact' of tonys 'suicide'...this is literally 'cnn is fake news' propoganda...the truest thing trump has said lol...tony was murdered, and asia has something to do with it to level up in parts of society you arent allowed to know about...magic is real, the moon moves the tides we are 90% water...read manly hall secret teachings, then holla, peace.
cothan VN (4 days ago)
This death proves that a person can travel around the world, eating poor people food, talk to Obama, tried heroin, fighting for immigrants like CNN and still cannot find true happiness. He probably looks in the mirror and feels sad that his new girlfriend wants a younger man. He still could not find that so many kinds of wonderful fruits, flowers, animals are the reasons to hang on to dear life for as long as possible. I came to the USA from Vietnam and I truly hate any kind of communism including Obumernism of Crooked News Network or the globalist that Anthony wants to be just like Kaepernick of the thuggy NFL athletes. Trump turns out to be a true leader who can turn Kim into a friend, gives me a 71,000 dollars profit in my 401K and stop the NFL thugs from kneeling. Do not believe in Obumernism of Crooked New Network who want to promote Islam, black thugs like Kaepernick or BLM. Now my wish is to see Kaepernick doing the same thing so the world can have 1 less a hole,. Any moron like Avanti who calls me stupid does not know that I am now a millionaire who can certainly know how to use my money at least for a good massage instead of throwing it all away just because he turned 61 and look like shit. It is truly hilarious or sad to listen to CNN+MSNBC bashing Trump every single day while he is winning. Rest in peace Hillary soldier or the DEMONcRATS.
Mikhaël Bélanger (4 days ago)
I have been sobbing on and off for an entire week since Tony's death... I more than understand what she was going through.
D K (4 days ago)
No celebrity death never impacted me as much as this man did, in fact to me this man was not a celebrity more of a guide. Tony was the only person that allowed me to open myself to other cultures and food and made me realize that there is much more to this world and it needs to be explored and respected. His views and quotes were definitely an inspiration to us all. Fucking RIP Tony, just know you that you are a legend in the food world.
Live Your Dream (5 days ago)
Food brings us together. This explained why we're all emotionally attached to him through food-No Reservation and Parts Unknown.
blairbushproject (5 days ago)
Star Whackers.
Shannon Gibson (5 days ago)
I know Avasva has the best online plans ever
cuzzywuzzyfuzzy (5 days ago)
I don't comment much, but the sadness and pain the anchor has felt and showed is too relatable. I don't know Anthony Bourdain personally, but I liked him a lot when watching his show. He portrays a genuine understanding and love for other cultures / people in general. For that, I respect him. For it is too rare nowadays for someone to spread the message for understanding and respect for those that are different than oneself. We need more people to unite, not divide us in general. The genuine sadness and pain the anchor has shown is how I feel as well. More so for her, I can imagine, as she knows him personally infinitely more. For her to be herself like this emotionally, of course teleprompter and director be damned, is why she is someone I want to respect.
Nadine Ali (5 days ago)
*As it is written*
What's it to you (6 days ago)
Actually, I GET A THRILL OUT OF HIS SUICIDE. It is nice to see the happy, rich bastards suffer. Of course you will tell me that the rich bastards care about the poor and are so "liberal," but I live in NYC where 90 percent of the people are liberal and 99 percent of them ignore the homeless around them. Bourdain's world and Spade's world is a world of glitterring husks of emptiness preening and complimenting one another on their good fortune, their elite credentials, their swagger and their sarcasm . Why does someone who has 20 million dollars to his name strive to get even more money. He does it to inflict jealousy on others. Perhaps this is the negative effects of being raised a Jew. I had nothing and everyone else in the congregation of my youth was a rich stereotype who had walked off of the pages of the "Protocals of the Elders of Zion..." (Yes, it was a horrid work). In any event, I feel as if happy people assault others with their happiness. When they are well-dressed, and oozing with money, they are, in effect, saying, "I am richer than you. I am better than you. You shouild die." So I love to see the rich and the happy die. AND YOUR WHOLE CIVILIZATION IS WARPED. The suicide rate is gallopping upwards even thouh people are taking more anti depressants than ever. (So don't tell me to see a psychiatrist -- they spend so much time studying PC that they are deaf, dumb and blind to mental aberrations. Trump is a moron and a bastard and he wins and I am glad because I want rich America to be incinerated.
northofyou33 (5 days ago)
I agree about Kate Spade. But I think Bourdain actually tried to bring the plight of poor people all over the world to the attention of his viewers. What he did with his life was much bigger than what Spade, or most of us, ever did.
