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Text Comments (5984)
D&B Nation (4 months ago)
Sheonna Kelleys (1 day ago)
D&B Nation
Edtrice Lafayette (3 days ago)
Makayla Scott (8 days ago)
team biannca all day everyday!!
Richboyjr_ 1 (13 days ago)
D&B Nation Do I don’t like you I am breaking up with you because all you do is lay up under me prank on Damien celiac or a day every day does the team and put on file team is team be a girl teen Bianka
Richboyjr_ 1 (13 days ago)
D&B Nation TEAM Bianka
Alexis Parent (1 hour ago)
Someone actually has tht name and he on youtube
Hiram Mitchell (13 hours ago)
team d
Amelia Burns (1 day ago)
Gets mad then has to grab another strawberry before he goes 😂
Don Gambino (2 days ago)
Who thinks out loud...idk 🤷🏽‍♂️
Paris Mcdowell (2 days ago)
We can do that but she said that she was going to call me back to the group and we are not going with you
Zero Gamer (2 days ago)
Pulling out the gun 🔫
mmah camara (2 days ago)
Lynijah Russell (3 days ago)
He grabbed another one before leaving out
Keasia Sturdivant (3 days ago)
Damien thought it was for him
Saniyawest West (3 days ago)
Listen after I finish this we gonna have words SMACK SMACK SMACK who the _ is armonie
Lakwanta Peterson (3 days ago)
Prank Damien by sending him a valentine card and Balloon and pretend that it is from another girl
Melissa Ortis (3 days ago)
Why Damien talking to his self 😭😭😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Kayla adorbs (4 days ago)
This the fakest prank they ever did
Theyungkiddtre Worthy (4 days ago)
Relationship Goals 😂😭
Savannah Stanley (4 days ago)
team Biannca
Team biannca sorry I was spelling your name wrong
Elisia Sampson (4 days ago)
He was still eating the chocolate lol!
jamya girl (4 days ago)
Love Armani BIANNCA BIANNCA “bites strawberry ” 😂😂
Maleya Thompson (5 days ago)
Did anyone see the hickey on Bianca’s neck 😮
Chuckie Virges (5 days ago)
Team Damien
Keandra Robinson (5 days ago)
Bianca tibia
Nakateshare Harper (5 days ago)
I like your videos Bianca the n Damien,s
TTY Tai, Tre, Yaya (5 days ago)
Bianca had a hickey on her neck
ReaperDragon 967 (6 days ago)
Damien is just one of those people who thinks out loud😂
Jthegamer jake (6 days ago)
Who else heard damien sing the wrong words
Peep that hicky
Lalia Bell (6 days ago)
My niggah/ nigga still eating that chocolate 🍫 he know it is good
Lalia Bell (6 days ago)
Bianca we see that hickey on your neck but it is still team biancca
Robert Wimbley (6 days ago)
*smacking fingers* who the tuck is armoni !
Tori Mays (6 days ago)
when he fell😂💀 and then he was like “i do know how to ride it”
Ken Sim (6 days ago)
"what u geting im geting my pistol" lmfaooo
Litzy Villanueva (6 days ago)
He was so happy 😊he thought 💭 there were for him but it wasn’t 😂😂
taneshia price (6 days ago)
Team Biannca
itz_ya_boy_ bryan (7 days ago)
I was dead when damien fell of the hoverboard
oYouGotkeked {OSXN} (7 days ago)
she got a hickey
Lps waterfall2 (7 days ago)
I got a prank... Pretend that your pregnant😂😂😂😂😅
Grace Cunningham (7 days ago)
Why would she act confused when she came in the room and saw it. Like the mail man didn’t go put it on their bed lol. Why would she make it so obvious for him to find
He was singing gods plan
Jolee Hammie (8 days ago)
Iiike. Your pranks backfired
Kailen Coker (8 days ago)
He must love that chocolate 🍫
Asaia Weary (8 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the hickey on her neck?😂😂
slay vannah (9 days ago)
Biancca u got a hickey
MAHARI JÄE’S WORLD (10 days ago)
He was still eating them strawberries when he called her !!😂😂
Holly Van Hart (10 days ago)
💗 Thanks! Really enjoyed that!! 😻 💘 🙌
Abzor9 (10 days ago)
'where he live?', loool lets be real, he wasn't going to do anything
HeartLess ForEver (10 days ago)
Its Not For Yhu Fat Boyy
HeartLess ForEver (10 days ago)
Mikalah Buckley (10 days ago)
Tell Damien to stop dang on smacking...please!!!!!
