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Toyota Navigation Flaw

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Here's a "simple" fix for what I consider a major flaw in the Rav4 navigation system.
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Pam Day (1 year ago)
I'm with you Ricky, but my Nav system still won't work even when I stop the car!! In a strange city a couple days ago a billboard said my destination was 4 miles to the turn off, my stupid Rav4 gps said I had 85 miles to go for an hour and half drive. I blindly find my destination and now the GPS said 86 miles to go in 2 hours. STUPID. Later it tried to make me turn on a dirt road to get home and today it stopped working completely
KrellLab (4 years ago)
Buy a Honda.  It does not have this dangerous feature.  With a Honda, the PASSENGER can operate all Nav controls. >>  In todays sue happy world I'm almost positive that all Toyota dealers would be prohibited from disconnecting any safety feature of a vehicle.  << What Toyota is doing is a danger feature, not a safety feature.  By prohibiting the PASSENGER from operating the navigation system you are FORCING the driver to make extra maneuvering in order to get the vehicle stopped and then back underway again.
l (7 years ago)
FYI. A Lockpick from Coastal Tech is one of the solutions. You can also look at Prestigious Society navigation override. I found a couple of toyotanation forums that talk about this issue. Hope this helps!
l (7 years ago)
Thank you so much for the info. It's really helpful to know your experience of the Rav4. I'd be interested to know if you are able to get the navigation issue resolved from your dealer. If so, then we would probably go with the factory nav as well. Thanks again. Cheers!
l (7 years ago)
Oh Wow! That's a big change going from v8 to v4. I currently have a v4 engine and it's always failed me when I'm trying to make the red light or pass a v6 vehicle on the highway. So we are thinking of going with the V6model with 4wd. I know the mileage would go down a bit, but I feel like v4 may fall short for us. 27-27 sounds great though! If you don't mind me asking, what model did you purchase and how much did you pay?
l (7 years ago)
Oh, I guess that's a different issue than what I thought. But hopefully the dealer may have a workaround for you. The reason I found your video was because I was looking for recalls/issues with Rav4. I'm thinking of buying the 2011 Rav4 and was wondering whether it is worth buying the factory nav or aftermarket. My current car has an aftermarket nav. Since I bought it from an autobody shop, they were able to ground the parking wire instead of connecting it to the parking break, thus tricking it.
l (7 years ago)
The navigation is already linked to the parking break. Which is why you can only operate it in Park gear. If you take your car to a dealer or an auto body shop, they have codes that will override the system to trick it to think your car is in Park so you that your navigation system can allow you to enter an address while driving. It's the same concept with watching DVD's on your Navigation screen. It won't allow you to watch movies if you are not in Park gear. Hope this helps!
playerskilz (7 years ago)
That's an amazing idea simple! Such an simple solution and a huge upgrade! Peace

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