Blade Runner (6 days ago)
There are very few tv personalities that draw me in and sort of attach themselves to me and my life and Anthony Bourdain was one of those personalities so when I heard the bad news a part of me went with him. RIP Anthony Bourdain. I pray that you found peace and forgiveness.
Metralon (6 days ago)
Such a heart felt tribute, you know you did something extraordinairy well when people miss you like this
V Wiggins (6 days ago)
He Rocked...
Tiama Johnson (6 days ago)
😔😔😔😔😔😔😢😭...He was my TV Chef Boyfriend in my head RIP Anthony you were loved and will be missed....goodbye ole tv friend😢
northofyou33 (5 days ago)
Mine too. ;)
Maximus W (6 days ago)
My dad met him
Cody Redding (6 days ago)
cry me river. liars
Rob Levinson (6 days ago)
Beautiful tribute to an extraordinary man. Here's mine: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/anthony-bourdains-unknown-parts-rob-levinson/
bobshenix (6 days ago)
You never kill yourself over a woman, Tony.... how could you??
Bree View (6 days ago)
Sad to see yet another nice soul "suicided."
blairbushproject (5 days ago)
Bree View Star Whackers.
Bree View (6 days ago)
Oh please, CNN journalists aren't capable of tears without a heart.
Jill Siegel (6 days ago)
I once saw Bourdain sitting on the outdoor patio of Esca in NYC. I was passing by and it was such a moment in time for me. It was past lunch time, and he was there alone. I stopped and could have even said something. But it was enough just to spot him there appreciating his wine and meal. I read his books and watched his shows -- and never imagined we would have to live without his presence in the world. He was so great! I'm missing him all over again this morning.
Jorge Garcia (6 days ago)
Anthony Bourdain wrote: "Americans love Mexican food. We consume nachos, tacos, burritos, tortas, enchiladas, tamales and anything resembling Mexican in enormous quantities. We love Mexican beverages, happily knocking back huge amounts of tequila, mezcal, and Mexican beer every year. We love Mexican people—we sure employ a lot of them. Despite our ridiculously hypocritical attitudes towards immigration, we demand that Mexicans cook a large percentage of the food we eat, grow the ingredients we need to make that food, clean our houses, mow our lawns, wash our dishes, and look after our children. As any chef will tell you, our entire service economy—the restaurant business as we know it—in most American cities, would collapse overnight without Mexican workers. Some, of course, like to claim that Mexicans are “stealing American jobs.” But in two decades as a chef and employer, I never had ONE American kid walk in my door and apply for a dishwashing job, a porter’s position—or even a job as a prep cook. Mexicans do much of the work in this country that Americans, probably, simply won’t do. We love Mexican drugs. Maybe not you personally, but “we”, as a nation, certainly consume titanic amounts of them—and go to extraordinary lengths and expense to acquire them. We love Mexican music, Mexican beaches, Mexican architecture, interior design, Mexican films. So, why don’t we love Mexico? We throw up our hands and shrug at what happens and what is happening just across the border. Maybe we are embarrassed. Mexico, after all, has always been there for us, to service our darkest needs and desires. Whether it’s dress up like fools and get passed-out drunk and sunburned on spring break in Cancun, throw pesos at strippers in Tijuana, or get toasted on Mexican drugs, we are seldom on our best behavior in Mexico. They have seen many of us at our worst. They know our darkest desires. In the service of our appetites, we spend billions and billions of dollars each year on Mexican drugs—while at the same time spending billions and billions more trying to prevent those drugs from reaching us. The effect on our society is everywhere to be seen. Whether it’s kids nodding off and overdosing in small town Vermont, gang violence in L.A., burned out neighborhoods in Detroit—it’s there to see. What we don’t see, however, haven’t really noticed, and don’t seem to much care about, is the 80,000 dead in Mexico, just in the past few years—mostly innocent victims. Eighty thousand families who’ve been touched directly by the so-called “War On Drugs”. Mexico. Our brother from another mother. A country, with whom, like it or not, we are inexorably, deeply involved, in a close but often uncomfortable embrace. Look at it. It’s beautiful. It has some of the most ravishingly beautiful beaches on earth. Mountains, desert, jungle. Beautiful colonial architecture, a tragic, elegant, violent, ludicrous, heroic, lamentable, heartbreaking history. Mexican wine country rivals Tuscany for gorgeousness. Its archeological sites—the remnants of great empires, unrivaled anywhere. And as much as we think we know and love it, we have