Amber O'Neal (10 days ago)
The hover board should be broken by now
Amber O'Neal (10 days ago)
Team B .....why was he jumping
Enrique Gauna (10 days ago)
Damn she got a hicky on her neck but much love to them
Leah Miller (10 days ago)
i bet it was from another guy you know bicnna be with hella niggas
Leah Miller (10 days ago)
Bianca looks like a gold digger
Madeleine Cherizard (11 days ago)
He got thoes choppa's on Deck
Kaylee Harkins (11 days ago)
Tean Bianca
Artalastic Mostly (11 days ago)
It's not for you lol 😂😂😂
Miss Latina (12 days ago)
Why they have red cups behind there bed😂😂😂
Lyndsey Smith (12 days ago)
Lolllllll that was funny and team Bianca and dang Damien is that candy good????
arianna mcclain (12 days ago)
He’s blowing me smacking bruh
Noah Brunt (12 days ago)
Team bianca
terrace farmer (12 days ago)
He grabbed the strap.
IM_ CrAzY (12 days ago)
Prank from her aren’t as good because she laughs to much if I was him I would of knew it was going to be a prank
BOGDAN BUTNARU (12 days ago)
too bad she cant deliver the prank properly...
Ahshiya Jonesp (13 days ago)
Bianca got a hickey
Valerie Linda (13 days ago)
He ate that chocolate though! Lmbo! 🍓🍫
T.P.E Dion (13 days ago)
That boy was eating good
Kenzie's Kitchen (13 days ago)
He mad but he STILL eatin them strawberries I was dead 🤪🤪😂😂
shiara delisme (13 days ago)
The funny thing is he is smacking on that chocolate
RJ The model (13 days ago)
Lost your mind or I got bullied
Shadae DeAnna (14 days ago)
Team b
Anoymas Sjjd (14 days ago)
She got a hickey on her neck
TSHIELA KADIMA (14 days ago)
lel he started to sing gods plan
loic's channel (14 days ago)
This prank is haaaalarious
Aaliyah Perro (14 days ago)
eating on dem strawberries
armani easton (14 days ago)
My name armani
De Andria McPherson (14 days ago)
You got an ex that lives in Texas
Truth’is Mccargo (15 days ago)
Lol hickey 🧐😇
TJ Clock (15 days ago)
Lol he was so excited until he found out it was for biannca
Ünicorn Łizzy (15 days ago)
I’m dead Damien was so happy when he saw chocolates and then when he read the note he was like “B bring yo ass here” 🤣🤣
Demaria Malone (15 days ago)
Who noticed that hickey
Brielle George (15 days ago)
Did yall peeps her hickey
Jerry Barnes (16 days ago)
I'm going to the club prank
Jerry Barnes (16 days ago)
Do I'm drunk prank on Damien
Tay Price (16 days ago)
I bet it was hard for Biannca not to laugh watching him smack on them strawberries lmao 😂
Destiny Rivers (16 days ago)
Oh s**t
Le Gend (18 days ago)
who else saw the heacky ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Ubaike (19 days ago)
Okay he finds out someone gave beyonca some chocolate and he's snack8nh on then leave a like if you laughed at this too
Karyn Holden (19 days ago)
when he started turning up by himself i was dead 😂😭
#Youknow W (19 days ago)
Wen he got on the hoverboard 😂😂😂😂
Mary Grear (19 days ago)
Team biannca
Heaven Allen (19 days ago)
Who else seen her hicky
Genise Love (19 days ago)
why you SMACKING !
Genise Love (19 days ago)
why you SMACKING !
rajefferson76 (20 days ago)
Team biannca
Almighty A (20 days ago)
team biannca
Almighty A (20 days ago)
you should pretend that you kiss rodney
sean barrett (20 days ago)
prank her again with slime
sean barrett (20 days ago)
prank her again with slime

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