barely scratched the surface of what Mexican food really is. It is NOT melted cheese over tortilla chips. It is not simple, or easy. It is not simply “bro food” at halftime. It is in fact, old—older even than the great cuisines of Europe, and often deeply complex, refined, subtle, and sophisticated. A true mole sauce, for instance, can take DAYS to make, a balance of freshly (always fresh) ingredients painstakingly prepared by hand. It could be, should be, one of the most exciting cuisines on the planet, if we paid attention. The old school cooks of Oaxaca make some of the more difficult and nuanced sauces in gastronomy. And some of the new generation—many of whom have trained in the kitchens of America and Europe—have returned home to take Mexican food to new and thrilling heights. It’s a country I feel particularly attached to and grateful for. In nearly 30 years of cooking professionally, just about every time I walked into a new kitchen, it was a Mexican guy who looked after me, had my back, showed me what was what, and was there—and on the case—when the cooks like me, with backgrounds like mine, ran away to go skiing or surfing or simply flaked. I have been fortunate to track where some of those cooks come from, to go back home with them. To small towns populated mostly by women—where in the evening, families gather at the town’s phone kiosk, waiting for calls from their husbands, sons and brothers who have left to work in our kitchens in the cities of the North. I have been fortunate enough to see where that affinity for cooking comes from, to experience moms and grandmothers preparing many delicious things, with pride and real love, passing that food made by hand from their hands to mine. In years of making television in Mexico, it’s one of the places we, as a crew, are happiest when the day’s work is over. We’ll gather around a street stall and order soft tacos with fresh, bright, delicious salsas, drink cold Mexican beer, sip smoky mezcals, and listen with moist eyes to sentimental songs from street musicians. We will look around and remark, for the hundredth time, what an extraordinary place this is. The received wisdom is that Mexico will never change. That is hopelessly corrupt, from top to bottom. That it is useless to resist—to care, to hope for a happier future. But there are heroes out there who refuse to go along. On this episode of “Parts Unknown,” we meet a few of them. People who are standing up against overwhelming odds, demanding accountability, demanding change—at great, even horrifying personal cost."
Cliffettas Notes (6 days ago)
Esmeralda spoke to him just 40 minutes ago. Ask her what he said! esmeralda@mail.esmeralda-psychic.com
USA THE GREAT (6 days ago)
Bourdain hated all white people.
kay poly (6 days ago)
A whiteman is a naturally fragile mentally. Y'all builg big guns and would go into a lion's den and fight the so called terrorists and any weak Nation just so you can bring the resources back to your stolen country/ries(The US for instance) and hopefully Becky(whitewoman) will appreciate you and accept you as a man. But, guess what? Becky knows how heartless you are, she knows what a evil bastard you are for Colonizing continents like African transporting men against their will, castrating them, miseducating and permanently seperating them from their culture, selfidentity,pride and families just so you can impress your blue-eyed devil excuse of a woman. So, you think she's gonna see your cold-blooded self and trust you? knowing what you do to be "successful"? I walked in to a white establishment yesterday to buy a disc rotor spray, as a black African immigrant livig in a predominant eastern european white country, blatant discrimmination, bigotry and racism is no stranger. There were 2 whitefemales and a male at the front desk, both females had a clients so I went to the whitemale. He pretended to be busy and glued to the monitor but, being the logical and observant individual that I am and judging from experience, I knew what I was about to experience again.- a coward insecure whiteman who has no balls to say, "fuck off my shop Nigger, you are not welcome here!" but, instead pretended I didn't exist. I picked what I wanted but, of course being a non-english speaking country, the labels on products are usually in foreign languages. And so I asked for help, you should see the passive aggressive response from this male. I said to myself, "I thought you were so busy glued to the monitor! how come your response/reflex was so fast?" It was clear this closet racist guy couldn't wait for me to ask for help so that he could unleash that innate hatred whiteboys have for blacks. He answers, "what do you want?" in the rudest way possible. yeah! I know all you racist apologist will come with the, "ohh! you're just being too sensitive" crap but, shut up 'cos I know what I am talking about. I should have walked out of the shop but, I drove a long way to get there and would look like an idiot by going out. Bottomline, Whitemales go out of their way, to show their insecurities especially when they are around whitefemales. When the female someday find a realman with good heart and decides to dump him, he takes the coward way out by killing himself. He can't process the fact that despite all those millions and billions in the bank fame, money and status or whatever, Becky still doesn't want him. I don't feel sorry for whitemen in general. I have heard white motivational speakers/dating gurus clown youngmen for being broke and encouraged dating women only in their fruitful years meaning 18-26. Now, how the hell was his 50ish ass gonna find a real connection or "love" with a ho half his age, just please don't get emotional, try using your logical side of the brain to explain how that can ever be possible? I will wait............And you wonder why we have the Bourdains of this world? shiiiiit. I have recently made it my life's priority to hunt such insecure rich whitemen's wives, girlfriend, lure them to bed, dick them down properly and cum in their nose and armpit. I also make sure while my entire blackcock in deep down their throat, I make them try to talk.(know how funny it sounds?) It warms my heart(karma). There might be real whitemen out there but, for the most part, most of them are entitled like this one here and thinks the only thing that matters in life is money and that they could buy everything including love but, when they finally realize that they couldn't be further from being delusional, they take the pussy way out like a true bitch they are. Truth hurts.
icewallowcman (6 days ago)
That hoe can cry on my lap
error number (6 days ago)
What a drastic loss for the world. R.I.P. great person.
Danielle Thomas (6 days ago)
my thoughts are with his young daughter.
rammmin1 (6 days ago)
Trump is like return of darkness, like to see no bright side for future of humanity ,wisdom, knowledge and justice in real world and this has harmful effects on sensitive and intelligent souls, it just changes people's ontological perspective.
Underwear Taker (6 days ago)
The only thing women are good for is crying and sucking dock
Matthau San (6 days ago)
RIP Anthony. You're best at what you did. I always love watching your show and seeing your story telling about your travel and your takes on food. There's no one else like you. You're the best.
Joseph Della Selva (6 days ago)
Bourdain was also a bully. Research his abusiveness.
Joseph Della Selva (5 days ago)
No northofyou33, redemption always has to be available to all persons. I'm referencing his comments on Rachel Ray and other celebrity chefs. (If he was under the influence when he did this than I stand corrected.)
northofyou33 (5 days ago)
He was, when he was a heroin addict. He admitted as much, and said he felt shame for it. Do you allow people to change and make amends for their bad behavior, or do you just hold it against them forever?
Rob Young (6 days ago)
One of the last people we would imagine taking their own life, he was iconic and a major influence on people who are foodies, never afraid to open his mouth to taste and his mind to explore.. God bless his family..
MrVaT Vat (6 days ago)
He was the man who was not afraid to give out his opinion. The true way!
Joe Mauro (7 days ago)
French newspapers report the autopsy uncovered an electric eel in his rectum. Could electrocution have been the cause of death?
caheddr (7 days ago)
Steffi Reitsch (7 days ago)
I'm not a foodie, so I'd never even heard of this dude. But CNN has been having articles about him for days. It won't end. Enough already. He cooked food, he's dead, so what. Let it go.
SStarlust (7 days ago)
Don't be stupid. knowing too much about the elites in this world and having a platform to expose them = suicide. find out who killed him.
S_Jay (7 days ago)
Raw vegan is the only way, babe! Don't eat of the animals. ;)
Guest gue (7 days ago)
Maybe the secret is to have a lot of stuff going on in different areas of life, instead of just focus in one thing, and don´t have a lot of everything, to always want more! When you have lots of money and success, traveled everywhere, and you feel great, that you completed your mission in life, what´s left to live for??? Drugs??? Sex???? Maybe plan your death? Clean without suffering? In a way maybe this was a great exit, for a great man! For me it´s a tragedy, this happened! I was thinking to kill myself last year, but then i discovered Anthony Bourdain and his show Parts Unknown, and now i´m studying to became a professional cooking chef! Because i lost my father with cancer i consider very important to have the option to kill myself in the future, instead of going to the hospital and live like a vegetable!!!!
Raúl Elenes (7 days ago)
He was a person who liked people. Easygoing and a pleasure to be with. Unfortunately, we do not see many like him any more.
Peedinkus (7 days ago)
I'm so glad the communist piece of shit is gone.
If Only (7 days ago)
My stomach hurts from how sad this is. Why is it that i feel a connection to this guy? He was there on tv while i was cooking, getting stoned or when i needed to fill the air with noise while i sat on days when i was sulking in a form of depression. I'm 21 and feel like I've done nothing bc i havent been anywhere. I want to travel and see shit just like him. He was one hero i would have loved to meet
Carmelina Katzman (7 days ago)
Try some new solutions from Avasva solutions.
Doug H. in VA (7 days ago)
fire her and get a reporter who is a pro
Ramiro Cardozo (7 days ago)
An unquestionable unique human being. He was cool, honest, ingenious, and an incredible storyteller. RIP.
Remy Zero (7 days ago)
Weinstein`s hired Israelis.... beware... beware....
Marc1142 8 (7 days ago)
Room for one more.
Marc1142 8 (7 days ago)
GamerGrl90 thanks for noticing.
GamerGrl90 (7 days ago)
Marc1142 8 rude
edfou5 (7 days ago)
As a grown and somewhat jaded guy now living in a place Anthony loved, Chiang Mai... I've been in a state of shock since the news came... I've been kind of numb... but this, at long last, made me cry. Can't thank you enough, Tony, you were an absolute original. May peace be unto you and may you know how loved you were by millions of us.
watchmelb (7 days ago)
I feel bothered by the comment by the interviewed guest, Marc Murphy, Chef and Owner of Landmarc Restaurant, who said that, sure, Anthony was a "bad boy...that's what probably made him so good". This allusion that a troubled and disturbed mind brings forth greatness, is the source of creativity, is false and fouls the conversation about suicide prevention.
Nahun Cruz (7 days ago)
It is so painful, I honestly hope he is at peace
Urosh Smodish (7 days ago)
RIP Anthony
J Shepard (7 days ago)
I guess we're still ignoring the fact that his girlfriend was out publicly cheating on him and posting FU messages on Instagram that she later deleted.
pokergalpoker (7 days ago)
You think you know the signs but do you really???? I spent a weekend with my childhood friend and her husband 5 years ago and her brother was also there visiting as well. We had a fantastic weekend, eating swimming, drinking and catching up. Her brother was divorced with a 5 year old he absolutely ADORED and had full custody. When my friend and her husband went to bed her brother and I sat outback for hours just talking laughing and reminiscing about everything and anything. When I left that Sunday night I was so happy inside to have spent that weekend with old friends. Two days later her brother committed suicide. The guy I just spent a weekend with laughing, eating, drinking swimming and talking non stop mainly about his love for his son. This was 5 years ago and it still haunts me. Did I miss something in that weekend. I can honestly say no. Whatever was inside him did not surface during our short time together. When I left that Sunday, could I have known that Tuesday I would get that devastating call. NEVER! Signs aren't always there, nothing makes sense about suicide other than they must know how to hide pain and hide it well. For all those affected by this terrible disease, you're in my thoughts and prayers.
Richard Shields (7 days ago)
He was murdered by Clinton's satanic thug army of total fucking losers.
MissViolence (7 days ago)
Anthony, you were truly an amazing person. I just wish someone close to you would've stepped in to talk to you about your depression and other demons. Your attitude and witty personality always made me laugh and smile. I struggle with depression myself and watching you helped me because I knew about your background, etc. I felt like if you could do all these amazing things that maybe one day I could too. You are an inspiration even after your death and I'll never forget how amazing you are/were. I love you, Anthony. The world feels a little darker without you. See you later. 💜💜
Sultan Trader (7 days ago)
i just dont understand why people take their lifes

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